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EXO Reaction to you Having a Short Temper

Anonymous said to reactions-exo: Could you do a reaction where their gf has a short temper/ gets annoyed easily


Hello everyone here’s the first reaction of the day. After i’ve done some of the reactions i’ll do daily exo, if you have any ideas let me know. 

- Jasmine

(none of these gifs are mine)


XIUMIN: *puts to much salt in the soup*

You: Xiumin! Now the whole thing is ruined! Look at what you’ve done! *mad*

Xiumin: Um…..I’m sorry(?)

TAO: *spills milk on the table*

You: OMG seriously Tao?! Do you just want me to burst!!!

Tao: I don’t understand what i did wrong…

SUHO: *He tries to get out of bed not trying to wake you up*


Suho: So close

SEHUN: *starts to be bratty*

You: If you don’t like it then leave!

Sehun: Well damn

LUHAN: Jagi Jagi!!! *pokes you over and over again* 

You: *snaps* Would you stop!

Luhan: I’m sorry jagi forgive me

LAY: *kids keep running around*

You I can’t take this anymore!!!

Lay: The heat is just getting to you don’t worry

KRIS: (not his style)

KAI: *taps on table*

You: Can you stop that, Please

Kai: but its just-

You: *stare*

Kai: I’ll stop

D.O: (you two can be done/annoyed with people together)

CHEN: Lets go to the beach

You: Sorry Chen i’m busy

Chen: Come on please

You: *raised voice* I said no!

Chen: Sorry *stays quiet*

CHANYEOL: *starts to mess with you*

You: Please stop

Chanyeol: Come on *continues*

You: *i’m 100% done with you stare*

Chanyeol: You can’t get mad at me i’m park chanyeol *makes you laugh*

BAEKHYUN: (He’s your worst nightmare)



*He had just finished his archery shot and now it was your turn, but he didn’t notice you beat him and hit the bulls eye because he was too busy being scared by confetti*


*You were against him in the sprint race and just narrowly beat him by half a second*

SH: “I can’t believe you made me come second”


*Your team beat his in the relay walk but you versed him at the end and won*

S: “Well done Y/N, you did well but I will beat you next time”


*He thought he had the long jump in the bag due to his long legs but he was wrong*

CY: What?, how did you jump that far, you’re tiny, this defies all logic”

*Runs away*


BH: “How did she beat me at speed walking, this is wrong, I am the best at speed walking, see these hips move”


*On the outside he looks pleased that you won but on the inside..*


“Well, I’m pretty sure she cheated but that’s none of my business”

*Sips milk*


*The final had come down to you two at the high jump, you had managed to fly over the bar and Tao managed to make it fall down, you came over to jokingly boast to him about your win but he was in denial*

T: “I was just having an off day”


*Is happy for you and gives you a cheer, he secretly knew you were going to win anyway*


*He looks at the leader board to see if you had beaten him at javelin and you had*

K: “Nope, this is silly, I’m out”


*You were against him in the hurdles and when he crossed the finish line he thought he had won, only to find out that you had beaten him by a fraction of a second*

LH: “Yes, I did it!”

Y/N: “You didn’t win, I did, look at the scoreboard”


*He doesn’t care that you beat him but he does wonder how you managed to throw the shot put much farther than everyone especially when you looked like you had no muscle at all*

*None of these GIFS are mine, credit to the owners*


Candy (Sequel to Beautiful Distraction)

Characters: You x Tao
Genre: Romance, Family, Fluff

The spring breeze blew your long black hair into your face.  With both hands preoccupied with holding tightly onto the baby against your chest, you were reduced to physically spitting out the chunk of hair that ended up caught between your teeth.  Unexpectedly, a set of large hands skillfully laced its fingers through the disobedient loose strands and looped it behind your ear.  You looked up into the gorgeous almond eyes of your husband, Huang Zitao.

“Thanks, Hubby,” you grinned and he rewarded you with a quick kiss, which only made you flush a deeper pink.     

The two-month-old baby, on your chest, whimpered. 

“Whoopsie, is my little princess jealous?” your husband asked in a baby voice before bending over to give her a loving kiss on her cheek. 

