taobao clothes

PSA to people shopping cute on a budget!!

ok but seriously, 90% of the time, storenvy shops being promoted by popular kawaii bloggers are just people who resell taobao clothes at high markups. it’s worth it if you’re buying one item due to simplicity i guess, but never go on a shopping spree on storenvy unless you’re buying unique items like art prints and stuff. reverse google image searching the stock photos of cute clothes you want will usually bring up the original listing on taobao and it will usually be a lot cheaper. you will probably need to use a shopping service; for buying a lot of clothes or other items, this is worth it. there are tons of guides out there to help you shop on taobao. go forth and dress cute for less!

Yayyyyy this is the specific Hanfu that I’ve ordered for Lotus and even though in real life the outfit is a bit too large for her (since most of the Taobao stores sell clothes that fit regular size MSD), the colour and design of the dress are just so lovely and it looks great on her XD Also I let her try out this pair of eyes from @sproutybjd and it matches with her outfit perfectly <3