let's talk about these pictures
tao’s the only one that’s not freakishly pale and he actually looks really good

what is with the eyeshadow. is this sm’s way of shipping taohun

xiumin is so attractive but this pic makes me uncomfortable and idky

what’s that on his cheek. is it important. where are all the conspiracies?

SM never lets EXO do anything fun anymore.
  • SM:That's it. Three scandals, you're out. You're all grounded. EXO-K - it's all work and no play for you. EXO-M - you're not leaving the dorms to go anywhere until your comeback. You're definitely not going to China. You hear that, Kim Minseok?
  • Xiumin:Mhm. Sure.
  • SM:Minseok - who are you texting?
  • Xiumin:Definitely not Luhan.
  • SM:The way you said that makes me think it's absolutely Luhan.
  • Xiumin:Nope.
  • SM:See, this is why I have trust issues. For all I know, Kyungsoo could be texting Kris right now.
  • Kyungsoo:I am.
  • Kyungsoo:I'm texting him artistic photographs I took of marbles trapped in various places, looking terrified.
  • SM:I don't even... that doesn't.. what?
  • Kyungsoo:Aren't you proud of me?
  • SM:I don't even understand why you're doing that.
  • Kyungsoo:I especially like this one. The composition is slightly off-center, and the shadow over the ball eludes to a looming sense of failure that comes with being a marble that abandoned it's friends and rolled off to China where maybe it has lots of acting opportunities but does it have eleven loyal brothers or a large-eyed drawing teacher that makes up for his lack of height with superior skill and
  • SM:Suho, calm Kyungsoo down I think he's going to hyperventilate.
  • Xiumin:Also, Suho, Luhan says hi.
  • Suho:HI LUHAN!
  • Xiumin:What? I'm not texting Luhan. The amount I'm not texting Luhan is 100%.
  • SM:Xiumin, you need to - wait... where are Tao and Sehun?!
  • Suho:Oh, don't get worked up. They're not on a date or anything. They're just helping Kai move in with SHINee.
  • SM:Oh, in that case... WAIT WHAT