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{Reaction} Mafia!EXO teaching their s/o to use weapons.

Can I please have a exo mafia reaction to their gf wanting to learn how to fight and use weapons? Sorry I’m a sucker for mafia au 😂😂😂

Note: Thank you for requesting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

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Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by luedeer

Chanyeol: “No Jagi don’t touch th- OW!”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Kyungsoo: “Did I say you could tough that one? no, let’s stick with the simple things first, shall we?” 

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun: *removes his face guard* “Fuck Jagiya, if I knew you were that sexy with a knife I would have given you one earlier.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by luedeer

Sehun: *won’t admit it but loves how you look as you concentrate and practice using the weapons* “Well done Jagi, you’re improving.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Yixing: “Okay now you know the basics, try me Jagiya” “Winks*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Jongdae: “That’s not the only knife I can give you.” *horny af*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Minseok: “Now you have the skills, you need to look the part.” *Gives you protective gear while he puts on his.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Tao: “How did I manage to get someone as amazing as you?” 

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Suho: “God damn {y/n} you’re hot.” 

Lu Han

Originally posted by wendeer

Luhan: “Behold my manliness. I will teach you the way of the mafia.” 

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Jongin: “You cut me a little there Jagi, you’re getting better, though I will need to punish you for that later” *winks suggestively* 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kris: “Okay so what you need to do is-”

{y/n}: *shoots every target on point*

Kris: “There’s room for improvement” *salty af he couldn’t teach you*

The Fboi Anonymous Meetings #WelcomeToTheF.A.M.

BamBam: Welcome to the very first Fboi Anonymous Meeting! I wa-

Wonho: Yeah i have a question!

BamBam: Dude the meeting just started, how the fuck do you have a question??

Jungkook: Woah time out! Are we actually allowed to say bad words at this meeting?!

Zico: We’re grownups, of course we can say “bad words”.




Yixing: Get out

Wonho: Back on me. So with these meetings do we get to pick who’s the top fboi and I don’t know get an award or something?

Seungri: Bro I don’t know why you’re even talking about winning anything, at this point you should just be happy to be included.

Jay Park: Gotta agree with the Seungman, you should focus on “including” more cloth to that crop top you’re wearing. It’s November bro.

Wonho: Fashion transcends seasons.

BamBam: That’s true, but no, this is a support group. We’re trying to learn how to be better guys and idols.

Kris: speaking of “ideal”, Yixing, is it awkward when you hear Kai banging Krystal’s brains out in the back of the dorms?

Yixing: I don’t know, is it awkward only being able to get any recognition on your solo career because of your role as Chinese Guy #2?


Mark: *to Jaebum* If I knew this meeting was going to be so savage I wouldn’t have come.  

Jay Park: *to Zico* Isn’t that the kid who’s dating Jackson? I thought he would be use to not cumming.


Seungri: I swear this meeting is amazing.

Bobby: Wasn’t Chen suppose to be here? I was looking forward to meeting him.

BamBam: His hairline and his image decided to disagree so I rescinded the invitation.

Jungkook: So what about Sehun? He was always talking about all the bitches he has around him.

BamBam: *sighs* he was talking about watching Vivi and Kai’s dogs so I immediately uninvited him too.

Wonho: so it’s kind of like an “honor” to be chosen. Kind of like we were “selected” as the “best”.

Luhan: now I know I’ve been gone from Korea for a while, but is this dude like in a loser group or something? He seems awfully needy.

B.I.: Oh no there’s only one loser group, and they’re actually on hiatus at the moment.

BamBam: let’s get back on track, I wanted to start these meetings because I have recently over the past few months–

Jaebum: *to Mark* after 12 scandals and 3 almost suspensions

BamBam: *clears throat* – Decided to reach out and help other Idols like me who struggle with keeping their image pure.

Jay Park: I like my image though.

Cap: And I’m not even bad, I just have hella tattoos.

BamBam: Jay, I know I invited you, but technically under contract I’m not allowed to acknowledge your existence. And Cap,we just wanted to let you feel included. That’s 80% of the reason why you’re here.

Cap: Cool.

Seungri: Hey kid, what you’re trying to do is noble and all. But I like being a dick to chicks. Especially our fans. They’re like horny prostitutes you don’t have to pay.

Zico: Ikr? They build up this whole fantasy about you and how great the night is going to be and all you do is give them 3 good pumps before passing out from all the beer you had earlier.

Jungkook: Ew.

Bobby: Um

Yixing: TMI


BamBam: This is a safe place! Be yourselve-

Mark: If I was being myself I would have been 10 minutes late to this stupid ass meeting.

Kris: Same

Wonho: Yeah me too!

BamBam: I know all of you would probably try and pull that, so I scheduled the meeting at 7 but knew not to actually come till 8 because that was what all of you were going to do.

Seungri: Damn maybe you are a true fckboi.

BamBam: My only goal is to help.

Luhan: You know for being so successful, so fast and so young, you are really down to earth. You don’t have a big head.

BamBam: *twitches*

Jaebum: Uh Oh

BamBam: *starts shaking*

Mark: Crap.

Luhan: What’s going on? What did I sa–

BamBam: HOW DO YOU KNOW I’M NOT BIG!! HOW. DO. YOU. K N O W???!!!! *falls over in raucous laughter*

Yixing: Yeah this got weird quick, so I’m leaving. Luhan and Kris, I’ll drive you to the airport *all leave*

Zico: Jay, I just got a new computer. With great virus protection. Namjoon’s bringing over some special movies, you in?

