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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (9)

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Part 9 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

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Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 2,333 (ish)

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For a moment Junmyeon stood their dazed staring at the man, then quickly recollecting himself he bowed clumsily and offered him his seat at the table. However the man refused it.

“I don’t have time for formalities Myeon. I need to speak to you.” He looked around the table that you were all sat at.
“To all of you.”
You developed an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you knew it was not because of the broccoli.
“I’d rather do it down at my conference room, the security is higher.” You all sat there looking at him.
“Now Junmyeon!” He shouted, turning on his heel and gliding outside in a couple of strides, whoever this man was he meant business.

Junmyeon’s face had changed; he went from being a confident and composed leader to looking like a scared little boy. This man clearly had authority and it was affecting Junmyeon greatly. He hurried you all out of the house. You filled into the van one by one finding yourself squashed between Chanyeol and Yixing. You felt uneasy as all you could smell was broccoli, someone’s aftershave and Yuna’s perfume. What was happening now?

“Who is that man?” You whispered at no one in particular.

“Remember when I was telling you about Junmyeon’s brother running Genesis after his father was killed?” Yixing mumbled from beside you. “Well that’s him. And he never comes around so God only knows what is happening right now.” You felt Yixing’s body shiver slightly next to you making you more frightened than you initially were.

“His name’s Senior?” You whispered again.

Chanyeol shook his head next to you.

“That’s not his real name; it’s just a form of respect.” He looked up at Junmyeon and brought his mouth back to your ear, whispering. “They’re not your typical brothers. It’s more like a Boss and Employee rapport, strictly business. It’s a stagnant relationship.” He cleared his throat looking back up at Junmyeon.

“I mean it’s not like I just heard everything you said or anything.” Junmyeon scowled at Chanyeol, looking down at his palms. He began fiddling with his fingers. It was very rare for you to see Junmyeon anxious but right now it looked as though his heart was about to beat through his chest. Yuna held his hand and gave him a quick peck on the lips, in order to try and calm him down causing Jongdae to roll his eyes.

Not too long after and you had reached your destination. You were extremely relieved as Kyungsoo’s chair was taking up a lot of space and was beginning to make you feel claustrophobic. You stared up at the magnificent building ahead of you, huge glass panels were brightly lit on every floor.


It was definitely grand. If only the general public knew exactly what went on in the pits of the corporation. Fighting for a good cause had turned into a bloody mess, lots of lives were lost and tears shed. And now you were being summoned here by the boss himself, who didn’t even bother calling but instead took it upon himself to pay you a visit. This only meant trouble.

You all stood in the lift silently waiting to arrive on the floor that you were expected at. The elevator finally pinged open. You were fifteen floors high and to say you felt scared was not a big enough word to describe your emotions. Regardless you still ran over to the huge glass panel window in front of you and looked down. It was scary albeit beautiful, the city lights shone and it felt as though you were on top of the world. You were just about to reach for your phone to snap a picture, when you felt a hand grab onto your wrist delicately.

“Come on babe, we don’t have time to muck about this is serious.” Minseok looked down at you. He was right, you were clearly here for some urgent and serious business, sighing you let him drag you through a tall heavy door that Tao was standing in front of to keep open for you. You nodded at him and walked inside the conference room. You eyes widened as you marvelled at the sight in front of you. If you thought your board room was a “board” then you were sadly mistaken, this room was huge. The interior was plain; white with bit of navy and black around, but it was beautiful nonetheless.
Junmyeon’s brother already sat at the head of the table, waiting expectantly for all to sit down with arms crossed on the table, his face painted with a frown. You realised that each seat at the table had a small microphone and set of earphones, since the room was so big you were guessing it aided in hearing what other people were trying to say. Although you didn’t necessarily need it because you had all squashed together near the far end of the table, you put the earphones in regardless. Minseok frowned at you, swatting your hand but you didn’t care you continued to be playful anyway. Clearly whatever was happening here wasn’t good and you were going to leave here with bad news so why not have your cake and eat it too.