Every time your husband did that, you’d melt into a puddle in front of him – especially since it was quite hot today.  Still with your daughter tightly in your embrace, you positioned her perfectly against the softest part of your chest while Tao tightened the straps around the baby carrier. 

“Whew,” you said as soon as you regained control of your arms again.

But you weren’t the only one happy.  Throwing you his signature smirk, Tao cleverly slid his fingers through yours, tugging you gleefully forward to the front entrance of the zoo.  So many thoughts ran through your mind including the feeling of déjà vu.  You recalled the time Tao and you were here on a date and the time you two celebrated your first year anniversary at this same exact location. 

“TongEr, which animals are you most excited about seeing?” you asked your daughter, while stroking her head.

Her big round eyes stared back at you as she sucked on her pacifier. 

“My Xiao Tong Tong likes pandas, right?  Just like Daddy!” Tao exclaimed, playing with his daughter’s tiny hands. 

“Actually, Zitao…I think she likes bunnies,” you spoke.

“Impossible!” your husband retorted, “She likes pandas”.

You raised your brow at your husband and said, “Then explain why she always cries every time you make her wear the panda onesie”.    

“That…that…um…” he spoke then pouted.

“Exactly,” you concluded, “She likes bunnies”.

Beside you, Tao’s shoulders slouched in defeat.  Grinning, you patted your husband’s arm and tugged him into the zoo with you.  Despite his little childish tantrum about losing the previous debate, you could tell that he was pretty eager by the sparkle in his eyes. 

“Let’s not go in there,” the tall male said when you two were in front of the lion’s den. 

“Why?” you asked, curious as to why each time he’d come up with some excuse to avoid this exhibit. 

“B-because the lions may scare Tong Tong,” he half stuttered.

“Oh really, Huang Zitao…” you laughed, “I think her father’s more afraid than she is”. 

“W-what…what do you mean?” he asked, flustered by your accurate deduction.

Rolling your eyes, you dragged the big kid through the entrance.  It was dark and sort of chilly in there.  A concentrated breeze continued to swirl around your midsection.  For a moment, you started to regret your choice to not listen to your husband.  So on instinct, you wrapped both arms protectively over your daughter.  Midway through the manmade tunnel, you turned around and chortled at how jittery and pale your husband had gotten.  Oh, that big baby. 

You looped your hand through his reassuringly. 

“Babe, what if they suddenly pounce out?” he asked, looking around fearfully with clattering teeth. 

“They’re in cages, Zitao,” you reasoned but you must admit your heart was beating a tad faster than normal. 

A few steps further in, you finally saw a small white light.  You exaggerated a sigh of relief seeing the crowds of people that gathered in front of the glass exhibit. 

“Come on, let’s go,” you urged, tugging the grown up kid forward.

The moment you saw the lion and lioness cuddle with their newborn baby, you shook your head at your previous over-exaggerated reaction.  Tao too, laughed along as the baby cub tumbled around in the exhibit.  You turned a little so that the princess on your chest could catch a glimpse of the king of the jungle.  Still sucking her pacifier, she lifted her tiny hands and knocked on the glass.  Her father gasped, instantly standing protectively between Tong Tong and the lion that glared at her direction.  Giggling, you shook your head and dragged your husband to another exhibit. 

“Look, Honey, it’s Bambi!” you exclaimed, patting your daughter’s chubby cheeks. 

“Hahaha.  It’s Luhan Ge,” your husband laughed.  You muffled a giggle when he took his phone out to snap a picture of the deer to send to his friend. 

While he was busy swiping through filters and effects, you continued playing around with your daughter.  Taking your thumb and index finger, you playfully pinched her rosy cheeks until she made a fishy face. 

“Aww, are you trying to kiss Mommy?” you teased, puckering your lips as well. 

As your lips met with your daughter’s, a snap noise sounded.  You turned around to see your husband smiling as he admired his phone screen.  Curious, you trotted over and took a peep.  A wide grin spread across you face at his new wallpaper of you and Tong Tong snuggling up against each other.  Tao held out his phone to motion that he wanted a picture of the three of you together.  Nodding, you lifted Tong Tong up between Tao and you so that you could kiss her left cheek while Tao kissed her right.  Snap 

Satisfied, you buckled the baby back onto the carrier before leaning over to see Tao’s new lock screen. 