Jay Park: Do you even need to ask? *both leave*

Seungri: Yo Cap let’s go hit the town. I met some girls at a fan meet earlier and they said they were 18 so let’s go show them what half of that number feels like.

Bobby: *trying to do the math* Oh God.

Cap: Um…okay? *both leave*

Jungkook: I gotta go. We’re having a little party to celebrate being the best group in Korea back at the dorms.

Wonho: Are y'all serving Ramen?

Jungkook: Um we have some in the pantr–

Wonho: I’m going with you!! *both leave*

BI: We’re bouncing too. Catch you at the Mama’s when we win Best Male Group! *both leave*


Mark: Is it just me or is it really easy to hate those guys?

BamBam: *calming back down* Wait my meeting wasn’t over!

Jaebum: Sometimes you have to give up and let go of things.

Mark: Like your rap career *both leave*



BamBam: *claps hands* Great meeting guys! Bye!

EXO when you have sexy moans {REQUEST}


Would live for this. He would get off to hearing your moans

“Come on baby, moan for me some more,”

Originally posted by hoemedy


Boy would also love the FUCK outta your moans, he’s the type to quiet himself down just so he can hear every sound that escapes your lips

“Louder baby…”

Originally posted by desiresehun


He’d tease the hell outta you. That’s all I gotta say,

“You sound so dirty kitten…”

Originally posted by i-growl-growl-growl


He’d enjoy them quite a lot. He’d do everything he could to make you moan, simply because of how much the sound turns him on

“More babe…I know you can moan louder,”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


He’d be super turnt. Boy would do what he could to have you screaming, and won’t stop UNTIL your screaming and begging for release

“Come on baby girl, scream for me…”

Originally posted by exeauxs


I can see him being loud in bed, but I also see him having a bit of a moan kink as well. So the louder you moan the louder he moans, and vice versa. 

“Fuck baby, you feel so good…”

Originally posted by the-a-team-baekhyun


I feel like he’s pretty silent, so he’d bask in the sound of your moans and encourage you to moan louder

“Come on, I know you can be louder. Scream for me babe,”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


Baby would initially blush upon hearing you moan for the first time. Not expecting such a lewd noise to come from your mouth, but after time goes on your moans would be his favourite sound

“Moan baby, come on. Let me hear your beautiful sounds,”

Originally posted by lullabyun


He’d be so turned on. Like…I have no words to explain it. 10/10 would listen to them if he could only listen to one noise for the rest of his life. But like…real talk, he’d indulge in most of your kinks/fantasies just so he could hear you moan

“You sound so sexy…let me hear more,”

Originally posted by kyungsuhos


Like Chanyeol, I can see him being shocked upon hearing your moans for the first time. But after some time, he’d love to make you draw out your moans because of how erotic it sounded

“That’s it baby…I need to hear more…Louder baby girl…”

Originally posted by czarnybilly


Kai seems like the kinda guy to enjoy someone who is loud in bed. So he’d tease you for hours on end just to hear you moan loudly for him, calling his name and begging him to do something

“Uh oh…That wasn’t my name baby…You must really enjoy being punished don’t you?”

Originally posted by jenntsukiyomi


(I apologize for the low quality gif, but like…Yes please? Sign me the fuck uP SEHUN! WHOO!)

Anyways, Sehun seems like a dirty talker. That being said, he’d love to have you moan into his ear as he whispers all the lewd things he wanted to do to you.

“I wanna fuck you so bad baby…I want you cuffed…completely submissive to me,”

Originally posted by a2sakii



Sheep? More like chogiba.
No? More like chogina.
Hoe? More like chogihoe.
Winter? More like chogisnow.
Good succ? More like chogiblow.
On the low? More like chogilow.
Deer? More like chogidoe.
Gotta boat? Time to chogirow.
Got some arrows? Need a chogibow.
Have an enemy? They’re your chogifoe.
Need to liven the party? Time to say chogiAyYo.
Good greeting? Chogiyo.
Have a lot of hair? You have a chogifro.
Short? Time to chogigrow.
Favorite bird? Chogicrow.
Ripped your shirt? Have your grandma chogisew.
Playing dodgeball? Chogithrow.
Got a homie? They’re your chogibro.
Have knowledge? Chogiknow.

This is what happens when you have a late night conversation with your friend…. credits to her

I made a masterlist!

I realised that I’ve actually written quite a few scenarios! I’ve only been on Tumblr for a month but I wanted people who only just find me to have the chance to read everything I’ve written so here’s a convenient place where you can find them all.

bold means it’s an au scenario

I’ll update this after every new scenario!


A Blushing Graduate (Baekhyun)

Baby Girl (Chanyeol)

Birthday Breakfast (Suho)

Bloody Teasers (Kai)

Coming Home (Sehun)

Cuddles With A Panda (Tao)

Drunk Kisses (D.O)

Fireworks (Baekhyun)

His Distraction (Sehun)

His Muse (Chanyeol)

His Shield (D.O)

Hunted (Sehun)

Inky Words (Kai)

In The Airport (Kai)

Kicking & Screaming (Sehun)

Lost Pup! (Chanyeol)

Lovehearts (Chen)

Mornings In Paradise (Lay)

Morning Kisses (Baekhyun)

Mr Taxi (Lay)

Painted In Exhaustion (Kai)

Passing Planes (Chanyeol)

Picnic Promises (Baekhyun)

Room Service (Chen)

Searching For The Golden Egg (Chen)

Splash (Sehun)

The Perfect Coffee (Xiumin)

The Rebound (Lay)

The Test (Chen)

Trailer Surprises (D.O)

Under The Bridge (Sehun)


A Family Of Bears (Chanyeol)

