tao you are amazing!!!

I’ve just been missing this so much, as we wait for the dvd release of Doctor Strange.  Heartfelt thank you’s to all the gif makers that share their beautiful work with us, especially now when the wait seems to be taking forever.

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“It’s not about you.”

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EXO Reaction to you giving a great blow job.

Thank you for the nice comment btw, hope you like it x. 

Kai - *heaving breathing and soft moans is you all you hear from him, he can’t get over how good you are* 

Sehun - mmm jagi where did you learn to do that. 

Chen - *doesn’t want it to end*

Suho - *wow she is amazing* 

Chanyeol - ugh babe, you’re amazing, don’t stop!

Lay - *doesn’t stop watching you, thinks its so amazing*

External image

Luhan - you’re lips are amazing *heavy breathing*

Kris - holy fuck *can’t control his moans*

Tao - you are amazing jagi.

D.O - *doesn’t say anything just enjoys the amazing pleasure you’re giving him* 

Baekyhun - holy shit i’m so lucky *moaning mess* 

Xiumin - you are so going to be rewarded after this babe. 

EXO’s reaction to you rapping

Baekhyun: *shocked Baekhyun is shocked*

*after he processes that his girlfriend is a badass he starts back dancing and being your side kick*


Chanyeol: *you challenged him to a rap battle and he agreed because he knows he’s the best at everything*

You: *start rapping perfectly*


Chanyeol: *watches you in shock while getting ridiculously turned on*

Chen: *bursts into laughter* 

Chen: *but then he realizes you’re serious and he transforms into the Chensing machine*

D.O: “maybe if I’ll ignore her she’ll stop”

You: *continue to rap louder and flawlessly* 

D.O: “STOP STOP STOPPPPP” *although he’s secretly really impressed by your skills*

Luhan:*starts rapping along, knowing all the lyrics because Sehun has been listening to the same song for the past 5 months*

Luhan: *starts grinding on you and being the little slut he is* “you know I also have some skills so stop bragging you brat”

Kris: “congratulations you officially suck”

Kris: *tries to save the situation but ends up making it worse*

Suho: ”You’re……wait what”

*knows he has to support you no matter how stupid you are*

Suho: *BOOM legendary $uho moves*

Sehun: *you jokingly start to rap* 

Sehun:“Oh my god you’re pathetic”

You: *smirk at him and start to slay that rap song*


Lay: *has no fucking clue where that came from*

Lay:*stares at you with admiration and tries to low key support you but he still wants you to have the spotlight* “amazing”


Tao:*doesn’t fucking care and steals the spotlight from you because after all he’s still Huang Zitao*

Xiumin: *gif*

Xiumin: *just stares at you in awe and then stops listening to you because his brain is being filled with some really disgustingly hot future plans*

Kai: “WOWW JAGI since when are you a rap god?”

*is wayyy too impressed by your skills even if you suck*

Kai:”HELL YEAH THAT’S MY GIRL” *gets way too into it*

Their mate tells him she’s pregnant (werewolf AU! EXO)

Xiumin: -he was happily shocked because he never picked up on the heart beats of you babies but now you were very much pregnant- “really? This is great”

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Suho: -happy happy happy that’s what he was your news. He wanted your family to grow much larger after this- “this is the first of many right?”

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Lay: -his head went straight to your stomach as he began to listen to the heart beat amazed by the little beat that came from there- “that’s our baby there”

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Baekhyun: -he was so happy when you told him because he told you that he knew it was happen this time- “I told you didn’t I babe. I knew it the moment it happened”

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Chen: -he wasn’t happy at first seeing as you two had only found each other a year ago. Even though he was to mate with you for life he wanted a few more seasons before you became parents- “I mean this is great but not needed quite yet. But we can do it”

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Chanyeol: -happiest moment since he met you to know that you two were finally starting a family- “this is really happening now isn’t it?”