“Aww, look at my Xiao Tong Tong smiling like a happy panda,” your husband cooed while admiring the picture. 

Sighing in contentment, you looped your fingers through his and pulled him along to look at other animals.  There were rhinos, hippos, elephants, beavers, otters, seals, flamingo…etc.  At the peacock exhibit, Tao did this dumb dance with his neck that made you hold your stomach in laughter. 

“TongEr, Daddy is a big dummy, isn’t he?” you jokingly asked your daughter and she wiggled her chubby arms around in response. 

“But Mommy fell in love with Daddy’s dumbness, didn’t she?” Tao teased, placing his chin on your shoulder. 

“Yeee…” you squirmed and he leaned in to give you a wet smooch on your cheek. 

Sometimes, you still felt like a teenage girl in puppy love when you were with Tao.  He expertly curled an arm around your waist and tugged you forward to his favorite exhibit – the pandas.  The black and white bears (really, they’re actually relatives to cats) bounced around happily in their little playground.  You pointed at a small baby one as it crawled on its stubby feet.

“TongEr, look it’s you!” you spoke and Tong Tong made a gurgling noise while her lips curled into an adorable smile. 

“See!  She likes pandas.  I told you, Babe.  Like father, like daughter,” he commented petting his daughter’s head. 

“Maybe she does, but I still think she likes bunnies more!” you retorted, unwilling to give in to the bet. 

After another ten minutes of ogling at the cute creatures and Tao taking a billion selfies while laughing like a maniac, your little family moved on to the petting zoo.  Excitedly, you got in and instantly turned on your hawk-eye to search for your prey.  It hopped around in circles before catching your intense gaze.  Instantly, the bunny leapt across the field but before it got away, Tao had knelt down and grabbed it by its two hind legs. 

“Oy, Zitao.  Don’t do that.  You’ll scare it,” you warned but he merely chuckled and lifted the bunny up to his daughter. 

Instantly, the baby girl’s big round eyes twinkled, captivated by the innocent creature before her.  She thrashed around in the baby carrier to reach for the baby rabbit.  As soon as her tiny hands touched the furry texture of the rabbit’s skin, she broke out in continuous babbles and coos.  You looked to your husband with a triumphant smirk.

“I still think she likes pandas more,” your baby’s father stubbornly concluded. 

“Pfftt, sore loser!” you joked. 

After another round of petting and of course pictures, Tao and you retreated back into the car for some A/C.  As your husband tenderly wiped the sweat that dripped down your face, you pulled out a blanket to cover up as you fed the hungry baby.  Even though she was still a few weeks from learning how to vocally laugh, you could tell that your daughter had a blast by the sparkle that lit up on her eyes. 

“Aww, my baby had a lot of fun, didn’t she?” you spoke, kissing her on top of her head. 

Beside you, Tao placed his hands over your shoulders and began to massage it.  You threw your head back in pleasure, for carrying a baby all day long was quite burdensome on your poor shoulders.  As Tong Tong drifted off to sleep, drunk from milk, Tao got back into the driver seat and started to drive home.  You sighed contently, feeling so, so blessed to have such a loving husband and sweet baby.  And every time you thought about it, the tears would unknowingly start to fall.  At the red light, your husband grimaced into the rearview mirror and turned around.

“Laopo, what’s wrong?” he asked, reaching over to link his hand through yours. 

“Oh, oh nothing.  Sorry, am I crying again?  I always do that randomly,” you nervously wiped away the tears. 

“I love you,” he reminded, leaning over to kiss your hand. 

“I love you too, Zitao,” you replied with a soft smile. 

The car behind you honked, breaking you two from your little lovey dovey moment.  Tao released your hand and turned back to focus on his driving.  Wiping the rest of your tears, you cleaned the corner of TongEr’s lip with her bib, giggling when a new stream of drool appeared again as soon as you finished dabbing.  Finally, on the seventh attempt, you gently positioned her head a little off to the other side so that gravity would aid you on your mission to dismiss her saliva. 