A Kiss Says It All (Luhan)

An EXO Girl (Chanyeol)

Before And After (Chanyeol)

Between The Flowers + Above The Flowers + The Fairest Flower (D.O)

Chocolate Fondue (Baekyeol)

Chubby Secrets (Xiumin)

Comfort (Baekhyun)

Damn Tequila + If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them (Baekhyun)

Dates At The Agency (Chanyeol)

Deep Water (Baekhyun)

Empty Heart (Sehun)

Favourites (Tao)

First Question + Only Question (Kai)

First Snow Day (Chanyeol)

Fly With Me (Suho)

Full Of Doubt (Luhan)

Home Run (Baekhyun)

Just Go + Don’t Go (Kai)

Late (Chanyeol)

Lonely Island (Chanyeol)

Lost In Translation + The Korean Charm (Chen)

Message In A Bottle (Sehun)

Milkshake (Chanyeol)

Misunderstood Encounters (Xiumin)

Normal Life? (Chen)

Only A Nightmare (Baekhyun)

Perfect Fit (Suho)

Seoul In A Day + Husband And Wife (Chen)

The Bump (Chanyeol)

The Meaning Of Rest (Lay)

Two For One (Chanyeol)

Unforgettable Birthday (Baekhyun)

Warm Milk & Cookies (Suho)

Where You Belong (Chanyeol)


Autumn (Xiumin)

Cuddles (Baekhyun)

First Class (Baekhyun)

Gone (Kai)

Graduation Tears (Chanyeol)

Lollipop Trouble (Chen)

Lovesick (Sehun)

Outside The Club (Suho)

Shots! (Chanyeol)

Stargazing (Chanyeol)

Weddings (D.O)


prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight;part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

ALONE (Chanyeol AU)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.


prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven;

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EXO Reaction ~ Your Younger Sister Flirts With Them

Request: Heiii I love this blog so much 💜
Can I request EXO reaction when their s/o’s younger sister (2-3 years younger) tries to flirt with themThank You xx

A/N: I changed this up from my usual and just put what they would basically say.


Originally posted by blondejongin

I’m sorry, but I’m already in love with your sister… I might have a single friend your age though?


Originally posted by lululovesky

*Visualize your sister as Sehun* Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?!


Originally posted by minxiuseok

I’m sorry but I only treat your sister like a princess and my pet in bed, sweetheart#xiudaddy


Originally posted by parkchny

Yeah, No… Goodbye whatever your name was again…


Originally posted by ethereal-baek

This must be really embarrassing for you, I’m sorry… Sehun is single though.” 


Originally posted by salty-elbow

“I’ll just have the wedding planner sit you next to Yixing, Jongdae and Sehun on mine on y/n’s wedding day then…”


Originally posted by bemineinseoul

Do I look easy to you? What disgust… No one owns Junmoney but y/n


Originally posted by lil-duckling

Wow, your flirting skills are as disgusting as your fashion sense and your respect towards your sister…


Originally posted by wooyoung

“What the~ Get it away from me… y/n get the disgust off my legs please!”


Originally posted by parkchny



Originally posted by v-dyo

I could say that I’ve committed unnamed and numerous plotted crimes before but if you touch or flirt with me again knowingly that your very beautiful sister is dating me… I will surrender you to North Korea.” 


Originally posted by pkjmnie

Can you tell your sister that I’m in the mood for a good rough sex session from her and not her younger sister please? I think she’s in the kitchen. Thanks y/s/n

EXO reaction to their crush singing for them and killing the shit out of it


He’d be falling for you even more, he’d be starstruck and is complete awe.

Originally posted by dayafterdae


number one fanboy right here, He’d probably confess on impulse right after you finished tbh.

Originally posted by jeongokus


“I love you” he’d say it by accident….it would just spill out of him, he didn’t mean to confess right then and there but….welp.

Originally posted by kkuutamo


Confess and kiss, no I’m serious.

Originally posted by vitunkpoppi


“Have I gone to heaven? Cause I hear angels singing.” Honestly in complete awe, saying his surprised would be an understatement.

Originally posted by lullabyun


He’d stare at you with a loving gaze and adore you. He’d want to tell you how he feels about you and hug you in his arms.

Originally posted by meiren-menglu


*gif* You’re Suho in this case

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty


He wouldn’t know how to express his ‘potato’….

Originally posted by mickyawesomnessninja


“ You were amazing! Now lets go on a date, yeah?” while blushing slightly

Originally posted by me-just-daydreaming


He’d be so happy and blushy and amazed and shy and all that. He’d be giggling and shooting you that heart shaped smile of his while planning how to confess to you.

Originally posted by daenso


As you were singing I’m pretty sure he’d take you by the hand and start dancing with you to the song you were singing, He’d have this lovestruck smile on his face as he was listening to your voice, holding your hand as you danced and was looking straight into your bright eyes.

Originally posted by blondejongin


*gif* Freaking love this gif I mean LOOK AT HIM

Originally posted by blondejongin

Hope you enjoyed!

The China Line Chronicles #KrixingFacesOff

Kris: Welcome to another China Line Meeting! Now it’s been a long time since we’ve met and a lot has changed, like I actu–

Luhan: YIFREAKINGXING released not one, but TWO killer solo MVs without faking an injury and leaving Exo! Way to go bro!

Tao: Okay, first i feel like the faking injury part was directed at me and seco-

Luhan: It was.


Yixing: Thanks guys! I’m so amazed, and I’m so thankful that your departures paved the way for me to have some spotlight in Korea.

Jun: So what you’re trying to say was that if The8 left Seventeen and went off to do his own thing. I would finally get more than one line and actually make my parents proud?