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D.O: -he was kind of worried since you guys were new to the whole mating thing so your pregnancy was something you two were slightly scared of- “we can do our best really”

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Kai: -he was very proud to be starting a family with his mate. Nothing made his heart beat pick up more than the words leaving your lips- *gif*

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Sehun: -your announcement instantly hit him with a feeling of paternal pride to find out you were to be having children together. He would watch you in your sleep making sure you and your child was fine- *gif* 

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Kris: -this was the second pregnancy since you two had started mating having spent many times bonding physically you were both surprised to it took this long for your second pregnancy. Hearing your words didn’t surprise him too much- “you hear that little one you’re going to be a big sister”

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Luhan: -his heart rate picked up right away when the words left you mouth. First real step after mating season for you two and he couldn’t wait to see what you would be having- “this is amazing baby”

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Tao: -he was more than happy when you told him. Since the moment he marked you he’d wanted to have babies with you. All he thought was it was only to start of your family- *gif*

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Exo Reacting To Your Mom Showing Them Your Baby Pictures

《 Xiumin 》

*notices you’re embarrased*

“Jagi, it’s okay. You were really cute. Don’t worry.”

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《 Kris 》

“But how could you hate the way you looked? You were adorable. This is my style.”

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《 Luhan 》


¨Aww, so cute. How were you that cute? Oh my god, I’m going to cry from cuteness.¨

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《 Suho 》

“I will buy these photos from you. You were so adorable! I can’t.”

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《 Lay 》

“I hope our babies are just as cute as you.”

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《 Chen 》

“Aww, you were so cute…”

“What happened?”

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《 Chanyeol 》

“At least you didn’t look like me. Have you seen the photos? I looked like a ferret. You were just as beautiful as you are now.”

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《 Baekhyun 》

*teases you because he saw a photo of you in the bathtub*

¨Haha, you’re naked.¨

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《 D.O 》

“What was with your hair? Why is there a big chunk missing? Never trust kids with scissors. You’re mom is amazing. These photos are amazing.”

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《 Tao 》

“Wait, this is you? What? No, no. You look so different, but in a good way.”

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《 Kai 》

“Why have I not seen these yet? Please, send these to me, Omma. Please. Let me show the rest of the boys my jagiya’s cuteness.”

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《 Sehun 》

¨I was cuter than you.”

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okay maybe some people don’t realize that it is a HUGE deal that tao played a bisexual character in a chinese film

pretty much all of asia has the traditional mindset of a relationship; that it should be a heterosexual relationship, between a man and a woman. homosexuality or bisexuality (or any other sexuality other than heterosexuality) is probably frowned upon most in asia arguably more than any other continent in the world

so the fact that huang zitao, a ridiculously outrageously popular asian celebrity, starred in a movie portraying a character who believed in something other than that traditional view of a relationship is honestly so amazing

Exo’s reaction to them catching you jamming out to them


*You were taking a shower getting ready for your date with Xiumin later listening to Exo, but it wasn’t until you started listening to Peter Pan that you start jammin. When Minseok heard you singing he decided to break into the bathroom and start to get undressed so he can shower with you*

Xiumin: *getting into the shower* “I never knew you had such an amazing voice, Y/n”

Y/N: “What are you doing in here?”

Xiumin: “Just getting an early start to our date.” *winks*


*You were driving to your lunch date with Lu but there was a lot of traffic, so, you decide to put your favorite song- That Good Good. Since traffic was so heavy you were running late, so Luhan called to check what was going on. Before you answered you paused the music*

Y/N: *picks up phone* “Hey, babe, there’s traffic but I’ll be there in a few”

*Music randomly starts blasting again* “I got that good good, I got that, got that good good” and you manage to shut it off after that verse”

*Luhan laughs on the other line and starts to sing the song through the phone*


*You were just chilling in the living room listening to music, when all of a sudden Two moons came on and you started jammin. Since Kris was just in the room he came out to get something to drink.Then, to his surprise you were killing his part in the song; so since you took his part he decided to take Tao’s part and then you guys started killing the song together*


*You woke up early in the morning to make breakfast for Suho, but since you didn’t want to wake him up with your music you used headphones. When the song Baby Don’t Cry started to play, you started to sing along but you didn’t notice yourself getting louder as you tried hitting all the notes. With your loud, amazing singing you woke Suho up*

Suho: *As he’s walking into the kitchen* “Woah Baobei, YOU’RE AMAZING!!! Sing more, Sing more!!!


