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M-21 cried! Guys look at everyone’s reactions to him crying! The last time he cried was for the death of M-24! M-21 cried for him because it was like he lost his family! M-21 is NOT crying because Rai came for him and used his power thus shortening his life. He figured that out when Lunark told him that they came for him. M-21 is crying because he feels relieved. When he sees Rai he realizes that the suffering he’s gone through is finally over. He cried because Rai represents the place where he belongs, he can finally go home.
😭I love you so much M-21, it’s okay now Daddy Rai and Mommy Franky are here now.

The fact that Exo L’s did their best to livestream the concert, for us international fans, when they could have actually just enjoyed the concert without the unnecessary hassle.


EXO in the shower with you
  • Chanyeol: *giggles all the time but can't stop looking*
  • Kris: Gives you the look of "I know what I'm doing" while gives you the body lotion instead of the shampoo
  • Sehun: letting the water run while he touches all your body...
  • Tao: perfectly normal, as if being together was something of everyday(Can't shower alone)
  • Kai: *plays with the bubbles and splashes you all the time*
  • Xiumin: sexy time in the shower *hoping you can shower together everyday*
  • Baekhyun: *being a little shy but also flirty. He likes what he sees but is not sure of doing something else*
  • Luhan: *poking you everywhere playing the innocent* so what are these two??...
  • Chen: *sings while he washes your hair*
  • Kyungsoo: *too shy to actually see you fully. Has his eyes closed all the time*
  • Lay: Is this like kissing under the rain? Because it's hot and wet...
  • Suho: *he takes care of your showering gently and slowly. He is a gentleman and treats you like his princess*

Suho: It’s so nice to be around family and-




Suho: And relax-

D.O.: *Walks in the kitchen, grabs a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors, and leaves kitchen*


*loud thump and slamming of the door*

Suho: And get a break from the kids-



Suho: I wish we could spend more time doing this-

*loud crash*


Kai: I’m coming, I’m coming…. Dad, why are you lying on the floor like a demented unicorn?

Lay: Unicorns?

Suho: and not worry about-

Sehun: %#@&!$ piece of %@$&


Taemin: *whispers to Key* I’m so glad we only had three.

EXO and their kinks (smut)
  • Chanyeol: Dirty talking, there’s nothing else that turns him more than this. Just imagine him biting his lips, all turned on and dirty talking to you...
  • Kris: Everything related to BDSM. Be careful, it's not just a game; for him this is something serious.
  • Tao: Banging you from behind. This can turn on any guy but for him it would be a condition. There’s no sex without it.
  • Sehun: Cosplay. Imagine all the different characters he would be. Sexy police officer, a hot CEO, or whatever your imagination says ;)
  • Xiumin: Sex toys, specially swings. You know hot it is having sex on swing? Well he would definitely show you how great it is.
  • Kai: Exhibitionism. He won’t care if there’s a lot of people around you, it doesn’t matter if it's in a dark alley or at school. If he wants it, he gets it.
  • Baekhyun: Ripping off your clothes before having the best rough sex of your life. You should buy a new closet.
  • Luhan: He is the role play kind of guy. Cosplay is not enough. He wants to live every situation.
  • Chen: Bondage. Pretty similar to Kris. He would enjoy giving you pleasure: pain and pleasure come by the hand and he would definitely take you to many places with this.
  • Kyungsoo: Marking you and grabbing your hair. Just imagine the sexy scene where he is biting your neck, and running his hand through your hair, pulling it a little. The closer your body is, the better.
  • Lay: Definitely making you cry out of pleasure. And passing out because of it, makes things even better. Pleasure is his middle name.
  • Suho: He likes it sexy and his weakness would probably be his girl wearing stockings. He would do it really slowly but with a lot of force. Don't underestimate him “Oh yeah babe”
exo as dads
  • junmyeon: the rich dad who buys you everything that you want and gives you credit card when you turn 14 years old
  • minseok: the dad who looks younger than you
  • jongin: the dad who loves dogs more than he loves you
  • yixing: the cool dad who calls you bro instead of son. what
  • kyungsoo: the dad who understands men should help wives and cooks for his family everyday
  • tao: the dad who takes you to school with expensive cars making all you friends go wtf
  • baekhyun: the annoying dad
  • chanyeol: the dad who uploads pictures of you everyday as you grow up on facebook with cheesy captions
  • jongdae: the dad who sings his way through life and makes you do that parents sing love is an open door video with him in his car
  • sehun: sehun is a child. a young son. he cannot be a dad.