Luhan: Dude. Yixing humps floors and spreads butt cheeks for a living. His parents haven’t been proud in years.

Kris: Wow what a fascinating subject but like I was trying to say earlier I rele–

Chenle: Hey I think someone is knocking on the door! Were you all expecting more people?

Tao: Waittt! More members??? Yixing’s room is already the size of a closet-

The8: That may be a little too generous to say

Tao: Okay the size of a toilet stall in a closet, and I really don’t think we can hold anymore members.

Yixing: Renjun, just open the door. Exo isn’t having a meeting til later so it’s probably some more Chinese recruits looking to join.

Renjun: Okay Dad

Yixing: What??

Renjun: Nothing *opens door*

Jackson: *enters with 3 guests*


Kris: Yo dude!

Tao: What’s up man?!

Luhan: Jackson?

Jackson: So I heard you’ve been having meetings to talk about how unfair it is for Chinese artists as idols here in Korea an–

The8: You wanted to join and add your valuable input?

Jackson: Lol no, are you kidding me? I got JYP on speed dial and 5 out of 4 shows on television have my face in them.

Jun: *mutters* that’s not even possible

Jackson: I’m actually here because i brought these guys! *gestures towards 3 guests*

Yibo: Yo!

Yixuan: Hey guys!

Wenhan: Nice to meet you all!

Luhan: Okay forgive me if I’m being rude, but I promise I have never seen any of you in my life before.

Tao: He’s got a point. We at least could google the NCT boys to figure out which ones were the rejects of the group.

WinWin: Um thanks?

Yixuan: We’re actually 3 members of Uniq. We had that EoEo song where we g-

Yixing: GRINDED ALL OVER THE FLOOR!! Yeah dudes I know you! I saw that video and knew that we HAD to meet one day!

Kris: AND SPEAKING ON VIdeos!! Mine came out and I sang my whole song in English!

Luhan: *coughs*

Tao: *avoids eye contact*

Jackson: Um that’s cool bro, keep doing your thing I guess.


Yixing: Well some parts of what you just told us are hard to swallow…

Kris: Like what?!!!!

Jun: I don’t know, simple things like you “singing”

Tao: And speaking “English”

Luhan: And actually having a “video” to be honest

Kris: I hate you all

Yixing: Um that’s kind of Suho’s line.

Luhan: Yeah Kris you can’t take it, it’s the only one he’s got.

Jackson: So yeah, I’m going to leave now, I was just dropping these guys off before i headed to China to film 6 reality shows before sun down.

Wenhan: *whispers* Please don’t leave us.

Jackson: This is a safe place guys. It’s all about acceptance and goodwill! *leaves out*

Luhan: Speaking of Goodwill, Tao where did you get your clothes?

Tao: Dolce and Gabbana bit–

Kris: Changing gears!! Let’s talk about something else. Did you know my video was directed by Collin Tille–

Luhan: So Yixing, I’m still just amazed at all your success! That Lose Control video was hot! When you went shirtless I knew that you meant serious business.

Yibo: I saw it, and speaking as a professional grind and roll master. You even had me sweating!

Yixing: Okay guys, you can settle with the compliments. Thanks they do mean a lot, I’m just getting embarrassed now.

Kris: Embarrassed?? You’re embarrassed?? All I have done is lead this support group, be there when you needed me-

Tao: *coughs* lies

Kris: -And treated you all with nothing but respect! Can i get some recognition on my video please??!?!?

Luhan: Okay Kris fine, your video was pretty coo—

Chen: *knocking on door* YIXING why did Jackson just leave your room?? ARe you planning on doing a tv show or something??

Yixing: *through door* Go away Chen! I’m trying to rehearse for my solo stage and you’re distracting me.

Chen: *through door* I can’t go away! Suho told me to get you. Something BIG is happening and he wants the whole crew here and present!

Kris: *to Yixing* Just go, we’ll just wait it out and leave when it’s over.

Yixing: okay cool, I got snacks in my freezer and the WiFi password is “ItPaysToBePatient91”

Luhan: Um are you trying to tell us something??

Yixing: *winks* Coming Chen! *opens door and leaves*

Tao: So what are we suppose to do while we wait?

Wenhan: *looks around* This room is bigger than our dorms

WinWin: We could have a contest to see who had the most lines in their group songs!

Kris: Luhan, hands down. Too easy. Suggest something else.

WinWin: Well we could listen to your new song?

Renjun: Umm…

The8: Ew no

Jun: Don’t be a suck up

Luhan: Ahh you know what? I forgot that I was deaf.

Wenhan: I’d rather just do something more productive to be honest.


Kris: I’m never coming to one of these dumb meetings again.

EXO Reaction when their girlfriend is complaining about her chest

Like.. almost all girls do this xD Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to hide he’s turned on* “Oh they are good good jagi… on the point!”


“Hmm… come closer… let me have a better look…” *Naughty naughty*


“Yeah jagi.. you should try another bra… yes…”


“Aish… this girl.. she seriously thinks they aren’t perfect… how?” *stares at the pic you sent him, every five minutes*


“You know… they say they grow if you eat chicken…” *His solution to everything*


“I don’t know jagi… for me they…you are perfect” *So lovely*


*Can’t stop staring at you* “Babe… what’s your worry. For me you are beautiful, flawless… now let’s get going. We have a date remember?”


*You start doing weird things on the mirror while he watches* “Baobei… I don’t know about you… but I like those two!” *Such a perv*


*A little bit nervous* “Are we… really talking about boobs?I just… I like them jagi… I don’t see a problem… yeah”


*Really embarrassed* “Oh no jagi… don’t grab them like that.. I just…please” *Maybe he’s imagining things too…*


“I don’t want to hear you say those things! Not until you accept you are perfect!”