At the next red light, Tao bent his neck uncomfortably over and pulled you into a kiss.  You kissed him back, an everlasting fluttering feeling dwelled on the pit of your stomach.  You two don’t separate until a high-pitched giggle sounded from beside you.  Tao gasped and your eyes widened as you stared at the laughing baby. 

“Zitao…” you called as tears brimmed in your eyes again, “Is TongEr laughing?”

“Yep, Babe.  You’re not dreaming.  Our intelligent princess is giggling for the first time!” he exclaimed as he reluctantly turned around to drive off again due to the constant honking from the cars behind you. 

As soon as he does, TongEr’s giggles morphed into sobs, startling you.  Your smile dropped.  In the driver seat, Tao’s vision darted from the road worriedly to the rearview mirror to check on his daughter. 

“W-what…” you stuttered. 

Unbuckling your seatbelt, you leaned over to rub the baby’s tummy, hoping to calm her down. 

“Babe, does she need a diaper change?” her father suggested but you shook your head. 

When the wails heightened, Tao pulled over and parked.  With each cry, you felt your heart crack a little bit.  Your expression twisted up when TongEr’s face turned pink from wailing so hard.  Hissing, you unstrapped her from her baby seat and brought her up to your chest to calm her down.  When that didn’t work, Tao slipped into the backseat and took over.  Yet, the baby kept crying. 

“Shh…Honey…what’s wrong?” you asked desperately. 

Next to you, Tao continued to rock his daughter back and forth in his arms.  The silly expression on his face turned stone and stiff.  Out of ideas, you suggested to go out for a stroll so that TongEr could get some fresh air.  Bending over, you unwrapped the baby carrier, ready to put it over your shoulder but your husband patted your arm and motioned that he’d carry her this time since you did for the past two hours.  Grateful, you helped strap the baby onto Tao’s chest.  He bounced up and down playfully, trying to cheer up the little baby.  It does work in silencing the sobs but her frown and tears were still apparent. 

Slipping his hand through yours, the three of you strolled along the quiet streets while letting the soft summer breeze kiss your glowing skin.  It was such a simple activity, but you felt so blessed to be able to share your time with the two most important people in your life.  The baby had stopped crying, but soft sniffles still echoed along the streets.  You quickly tried to muffle your sobs. 

“Aiyah, our family has two crybabies,” your husband teased. 

You cupped your mouth with your hand as he pulled you into an embrace.  Of course, you two ended up sandwiching the poor baby but instead of sobbing from the suffocating squeeze, cheerful giggles sounded from the baby carrier.  Tao planted a soft kiss on the center of your forehead and you forwarded the love by mimicking the actions onto your daughter.  That’s when you realized that the three of you were standing right in front of a pet store. 

With a gasp, you said, “Zitao!  Look at the puppies!”

As soon as your husband turned around, the baby on his chest bounced up and down excitedly, giggling until you half-thought she was going to surprise you with an evil laughter anytime now. 

“TongEr, aren’t they cute?” you asked, pointing at a few toy poodles. 

When her giggles escalated, Tao and you exchanged looks of amusement.  Laughing yourself, you tugged the young father into the store.  Of course, you weren’t really tugging him because the grown up kid was pretty darn excited himself. 

Bending over so that the baby could get a good look at the puppies, Tao asked, “Which one does my little princess like?” 

The giggles quieted in front of the Pomeranians so Tao walked over to another section populated by baby bulldogs.  Still the baby remained silent.  The three of you browsed around the store in a full circle but TongEr’s giggles no longer sounded.  At the exit, you sighed and bowed to the store clerk, thinking that in the end, your daughter’s laughter was only coincidently correlated with the puppies…until the clerk walked over with a tiny white Maltese in her arms. 

“Her name is Candy,” the staff informed, bringing her up to sniff TongEr’s scent. 

Tao and you watched with hopeful eyes as the baby girl lifted her small hands and petted Candy on her cute button nose.  An eruption of giggles sent butterflies tickling your heart.  Tear brimmed along your lashes as you observed the two delicate young lives interact with each other as if they were destined companions. 

“Zitao…should we get her?” you asked, but Tao was already in front of the cashier, filling out adoption forms. 