*You guys were at the airport on your way back to Korea, when Lay looks down at your phone he realizes that your listening to Growl. So, him knowing that that is one of your favorite choreography that they do and being the cute little unicorn he is, he decides to get up and start dancing it for you*


*Baekhyun called you saying he was going to be a bit late cause practice was taking longer than usual. Since, El Dorado was stuck in your head all day you decided to start blasting it through-out your whole house. You didn’t notice when Baek entered your house cause the music was so loud, but when his high note came you hit it perfectly; then suddenly you hear clapping from the back*

Y/N: “How long have you been there?”

Baekhyun: “Long enough to know that my princess has an amazing voice.” *But is lowkey jealous because he thinks you hit his note better than him*


*You woke up alone in bed, thinking Chen was out at work you decided to get ready for your day. As you take a shower not realizing he’s actually only in the kitchen; you start by taking a shower and jamming out to some Exo*

Chen: *from the kitchen* “What is this girl doing?”

*He heads to the room to check things out and to his surprise he finds you singing Open Arms*

Chen: “Jagi!!! You’re so good, You’re probably looking good too” *getting turned on by the fact that there’s only a curtain standing in the way of him and your naked body*


*You were in your apartment (which you gave Chanyeol a key to), you didn’t count on Chanyeol coming over today since you thought he was going to be busy. So you decided to have an Exo-Jam-out day while you cleaned. In every song you absolutely demolished Chanyeol’s parts.Then Lightsaber came on, you didn’t notice that Chanyeol & Baekhyun came in but they heard you jammin they stood by the door listening. Then, when Chanyeol’s rap part you slayed the shit out of it*

Chanyeol: *entering further into your house* “Dang Jagi, you killed that!!!”

Y/N: “Shit Chan! You scared me! How long have you been here?”

Chanyeol: *Still amazed, so totally ignoring your question* “Baekhyun, Did you hear her! She killed it!!!”


*Today you accompanied Kyungsoo to his dance practice, but you didn’t want to be a distraction so you sat in the corner with your headphones listening to music. Then, your song comes on, Tell Me What is Love, and you look up from your phone and see that no one was paying any attention to you, so you just carry on. You don’t noticed that your starting to the song out loud*

Y/N: *singing softly* “Tell me what is loveeee”

Kyungsoo: *Stopping the whole practice and making everyone listen to your singing* “She’s amazing!”


*You were bored at home so you decided to listen to some music. As you turn your speakers on and you put your iPod on shuffle the song T.A.O starts playing. Since this is your song you start to get into the song and start dancing as well. You were so into the song you didn’t notice Tao come out of the room. He was just stood behind you admiring your dance skills.*

Tao: *Walking up next to you* “DANCE BATTLE!!!”


*As you were cleaning the house while you were listening to Exo, it wasn’t until 3.6.5 came on that you started to jam since 3.6.5 was one of your favorite songs ever. So you start dancing and singing along to it. Since you were so into the song you didn’t notice Kai enter your home*

Kai: *standing behind you* “Wow, Jagi, those are some great dance moves you got there” *starts dancing with you*


*You were on your way to the mall with HunHan and as y’all were listening to the radio Love Me Right came on. You stayed calm to let your inner fangirl out but you still sang along; and you SLAYED THE FUCK OUT of everyone’s part*

Luhan: “Damn, Y/n. Get it”

*Sehun just sat there with this face (gif)*

Exo’s Reaction - When You Punch Another Member

Xiumin - *He could see that Kris has really gone to far with the jokes and starts getting personal, he really got you pissed and you threw a punch, Xiumin sat there laughing inside*

Lay - *Wonders what’s going on when he comes in seeing Chen in pain*

Kai - *Just sits there eating chicken while watching you get pissed off at Tao and punch him*

Suho - *As the momma bear he is, he gets protective over Baekhyun when you hit him* (Y/N), don’t hurt Baek hyung

Kyungsoo - *After a long time thinking that you would never hurt anyone, he gets amazed that you punched Chanyeol* Wow jagi!

Tao - *Couldn’t stop smiling when you stick up for him and punch Kai and starts getting hot headed about it*

Chen - *Gets proud of you when you give Lay a dead arm* Such a bitch, i love it!

Kris - *Couldn’t believe his eyes when he turns around from talking to Suho and see you punch Xiumin* Jagi?!