“Maybe… I can make you change your mind…” *Oh so daddy-like…*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Master.List Part 1.

All request are open.


Exo reactions

Bts reactions




NCT 127

Monsta X

All request are open.


.:EXO Reaction:. They’re stressed and they want to cuddle you

@shakiraisawesome said: “Hello! Can I have exo for when they’re stressed they want to cuddle? Thank you for doing what you do.”


|VIXX ver.|Monsta X ver.|Got7 ver.|BTS ver.|UP10TION ver.| B.A.P. ver. |

Gifs aren’t mine!


He won’t say what he really want. Suho will try to make you guess it. Maybe if you really don’t understand what is he trying to say then he will slowly wrap his arms around your waist. Probably Suho will stay like that about 20 minutes (or more).


Originally posted by exolusa

On the lunch time, he will search for you. Directly he will ask you for a hug, Xiumin is the type of guy who can hide his face on your neck and sigh. He will tell you the reason of his actions.


Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Aggressive. Maybe because he lost the soccer game at school. So he will just take your hand with out asking and pull you near. On the school yard, probably Luhan will try to make both lay down on the grass. Then when he feels better he will apologize for being rude.


Originally posted by wufanz

He started to act cold with you when he wasn’t before. You were the first one to notice so you ask him what was wrong. Also, like Luhan, he will grab your hand and take you to the nearest classroom (maybe the art classroom). Kris will hug you with any words and just for a few minutes. He would not like you to see that side of him.


Originally posted by wooyoung

You will never notice his feelings cause he’s good at taking care of that. Sehun will act pretty cool and direct, he won’t explain anything. Few minutes but not only a hug, many hugs, in any time he could. But if you catch what is he trying to do, he would act like a bratty and ask you for sleeping on your lap.


Originally posted by overdosed-for-exo

Cautious. Sweeter than Suho. Even if he is the one who’s stressed he will put your feelings first so that’s why he will ask you if you have time and if you do, he will ask for a big hug in which you are the big spoon. Maybe Yixing will be pretty relaxed that he will fall sleep listening to your heart beats.


Originally posted by exoxoolf

Honest. He will ask you for a hug, a really big hug, the kind of hug that is really tight that makes you feel breathless. He won’t let go of you soon, and probably will start talking in a baby voice telling you to comfort him (he would only do this though so you won’t get worried about him)


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

He won’t say anything nor try to do anything, he’d try and get himself together, trying not to make you uncomfortable or worried. You would notice though how he’s been stressed a lot these days so you would hug him, and he would immediately relax in your embrace, putting his hand in your head and running his fingers through your hair while sighing happily.


Originally posted by k-pop-crazy

If you ask him, he’s going to tell you what’s wrong, but if not then he won’t. He’ll be quiet, just suddenly letting his arms wrap around you and putting his chin in your shoulder, he won’t mind just hugging you but would probably LOVE if you turn around and hug him like a little baby. Would probably kiss your cheek after he’s feeling better and thank you.


Originally posted by iamlatinaandilovekpop

He’s really obvious when he’s stressed, so it won’t be hard for you to notice that he’s upset and so you ask him. He would, though, evade your questions and just throw himself at you (like when he did in Christmas with Chen) and would whine a bit about everything that’s bothering him but in a joking way.


Originally posted by exofetish

He’d try and be like Kris or Kyungsoo, cool and collected, but he completely fails at it. He’s childish and so when you ask, instead of just evading your question or get himself together he would admit instantly that he’s stressed and that he wants to cuddle you until you both die (CHILL YEOL) and so you end up hugging him in the entire chemistry class.


Originally posted by azzipzard

HE’S GOING TO BE SUCH A KID. I swear to God, he’s not even going to try and be cool about it, he’s going to instantly envelop you in his hug and not let go for three entire hours while whining and saying that he can’t do it anymore and that school’s so difficult. After that, though, he’s going to feel better and probably buy you a candy as thanks.

Admin Eileen & Miyu

exo reaction to seeing you at their fan signing after you break-up


*He will just straight up tell you how he feels without having to think about it twice*

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chanyeol :
*Doesn’t know what to do considering he’s still in love with you*

Originally posted by parkchny

Chen :
*Starts giggling every time he says something in front of you. Blushing like crazy because you can still make him feel like the first time he met you.*

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

D.O :
*He’s extremely happy that even after the breakup, you still support him*

Originally posted by dyoru

Kai :
*Watches you all night and gets butterflies in the stomach when he sees you walking towards him, a smile on your face.*

“Hi…” he says smiling brightly.

Originally posted by kaibility

Kris :
*He’s trying really hard not to cry in front of you*

Originally posted by andyswarhol

Lay :
*Being the adorable guy he is, he tries to lighten the mood and make things less awkward between the two of you. Starts jumping around and making jokes to see you smile. He still loves you, and he knows you still love him.*

Originally posted by lovesquishynoemi

Luhan :
*Only waves sheepishly not knowing what to say*

Originally posted by harlysquad

Sehun :
*He actually didn’t think you would show up to the signing. But once again you proved him wrong and kept your word. He’s very happy to see you again*

Originally posted by luderella

Suho :

*Doesn’t know what to do and starts panicking*

“OMG SHE’S HERE! What do I do… Do I say hi… I love you.”

