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Tien Yuan Fa Wei -  The Astronomical Phenomena (Ancient Chinese Concept of Change), 13th century.

The book is an explanation of the ‘Ba Gua’ used in the Yi-ching (I-Ching or Classic of Changes, also known as the Book of Divination). According to this Chinese world view, the Universe is run by a single principle, the Tao, or Great Ultimate. This principle is divided into two opposite principles - Yin and Yang. All phenomena can be understood using Yin-Yang and five associated agents, which affect the movements of the Stars, the workings of the body, the nature of foods, the qualities of music, the ethical qualities of humans, the progress of time, and even the nature of historical change.

The Expat Life

Where to go in SE Asia? Koh Tao, island in the gulf of Thailand

Heading back to Koh Tao after spending the day on the island of Koh Nang Yuan, which is only about a 15-20 min water taxi ride from Koh Tao! This isn´t our water taxi driver, but his friend:)

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The Expat Life

Where to go in SE Asia? Koh Tao, island in the gulf of Thailand

In a water taxi, leaving Koh Tao and heading over to Koh Nang Yuan. Takes about 15 to 20 mins!


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Project 366: [Day 45]

Tuesday - 2.14.2012 Valentine’s Day. Late post, and again, I have an excuse.

We checked on my sister’s house. Trivia: This was our house when I was 0 years old - 5 years old.

We went there to check if the bahay kubo was finished because we’ll be having dinner there for Valentine’s because it’s a hassle to go out for dinner because of the full restaurants and the annoying traffic.

And yes, it’s done.

G, my Ate’s kasambahay gave me iced avocado and it was yuuuummy and sweet even without sugar.

After visiting, we went to work and I received my first Valentine’s gift, from Major F.

As I was about to continue my work, mom said we [me, my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, Major F, A [our secretary] and CJ her boyfriend] should have lunch out. So we went to Resorts World to eat at Tao Yuan.

We ordered Assorted Cold Cuts, Lapu-lapu, Roasted Crispy Pork Belly, HK Hainanese Chicken, Yang Chow, Spinach with Garlic and Sichuan Hot and Sour soup.

We again told them that it was my mom’s birthday so they gave us free dessert.


That’s not the dessert though, I didn’t take a picture because it was too far from me and it’s just fruits with ice.

After lunch, we went to S&R to buy cupcakes and cake.

We went back to the office and had our office Valentine’s merienda.

I personally thought it didn’t look good [I mean it looks artificial not like the ones in Sonja and Sophie’s Mom], but when I tasted it [both the cake and the cupcake] omg the icing was soo good and the cake was moist.

We also had pizza but it’s nothing new, it’s from S&R.

Then I received my 2nd Valentine’s gift. It’s from my mom. 

After a few hours of mingling,lol, we went back to my sister’s house to prepare for our Valentine’s dinner.

My nieces and nephews were there so they played basketball.  A group of people played billiards and another group of people played tong-its. Me and my boyfriend just checked them out occasionally and had our small talks. 

My niece also had a hipster fashion photoshoot, here’s a preview.

My boyfriend has to go home early but I begged him to stay until midnight. When it was already midnight, I greeted him a Happy Monthsarry. OMGHOWCHEESYIAMNOTLIKETHAT.

And then we went home.

And then my eyes were so red after I took of my contacts.

And then I can’t sleep.

And then I can’t close my eyes.

And then… I don’t know what happened.


Date-Night Chronicles: Tao Yuan Seafood restaurant
2nd Floor, Greenbelt 3

I have been feeling down the past few days. And when I say down, I mean bordering to depressed. And whenever I get that way, I turn to food. Yes, unfortunately I am an emotional eater.

I guess to some extent I’m lucky this time because JodiesDaddy has been so patient with me and would let me eat whatever I want (I know I will regret this binging next month). So… On one random evening after work, I was craving for Peking Duck and we really went out of our way scouring for a place that would sell peking duck for 2!

Lo and behold, Tao Yuan in Greenbelt sold half a duck! We knew it was still going to be to much, but we just couldn’t resist. We had the duck served two-way. Yum, yum, yum!

Besides the duck, we also had halabos na suahe (steamed shrimps), which were 50% off that evening, and Fujian fried rice.

The whole meal was too much for the 2 of us.. But at that time, I really didn’t care.

So, did all that food make me feel better in the end? Unfortunately, no :(

The Expat Life

Where to go in SE Asia? Koh Tao, island in the gulf of Thailand

Just behind my husband is Koh Nang Yuan, which is only about a 15-20 min water taxi ride from Koh Tao! A MUST SEE! 

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