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(he is a rapper, but still I like his singing so he should’ve had more chances to sing in the ballads)



Updated 30th of December. 2016


Whispering dirty at reaunion

Finding out you squirt

You being thicker than them

Being tight in small place

The day after a rough night.

Falling asleep, waiting for them.

Don’t knowing he likes you

Accidentaly calling him daddy

Seeing you doing yourself

Teasing them

Slapping you

Being dominant

Members on bed

Hearing you moan for the first time

School uniform

Find you dancing


Favorite Kinks.

You in a swimsuit

Sex GIFs

New year


Oppa Chanyeol

Never forget you’re mine


Where have you been

That one night ft Xiumin


Now or never


Damned Kai

Everything I see is You 

I Belong to You

One last night

The one with Kai & Sehun

  No control.  (Ft. Baekhyun)

The Bossy One

Shower Time


Falling in love with Lay

2 are better than 1 (ft. Baekhyun)



Bad, bad. 

Open Door


The one with Kai & Sehun

Bad boy

Band Practice

Oppa Sehun

Nighty Nighty

Don’t you dare



Sweet home


The Drummer Guy

The Drummer Guy Pt. 2


Screaming out loud

First time Eating out.

The Rough One

That one night ft Chanyeol


2 are better than 1 (ft. Lay)

No control. (ft. Kai)




The one with the red lingerie


Go ahead



Good good. 

Love you a lot, Requests are open once more.


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Most ppl know LuHan Kris and Tao because of EXO, but I got into EXO because of LuHan Kris and Tao... which I think is kinda weird because I saw LuHan on TV and he's super popular in China so I looked him up and EXO popped up as a search result so now I'm addicted to EXO

I think that’s fantastic. The reason I still fully endorse OT12 is because, whether you like them or not, Kris, Luhan and Tao are still part of EXO’s history (no pun intended), they were still a vital part of the group especially for when EXO won their first major award together which was Album of the Year at MAMAs. And even though Kris and Luhan weren’t there for MAMAs 2014, they still contributed to Overdose and the Overdose album. No matter what anyone says, Kris, Luhan and Tao all helped make EXO as big as they are today.

EXO are constantly having new fans come in and I think it’s so important that people know about Kris, Luhan and Tao. There is no shame in having been part of EXO for Kris, Luhan and Tao. There is no shame for having past members such as Kris, Luhan and Tao for EXO. The history of those three being in the group should not be buried or shunned, but should still be known, and known as something positive, to all the new fans. Which is why I’m always trying to include OT12 in my videos and why I think it’s great Luhan is what got you into EXO.

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Hi I was wondering if you can expand on the Hogwarts au! Like what are the exo's boys boggarts and favorite and least favorite subjects in Hogwarts along with favorite teacher. Love your belong can't wait for more au's!

Of course! Thank you for asking. ^_^ Like with my Percy Jackson AU, BTS is a part of this AU, but I haven’t interwoven them in this post, because I am still developing their backgrounds and stories. 