“So.” Junmyeon’s brother cleared his throat staring around the table, He brought a yellow coloured folder out from underneath the table and passed it around to Tao who was sat next to him. “All of a sudden Red’s statistics have been rocketing up again in the past 2 months or so. At first me and my private team thought it was a glitch on our half with calculations but no, it’s true. Maybe they’ve been doing private trades with other underground squads, I really have no clue. But Red Corp is as healthy as ever. Which begs the question Junmyeon, how the fuck is that possible?”
His brother slammed his hand down on the table, making you jump as the sound was amplified through the earphones. He was breathing in and out, his chest was heaving up and down heavily.
Junmyeon looked like a deer caught in headlights, he was beginning to panic and you could see it on his face. You could only imagine the amount of stress he faced trying to keep his brother pleased.

“I- I don’t know. We killed Red.” He was playing nervously with his fingers again, keeping his eyes on the table ahead of him; it was as though he was too scared to look up at his brother.

“Could it be Luhan then? He mentioned something when he kidnapped me, but I don’t even remember clearly now.” Minseok said, frowning heavily.

Junmyeon’s brother rolled his eyes, leaning back in his seat.

“Great, so we have a gaping loophole in all of this. Shit! You need to do a better job Myeon.”

“We’re doing all we can Senior I –”

“WELL ALL YOU CAN IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH JUNMYEON!” His brother roared across the table, slamming his hands down, making you and Yuna jump in your seats. She quickly grabbed for Junmyeon’s hand in an attempt to comfort him, you had noticed his eyes glazed over. But he refused to let the tears drop. You felt awful for him, His brother was cold-hearted and he was humiliating him in front of his whole squad. How did he expect the boys to respect Junmyeon when he was treating him this way?
“You know how dangerous those substances are Junmyeon! You fucking know this! Look what it did to our family, to everyone sitting around this table! Get your act together boy!” He scolded Junmyeon as if he was a 5 year old child making him feel smaller. He sighed running a hand through his hair in frustration and turned his attention to Minseok who was now in possession of the folder.
“Apparently The Red Corporation company name is being rebranded to Hanul. That’s all we’ve managed to obtain so far.” He pointed at the sheets laid out ahead of Minseok. You watched Minseok’s face intently as he began to squint at the papers.

“Oh shit. It is Luhan. Hanul has to be an anagram of his name. He’s picked up Red again.”
Your eyes widened, not exactly out of shock because you were sure that you were expecting it to be Luhan in the first place, but just at the fact that now this situation was actually becoming real. The room was silent for a moment eyes darting around the room. The sheets were continuously being passed around the large rectangular table, until they had reached Kyungsoo.

“Well he couldn’t have been acting alone. These figures are way too huge; he must’ve gotten some inside help. Especially since he’s levelled with our figures so perfectly.” He frowned looking at the charts and statistics. You all began to look up and turn your heads slowly.

“I’m telling you now, if any of you turn around to look at me, I won’t be responsible for my own actions.” Tao huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. You looked down at the table quickly again because admittedly he was who you were going to look at.
Why was Luhan going through all of this trouble? Fair enough he wanted you dead, but why was he so hungry for money and power.

Junmyeon’s brother got up from where he was sat at the table staring down at Junmyeon in what seemed to be disgust. Why was he so hard on him?

“Wow, even your men are doing a better job than you are. You can’t even stay on top of things. Maybe I should put him in charge.” He pointed at Minseok with his index finger. Your heart began beating rapidly, you squeezed Minseok’s thigh under the table. You didn’t want Minseok to be the leader of the pack; life was already stressful as it was. But he lowered his hand again.

“Do a better job Myeon! Otherwise I’ll be forced to take action and God knows I don’t want to treat you in a way that isn’t fit for one sibling to treat another. Do you understand?”

Junmyeon nodded his head, keeping his eyes on his hands that were shaking in front of him on the table.

“You were born with a tongue Junmyeon, learn to fucking use it! Do you understand!?” He walked up to Junmyeon and slapped him hard across the face, leaving a bright red hand print behind. Junmyeon winced at the pain, but finally looked up at his brother’s face for the first time in the room that night.

“I understand Senior Kim.”

His brother scoffed rolling his eyes he shook his head.

“Get out of my building.” He turned on his heel walking out of the room, the door banging loudly behind him. You looked at Junmyeon with concern who was being cradled by Yuna.

“It’s okay sweetie, he’s just angry. Just ignore him okay.” She mumbled, rubbing his cheek.

Poor Junmyeon.

Minseok’s P.O.V

He was sitting with Junmyeon in the living room; just the two of them and admittedly it was quite awkward.

“So how’s married life?” Minseok coughed, clearing his throat.

“Mmm you know, the usual. A few arguments here and there, but overall I’m just trying to keep her loved. She means the world to me, but you know how wives are.” He looked down at Minseok’s ring on his left hand and smiled subtly. It was silent for a second or two more, still a little bit awkward despite the conversation which Minseok was trying to spark. Minseok let out a breath and rested his arm on the younger males shoulder.

“Look, Junmyeon. What Senior said was not true you know that don’t you? You’re a great leader. You always have been.”

Junmyeon scoffed sarcastically, stirring in his seat.

“No I’m not. I’m crap, absolutely lousy. You don’t have to sugar coat any of this Minseok, I know I’m not particularly your cup of tea anyway.” It was silent for a beat. Minseok rolled his eyes finally and began to speak up.

“You brought this up before I ‘died’ and then you hesitated to say something at my ‘funeral’ because you convinced yourself I wouldn’t appreciate it. You need to clear this up for me, where has this come from? You thinking I’m not fond of you.”

“That’s because you don’t like me Minseok! At least…you’ve never really shown it. I don’t boss you about because I want to. I hate what I do; I don’t find my life fun. But I have no choice.” He pointed at the red mark on his cheek.
Minseok frowned, shaking his head still confused at what Junmyeon had to say.

“Junmyeon I don’t hate you and I never have done! You’ve looked after all of us so well. Do you think we’d all be alive if you hadn’t? Goodness me Myeon we would never have made it this far if you hadn’t. Yeah I’ve been angry with you in the past, but we’ve all been angry with each other Junmyeon. That’s how a family works! Brothers fight don’t they? I admire your strength Junmyeon, pretending everything is okay when it never is and now you have to be strong for your wife. It amazing, if I had just half the amount of courage as you do, then I would be a great man. Come here Junmyeon.” Minseok sighed, pulling Junmyeon’s head into his chest.
Junmyeon began crying silent tears now, allowing all of the pent up anger and emotions to flow down his cheeks, his breathing was erratic and heavy.
“We’re all here for you Junmyeon and not just us men but you have Yuna and Y/N. Y/N never stops talking about what a great man you are. I love you like a brother Junmyeon okay?” He kissed the top of his forehead.

“And don’t worry we’ll catch out this traitor even if it’s the last thing we do.”

EXO Reaction to having a competitive kind of friendship with you

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*Kinda does things on purpose just to see your reaction* “I can’t help it… I’m falling… she never gives up, I adore her.”


*Always having drawing competitions at 2 am* “This time I will win! And I will get that kiss you owe me!”


*Always messing around with you but in reality all he wants is to be more than friends* “I’m not letting you go now, you are trapped, here in my arms”


*Always pretends to be upset because he lost so you would comfort him*


*He kinda does everything he can just to get your attention, not exactly compete with you* “She’s my best friend.. and my soulmate… we belong together”


“You might be able to eat more cake than me… but I can eat something else…” *Naughty naughty*


*Always everything he can to win or just to distract you* “Kekekeke this is fun… only with her I can truly be myself”


“If I win… you give me a kiss! If you win… I’ll give you a kiss!”


*Being close is not just what you guys are, you look like made to be together, like soulmates* 


*You take out that part of him that no one has ever seen* “I think I’m slowly falling in love with her… I don’t know what she has but… I can’t stop being like this when she’s around… who is this girl and what has she done to me?”


*He just loves it when you get competitive* “Look at you.. I love when you frown like that, you are so cute. Just for that you win this round”


*You might compete a lot but in reality you two have that kind of friendship everyone wants, you are friendship goals and sometimes people even think you are dating* “Not gonna lie.. I don’t know what I would do without you…”

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Good Girl Ch 23: Night Out With Jihyo

“No,” Yoongi deadpans, answering Jihyo on my behalf.

“I’m not asking you,” She glares at our oppa.

“I’m just giving you the answer that you are going to receive from all twelve men. They would rather saw off their own foots before they hand Joo-ya over to you.”

She huffs cutely, looking to me for help, “Joojoo, you want to go out right?”

I sigh, debating on whether or not lying would do anything for me, knowing Jihyo she would twist it around so that it was my idea in the first place. I nod, “I want to go.”

“Great you convinced Joo noona, now you have all our hyungs,” Kookie teases.

“Why are those bastards so strict, you guys get to see her outside of school but god forbid me to see her at school half the time?”

“Maybe because the last time you guys went out, you ended up in a club that had to close because of a shoot out,” Hoseok reminds her.

“Because of that night they got to meet her, they should be grateful,” She snaps back.

“Please tell them that,” Namjoon laughs.

“Fine.” She stands up from her seat, a determined look on her face, that never ends with something good.

“Fine what?” I question, standing up with her.

“I’m going to go tell them that they owe me one night out with you. It has been two months since you’ve lived those bastards and I want my Joo back.” She huffs as she charges away from the table towards the hall. I wave to our oppas and dongseangs before following her out of the lounge. She is quietly plotting in her head, I feel kind of terrified for whoever she is in search of, Jihyo is not someone I would want to be on the wrong side of. But as she heads to Suho’s office I begin to fear for myself at the battle that could happen. I block the doors with my body, being dramatic as possible hoping to crack the bitch face she is wearing, but no luck.

“Ji-ya please don’t start a fight with our headmaster,” I beg.

“No Joo, I’m tired of them getting all of your time and attention, I get you for three hours five days out of the week and we are in class at the time so it doesn’t count,” I want to laugh at how she argued the same as I do with my daddies.

The door behind me busts open to reveal six of my daddies; five are wearing the uniform while Suho is looking wonderful in a three-piece suit. They beam at me at first, that is until they see Jihyo glaring at them behind me.

“What is going on?” Chanyeol questions as he comes over to kiss the top of my head.

“I’m here to speak with the headmaster,” Jihyo walks past Chanyeol, she grabs my hand to drag me away from the, now angry, giant. She makes me sit in one of the two chairs in front of Suho’s desk while she sits in the other, completely ignoring the six men glaring at her.

“Is everything okay Joo-ya?” Kyungsoo questions coming to my side to give me a once over. I nod, giving him a small smile, my anxiety begins rising as the others gather around the desk, Suho is in his seat scanning me as well.

“I’m here to talk about Jooyoung getting out for a night. Since you are her guardian while she’s in school I wanted to ask you to please approve my request,” Her politeness towards Suho calms me slightly.

“May I ask what you would be doing during this night out?” Suho asks as he mindlessly plays with a pen, his eyes are focused on an unwavering Jihyo. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy Jihyo’s ice princess mood, where even six glaring gangsters can’t make her face falter.

“I want to celebrate her upcoming birthday, but since I’ve been told a dozen times by my friends that she would be busy that day I want to do it next weekend. We are going to get dressed up and go to dinner.” I try no to laugh at the bullshit coming out of her mouth.

“She already has plans next weekend,” Suho tells us. I raise a brow at him, I was not aware of this. He notices my confusion, “Since your normal appointment with Mr. Jiyong happens to fall on your birthday we discussed it so that we get you on your birthday and he gets you the whole weekend,” I can tell he’s annoyed with the last put but I can’t help but laugh, making every face in the room soften.

“Suho oppa, please, how about just for tonight. You guys can drop me off at her house and pick me up in the morning, no big deal,” I give him my best aegyo that always makes the cute man cave.

“Can you bring Kai and Sehun along at least?” Suho bargains.

“No,” Jihyo and I say together, earning frowns from the men.


“Because we can’t be ourselves with those two creeping over Joo’s shoulder,” Ji glares at the two boys on my right.

“I’m actually going to agree with Jihyo on this guys, I’m sorry,” I give them an apologetic smile.

“What about Jin and his boys?” Tao suggests.

