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Bad Girl Ch 18: Home

Kris’s POV

My hands are shaking, I don’t know why, I’ve done this before. But  at the same I know this isn’t just my baby clicking her heels down the hall, it is Kim Jooyoung, a full grown woman. I’ve handled full grown woman, but never any that I’ve cared about. I have never been shaking with so much fear that I could say the wrong thing and drive her away. What if she hates me? My heart drops, I can’t handle that.

“Daddy?” Her sweet voice pulls me out of the black hole of fear I found myself in.

I snap out of my daze and stare at her with wide eyes. My sweet baby only reaches my chest even in her heels, her small frame looks amazing in a dark red two piece outfit. The skirt is flowing back as she continues her way toward me, the high slit giving me peeks at her slim legs. A gold body chain is peek out of the bottom of her high collared crop top that ends an inch or two above the skirt. My eyes continue their way up, noticing the large golden earrings hanging on either side of her beautiful face. Full lips that match the same color as the dress form a small pout when I don’t respond. Those forest green eyes are accented in gold eye shadow and black eyeliner that look like Baek’s doing, are staring at me with concern.

“Daddy?” She grips my hand and squeezes it tight.

“Sorry!” I quickly apologize, “You are just so beautiful.”

She flushes, “Daddy, stop.”

“Are you ready to go? Do you want to drive again?”

She shakes her head, “I can just type the address into your GPS.” I watch mindlessly as she takes my hand and leads me out to where my car is parked in front of the house. I open her door for her before climbing in the drivers side. She is already typing the location in, humming some song to herself. It’s a strangely familiar song, not one that I can place but puts me on edge.

“What song is that?” I wonder, pulling out of the driveway and following the directions given.

“Jiho hums it for me all the time, he told me he doesn’t know.”

I nod, “I feel like I know if from somewhere.”

“I do too but can never place it.”

“So where are we headed on this adventure? Another hot spring?”

“Nope, we are going to dinner, like you always wanted.”

“Please don’t tell me we are going to one of Jiyong’s places,” I groan.

She chuckles and once again shakes her head, “Nope, mine.”

I raise my brows at that, “Yours’?”

“You don’t honestly think I just live off Jiyong’s income do you? I’m a big girl, I make my own money, have my own businesses.”

I whistle, “Look at you, such a big girl.”

We make small talk for awhile until we arrive at her restaurant. It’s a small place on the beach with lanterns outside that lead the way up the double door way. A man is there holding the door open, he bows a full 90 degrees before greeting us, “Welcome Madame Jooyoung and her guest.” I scan the man, he isn’t much shorter than me with circular sunglasses and an emotionless face.

“Good evening Zion, how are you tonight?” Jooyoung muses with a smile.

“I am happy I can be of service to you tonight. It has been too long since you’ve come to visit.”

“I know I’m sorry, I’ve been really busy lately.”

“You are here now, that is all that matters,” A genuine smile graces his face, though it is small. “Your table is set up on the back porch, would you like me to escort you there?”

She shakes her head, “I can lead the way, thank you though. You can go back to the kitchen.” He nods before turning and returning to wherever he came from.

“Who is that? The host?”

“He’s the chef.”

“No offence Baby but your place is pretty empty at the moment.”

She chuckles, “You guys aren’t the only ones who can close things down for a night. I sent everyone home except for him so we could be alone.”

I gulp. This is all I’ve ever wanted. Just single night alone, completely alone where my brothers weren’t sneaking around trying to steal her attention. But yet again I find my hands trembling. She leads me through the beautiful yet simple restaurant and out on to the patio where we see the sun almost completely setting. Heating lamps are set up around one table that is set just for us. I pullout her chair for her before taking my seat across from her.

“Are you okay Daddy?” She asks in a sweet voice. “You aren’t talking much. Did you not want to go out?”

“I did! I’m sorry, I’m just… nervous,” I admit looking down at my hands.

“Nervous?” She echoes, “You’re nervous? Why? I’ve been shaking in my booties this whole time thinking you hate me and this whole idea.” She lets out a sigh of relief.

“I could never hate you,” I remind her. There is no way I could ever feel anything but love for the pretty little princess in front of me, how could she ever think different.

“You might not hate me but I know me being big isn’t your favorite thing.”