  • Minseok
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Minseok is kind of a jack of all trades. He likes all of his classes, but his particular favorites are Herbology and Quidditch. He likes how calming Herbology is and just like many of the other boys, he loves playing sports. Both subjects are good at helping him cope with his anxiety. 
    • Least fave subject: Despite being good at most subjects, Minseok isn’t the biggest fan of Divination. He thinks it’s a bunch of superstitious hogwash.  
    • Fave teacher: Minseok really admires his Herbology teacher, Professor Sprout. He loves how devoted and passionate she is about the subject and not to mention she is the Head of Hufflepuff. 
  • Luhan
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Luhan’s favorite subjects are Divination and Quidditch. He never expected to be good at Divination, but after the first day of class he found that he has a real knack for it. He also loves sports, hence the love for Quidditch. 
    • Least fave subject: Luhan doesn’t like Arithemacy for the plain and simple fact that the professor for that class assigns too much homework. If the teacher assigned less homework, Luhan would have enjoyed the class more. 
    • Fave teacher: Oddly enough, Luhan really admires Hagrid. Even if Luhan isn’t totally invested in Care of Magical Creatures, he enjoys watching how passionate Hagrid gets when he teaches the class. 
  • Yifan
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Half-blood
    • Fave subjects: Yifan is fascinated by many of the courses offered at Hogwarts, but his favorites are Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Yifan is especially a big fan of Defense Against the Dark Arts, because he wants to be an Auror. 
    • Least fave subject: Interestingly enough, for a Slytherin Yifan is not that great at Potions. As a result, Yifan’s least favorite class is Potions
    • Fave teacher: Although Professor Mad-Eyed Moody is known for being pretty odd, Yifan really admires him and wants to be as great as an Auror as he is. 
  • Junmyeon
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Ravenclaw and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Junmyeon likes to challenge himself in his course work and that is why Studies of Ancient Runes is his favorite class. He also really like Charms because of all the useful day-to-day spells that are taught. 
    • Least fave subject: As hard as he tries, Junmyeon just can’t do well in Herbology. He wants to keep his plants alive, but unfortunately most of them end up dead. 
    • Fave teacher: Junmyeon feels a lot of loyalty for his house so his favorite teacher would be Professor Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw and professor for Charms. 
  • Yixing
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Since Yixing is Muggleborn, he is really curious about the things that set witches and wizards apart from muggles, besides the spell-casting. His love for nature also the reason why his favorite classes are Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures
    • Least fave subject: Due to the fact that Yixing is very interested in learning about all aspects of the wizarding world, it would come to no surprise that he doesn’t care about Muggle Studies
    • Fave teacher: Yixing absolutely adores Madame Pomfrey. He is an awe at her skill as a healer and one of the careers he is considering to pursue is Healer, just like her.
  • Baekhyun
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Ravenclaw and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Although he won’t admit it, Baekhyun is smart. He tries to pretend that he’s not a nerd, but he has a hard time hiding the fact that his favorite classes are Astronomy and Arithemacy since he never skips those classes and enjoys doing the homework. 
    • Least fave subject: Baekhyun doesn’t really like Care of Magical Creatures. It’s not that he doesn’t like animals, but there are a significant amount of magical creatures that terrify him.  
    • Fave teacher: Because Baekhyun is such a hoe for Arithemacy, his favorite teacher would have to be Professor Vector, who assigns a lot of Arithemacy homework for her students. 
  • Jongdae
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Half-blood 
    • Fave subjects: Jongdae really likes classes that are hands-on and he also enjoys classes that teach him spells that help cause a little harmless mischief. As such Jongdae’s favorite classes are Transfiguration and Apparition
    • Least fave subject: Jongdae isn’t really into Astronomy and has a real hard time with the class. One of his biggest issues with it is that it’s at nighttime and he often catches himself falling asleep during class. 
    • Fave teacher: Jongdae’s favorite teacher is Professor Binns, the only teacher at Hogwarts who is a ghost. He finds it hilarious that Professor Binns struggles to remember students’ names. 
  • Chanyeol
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Half-blood 
    • Fave subjects: Chanyeol also likes classes that are hands-on and as such his favorite subjects are Potions and Transfiguration, although his Potions teacher is not quite fond of him because of his use of “creativity” while brewing potions. 
    • Least fave subject: Because Chanyeol likes classes that are hands-on, it would make sense that he isn’t a really big fan of History of Magic since it requires him to just sit there and listen, or read. 
    • Fave teacher: Interestingly enough, Chanyeol really admires Professor McGonagall. Although she is strict, Chanyeol admires her great command of magic. 
  • Kyungsoo
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Since Kyungsoo is a Muggleborn, he likes to learn as much as he can about the wizarding world. As such his favorite subject is History of Magic. Kyungsoo also really likes Defense Against the Dark Arts and has found that his pretty good at it. 
    • Least fave subject: Kyungsoo is not a really big fan of playing Quidditch, because of his petrifying fear of heights, but he doesn’t mind watching the games when Slytherin is playing. 
    • Fave teacher: Kyungsoo’s favorite teacher is Professor Slughorn. He admires Slughorn’s knowledge of Potions and he was really happy when Slughorn became the Head of Slytherin. 
  • Tao
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Interestingly, Tao is fascinated and curious. Being born and raised in a very Pureblood household, he doesn’t know much about muggles. Combined with his love for sports, Tao’s favorite subjects are Muggle Studies and Quidditch
    • Least fave subject: Coming from a Pureblood family, Tao finds History of Magic to be a boring subject. He’d rather be out on the Quidditch pitch than in History of Magic. 
    • Fave teacher: Tao’s favorite teacher is Professor Burbage. He really enjoyed the way she taught the Muggle Studies class. 
  • Jongin
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Being the sports enthusiast that he is, Jongin was so relieved when he came to Hogwarts and found out that they had a sports team. Jongin absolutely loves Quidditch and he really enjoys Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • Least fave subject: Study of Ancient Runes absolutely bores Jongin. He wants nothing to do with it.
    • Fave teacher: Jongin really admires Professor Lupin and was inspired by him to want to become a professor. 
  • Sehun
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Pureblood 
    • Fave subjects: Also Sehun has this tough exterior, he has a soft spot for animals and as such his favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures. He also loves Quidditch since it keeps him active and doesn’t leave him with pent up energy. 
    • Least fave subject: Sehun isn’t really a big fan of Arithemacy. He thinks that the professor assigns too much homework and would rather spend his time doing other things. 
    • Fave teacher: Sehun’s favorite teacher is Professor Hooch, the teacher for flying lessons. He admires her command of magic and her flying skills. 

I put the boggarts for each member under read more, because I touch up on some dark and potentially triggering ideas (such as death and mental illness) when it comes to their boggarts.

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silhouettes wallpaper series fits both iphone & galaxy! (I was asked to make few phone bg of these silhouettes, so I created a whole series of them :) )

why didn’t I think of this!? thanks for asking :) enjoyyy! (I was fast, right? hehe)