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EXO Reaction to waking up after dreaming about the girl they like and then getting a phone call from her

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“Is this… part of the dream? Is she… my jagi? Jagi? This is a dream so… let me tell you I love you”


“Omg omg omg! This is the best day ever! First I dream of her and then she calls… oh I should answer…. she hung up..”


*Goes all philosophical and everything* “SO I dreamed of her before she called… and my hear beat very fast… this all must be a sign. I bet we are mates”


*Really in love* “There’s no better way of waking up than having the girl of your dreams (literally) calling you in the morning… Maybe my mind is trying to tell me something… maybe  I should ask her out”


*Would be crying all day because he sleeps too deep and didn’t hear your call but he was dreaming about you but your call but….* “What if I lost my chance?!”


*Heart starts beating really fast and blushes like a tomato* “Oh my god… what is this girl doing to me?! I can’t stop feeling like this every time I think of her”


“Oh so you heard me calling you telepathically? I bet you also dreamed of me… just like I dreamed of you” 


“Oh first she appears in my dream… now she calls? I bet she is all crazy over me!” *Just like he’s crazy over you*


*Literally takes is as a sign and decides to propose his love to you*


*Smol ball of fur doesn’t know how to handle situations like this* “SHE IS CALLING ME I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Okay I’ll just answer. ”


“Wait… how did she know I was dreaming with her… I told her to call me in my dream… I thought these things only happened in movies…. am I in a movie?” *So confused*


“Do you guys think she likes me? I had this dream about her and then she called and… she only wanted to say hi but… I bet it’s a sign! She looked so pretty in my dream…” *Someone is falling for you deeply*

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Luhan posted an unseen photo of Tao and said:

M鹿M:@SwaggyT-ao 生日快乐!祝演唱会顺利!咔咔的,哈哈

Luhan: wishing @SwaggyT-ao a happy birthday! Wishing the concerts a success! Awesome Ha ha

Tao replied:

Tao: my Lu ge ah I love you. May Fighter of The Destiny’s ratings and views be great *muah* Let’s work hard together! Just do it!