My heart breaks, my hand reaches out for her small one and holds, it tight, “I’m sorry for ever making you feel like I don’t love all of you.”

“If it makes you feel any better it isn’t just you, I saw it in Xiumin’s eyes too, and Luhan, and Suho. It’s you older folk you seem to have an issue,” She chuckles and smiles but I can see the heart break in it.

I open my mouth to explain but nothing comes out. Guilt is settled deep in my chest leaving no room for the words I need. I’m the person who made her look so sad, who made it a little harder for her to smile, how the hell could I do this to her?

When I don’t respond she looks away as if she is ashamed, “I’m sorry, lets not talk about that.” She chuckles awkwardly.

“No! Lets talk about it! I’m… I’m sorry!” That seems to be all I can get out, “I’m so sorry!”

To make this situation worse the man from before appears with to heavy looking plates in his hands. He freezes a few feet from the table and looks to Jooyoung on what he should do. She just gestures for him to continue with a fake smile plastered on her face. After doing so he leans closer to her and whispers in her ear, giving me quick side glances.

“Thank you Zion but it’s okay, you can go now, I appreciate you staying late. Have a good night.”

He looks hesitant to go but when she shoos him away gently he finally obeys. When he is out of sight I can’t help but ask, “What did he whisper to you?”

“He wanted to know if it was safe for him to leave me here with you alone.”

I grimace, “Who the hell does he think he is?”

She chuckles, “He is just worried, it’s not often I go out by myself like this.”

“You are with me,” I mumble holding her small hand.

“But he doesn’t know you, he honestly doesn’t even trust Jiyong that much. The few times I’ve come here with Jiyong those two have bumped chests.”

“So who does he trust?”

“Jiho and my other dongseangs, people under me like him.”

“Jiyong’s little thugs?”

She smiles, “They are my little thugs now.”

Mentioning foot soldiers brings something to mind, “Have you had a run in with our dongseangs?”

She seems completely thrown off by the question, “What?”

“Jin and his boys? You were close before and I’m guessing they heard the same story as us so did you have any kind of run ins with them?”

“Once,” She admits. “It was my first night out after the whole thing and Jiyong took me to a party where I saw Namjoon from across the room. We locked eyes and I smiled, I wasn’t sure if my bridges were burned with them too but after he gave a dirty look I went with yes. After that they stopped coming to parties, I had people keeping tabs on them so I know what they are up to.”

“When are you going to tell them you are alive? What about Jihyo?”

She sighs, “I want to wait a little while. I have so much going on with you guys and work that I don’t think I can add them into the mix right now. But once we get everything figured out I plan on letting them all know.”

“And your family? They had a funeral and everything.”

For that she just shrugs, “Why ruin their now peaceful lives with my craziness? It’s not like the miss me much anyway.”

The conversation seems to end there. She tells me to try the food but I’m too focused on her, I can’t even think about anything else. I feel like I’m killing th mood with all these questions, this isn’t what I should be doing with my small amount of time with her. Who knows when I could get this again, I can’t waste it on other people.

“When I was younger I used to think that if you opened the oven before the timer went off it would explode.”

She stops moving her fork around and looks up at me with a small smile.

“Like I was honestly horrified when our nanny would try and peek to see if the food was done. One time I actually through myself in front of the over door so she couldn’t open.”

Now she’s laughing, that beautiful smile returns lifting the weight off my heart a bit, “I thought for the longest time that I was adopted from a fictional alien character because of how different I was from my family. I remember screaming at my mom that I she wasn’t my mom and that my real family will come back for me by the time I’m eighteen. Fate threw that back at me, you guys found me just in time.”

“I’m sorry we aren’t aliens.”

“Yea, I expected more, but I guess this is going to have to do.”

We laugh. We talk more about our childhoods, silly stories about one another and my brothers, I didn’t want to talk about them but she asked and who am I to deny her. Time flies by as we talk and sometimes just listen to the waves crash up on the shore. By ten we are sitting side by side near the edge of the patio with the heating lamps hanging over us and my jacket around her. She is giggling about some stupid joke Baekhyun had told us at home that has me rolling my eyes. Her love for that stupid boy is beyond me.

Out of the corner of my eye I see someone down on the beach near the restaurant’s steps that lead down there. I glare down at the figure as I try to figure out who it is, is it the man from before, Zion? No he was thin, this man looks more built and more familiar. Joo notices me staring a follows my gaze.

“So he did follow us.”


Jooyoung’s POV

“Who the hell is it?” Kris snaps.

“Jiho, I told you I don’t go out by myself.” I muse.

“How did he find us? How long do you think he’s been here?”

“I’m guessing Zion called him right when we showed up, and probably a good amount of the time. He has probably been hiding on the little gazebo down there.”

He pouts, “Get rid of him.”

I chuckle but stand up to do so, “I’ll tell him we are okay.”

“Can’t you just give him the finger to fuck off?”

“I’ll be right back, don’t worry,” I squeeze our inter locked hands before letting go and wandering in the direction of the stairs that lead down to the beach. The  three flights of stairs lead me to where I saw him standing a moment before but now he is gone.

“Pretty bird,” He whistles from the bench swing in the gazebo, exactly where I expected him to be. I wrap Kris’s jacket tighter around me before join him on the swing. “Hello Pretty bird.”

“Hello my guard dog,” I muse, “what in the world are you doing here? This is your weekend off.”

“There is no such thing as a day off when you aren’t at home.”

“I’m safe here with Kris, you can go home.”

“I don’t trust those boys. Plus I don’t want to go home. I’ve been stuck in there for just a day and I’m going out of my mind with boredom. You need to come home. We will see each other tomorrow morning as I remember for work.”

He doesn’t respond, we just continue to swing.

I chuckle, “Some one misses me.”

He glares at me, “Of course I miss you. The only other person I can talk to in the building is Jiyong and that is just depressing. Cause all we want to talk about is you and he just gets sad.”

“I feel bad.”

“Don’t, just come home.”

soldier ; (demigod) kim minseok


the third part of my demigod!exo series (will have a second part). minseok as the son of ares.


let me be soft for once and say that i hope minnie had the best, greatest birthday yet and got lots of love and appreciation. that is all. (im tagging whoever reblogged the last oneshot/asked to be tagged @suedetonkin @i-am-a-death-dealer @dead-violinist @death-of-a-fanatic)



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for the third time that night, you thought back to that letter your family received via messenger.

while pulling a fresh sheet onto the spare cot in your bedroom, you thought of the words scribbled messily in smudged black ink.

soldier kim minseok will be passing through your village in four days. the military’s leader himself wishes for you to have a bed prepared and food on the table for his night’s stay.

the four days had passed, and any moment now, this soldier would arrive.

you’d heard of minseok many times before, as there were so many rumors about him being passed from ear to ear throughout the village.

last night, while eating dinner, your mother had shared some of this gossip to you and your father with wide, shocked eyes.

she’d recited that, despite being one of the lower ranking soldiers, even someone as fearless and trained as his leader feared him.

calista from the market claimed that this is due to his parental connection to god ares,” she had said in pure disbelief.

you found it oh-so easy to judge him based on the awful rumors of his ruthlessness and his violent temper, and as much as you did so, you couldn’t find it in yourself to form poor thoughts against him. you continuously told yourself that you were simply giving this man the benefit of the doubt, but you knew that wasn’t it.

the free life he lived was something you craved. even though every girl in the village was already married off by their fathers at your age, you remained untouched and locked away, like a caged bird.

despite these thoughts, you were a bit put off by his sleeping arrangements. even your father–especially your father–was displeased with the idea of having this man share your room for a night. but with such little space and a desperate need to please this soldier, it was your final option.

a loud rapping sound echoed through the small home, signifying that kim minseok had arrived.

your father was bound to answer the door himself, but for the sake of being polite, you paused what you were doing to aide in greeting the night’s guest.

it didn’t take long at all to enter the living room, where everyone seemed to be.

“y/n can show you to your room while i finish getting supper around,” your mother offered as you answered the room.

you gave an inviting smile to the soldier.

his looks fit his reputation quite well, just with something a little more tempting laced into his appearance. you couldn’t quite place what that was. somehow, with his dark, cat-like eyes and well groomed hair, he seemed tempting. he looked inviting, in an eros sort of way.

“that’d be great,” he muttered lowly.

you politely took his small bag from him and gestured for him to follow you down the hallway.

