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tao and wang yuan giving each other a hi-5 (ᶿ̴͈᷇ॢ௰ᶿ̴͈᷆ॢ)


Luhan and Kris on Sing Tao Weekly br/> Luhan- Jan 10th 2015
Wu Yi Fan- Jan 31st 2015

In case you were wondering, my uncle buys Chinese newspapers every week and they just happened to be in it! Please don’t take credit from these pics.

[160830]Rules of our own Fanchat

Fan: Are you more scared of bugs or ghosts? 

Tao: Ghosts

Fan(in english): what do you think of my fanart? (pic: fanart of Tao)

Tao(in english): lucky me

Fan: Please, you have to come to Japan, no matter what! 

Tao: Asia tour

Fan: Tao..come out (pic: I fell down and need a kiss from Tao to get back up) 

Tao: Stand up yourself

Fan: Tao, I really like the way you and your “father” get along with each other. Will you go again if there is season 2? 

Tao: I really want to take part. I love the jungle too much. will go again if there is time. 

Fan: Ge, I am a Korean high school student learning the Chinese language for you. Now a lot of Chinese can’t tell I am Korean. I can speak 3 languages now! I have been translating a lot of things about you. Even though i am only in high school, i am teaching primary school students in international school mandarin. because i am so good at it that my teachers are letting me do it! Such is the power of love!

Tao(in Korean): Thank you, Love you

Fan: Do you prefer girls to wear skirts or pants?  

Tao: so long as it’s pretty. 

Fan: Tao, do you like bugs now that you have been to the jungle? 

Tao: I dont like them and I am not scared of them. 

Fan: whats your greatest wish this year?

Tao: Asia tour and the release of my movies

Fan (fan’s u/n: if i could sleep once with Tao): Ever since i have become part of vvhl, I have never once gotten the king’s favor, so I advised the king to share his love equally….but he just refuses to listen…he just refuses to acknowlegde me

Tao: change your u/n please. 

Fan(in Japanese and Chinese): so exhausted from thinking of questions…I am tired…love you baby

Tao(in english): take it easy

Fan: Did that chicken really angered you? do you prefer chicken or beef?

Tao: chicken

Fan: What went through your mind when you cut your hand

Tao: better work with geges next time, won’t get hurt

Fan: May i ask Manager Huang, when is my idol Zhang Liang(Tao’s manager) coming back? i miss him

Tao: he will be back when i am, haha

Fan (in Japanese and Chinese): there is no way my thoughts are going to reach your ears, love you taotao

Tao: Did you learn Chinese for me too?

Fan: Its the last minute, i will go die quietly.

Tao: nope, its not. haha

Fan: Tao you said you are not fresh meat but hls think you are, so are you one or not? 

Tao: I am not a fresh meat. 

Fan: look at how good your left profile looks, please give it equal air time! I’m a protector of your left profile. (pic: Tao’s left profile photo)

Tao: right profile

Fan: When are you leaving? please say if you are

Tao: I am leaving since you guys want me to, haha

Fan: Why did you call me? (pic: screenshot of missed call from Huang Zitao)

Tao: That is not me. 

Fan: Why do i always oversleep and miss the live chat!! Am i a pig ahh

Tao: you are a hailang, haha

Fan: Buying autumn wear for my dad, pink or blue, waiting online. This is urgent.

Tao: Blue, haha

Fan: quick leave, i cant stand anymore, need to go shower

Tao: I am leaving, haha

Rules of our own Weibo: TaoTao hasnt eaten yet. He still got a night shoot later, working so hard, thanks everyone. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi!!! Was wondering what would Exo's reaction be if a little girl (Like four or somthing) asked them to pick her up?

OMG this would be soooo cute.


Xiumin: *chuckles* Sure…!

Luhan: *laughs* Oh that? Of course, little princess 

Kris: *mesmerized by her cuteness* You didn’t even need to ask for it.

Suho: Awwwww sure *overdosed by the little girl’s cuteness*

Lay: Oh, of course, why not? *gives her a radiant Xing Xing smile*


Chenchen: Oh, you want that?*smiles at the little girl’s cuteness*  

Chanyeol: Oh, sure, sure, sure, sure! *runs to the little girl so that he can pick her up*

Squishy Soo: Suuuure, no problems *thumbs up*

Princess Peach: Aww, come here little sister, let Tao-gege hold you

Kai: Aigoo, sure!

Sehun: *delighted* Of course :)