Varsity styled turquoise over jacket bought here for $10 USD

Baby blue sweets t-shirt bought here for $4 USD

Varsity jacket:
Bust: 100-140cm
The material is a sort of netted (therefore see-through) material so it is not made for warmth, but rather for look.

Bust: 90-140cm
PLEASE NOTE: The bigger your bust size, the shorter the t-shirt will be on you. On me it only just reaches past my waist.

Selfie game hella weak, and my hair and eyebrows look gross
HOWEVER! I am happy with my taobao makeup, this was my lazy makeup to test it all. :D


Formal white top on taobao
Bought from here for $13 USD

Bust: 94-116cm

I really like this top! The details around the collar are really pretty and it looks great tucked into a skirt as well!

On smaller and shorter girls this dress will be a little longer so may be possible to wear as dress, as the model wears it on the shops page.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog! I was wondering how tall you were? Your taobao purchases are very helpful, thank you!

Thank you! I was hoping at least one person would find them helpful!

I am 5’4” or about 162cm c: