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GOT7 - Tao Kae Noi CF - 30-second version

anonymous asked:

What are the current CF that GOT7 (whole and individually) have?

Do you mean all CFs since debut?

Blackyak (Korea) - ended
Natuur Pop (Korea) - ended
SMART School Uniform (Korea) - ended
NBA (Korea / China) - ended
SK Telecom (Korea); Jinyoung & Seolhyun - ended
It’s Skin (Asia); GOT7 & Jackson solo CF - ongoing
Celuscan (China) - ongoing
Yamaha (Thailand); Bambam with other Thai celebrities - ongoing
Pepsi (China); Jackson - ongoing
Midea (China); Jackson - ongoing
Bausch & Lomb (Thailand) - ongoing?
Est Cola (Thailand) - ongoing
Tao Kae Noi (Thailand) - ongoing

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BEAST TAO KAE NOI CF - BTS 2 - Dongwoon with kids