Chanyeol - *Gets amused when you punch Kyungsoo and he wouldn’t back down so you gave him another one* 

Baekhyun - *When you punch Suho* *gif*

Sehun - *Gets disappointed when you didn’t hit Luhan hard enough* I could to better than that

Luhan - *Joins in, thinking that yo’re play fighting with Sehun but goes to far but you all laugh it off anyway*

EXO Reactions: They watch your volleyball game and you make a kill



*Scared to make you angry now*


“Did anyone else see that?”


“Please don’t hit me with that ball…”


*Impressed baozi is impressed*


*Turned on*



*Is happily cheering you on but then chokes*





“How did she do that?”


“That’s my girl…”

*Proud ass boyfriend*


“Yehet! ohorat!”


*Cheering you on*

EXO - Christmas with You

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christmas with you

; truly, our hearts beat as one.

A/N: merry christmas to ya’ll, hope you eat a lot today !!! and enjoy this fluffy killer!!!! this is also the first time that i’m writing for kris…

masterlist // get to know me


Christmas with Minseok means not ever feeling lonely. He’ll never leave your side ever. He likes having you right beside him, so he can hug and kiss you at anytime. He’s probably blushing really hard after each hug or kiss.

“You’re not blushing… are you, jagiya?” Minseok jokingly asks, trying to hide his own pink tinted cheeks.

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A warm and heartfelt kiss from Luhan to start the day in his arms. He’ll act cute and innocent, but has plans to surprise you grandly later in the evening. He’ll take you out to either his or your family or will spend the day in your shared home in each others arms, having the best company in the world.

“I used to think I’ll never find anyone special to celebrate this day with me, until I met you,” Luhan says, placing a kiss on your forehead, as you both lay in bed, watching Christmas films.

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Kris wouldn’t probably plan out the whole entire day and would leave it to grand gift he has for you at the end of the day. It ranges from renting out a whole entire ice skating rink to a diamond jewelry set to bring your families together for a Christmas dinner. He may not always show his feelings to you, but Kris is most certainly very in love with you.

“I’m sorry if I can’t express my feelings very well,” Kris says, sighing as he looks up to you, “but I know I will always be able to say that I love you. I love you, jagiya.” You can’t help but cuddle him, thanking fate for making him yours.

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Junmyeon would have the whole entire day planned out from a hearty Christmas breakfast to a very homely Christmas dinner. He’d host a Christmas party, inviting the members, his and your family, your friends, and everyone else. Junmyeon would probably try to showcase you to everyone, wanting them to know that you’re his and he’s yours. A really heartfelt gift from Junmyeon at the end of the day, no matter how expensive or simple it is. It always touches your heart.

Junmyeon can’t help but sigh as he looked at you. “You don’t know how madly in love I am with you,” he says, before kissing you. “I love you,” he whispers through the kisses, sweetly placing away a stray strand of your hair behind your ear.

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A lot of different and diverse activities have been planned by Yixing for Christmas. Although they’re mostly done at home, both of you are very happy to spend the time together. He doesn’t bother if you two spend Christmas alone together or with the whole entire world, just as long as you two are together, everything is fine.

“Everyone, say hi to my girlfriend,” Yixing says to the camera, waving his hand over you, as you watched the V Live comments exploded with greetings, “please take care of her very well because I love her so much.”

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There is no in between for the plans Baekhyun has for your shared Christmas. It’s either you both spend the holiday alone at home, cuddling, watching a lot of Christmas movies, gaming, and maybe try baking, or spend the holiday with a lot of friends or family members, laughing ang joking with everyone, sharing stories about what’s happened through the year. Baekhyun just wants to be with you. He actually prefers to spend the holiday more peacefully, wanting it to be more personal, private, and warm, making more memories with you.

“Sometimes, I think that I’m too lucky to have you, jagiya,” Baekhyun confesses as he yawned from watching too many movies and drinking too much hot chocolate, “and I think it’s more than luck that I’ve gotten meet you.”

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Jongdae will bring you either to his or your family’s Christmas gathering, even better if he could bring both of your families together for the day. He wants them to see how your relationship was going and how strong it was, hoping that they wouldn’t be too surprised when he decides to pop the question.

“One day, jagiya, you’ll know the reason why I want to spend the holidays with our families,” Jongdae says, sighing at the daydream that played in his head. You and him together with two children, one boy and one girl, smiling at each other.

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Chanyeol looks like he’s doing this spontaneously  but isn’t. He’s actually planned for this a month ago and has made sure that everything is going to go perfectly smooth. It’s not something grand as he doesn’t want to ruin his surprise. He’s invited all of your familes, friends, and of course, the members for a Christmas dinner all together. He wants you to spend the holiday not only with him but with your loved ones. At the end, he probably has a beautiful charm for you that costs a lot. Maybe a ring, bracelet, or necklace to symbolize the meaningful day for you to always remember.

“Jagiya, I know today’s been a really good day, and I hope you’ll have a lot of good memories from today, but I wish that this will be the one you will always remember,” Chanyeol says before kissing you, softly and sweetly, holding you gently like he was protecting you even from his strong self. Truly, you will never forget this.

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Kyungsoo practiced and prepared all the meals for Christmas day. He’s brought together your families together, hoping that they could see how in love he is with you and vice versa. He’ll cook all the dishes and probably also wash all the plates. He’d be smiling ear to ear at all the compliments he’s received about his cooking and good manners. He blushs really hard when he hears his mother tell him to marry you already. Your own cheeks burning at the thought of marrying him, not that you didn’t want it.

“So, um, jagiya,” Kyungsoo whispers to you as you both hide from your families, “about what my mom said… you aren’t against it, are you?”

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Tao wants to spend the day, spoiling you with amazing presents. From a planned vacation to diamonds to whatever Tao’s creative mind could think of, his gifts would be grand no matter how big or small it is. He wants you to enjoy all the things he could afford and provide for you, wanting to make you lavish all over the little symbolism behind those gifts he’s bought for you because each item has a meaning behind it, and he wants you to figure that out.

Tao pouts at you as you continued to stare at the amazing diamond ring he bought for you, “Maybe I shouldn’t have bought you that stupid ring, so that you could finally kiss me and thank me.” And so you did, placing your lips on his, thankful that he has given you such a precious item although he did not have to do so. “Thank you. Thank you so much, Tao. I love you.”

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Jongin will take you out to a play for the night, hoping to show you the wonderous gifts of acting, singing, and dancing. Behind each storyline is a little hit to his next big surprise. The two main actors kissed each other, concluding the play. It isn’t until he held your hand and slipped a promise ring on your finger that you’ve realized what he was doing. You start crying at his confession to you, hearing each of his heartfelt words. Jongin wants you to know how much you mean to him, and that you mean the world to him.

“There may come a time where an ocean is between us, but never believe I have left your side,” Jongin says, reciting the lines from the play, letting a tear of joy slide down his cheeks as he continued hugging you.

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You and Sehun have decided to spend the holidays together in another country, whether it’d be France, Hawaii, or Japan. You both would spend the day going around the country, eating out and playing around, but what you didn’t expect was a romantic dinner for the both of you. You and Sehun start to talk about deep stuff such as your futures, relationships, problems. Another milestone in your relationship is achieved by this. Both of you cuddle at the end of the day, and of course, Sehun has another surprise for you, as he wraps around a beautiful necklace around your delicate neck, as you fall asleep, placing a kiss on your neck.

“To think that God gave you me makes me so happy,” Sehun whispers to you even as you sleep, hoping that these words would still reach your heart, “Thank you for being mine. Thank you for loving me.”

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EXO Reaction when they have a crush on their choreographer/trainer

We got two requests like this so I thought of doing them together, hope you don’t mind. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Desperate* “What am I going to do? She’s going to see my dancing moves… I need to improve… I wish I was Kai.. Kai’s good..” *Existential Crisis*


“Wait?! ME?! How am I supposed to do a the slip! I can barely move my legs!” *Definitely questioning why he agreed to be the main dancer in the new choreography*


“Come follow me.. I want to show you some moves too… if you know what I mean” *Wink wink*


“Unbelievable… unbelievable” *Always amazed by the boys flirting with you, trying to annoy him*


“Is she in love with me yet? Yes? I bet she is… I know I was flawless back there” *Confidence level god*


“Yeah it was fun, you are very good…So, do you want to have some coffee with me?” *Always doing what he wants XD*


*Doesn’t waste the opportunity to show off his sexy movements… and body because why not* “I hope she’s looking… this is what she’s missing…”


“Hey… I’m Luhan… you must be my new girl..choreographer yes” *Manly Lu is ready for action*


“Why couldn’t she be the singing trainer… why did she have to be the choreographer?! Why did I have to be in the beagle line!” *Terrified*


*Always being a good student… too good I must say* “The only difference between us and the song is that our love ain’t artificial xD”


*always cornered by the boys* “No way! I’m not telling her! Why did I even tell you in the first place!”