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you can expand on the Hogwarts au! Like what are the exo's boys boggarts and favorite and least favorite subjects in Hogwarts along with favorite teacher. Love your belong can't wait for more au's!

Of course! Thank you for asking. ^_^ Like with my Percy Jackson AU, BTS is a part of this AU, but I haven’t interwoven them in this post, because I am still developing their backgrounds and stories. 

  • Minseok
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Minseok is kind of a jack of all trades. He likes all of his classes, but his particular favorites are Herbology and Quidditch. He likes how calming Herbology is and just like many of the other boys, he loves playing sports. Both subjects are good at helping him cope with his anxiety. 
    • Least fave subject: Despite being good at most subjects, Minseok isn’t the biggest fan of Divination. He thinks it’s a bunch of superstitious hogwash.  
    • Fave teacher: Minseok really admires his Herbology teacher, Professor Sprout. He loves how devoted and passionate she is about the subject and not to mention she is the Head of Hufflepuff. 
  • Luhan
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Luhan’s favorite subjects are Divination and Quidditch. He never expected to be good at Divination, but after the first day of class he found that he has a real knack for it. He also loves sports, hence the love for Quidditch. 
    • Least fave subject: Luhan doesn’t like Arithemacy for the plain and simple fact that the professor for that class assigns too much homework. If the teacher assigned less homework, Luhan would have enjoyed the class more. 
    • Fave teacher: Oddly enough, Luhan really admires Hagrid. Even if Luhan isn’t totally invested in Care of Magical Creatures, he enjoys watching how passionate Hagrid gets when he teaches the class. 
  • Yifan
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Half-blood
    • Fave subjects: Yifan is fascinated by many of the courses offered at Hogwarts, but his favorites are Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Yifan is especially a big fan of Defense Against the Dark Arts, because he wants to be an Auror. 
    • Least fave subject: Interestingly enough, for a Slytherin Yifan is not that great at Potions. As a result, Yifan’s least favorite class is Potions
    • Fave teacher: Although Professor Mad-Eyed Moody is known for being pretty odd, Yifan really admires him and wants to be as great as an Auror as he is. 
  • Junmyeon
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Ravenclaw and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Junmyeon likes to challenge himself in his course work and that is why Studies of Ancient Runes is his favorite class. He also really like Charms because of all the useful day-to-day spells that are taught. 
    • Least fave subject: As hard as he tries, Junmyeon just can’t do well in Herbology. He wants to keep his plants alive, but unfortunately most of them end up dead. 
    • Fave teacher: Junmyeon feels a lot of loyalty for his house so his favorite teacher would be Professor Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw and professor for Charms. 
  • Yixing
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Since Yixing is Muggleborn, he is really curious about the things that set witches and wizards apart from muggles, besides the spell-casting. His love for nature also the reason why his favorite classes are Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures
    • Least fave subject: Due to the fact that Yixing is very interested in learning about all aspects of the wizarding world, it would come to no surprise that he doesn’t care about Muggle Studies
    • Fave teacher: Yixing absolutely adores Madame Pomfrey. He is an awe at her skill as a healer and one of the careers he is considering to pursue is Healer, just like her.
  • Baekhyun
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Ravenclaw and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Although he won’t admit it, Baekhyun is smart. He tries to pretend that he’s not a nerd, but he has a hard time hiding the fact that his favorite classes are Astronomy and Arithemacy since he never skips those classes and enjoys doing the homework. 