Jihyo crosses her arms over her chest, “They are sitting at a different table.”

“Are you guys seriously letting me go?” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised.

“Are you really that surprised?” Kyungsoo chuckles at the sight of my wide eyes.

“You go out every Tuesday with Mr. Kwon, Miss. Jihyo is a much safer option. Plus you’ve been doing really well in school, and you have been really well behaved. You deserve it,” Suho’s smile warms me.

“I don’t thing the other hyungs are going to agree,” Sehun looks somewhat apologetic.

“How about you go home with Miss. Jihyo and we will deal with the others, okay?” Suho’s kindness is starting to throw me off, something is up but I can’t talk about it now with Jihyo beaming at me.

“You and the others made it sound like they keep locked in there like a prison,” Jihyo laughs.

The men raise their brow at me, I glare at the stupid girl, “I do not, they’re strict. At least they usually are.” I scan each man, noticing how tense they are I decide it’s none of my business, especially since it probably has to do with their business. “Thank you guys, I guess I’ll be borrowing Jihyo’s clothes tonight.”

“I have an outfit picked out for you anyway,” Jihyo jumps to her feet, already excited about tonight. “And it’s not like we wear pajamas to sleep anyway, too hot.”

Again I feel all eyes on me, “Okay, Jihyo since we got what we wanted we should go before the boys start to worry.” I jump to my feet and begin pulling the smiling girl behind me, I shove her out first before looking over my shoulder to blow a kiss to my daddies and mouth I love you. They catch my kiss, Jihyo pulls me out of the room right after, not giving me the chance to hear it back from them.

“That was a lot easier than expected,” I think out loud to myself.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I chuckle as we stand outside the restaurant that has become my weekly regular.

“What, have you been here before?” Jihyo hands her keys off to the valet who bows deeply to me, Jihyo is obviously confused at the sudden movement. I quickly pull her along, entering the lobby with our arms hooked. It feels weird being there with the hushed conversations of strangers and the hustle and bustle of more than one server. There are women in beautiful dresses and men in neat suits, I’m grateful Jihyo had picked out a simple black dress to match the jewelry I refused to take off. We walk up to the pretty young hostess who is staring down at her reservation list, glancing at the line of fancy customers I can’t imagine it’s easy to get a reservation here.

“Table for Song Jihyo,” My friend says with the utmost confidence in her name.

Without looking up the woman says, “We had issues with reservations so please take a seat, we will call you when a table is ready.” Jihyo has never looked so offended, I could see the fire burning in her eyes as she prepares to snap back.

I step in, “How about a table for Kim Jooyoung?” The girl’s head snaps up to stare at me in aw and horror.

“I’m so sorry Miss. Kim, please come this way.” She automatically scoops up two menus and leads a dumbstruck Jihyo and I into the main dining room. I’m happy to be set at my usual table that is the only open table in the whole restaurant. Jihyo sits across from me, still confused, the pretty girl sets down the menus before bowing deeply and scampering away.

“What the hell?” She breathes after a few minutes.

“You know the Mr. Kwon I have appointments with every Tuesday?”

She nods.

“He owns the place. We come here every week for dinner.”

“How the hell?” She huffs cutely. “Is that the reasons the boys said they would meet us after dinner?”

I shrug, “Probably, they are close with my oppas and my oppas are not a fan of Mr. Kwon.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting Miss. Jooyoung,” Junhoe, the waiter from my first night here, beams at me. He has been here every time Jiyong and I have come and has become somewhat of an acquaintance. In his hands is my favorite bottle of whine from Jiyong’s stash in the back just for us, two-glass limit for me.

“Oh no Junhoe, that’s not for us, Oppa wouldn’t want me to drink it without him. Could we have something else?” I feel bad turning it down but I feel worse doing it without Jiyong.

“Are you sure?”

I nod, “Some other kind would be great.”

“I’ll be back.” The blonde giant rushes off to find something else.

“Does he know how old we are?” Jihyo watches the man go.

I shrug, “They never asked so I think it’s kind of a don’t ask questions thing. Since my oppa doesn’t mind, they shouldn’t.”

“You have all the connections now, I’m jealous,” She teases.