*Always finding an excuse to take off his shirt* “It’s too hot in here isn’t it… Let’s take off our clothes..”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

EXOs Reaction to you being a Youtuber

Hey Anony ! This sounds interestiing thank you for sending in this request so lets go go go ~~ 

Kyungsoo: *loves how much passion you put into your hobby* 

Tao: (Gamer) Wooaah thats amazing Jagiya ! You should have a competition with Kai! Of course my Babe would win ♥

(gif from: x)

Chen: (kpop dance coverer) Oh my god Jagiya ! I wanna make a dance cover with you !! 

Y/N: I just do girlband songs sorry Chenny bear .. 

Chen: But Jagiya .. I can also dance to girl songs see ? *stands up and starts to dance* 

Lay: *records a video with you* *messes up* AAAH babe… how can you do that ? You’re so professional .. *gives you lots of love* 

Kai: (gamer) Oh thats how we play .. come here let me show you who is the real gamer ! 


Kai: *loses for the 10th time* .. UGH can’t you just let me win for once ? 

Suho: Wh-.. What you are one of the biggest youtubers in the world ? .. 30 Million wha- ?! More famous than EXO ? *nods kind of stressed at how famous you are* 

Kris: *needs a second to realize what you just said* What oh my god that’s so cool Jagiya ! *from totally bored into 100% interested in just seconds* 

Xiumin: (film reviewer) WHAAT YOU MADE FUN OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIE ! *offended*

Luhan: That one day you scared me as hell you uploaded it as a prank ?! Everyone thinks I’m girly now !  

Y/N: Yeea ahaha that was hilarious and I send it to the other boys 

Luhan: so that’s why they knew about it .. they made fun of me for ages Jagiya ! 

Baekhyun: (gamer) So that’s what these tiny cute little hands are made for ! *still admiring your hands while you play* ahahah they are so cute I can’t handle it.

Chanyeol: (singer) lets make a collaboration Jagiya ! I play the guitar you sing *puts all his passion into it* 

Sehun: You are a youtuber ? 

(gif from: x)

Still going on ~ 

Y/N: Yea and look watch this video ! I made it with Baekhyun it was so fun we even included bloopers.

Sehun: You made what ?! 

(sorry I couldn’t resist it this gif just suits in it so well xD ! ) 

Sooo I hope you liked it c: ! I made like different kinds of youtubers- It was fun to write about it !! See ya soon ~~ 

- Eru

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Could you do EXO's reaction to you being an idol in a new big girl group and them falling in loving at first sight when they see you sing/dance on stage? Thanks!!

Sorry for the wait. Hope you enjoy~


“Wow. I have to meet her.” *totally mesmerized by your performance*



“She’s so gorgeous”



“Woah, she’s amazing.” 



*legit can’t stop smiling as he watches your performance*



*Gets really bashful and shy* ”I swear she just looked at me. Did you see that?” 



*Suddenly very self conscious* “Gotta look perfect before she has a chance to see me.” 



“Damn. Would you look at her” *only has eyes for you*



*gets really into the song because he is just loving you and this performance way too much*



“Now this girl is my style.” *Nods approvingly.*



“Waah did you see how amazing she was?!” *kinda flipping out over how awesome you were. struggling to contain his excitement*



“Heello~” *sits on the edge of his seat taking in every note and move you make during your performance*



*incredibly intrigued and excited but hiding it well as he intently watches your performance, already planning what to say when he goes to talk to you afterwards*

EXO - When he asks you out.


*So scared that he talks really fast*

“(Y/N) I’ve thought about you for a long time and i really like you, i would like to take you out, and pay for everything”

(Y/N): “On one condition then.. Don’t pay for everything”

Suho: “Yeah yeah, sure. I’ll pay for everything”

(Y/N): “No, Su..”


“Let’s just get this somewhere, date me”

(Y/N): “Okay Xiumin”

*All sweaty and scared*

“I never thought that you’d actually say yes..”