“where are you travelling to, if i’m allowed to ask?” you wondered.

“i’m not in any mood to say,” was the only answer he gave.

“oh,” you responded quietly. a mental decision was made to leave that particular conversation at that, especially since you had more “hosting” to do, as your father had called it, “i’ll just need to pull the spare blanket off of the clothing line, but other than that, everything is prepared. you’ll be sleeping on the left cot,” you announced upon entering your bedroom, “the other one belongs to me.”

you glanced at minseok just long enough to catch his nod out of the corner of your eye.

he wordlessly took his things from your grasp and went to his side of the room, leaving you in the doorway.

“the washroom is across the hall, and i can go get water from the well if you’d like to wash up,” you offered, receiving nothing but a cold head-shake no in return.

you were curious as to what had made him so perpetually grumpy, what had made him so unpleasant to be around. he intrigued you more than he should have, you thought. your mother would slap you square across the face if she knew how appealing you thought his lifestyle was.

you continued to think about this ten minutes later, as you sat across from him at the dinner table.

everyone had been eating silently, until your father spoke up.

“so, how are things with your father?”

at this innocent attempt at small talk, minseok’s jaw clenched and unclenched once.

you eyed him carefully, watching as he completely loosened his grip on the metal fork in his hand, allowing it to clatter onto his plate.

along with this, he stiffly stood from his seat and began making his way back toward the front door, all with his fists balled by his side.

“i’ve got it,” you said reassuringly once you saw both of your parents with wide eyes and gaping mouths, “we can’t allow him to have a poor stay, or everyone in the village will hear about it.”

your mother nodded furiously. there was a frightened look in her eyes when she said, “please, don’t say anything else careless.”

after gently setting down your fork and wiping off your hands, you pushed back your chair and followed in the soldier’s tracks.

you easily slipped out the front door, gently pushing it closed when you saw that he had plopped himself down on the grass a few feet away.

he turned to you with dark, brooding eyes full of vexation.

“my father didn’t mean anything harmful by asking what he did,” you began calmly, careful not to provoke him further, “he was only attempting to make conversation.”

“it was a poor attempt,” he spat, to which to had to nod in agreeance. the question had been asked in a genuine innocence, but the more though thought back to it, it was invasive and rude.

forgetting for a moment that your feet were bare, you stepped off of the stone path and onto the dampened grass.

slowly, you tip toed over to where he rested and sat on your knees across from him. you were less worried about staining your dress than flashing him your undergarments.

“i’ve been told i have a good pair of ears, if you wish to talk about it,” you gently informed him.

“i don’t,” he seethed.

“then we can talk about something else.”

“why are you so concerned?” he asked in that same tone.

of course, while you’d only spoken to him to make sure he wouldn’t mouth to anyone about how awful he thought your family was, you offered to listen because he perplexed you.

why had such a simple question infuriated him so much?

you knew so little of the gods in regards to their offspring–only the bare minimum you’d learned in school. because of this, he sparked your curiosity.

“my mother is petrified that you’re going to slaughter her husband,” you disclosed quietly, making sure he didn’t seem further agitated by this before continuing, “and at the moment, i’m extremely unable to deem it a far-fetched assumption.”

“he asked an intrusive question, i have every right to be furious.”

with hesitant fingers, you reached out to lift his chin so that he was looking you in the eyes.

“he’s a god, sir, people are bound to ask about him out of pure curiosity,” you smiled softly, “how you react is up to you.”

minseok took your hand in his and pulled it away from his face.

“amuse me,” he said suddenly, this time in a much more restrained voice. a small smirk played on his lips at whatever idea he had thought up, “distract me. help me to learn proper responses.”

“to begin, it may have helped if you hadn’t left the table. it’s considered rude,” you advised thoughtfully. secondary to being cautious of your wording, you kept in mind that only a certain amount of time could pass before your parents grew worried and came outside to check on you.

“would you rather i take my anger out on your father?” he quirked an eyebrow questioningly, “that’s what i would’ve done in any other situation, on any other day.”

“what makes this day any different?” you asked curiously. a moment passed before you quickly tacked on a rushed, “although i do appreciate that you’ve gone out of your way to not harm my father.”