Laughing between your tears, you walked over as well and leaned your head against your husband’s arm. 

“Welcome to the family, Candy!” you spoke cheerfully while leaning in to kiss her. 

Back in the car, you broke out in uncontrollable laughter, causing your husband to laugh along in amusement.

“What’s so funny, my love?” he asked.

“So I guess we both lost the bet.  TongEr’s favorite animal is neither a panda nor a bunny.  It’s a puppy!” you exclaimed, throwing your head back in glee as you petted the little creature sleeping on your lap. 

The sound of Tao’s, the baby’s, and your laughter mixed together into a heartwarming melody – one that you would remember for the rest of your life. 


a/n: Ehehe my version of how Tao got Candy haha.  (Well, coincidentally he instagrammed a picture of Kandy today – I have no idea if he got a new puppy or not).

In this story, Tao’s daughter’s name is 黄亦同 (Huang Yi Tong).  They call her TongEr 同兒 and Xiao Tong Tong 小同同, which basically means Tong-ie and Little Tong Tong in Chinese. :D

By the way, guess who finished TLO sequel ;p (still needs major editing though). 

In the mean time, if you didn’t already JUST FOR FUN POLLS

Also, if you didn’t know this is the sequel oneshot to Beautiful Distraction.  If you haven’t read it yet, you totally should!!!

Exo as chocolates OT12
  • Xiumin : coffee flavored with a creamy after taste. Bitter sweet and melts into your mouth instantly. Pure Bliss
  • Luhan : a bon bon. Cute and small. Chocolate mousse in the middle with a nice touch of mint to it.
  • Kris : Dark Chocolate, bitter at first, but a sweet after taste.
  • Suho : Milk chocolate with a strawberry in the middle.
  • Yixing : Very sweet , enough to give you a headache and set children off for a good hour.
  • Baekhyun : some weird chocolate from some random unknown candy company. Usually used to lure children in. Tasty though.
  • Chen : A hard outer shell but once you bite into it a dark chocolate ganache and glazed cherry meet your mouth. Something you would usually give to a spouse for a gift.
  • Chanyeol : Milk chocolate with a hint of orange to it with a white chocolate drizzle over the top.
  • Kyungsoo : Plain dark chocolate with a caramel center, usually eaten while having a bath and loosens you up a bit.
  • Tao : Milk Chocolate with a nice mint flavor with some nougat layering the bottom.
  • Kai : Milk chocolate with almonds, the taste is sensational
  • Sehun : A milk chocolate bon bon with a raspberry in the middle with chocolate mousse.
Exo- Responding to the Haters of Yours

You: Ughh

Tao: Those sluts giving you shit again

Chen: *rolls up sleeves* Who’s ass do I need to kick now?

You: Whoa calm your tits, its just-

Tao: *on the phone* Sehun, these bitches are giving her shit again.

*Few seconds later, the door bursts open*



You: Omg you are not going to shove anything up anyone’s ass, and 

Chanyeol sit the fuck down.

Sehun: Don’t worry about those basic bitches, ____ . After all you’re prada they’re nada.

Baekhyun: I can’t believe they sent you such hateful messages.

You: Wait–


You: What the hell are you doing-

Xiumin: Don’t worry Luhan and I will take care of it.

Luhan: Bitches love manly men.

Kai: There is no ‘man’ anywhere between the both of you

Xiumin: Shut up Kai

Suho: I’m sorry ____, I don’t know why people are so hateful.

Lay: If only people could be high all the time…

D.O: I could always sacrifice them to Satan

Tao: Enough of that shit D.O

D.O: You’ll be the first to go you fucker

Tao: Try me bitch

You: Guys-

Baekhyun: MY POOR BABY


Chen: These fuckers have another thing coming if they think we’re just gonna sit back and watch


you: GuYS!

Kris: What is it? We’re going to get them all

You: It was just my mom. She wanted some milk…

Tao: Oh…well shit

Baekhyun: You dumb fuck we were just gonna go kill people

You: I tried to-

Kris: Ugh, whatever.

You: Omfg you dumb asses, I’m done with you. *leaves*

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