“Forget about Luhan and date me instead”

(Y/N): But i’m not dating Lu..

Sehun: “Shh girl”


*While showing off his amazing skills he asks you out*

“You see this gurl? We should really.. uhm, date..”

(Y/N): Haha Tao, i would love to. Maybe on our date i should be your trainer”


“Hey, uhm (Y/N) i would really love to take you out sometime..”

*He was to scared that you would say no and interrupted you*

(Y/N): Aw Lay i would..


*Planning to conquer the world, just so you would say yes*

“You see (Y/N), it’s perfect. What do you say?”

(Y/N): I would love to, if you would take all the torture and screaming out of the plan”


*While peforming he sings into the mic*

“(Y/N) just date me right? Uhu!”


“So here’s my suggestion.. If we just went straight that way, there’s an amazing coffee shop”

(Y/N): “5 minutes, and i’ll be ready”

*Before you went to the coffee shop, he had to impress the other boys*

Baekhyun: “Guess who asked (Y/N) out today, and got a yeeees!”


“Yo girl! You and me tonight?”

(Y/N) “Time and place?”

Chanyeol: “Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you, thank you!”


*He thought that he had to convince you to date him, so he talked for what felt like an hour babbling about all the reasons you should go on a date with him*

(Y/N): Chen, stop talking i would love to go on a date with you”

Chen: “And then there’s.. wait what? - I knew you’d say that - Kekeke”


*Tries to play it manly and cool, even though he’s scared to death*

“Hey! uhm, *Cough* wanna go out on a date?”

(Y/N): “Of course”

Luhan: “You’re not going to regret it!”


“You’re my style, wanna go out?”

(Y/N): “Haha, yes”

kris: “Jinja!?”

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EXO REACTION: To you being a photographer (Chanyeol, Lay, D.O, Luhan, Tao, and Kai)

Hello there! Sorry for taking a bit too long! Hope you like it!



“Let’s make a photoshoot baobei! I wanna see your skills~”


He’d take you to some beautiful places for you to show him how to take a good picture.


Channie would be the most excited. Maybe he’d even buy a camera for himself to train with you.


“That’s so amazing… those images don’t even seem real.. you’re too good”


Like Lay, Tao would take you to the most amazing places for you to take pictures for your future expositions.


Kai would want to have many photos with you and by you. Even indicating your work for some of his contacts.


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~ADM Pandacchi

Favourites [REQUEST]

I loved writing this little scenario! I apologise if some phrases are different, i’m English so we don’t really use words like ‘mall’ or ‘candy’. I hope you like it though :)

Jade xo

“You have to hold Mummy’s hand the entire time,” you told your daughter sternly as you unbuckled her from her car seat. “It’s a really busy place and we don’t want to lose you, ok?” Your two year old nodded cutely and held her arms out as a sign for you to lift her. Swooping her out of the car, you placed her on her feet and then reached back inside the car for your bag.

When you turned around, your daughter was running across the car park. “Zitao!” you exclaimed to your husband, who had been checking his hair in the reflection. He looked up and followed your gaze to your daughter and immediately ran after her, reaching her quickly and lifting her up onto his shoulders.

“Mummy told you not to run off,” he explained as they came back to you, Tao lifting her off his shoulders into your arms.

Immediately she started resisting, trying to squirm out of your grip and get to her father. “I guess we know who her favourite is,” you joked lightly, passing her back to Tao who placed her onto his shoulders proudly.

“You’re my favourite wife,” he offered cutely, leaning forward with his lips puckered. Giggling at how adorable he was, you captured his lips and held them there for a few seconds, before pulling away.

“I’m your only wife,” you replied, flicking him on the nose playfully.

He stuck his tongue out at you and then turned away. “Let’s go!” he cried excitedly to your daughter, grabbing hold of her legs and running towards the shopping centre like he was a kid himself.

Seeing the two of them smiling and laughing together warmed your heart but you wished they would wait for you. Grabbing your bag, you locked the car and slowly followed them into the shopping centre, finding them both staring at a sweet shop. You laughed at them and took Tao’s hand, steering them away from the multi-coloured treats in the windows. “Come on baby, we have to find a gift for your mother,” you told him, tugging hard when you felt him dig his heels in.

Sometimes it felt like you were actually raising two children.