“It’s fun to be the top dog for once,” We laugh, but our joking is cut short by my phone buzzing on the table. Looking down I see a text from Jiyong.

Take the wine.

Love, Oppa

P.S. Happy early birthday!

P.P.S. You look so beautiful

I chuckle at the message but pause for a minute before scanning the restaurant, only to come up empty. Junhoe returns with the same bottle in hand, horror on the poor man’s face.

“I must insist on the wine,” He basically begs.

“We will take the wine, sorry for troubling you,” I hold out my glass that he happily accepts. Jihyo watches him with predator like eyes as he fills her glass, setting it down in front of her once he is done.

“And for dinner?” He smiles at us.

“I haven’t had the chance to look,” I watch Jihyo as she does her little flirty thing as I scan the menu myself.

“I’m your personal server so if you need any suggestions I’m here to help.”

“Oh my, who are you screwing to get such amazing treatment?” Jihyo whispers as Junhoe goes back to the kitchen.

“Jiyong oppa is a really good friend, he reminds me of you,” I swat at her.

She grins, “Me? Oh my, please jump on that, if not, let me do it. I doubt he would go for me. Every single one of your oppas avoids me like the plague, it’s very insulting. But what makes you think of me when you see him?”

I laugh at the thought, “He likes to buy me things no matter how many times I tell him no. He likes making my oppas jealous. A constant flirt. You both love the fabulous things in life. There are no secrets between us, Jiyong answers any question I ask him. Your personalities are just so a like it freaks me out some times.”

“Has he offered to runaway with you to Paris? If so, I will fight him on it.”

“I stopped that idea before he could even think about it.”

She laughs, “I’m happy you have been able to become such a social butterfly. To think you used to only talk to me and the boys, now you have a line of suitors fighting to get your attention.”

“They aren’t really fighting.” I laugh awkwardly.

“What are you getting?” She mindlessly changes the subject as she scans the menu.

“I don’t know, I usually get the steak but I’m feeling daring.”

“Should we just let them pick?”

I nod, waving Junhoe over when the nervous boy sticks his head out of the kitchen doors. “We decided to let the chef pick.”

I don’t know why but this seems to make him nervous, “Are you sure? I can suggest something, maybe narrow down your options.”

“Are you afraid we won’t like it and complain to your boss?” Jihyo can automatically tell what is wrong with him.

The boy stares at the ground nervously, “Yes.”

I sigh, pulling out my phone I dial Jiyong’s number, he picks up on the second ring, “Who do I need to kill?”

I laugh, “I didn’t know I needed to prepare that list, give me a couple days to get back to you with that.”

“What can I do for my beautiful Joo?”

“I was wondering what suggestions you have.”

“Is Junhoe giving you bad service?”

“No, no, of course not, he is very wonderful and patient, I just feel bad making the poor man nervous.” I give Junhoe an apologetic smile. “And since I don’t want anyone else being blamed for bad food I figured I would call the boss.”

“Option 7.”

“I’ll trust you.”

“Have fun on your night out. I really like that dress, you should bring it along next week.”

“How do you know what I look like?” I scan the restaurant again.

“Look up and to your left.” Following his directions I see a camera hooked to the ceiling. “Wave.”

I laugh waving to the camera, “Thank you for the suggestion, now get back to work. I’ll see you next week.” I hang up before looking back at a dumbstruck Junhoe.

“No matter how many times I see you talking to him it is always so strange,” He says without thinking.

“Is he really that cold normally?” Jihyo barely understands what’s going on.

Junhoe and I both nod, “Mr. Kwon is a scary man. Unless he’s talking to Miss. Jooyoung, then he becomes a completely different person.”

“I tend to do that to people. Jiyong oppa said option 7.” Junhoe nods before returning to the kitchen.

“I wonder if he’s single,” Jihyo wonders.

“I can ask Junhoe when he comes back if you are that interested.”

She shakes her head, “I mean Jiyong. He does all this stuff for you, you guys talk so casually, is he your boyfriend?”

“No, just a friend. Like I said, a male version of you.”

She doesn’t seem to buy it, “You love me, so how could you not want to date the male version of me?”

