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16 Thoughts While Watching Luhan’s SKIN to SKIN MV
  1. This is trippy from the very beginning
  2. “Luhan, fire is Chanyeol’s power. Give it back.”
  3. He looks innocent but I’m nervous. You never know if he’s going to sing about blowing flutes or homecomings.
  4. Baby…I wasn’t ready for this English
  5. Oh my gosh it’s getting better
  6. Can this be the song that starts 2017? Can we all make that happen??
  7. Everything is so soothing.
  8. So many emotions washing over me rn
  10. OH mah gah yes breathe on my thirsty behind
  11. I’m a muhfuhin’ deerboi
  12. ooohh and the echo effect too???
  14. Luhan you stay tryna get me in trouble
  15. Is it over??? *crying*

Alright, so on the left is a picture of me, and on the right, Kai. I have had insicurities about my skin color since as long as I can remember caring. I have hated my dark skin and wanted to be lighter, to be fair skinned, and so i can only imagine the struggle Kai goes through. In Korea, where pale skin is an even more relevant beauty standard, being dark skinned, especially as an idol must be hard. Since he’s confident in his skin, I am so inspired to be confident in mine too! He’s about as dark as me, and I’m not as pressured to be pale as he is, and he still stays strong, I am so proud of him.

EXO Kinks

Thank you to the person who requested this! You’re a babe! Like damn EXO kinks are hot ASF! *secretly wishes she could be able to see Sehun and Chanyeol’s kinks in person*


Xiumin: Daddy kink! He’s so damn daddy it’s not even funny!

Kris: Fucking you anywhere and everywhere he can! Restaurants, his house, your house, the studio, on set! Anywhere he can get you and get away with it.

Chen: Roleplaying! So hardcore! He would always make you play the helpless victim and he would always play the hero! God if that isn’t hot!!!!!……😍😍😍

Luhan: Letting you dominate! He would get all hot knowing that he was in your control, and even get off on how much you enjoy it yourself!

Tao: Dark skin! His kink is more literal! Like this boy loves him some supple skin! He wouldn’t keep his hands or mouth off!

Lay: He’s so sweet that I think he would get turned on by getting you off! He would make sure you were satisfied and that would be enough to make him hot.

Kai: Grinding. Anyway that either your ass or vagina was grinding against his member! Instant pant tightener right there for him.

Suho: DADDY! SO DADDY!! God damn I want daddy Suho! Ugh!!!!!!!!

D.O: BDSM! You would be his kitten and he would be your master and he would make sure you knew it.

Chanyeol: Like Kris, he would fuck you anywhere and everywhere! All over the damn place!

Baekhyun: Daddy kink! Because Baekhyun is daddy as fuck okay!!!!!

Sehun: Domination over you in bed! He wouldn’t be too rough, but if you got a little too brave and tried to take over, he would shut it down real quick, and let you know that he’s in charge!


This is just…no. Not acceptable. Look at him. This is a vampire, this is not the beautiful and glorious Huang Zitao we all know and love. 

This is from the same damn press conference and you can tell they still edited his skin, but they just didn’t go clorox bleach crazy on it like the one above. Don’t forget that his makeup artists cake his face up with light ass foundation and concealer that does not match his skin tone.

THIS is his natural skin tone. No lightening, no extra over the top foundation and concealer bullshit, just HIM. Now just compare this pic to the ones above. You see the difference, I see the difference, EVERYONE sees the difference. Don’t fool yourselves into believing that Tao is a Chinese vampire who happened to rise from the dead to become a rapper.

EXO reacts to girlfriend wearing a bikini

  You invited him over for a pool date. And you put on a two-piece. Sit back and watch him lose his living hooligins, girlie.

((I am SO late with this request, I’m sorry, also apologies for some of the screwed-up gif res, I made them in a rush but I hope you like it and thank you~ My username is the combination of eurerong and my name, Rin~))

Suho: /sees you walking out/ /goes daddy mode/ /puts shades on/ /sugardaddy mode activated ooh-lala/

Luhan: /looks over, mind goes all R and stuff/ Woah hey /smirks/

Xiumin: OHHH. WOOOH. OH MY GOODNESS JESUS GOLDFISH /grunts, woos, spazzes/

Lay: /gawks/ /what is this beauty/ /is this world real/ /is the earth square/ /were my pants always this tight/

Kris: /wiggles eyebrows/ Impressive. Why don’t you come sit by me right here? 

Chanyeol: /gasps/ What is that, who what, is that who I think it is. Is this my christmas present? 

Baekhyun: /was all chill and sitting on the chair before he saw you/ Ga… /knee gives in, elbow falls over/

Chen: /takes a picture/ I’m keeping this forever cause you look like a mermaid, except with legs and better skin huehue /grins/

D.O: /was drinking soda/ /watches you walking over/ /spits out the soda/ 

Kai: /in a daze/ Aren’t you the most gorgeous thing… /thinks about what to do with all that exposed skin/ 


Sehun: Maybe we should just get out of here and go inside /gives you ze look/

honestly im still really salty about chanyeol & im completely baffled and saddened by black kpop fans who stan him

i know we all got problematic faves. but chanyeol basically bullies kai & tao about their dark skin and its like…. you arent bothered by that? thats not a turn off…? you dont take that personally? you dont find anything wrong with his overall character…?

cause like jongup is my ultimate fave everyone knows this. but if he was on some colorist shit i’d honestly feel hurt. cause my fave… thought my skin color was inferior?? i couldnt continue to put his dick on a pedestal & thirst for him cause… like that would just ruin everything???

idk maybe some people have a complete cognitive dissonance between chanyeol & his colorism. but i just dont see how you could dissociate the two when hes so aggressively colorist….. which is what makes me think ok they must not think colorism is that big of a deal

and honestly i take it personally cause i see black ppl stanning him like “hes extremely colorist and likes insulting people on their skin color. but hes hot lol i still want the dick w/e!!!!”

thats like thirsting over someone who is openly racist like….. what are you doing…..?

theres a difference between being problematic and just an overall awful person. chanyeol is just an awful person

and it kinda hurts me seeing my own sisters praise his dick as if he wouldnt talk shit about our skin colors too…?

ive been holding that in for awhile its really been bothering me for months

and im not even attacking anyone or calling anyone out with his post. theres nothing for me to call you out about. i cant stop people from liking who they like and im not going to try to pressure or shame anyone into doing what i want.

idk i just had to let this out ill prolly regret it