Originally posted by bemineinseoul

Tao :
*He tries his hardest to make you stay with him*

“Please Y/N… don’t go… not again…”

Originally posted by koreancolorful

Xiumin :
*Tries to be cool while talking to you but can’t help telling you how he actually feels about the way things turned out *

“I miss you so much … it hurts so much… I want you back. I need you”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

{Reaction} Accidentally calling EXO 'Daddy.'

Note: Hope this is what you were looking for. Enjoy~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by bane-niki

Chanyeol managed to pull that out of you while you’re both getting intimate in the bedroom. At first, he wasn’t sure that he heard you correctly, but once he realised that you did moan out that exact word, he’d look down at you, smirking. 

Chanyeol: “That’s right baby girl, now you better do as I say, or I might have to punish you.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by huang-shit-tao

Kyungsoo would be shy if you said it out of nowhere, and may become a little flustered. That is unless he’s getting intimate with you. God help you if you call him that while you’re getting intimate. If you’re on top of him, you’re going straight to the bottom, watching as his eyes turn more dark and lustful than before.

Kyungsoo: “Keep calling me that, jagi and I’ll make you feel like a very lucky girl.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns

Calling Baekhyun ‘daddy’ is both a good thing and not such a good thing all at the same time. It has it’s uses in the bedroom, which will lead you to having very hot and sexy times. But on the other hand, it inflates his ego far too much, and he’ll use it in day to day life just to embarrass you.

{y/n}: “Appa, it’s so good to see you! It’s been so long!”

Baekhyun: “Long? I only went to the bathroom for five minutes, Jagi…”

{y/n}: …

{y/n}’s Dad: …

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by exoturnback

It started off as an innocent make out session, he wasn’t planning on staying in your apartment for much longer. That was until the word moaned from your lips and he found himself in for a long night.

Sehun: “You know… family meeting can wait. I’m staying the night”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by hypertone

Yixing is usually very giving during these intimate times, and very much into having passion and love. But when you accidentally let this new word slip he’s going to morph into something completely unexpected by you. He’s going to be rough and sexy as hell.

Yixing: “You better call me that Baobi or I won’t let you finish all night long.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Jongdae is going to pretend that he hates the nickname in front of his band members. He’ll accuse you of being a pervert, when you know just how much he likes being called it when you’re alone.

{y/n}: “Oh hey there da-”

Jongdae: “Dae! She called me Dae!”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by minxiuseok

Minseok is completely the opposite to Jongdae, he loves it when you call him Daddy, and doesn’t give a single shit if the other members find out about it. On the other hand, you’re much shyer about it, meaning he will take every opportunity to make you flustered about it. Especially during intimate times.

{y/n}: “M-Minseok”

Minseok: “Do you think you should be addressing me like that? You know what I want you to call me, Jagi.”

{y/n}: “But the other members - they’ll hear”

Minseok: “Scream it baby, or Daddy will have to punish you.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Tao wouldn’t have much of a reaction at first. In the heat of the moment he’s going to find it so hot, and will make you moan it all night long. But when the morning comes, you find yourself embarrassed, but he finds it so hot he’s not going to let you stop saying it quite so easily.

{y/n}: “I’m so embarrassed! I don’t know what came over me, I just-”

Tao: “Baobei, it was hot, and if you dare stop calling me that. Daddy’s going to have to teach you a lesson or two”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

Junmyeon, who is often known as the ‘mother’ of EXO, does not mind when you change that in the bedroom. He’d find it incredibly hot, especially because it was a heat of the moment thing. Sudaddy would have been unleashed, and it would be the start of a very beautiful and sexy thing. The name will make him much more rough and dominant, almost too hot to handle. He’d be much more experimental and confident. {The other members are also painfully aware of this.}

Junmyeon: “So that’s what you like baby girl? Oh you’ll be in for some pleasure tonight.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by moncide

Luhan more than likely would have prompted you to call him that other than it being an accident. He’d get you to say it once, and then he wouldn’t let you stop. He’d embarrass you about it around the other members and your family. This kid has no boundaries.

{y/n}: “Will you pass me my phone, Luhan?”

Luhan: Address me properly.”

{y/n}: *Blushing* “I’ll get it myself…”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by jonginization

This maknae line member is going to like it a lot. It’s not just because it’s hot, but also because it makes him feel like he’s more protective, like you’re safer with him. During the bedroom activities, he will make sure that you feel comfortable and hot all at the same time. However, like Luhan, he will use it around the others, jsut because he likes to see how flustered you get.

Jongin: “C’mon baby, what were you calling me last night?”

{y/n}: *Blushing* “I don’t remember?”

Jongin: “Really? Not even when you were moaning Daddy loud enough for the whole of South Korea to hear?”

Junmyeon: *Spits out his tea*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by 21ml

Use this kink to your advantage, because it’s going to get Kris in the mood every time. Literally, any goddamn given time. If you call him Daddy he’s going to be taking the quickest route to the closest fuckable surface. This comes with many advantages, one, you get him whenever you please, and two, it’s perfect for revenge if he’s pissed you off, because one slip of the word around the other members and he’s going to have a very large unsolvable problem in his pants.

{y/n} *Smirking* “So, I’m just off out with Chanyeol and Kyungsoo now.”

Kris: “Please {y/n}, don’t do this to me.”

{y/n}: “Bye Baobei, see you later!”

EXO Teasing their Girlfriend for Being SHORT Reaction {Requested}

“Can you please do EXO teasing their gf on how short they are? (I’m requesting this cos I am really short ^.^) Btw, I just found you blog and I LOVE IT! Carry on writing as you just gained a new follower:) ( I have a lot more to say but word limit)xD”

Thank you! Here you go anon!:)

Originally posted by xiundeer

Xiumin: “what do you mean you can’t reach the pot?” He asked you coming up from behind you and pulling it down. “Maybe if you would have put on those heels you love to wear all the time, then you’d be able to reach!” He teased causing you to snatch the pot and give him a swift elbow to the rib as you huffed away.

