“Night Stroll” by Tao Tajima


Check out this beautiful night time spectacle on the streets of Tokyo produced by Tao Tajima; he is part of TANGRAM, a studio of wonderfully talented artists housed in Tokyo. This video was recently awarded the title of Vimeo Staff Pick. 

Source: Tao Tajima’s channel on Vimeo


Night Stroll (von tao tajima)

lights & geometry in late night tokyo.


Discovered on io9:

“This is Night Stroll, an animated short by Japanese artist Tao Tajima. It’s a phosphorescent vision, one where geometric shapes pop, slide and spin in and out of existence across a nighttime Tokyo, their flitting forms ricocheting light from the city’s glistening, water-coated infrastructure, parks and ponds.” Watch the video here


The track’s Purple Haze by Ris Paul Ric and the visuals are by Tao Tajima

Stuff passes us by every day, even if we stopped listening to all the new stuff and just explored everything that’s come before, it’s debateable we would run out of great music in one lifetime.

More info: http://tangram.to/projects/night-stroll.html