    • Least fave subject: Baekhyun doesn’t really like Care of Magical Creatures. It’s not that he doesn’t like animals, but there are a significant amount of magical creatures that terrify him.  
    • Fave teacher: Because Baekhyun is such a hoe for Arithemacy, his favorite teacher would have to be Professor Vector, who assigns a lot of Arithemacy homework for her students. 
  • Jongdae
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Half-blood 
    • Fave subjects: Jongdae really likes classes that are hands-on and he also enjoys classes that teach him spells that help cause a little harmless mischief. As such Jongdae’s favorite classes are Transfiguration and Apparition
    • Least fave subject: Jongdae isn’t really into Astronomy and has a real hard time with the class. One of his biggest issues with it is that it’s at nighttime and he often catches himself falling asleep during class. 
    • Fave teacher: Jongdae’s favorite teacher is Professor Binns, the only teacher at Hogwarts who is a ghost. He finds it hilarious that Professor Binns struggles to remember students’ names. 
  • Chanyeol
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Half-blood 
    • Fave subjects: Chanyeol also likes classes that are hands-on and as such his favorite subjects are Potions and Transfiguration, although his Potions teacher is not quite fond of him because of his use of “creativity” while brewing potions. 
    • Least fave subject: Because Chanyeol likes classes that are hands-on, it would make sense that he isn’t a really big fan of History of Magic since it requires him to just sit there and listen, or read. 
    • Fave teacher: Interestingly enough, Chanyeol really admires Professor McGonagall. Although she is strict, Chanyeol admires her great command of magic. 
  • Kyungsoo
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Since Kyungsoo is a Muggleborn, he likes to learn as much as he can about the wizarding world. As such his favorite subject is History of Magic. Kyungsoo also really likes Defense Against the Dark Arts and has found that his pretty good at it. 
    • Least fave subject: Kyungsoo is not a really big fan of playing Quidditch, because of his petrifying fear of heights, but he doesn’t mind watching the games when Slytherin is playing. 
    • Fave teacher: Kyungsoo’s favorite teacher is Professor Slughorn. He admires Slughorn’s knowledge of Potions and he was really happy when Slughorn became the Head of Slytherin. 
  • Tao
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Interestingly, Tao is fascinated and curious. Being born and raised in a very Pureblood household, he doesn’t know much about muggles. Combined with his love for sports, Tao’s favorite subjects are Muggle Studies and Quidditch
    • Least fave subject: Coming from a Pureblood family, Tao finds History of Magic to be a boring subject. He’d rather be out on the Quidditch pitch than in History of Magic. 
    • Fave teacher: Tao’s favorite teacher is Professor Burbage. He really enjoyed the way she taught the Muggle Studies class. 
  • Jongin
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Being the sports enthusiast that he is, Jongin was so relieved when he came to Hogwarts and found out that they had a sports team. Jongin absolutely loves Quidditch and he really enjoys Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • Least fave subject: Study of Ancient Runes absolutely bores Jongin. He wants nothing to do with it.
    • Fave teacher: Jongin really admires Professor Lupin and was inspired by him to want to become a professor. 
  • Sehun
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Pureblood 
    • Fave subjects: Also Sehun has this tough exterior, he has a soft spot for animals and as such his favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures. He also loves Quidditch since it keeps him active and doesn’t leave him with pent up energy. 
    • Least fave subject: Sehun isn’t really a big fan of Arithemacy. He thinks that the professor assigns too much homework and would rather spend his time doing other things. 
    • Fave teacher: Sehun’s favorite teacher is Professor Hooch, the teacher for flying lessons. He admires her command of magic and her flying skills. 

I put the boggarts for each member under read more, because I touch up on some dark and potentially triggering ideas (such as death and mental illness) when it comes to their boggarts.

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