Originally posted by wendeer

Luhan: “I’m sorry baby but you know I can never take you seriously when I can see right over your head!” He laughed at you, effectively cutting you off in the middle of your sentence. You were trying to scold him for leaving his shoes in the doorway (repeatedly) and making you trip but you could tell he wasn’t listening at all.

“Aughhh!!” You yelled in frustration. Sometimes it sucked being fun-sized.

Originally posted by vvu-yi-fan

Kris: “What did you say?” He asked you, grinning. You wanted to take a napkin and wipe the grin off of his mouth but you knew that would solve nothing. “Ugh, I said that I can’t see can you please….” You sighed deeply. “Give me a boost?”

“I’ll consider it.” He answered simply as he walked away leaving you fuming and wondering what in the world was going on at the neighbor’s house over their fence.

Originally posted by britamin-graphics

Suho: “You realize your legs practically stop at my ankles right?” He asked you as you both stood in front of the full length mirror in the clothes department of your favorite store.

“I can’t hear you!” You said in a singsong voice as you left him to continue perusing the racks.

“Can you not hear because your ears are small too?” He asked laughing as you picked up a hanger and began chasing him around the store.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

“I didn’t know shoes came in sizes this small” He mused out loud in wonder as he held your winter boots in his hands. “Are you sure this isn’t a doll’s shoe?”

You reached up and took the boots out of his hand and placed them back in your closet. “I had to order them special okay? So treat them with care, or else I’ll try and return YOU and get a refund.”

He just laughed at your empty threats and grabbed you for a big bear hug.

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

Baekhyun: “That’s the rules, I don’t make ‘em I just enforce ‘em!” He told you holding the last cookie up in his hand as you stood on your tippy toes trying to reach it.

“What do you mean you don’t make them? This dumb game was your idea! Ughh if I would have known that to get the last cookie you would just hold it in the air I would have never agreed! You pouted. You really wanted that cookie. It was double chocolate chip, your favorite.

“Tough luck shortie, next time put your heels on and maybe you can have a delicious cookie in your life.”

You watched in horror as he took a bite.

You would get him for this.

Originally posted by chenrrerorocher

Chen: “Why wouldn’t you just tell me that you needed a booster?” He cried out as he looked at the hand held mirror at his mangled locks. You had volunteered to help him cut his hair, but the problem was that you couldn’t quite see exactly what you were doing as you did it. The chair he had sat in had been a little too high so some parts you kind of just cut in faith and good intentions.

“Well thanks Y/N, I always wondered what I would look like if I got run over with a lawnmower and now I definitely know!”

“You’re welcome!” You replied as he began chasing you down with the scissors still in his hands.

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

“You make me feel like a giant” He informed you and you stood in line for snow cones at the local ice cream shoppe.

“You are a giant, I should be the one complaining, you make me feel like a toddler!”

He reached over and pinched your cheeks. “You’re right you act like a baby, you look like a baby and you’re as tiny as a baby!” You smacked his hand but he kept laughing.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

D.O.:  “I didn’t see you at the concert? Were you there asked you?” As he greeted you and walked into your living room. “Of course I was there!” You told him “I was in the front row!” He scrunched up his face like he was in deep thought before his eyes lit up. “Oh you’re right! I did see you! You were just so short next to the sage all I saw was the top of your head bobbing around! Next time I’ll ask them to build a special mini stage just for you!” He laughed.

Originally posted by ztaohs

Tao: “I’m starting to think you keep me around just so I grab things for you.” He grumbled out loud as he stood on the attic ladder handing down boxes to you. “Maybe you are.” You teased struggling with the heavy boxes and hoping that he didn’t notice.

He did.

He looked down at you and laughed as you struggled to place the box down without dropping it on your own toes.

“Be careful, that box is almost bigger than you!” He warned as he turned back to the attic.

“Hardy har, har” You fake laughed. “I hope you fall.” You added in a whisper.

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

“Your hands are so little, they dwarf in mine!” He exclaimed as he held your hands in his. “How am I ever suppose to find a ring for your finger if you have elf fingers?”

“WOAH HOLD UP! Are you asking me to marry you?” You asked in excitement your heart racing.

“Um, no….it’s only been three weeks but I mean still you hands are freaking miniature!”

You groaned and threw the nearest pillow you could find at the side of his perfectly tousled head.

Originally posted by sebaeked

“I don’t know why you complain so much about being little, I like the way you feel in my arms.” He told you as he came up and hugged you from behind. You smiled. Sehun might sometimes get a bad rep as being a scoundrel and self absorbed but it was moments like this you wished everyone could see the real him.

He continued.

“I mean you’re so tiny it’s kind of like you’re a bug and I’m the giant shoe that could squash you or let you live.” He burst out laughing as you wriggled out of his arms. Forget the mushy stuff. Sehun was still a big fat jerk.


Request: Exo au as baristas and them reacting to you catching their eye?

admin k: i recently learned how to make some barista made coffee and let me say that u sent this request in at the right time lmaoooo



“can i have a tall mocha with skim milk and extra chocolate, please.”

“you sure can, gorgeous! haha! sorry, was that too much? hahaha… ha…”

the nervous flirt who’s overly enthusiastic when taking your order and fumbles around nervously

Originally posted by britamin-graphics


the guy who sees your order and smiles to himself, biding his time and waits for the moment when he can hand you your coffee and say hi

Originally posted by overdyosed


c: “hey. are you checking out that girl as well?”

b: “how can i not? she’s so cute!”

c: “you’re burning her milk.”

b: “oh, SHIT!”