“i should think that even someone like me deserves a peaceful day every once in a while. wouldn’t you think so too?”

as these words pushed passed his lips, his behavior began to make the slightest bit of sense. if you had figured correctly, his icy responses were used in order to avoid conflict.

you shook your head, “peaceful isn’t very fun, not in my opinion.”

“i would be willing to bet my arm that you don’t know violence, especially not like i do,” he countered in a gruff voice, “i’ve watched my own men– strong men, some of the bravest i’ve ever met–kill themselves to get away from the lives we live.”

“why haven’t you?”

what he revealed should have frightened you, yet it didn’t. you were still inquisitive about the life he lived.

even though you couldn’t see yourself in his shoes, doing what he did, you spent most of your nights tirelessly wondering what any sort of life away from home would be like.

“i think the both of us know the answer to that question.”

“you enjoy what you do.”

rather than questioning this, you stated it, for you knew it was a fact.

“more than i should.”

his coldness had yet to melt away, but he seemed to be enjoying your company. whether it was because he was able to avoid your family, or because it was the perfect distraction from his anger, you had no idea.

“then why are you so low in rank, if you sound like the perfect soldier? surely, if you have no intentions of leaving or betraying your leader,” you wondered aloud, now feeling more comfortable with asking such questions.

minseok shook his head, “it would drive you away if i were to tell you. it’s a rarity that i meet someone who isn’t so frightened of me.”

“i’m sure i can handle whatever you have to say. i did ask you.”

“though i do fully intend to relish the rarity you are, imagine what would have happened if i had a weapon on hand and your father asked me such an infuriating question.”

at this blunt explanation, you winced a little. the mental image of your father’s bloody corpse wasn’t one you liked seeing.

“that makes sense,” you agreed confidently, making sure to not let your tone waver.

“since you’ve been so nosy, i think it’s fair that i get to ask you something now,” he declared.

“of course,” you agreed with a slight nod.

“i trust that you’ll answer me honestly,” he said, pausing for a moment to allow you to give a nod of response, “if i were to take you away for seven days, would you agree?”

his query was so tempting to respond to with a yes. no matter where he was going or what he was doing, you would give anything to see a new place. still, there was one complication.

“my parents would never agree to such a thing.”

the soldier chuckled, “your parents answer to me, sweetheart. no one would dare oppose one of my orders.”

“you would make it an order?”

this made you the slightest bit uneasy. you did love and appreciate your parents, and had every intention to return to them. the way he was making it sound like he could take you at any given time and not return you was something you weren’t fond of.

“if you wished to go, yes.”

“i’d love to go with you, on the condition that you promise to bring me back in seven days.”

as you slowly said this, you heard the front door opening behind you.

“y/n?” your father questioned, “are you alright?”

“i’m fine, father,” you responded reassuringly, not looking over your shoulder at his expression, “we were just talking.”

“she’ll be going inside shortly,” minseok informed him, “she must pack, after all.”

you knew this was the time to stand and face your father.

once you had done so, you were fully able to see the look of disbelief on his face.

“you can’t kidnap my daughter,” he protested softly. your mother came up behind her, looking petrified for you, “tell him, please. tell him he can’t just take you away.”

“i’m not kidnapping anyone,” minseok snapped defensively, “i gave her an option, just as she gave me an answer.”

“i’ll be returned in seven days,” you tried reasoning. your mother now had tears in her eyes, as did your father, “i promise.”

“no need,” the soldier said, making sure to do so before either of your parents could get out a word of response, “you’ll be going with me whether they’re in agreeance or not.”


EXO is saying good morning~

EXO MtL To Nibble/Bite/Suck On Your Fingers

Requested: Exo mtl please 💜💜 For nibbling/biting/sucking playfully on your fingers please :) like when ur cuddling or making breakfast or something 💖💖

A/N: This is only opinion so please do not take this seriously. I would use all 12 original members for this. Thank you for requesting!!















Baekhyun is the most likely due to his playful nature. He would see it as his little way of saying he loves you without saying it. It would leave one of you laughing in the end, which is his goal, other than to feel your skin.

Kris is the least likely because of his manly, dominate nature. He would much rather you be the one to nibble, bite and suck on his fingers.

~admin ryu

Exo Being...Exo pt.2

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