tao guitars

EXO’s Reaction to their Gf/Best friend being a lead singer/guitarist of a rock band

Luhan: OMFG…..My baby is a singer!!! HOW COOL IS THIS?

Kai: Awesome….but you still can’t dance. xD

Sehun: Hmm…She can play a guitar….I should marry her. 

Chen: Yasss. We should sing together someday. 

Kyungsoo: Whaaaat….you should teach me how to play a guitar! 

Kris: Really? You are the lead singer?

Baekhyun: Awesome…I don’t want her to be my best friend anymore….someone pls kidnap her and make her marry me! OMG…

Suho: A guitarist in a rock band?! YOU?! But..you’re too cute…

Xiumin: Waaaaaa. That’s so awesome. 

Chanyeol: WOW! You’re amazing! 

Lay: Guitar? 

Tao:A rock band…?