tao fu panda

Person you must protect according to your sign
  • Aquarius: tao
  • Pisces: zitao
  • Aries: panda
  • Taurus: 黄子韬
  • Gemini: honey peach
  • Cancer: huang zitao
  • Leo: taozi
  • Virgo: ab style kung fu panda
  • Libra: hailang's son
  • Scorpio: sehun's bf
  • Sagittarius: 小蜜桃
  • Capricorn: romantic kung fu panda
Exo’s Reaction - You falling Asleep On Them

Xiumin - *Finds it really adorable and ends up falling asleep too*

Lay - *Couldn’t help but giggle to himself because he finds it so cute*

Kai - *As he couldn’t move to get it himself, he gets one of the other members to go get him chicken as he knew he’d get hungry waiting for you to wake up* Kyungsoo get me chicken please? the money is on the table

Suho - *Puts a film on quiet to watch while cuddling up to you*

Kyungsoo - *Finds it a bit awkward at first but then starts getting really comfortable and lays his head on your softly*

Tao - *His romantic kung fu panda side comes out and he picks you up carefully not to wake you up and puts you in his bed with a big teddy of his and kisses your forehead*

Chen - *Finding it funny when you start snoring but lets you sleep because he doesn’t want to wake you up*

Kris - *Starts getting hot headed towards the other members only because you feel asleep on him*

Chanyeol - *He’s such a sweet heart, he asks another member to go grab him a blanket, he then puts it over you both and cuddles you which sends him to sleep also*

Baekhyun - *Starts poking your face and slightly lifting the tip of your nose to make you look like a pig and gets suprized by no matter what he does, it doesn’t wake you up and decides not to go to far with it just in case but he had a temptation of drawing on your face so he carefully layed you down and before he managed to get the pen to touch your face, he notices that another member was there* I ain’t doing anything…. 

Sehun - *At first he finds it really adorable but he starts getting really uncomfortable with the way he’s positioned at this time so he jumps up, Wakes you up and accidentally hit his hand on the wall*

Luhan - *Smiles to himself while playing with your hair and because you’re asleep, he takes that time to give you different styles that he could manage to do which really satisfied him*

anonymous asked:

do any other exo m members have animal nicknames?

tao’s was a panda mmmmm chen is a dinosaur and xiumin is a cat but those 2 dont really get referred to as their nickname the way layhan still does lmao i dont think yifan has one other than back in exo days he would get compared 2 an angry bird bc his eyebrows

EXO Scenario: reaction to you spilling something on them

Suho: “Excuse you hoe, this outfit costs more than your life!”
Xiumin: “Oh… I didn’t need that anyways” *rips shirt* “See ya!”
Lay: “Omg let me help you with that” *tries to clean floor by humping it* *then a wild suho appears to recollect his child*
Tao: *kung fu panda activated* “Girl you best be taking out that wallet because I am not walking out of here without a new shirt!”
Kris: *starts cussing in seven different languages*
Luhan: *a million antlers suddenly start falling out of his pockets* “UhuHUHUH it’s okay GTG”
Kai: *grabs the rest of your drink and spills it onto the ground so he can do the choreo of “baby don’t cry”* (this hoe always takes a chance to rehearse)
D.O: *summons his demons from the depths and drags you down through the earth while “drag me down” by one direction plays*
Chanyeol: *happy virus explodes into a rainbow*
Baekhyun: “Oh look… these bitches nowadays wandering around like blind ducks” *wipes shirt with 100 dollar bills*
Sehun: *doesn’t say anything just like in every exo song ever*
Chen: *checks if his butt is in tact*
A/N: This scenario was made as a joke so please don’t take it seriously. I was bored and this happened so I’m sorry lol, I also accidentally deleted and had to write it all over again because I’m a dumb bitch. Also thank you to the people who requested, we are working hard to make them! We’ll post them soon. I didn’t put gifs because I didn’t want it to ruin the “experience”. ;) -Admin JC