“But can’t we just…?” When you looked back at him, he was looking longingly at the sweet shop and your daughter was making a fuss on his shoulders.

You rolled your eyes and sighed to yourself. “Fine! If it’ll shut you up for the rest of the shopping trip,” you relented, throwing your arms up in defeat. His hand fell out of your and he was immediately running into the sweet shop. “But then we have to get your mother a gift!”

In the store, you stayed back and just watched how amazing Tao was with your daughter. He lifted her off his shoulders and secured her hand in his, walking with her around the store with a little basket they slowly filled up. Watching him with his little girl was so adorable, you thought your heart was going to burst. He helped her walk, sticking to her pace and always crouching low to be with her. She was his absolute world and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You met them at the checkout and made your daughter walk into your arms, cheering her on while she giggled cutely. “Oh there’s my beautiful girl,” you exclaimed when she finally reached you, lifting her onto your hip before joining Tao, who was waiting for the cashier to count up what they had put in their basket.

“After this, we have to find a gift for your mother,” you told him sternly although you rested your head on his arm affectionately. “And you have to help. She’s your mother!”

“Anything you say babe,” he said in his husky voice that had you swooning since the first day you met. He leaned down and kissed you for only a second, but you knew the emotion behind it. “You’re going to have to pay by the way,” he suddenly told you, swiftly taking your daughter out of your arms.

You move opened in shock and slight confusion. “What do you mean I’m paying?” you accused, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I didn’t bring my wallet,” he replied nonchalantly, leaning against the counter.

Now you understood why he quickly took your daughter into his arms – you wouldn’t hit in when she was around. Well played Mr Huang!

“We are here to buy your mother a gift! Your mother!” you emphasised, beyond shocked that he was pulling something like this. “Did you expect me to pay for that too? She’s your mother, not mine!”

“I honestly forgot baby,” he told you, although somehow you didn’t believe him completely. “I didn’t realise until we were halfway here and it was too late to go back.”

You blew out a loud breath and ran a hand through her hair. “You are unbelievable,” you exclaimed, turning your head away from him to take out your purse and pay for the sweets. “Bloody idol star,” you muttered under your breath. In truth, you weren’t that upset with him – you were husband and wife and had vowed to share everything with each other. But this way, he would have to treat you to make it up to you.

“And this is why you’re my favourite wife,” he murmured into your ear, his hot breath tickling your skin. “Thank you,” he added, kissing a little spot of skin on your neck.

Taking the bag of sweets, you turned around and held them up for your daughter, who was back on her father’s shoulders. “Make sure you get a few stuck in Daddy’s hair,” you told her with a wink that made her giggle.

You took one sweet out of the bag and fed it to Tao, sealing his lips with a little kiss. “I’m your only wife baby!”


Exo’s Reaction - Meeting Their Gf Backstage

Hey! Thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


Xiumin - *He’d be unable to stop smiling and would go grab a coffee while you both have a quick catch up*

Lay - *This little precious unicorn would be so excited to see you again and would tell you how amazing you were on stage* (F.t. Chen)

Kai - *He’d pull you close into a hug immediately only to make little jokes about your performance which he wouldn’t really mean and that you end up with him dying of laughter*

Suho - *He’d instantly tell you how good you were on stage and would make a huge fuss over you that you haven’t seen each other in a long time*

Kyungsoo - *He’d go really squishy and would ask how you’ve been and would have to go on stage straight away but he’s always look at you as he knew you were there*

Tao - *This little panda would be amazed to see you after your perfect performance with your members and would compliment you*

Chen - *He’d play about and pretend that he ain’t missed you over the time that you ain’t seen each other due to busy schedules but would end up wrapping himself around you and not leaving you go*

Kris - *He’d play cool like always and would speech to you no differently from any other time but he’d give you a sweet kiss and a hug to show that he’s missed you*

Chanyeol - *This giant baby would be so excited to see you when you get backstage and wouldn’t be able to leave you alone due to how much he’s missed you*

Baekhyun - *He’d be unable to keep that stupid grin off his face and would make sure that you’re okay and that you’re both home soon*

Sehun - *He’d unexpected to see you but when he does, he would instantly follow you and wrap his arms around your waist, giggling into your shoulder*

Luhan - *Kisses would be planted all over your face and he’d treat you to dinner straight away to have a little catch up* 


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