Originally posted by acciobaek


the almost creepy guy who watches you from behind the coffee machine and is more focused on you than on making your coffee

Originally posted by jungkooktouchbutts


“tall caramel latte?”

“that’s me.”

“woah. you’re pretty. hi, nice to meet you. i’m jongin. but you can call me later.”

smooth pickup line guy

Originally posted by fy-kimkai


“and a hot chocolate for the pretty little lady over there!”

Originally posted by laygion



“have i seen you before?”

“uhh… i don’t think so, sorry.”

“that’s a shame. i’d like to see you more often. what’s your name?”

smooth pickup line guy #2

Originally posted by kkuutamo


*fanning himself*

“small cappuccino?”

“me, thanks… are you okay?”

“yeah, i’m fine. i just got really hot… you know, coffee machine and all.”

the guy who avoids looking like a dork and saying that he got all hot and flustered because of your presence

Originally posted by theseoks


did you think that girl was cute?

hell yeah she was.

should i ask her out?

don’t be too sudden. just ask for her number or wechat or something.

good point. good point.

the guy who sees you, and talks to himself as he thinks of the best strategy to approach you

Originally posted by harlysquad


“sorry… what was that?”

*repeats order*

“i’m sorry. i can’t focus right now. can you repeat your order, please?”

the guy who can’t focus or pay attention to anything you say

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu


holy shit she’s coming to order… do i look okay? does my hair look good? oh god she’s coming over she’s coming over-

“hi there! can i have…”

the guy who internally preps himself for your arrival after seeing you walk through the front and being immediately smitten

Originally posted by luedeer


“tao, you’re not focusing on your job! tao!… oi girl, this guy likes you!”


the guy who gets so distracted from his work by you that his boss decides to publicly shame him for his infatuation

Originally posted by exo-exo-xoxo

EXO Reaction-Getting frisky before a concert. (18+)

I have been trying to post this for like 20 minutes and my internet is being mean!  So I had a couple of requests asking for this so this Due to the subscribers I have recently received I am posting this keeping my promise to all my readers and followers.  Enjoy and as always don’t forget to send in those requests.  This is an 18+ reaction.

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners

Xiumin:  He’d come up to you and say that he needed to talk to you.  he’d take you back to the green room where he would start to put little kisses on your neck until you gave in and let him pull you closer.

Luhan:  He would show you how manly he could be and grab your wrist and pull you into the dressing room where he would lay you on the couch and not let you go until you kiss him for a while.  

Kris:  This galaxy lover wouldn’t need to pull you anywhere he would simply give you “the look” and you would be making sure he followed you to the closest where you would redefine what 7 minutes in heaven actually is.

Suho:  He would be subtle about letting you know that he needed you attention by telling you he needed to see you in the waiting room.  Once you got in there his personality would change and he’d pick you up and sit you on a table where he could kiss you.

Lay:  You would be the one asking this Unicorn to see you in the next room.  Once you guys were alone he would understand what you wanted to happen and pick you up and press you against the wall so he could kiss that tender spot on your neck.

Baekhyun:  He would be excited to let you know that he needed you.  He’d playfully grab your arm and drag you into the green room.  Once inside he would bring you in close for a kiss as his hands start to wonder all over your body.

Chen:  This adorkable cutie would be surprised when you told him you needed him at that moment.  He would kiss you and try to touch you but you decided to make him happy first, he’d gasp out as you went lower on him.

Chanyeol:  He would send you a text telling you to come to the backroom.  Once you found it you would see him there relaxing getting ready for the show.  When you leaned down to kiss him he’d bring you closer making you sit in his lap so he could kiss you more.

D.O:  You two would be sitting down before the show helping him relax.  He would lean in and give you a quick kiss.  You would pull him in closer to you so you two could make sure he was really relaxed before the show.

Tao:  He wouldn’t know how to ask you that he needed you at this moment.  He’d come up and tell you he wants to see you.  He’d pull you in room where the normally emotional Panda would turn into a completly confident person.

Kai:  You’d already be alone with him when he decided it was go time.  He wraps you in his arms and start kissing you telling you that he needs you to help him calm down before your hands went lower on his body.

Sehun:  This maknae would want to spend some extra time with you but would be too scared to ask.  When he finally did, you two would be kissing in the back of the closet with passion before a stage hand found you and told you it was time for the show to start.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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EXO when you joke you’d never date him but then he hears himself as your alarm/ringtone

That would be so embarrassing! Here you go~

Sehun: *sassy* “You were saying?”

Kai: Your alarm goes off playing his rap from Mama and you fumble around to turn it off.

You: “W-where was I?”

Kai: “I think you were saying how much you didn’t like me.”

Tao: He would be so smug about this and would never let you live it down. Expect to be teased about it for the foreseeable future.

D.O.: He’d be super pleased and it would give him enough confidence to ask you out later.

Chanyeol: *half teases, half really wants to know*

Chen: “I don’t believe you Y/N~”

Baekhyun: He’d run around telling everyone what just happened and blow it way out of proportion. “Y/N loves me so much they have me as their ringtone!” 


You: “Pfft I could never be interested in you-” *you got me crazy, just tell me what you want from me~*

*smug af*

Originally posted by ceozhang

Suho: “What have you got as your alarm there~”

Kris: “Wow I’m super convinced that you don’t like me right now.”

Luhan: “Imagine that.”

Xiumin: *pleased af*