I sip my wine as I try my best to ignore her question. Jiyong is not part of that group, at least I don’t think he is. As I try to figure out whether or not I should consider him an actual suitor or just a friendly flirt our food arrives. But even with a subject change and delicious food in front of me I can’t seem to get my mind off the gangster.


“This wasn’t part of the plan Ji,” I groan as I’m dragged into the mansion that belongs to one of our classmates. The tall beauty looks back at me and beams.

“You didn’t expect me to tell them we were going to a party, did you?” With her hand still latched to mine I have no choice but to follow her threw the crowd of drunken teenagers. God I hate parties, filled with nothing buy snotty rich kids I feel out of place. “We’ll get a few drinks in you and things will be fine.”

“I’m already buzzed, I don’t think I need anymore. How about you go have fun and dance, I’m going to call the boys to come find us?” I try to shake her hand away with no luck.

“We are partying together, we are going to drink, dance, possibly make out, who knows, anything is possible.”

We find the drinks table that is filled with all kinds of expensive liquor that kids probably stole from the their careless parents or had an employee buy for them. I stupidly let Jihyo mix my drink while I stare at the beautiful house that is getting destroyed. It feels like a club with the flashing lights and the crazy bass that makes me tremble, there is a massive amount of bodies that are grinding together on the dance floor. I’m reminded of the last time I went out with Jihyo two months ago where we got shot at and I found my daddies. And as much as I love the situation I’m in with them, I would prefer not to add another guys to my list of mafia related friends or I guess boyfriends when I comes to my daddies.

She hands me the red cup filled with some blue horrible smelling liquid and I already want to throw up after one sip. Again, she grabs my hand and leads me away towards the dance floor. Thankfully we stopped at her house to change into something less formal, I found myself in a familiar leather skirt and crop top. My eyes scan the mansion for any sign of my daddies, figuring they could send Kai or Sehun to follow me but I would definitely know if they were here. There would be screaming or fainting girls at the sight of them outside of school which is apparently the rarest thing imaginable that this school. But once I think about it, it makes sense since they spend all of their free time at home with their brothers and me.

“Ya!” Jihyo yells bringing me out of my mind. “Dance, stop standing there like a deer in headlights.” She grabs my hips and begins moving them for me, making me realize she has already downed her toxic drink and is most likely feeling it. Great, guess we’re stuck here since I already know I can’t drive. She gives me her puppy dog eyes that give me no choice but to move my hips to the music. Of course she constantly encourages me to drink, not wanting to be alone in her drunkenness, and leave me alone in my sobriety. After about an hour my drink has been emptied and refilled three times, my feet hurt in my heels, Jihyo is a giggling mess, and I think we’re ready to go home.

“Oppa, oppa, oppa,” I sing to myself as I pull out my phone to call someone.

“Joo-ya, where are you?” Yoongi demands right when he picks up.

“Oppa! Why don’t you sound happy to hear from me?” I whine.

There is a brief pause before Jin comes on to the phone, “Joojoo, where are you?” He coos cutely.

“I’m not 100 percent sure, I asked Jihyo and she didn’t know, she just knew where the party was.”

“Okay, give us one second,” Again there is a pause of shushed talking and buttons being pressed. A few minutes pass of Jihyo and I mindlessly swaying to the music, beginning to feel tired. “We found you, now just go to the front door to wait for us.”

“Okay,” I sing before hanging up. “Come on my love,” I begin dragging Jihyo threw the party of already incredibly drunk teens, though I have no room to judge. I’m proud of myself for being able to stand at the point, especially with how sleepy I am.  We sit down in the foyer on the last few steps of the grand stair case since it’s still pretty cold out. Her head is on my shoulder, our hands our locked together as we wait. Even with the booming bass coming from behind us, I feel extremely peaceful right now, happy that Jihyo didn’t abandon me for once at one of these things.

“I’m sorry I dragged you here,” She slurs half asleep.

“I had fun actually, you are a lot more fun at these when you don’t wander away,” I tease.

“Ugh, I’m such a bad friend. I’m sorry I’ve been such a shitty friend.”

“You aren’t a shitty friend.”

She scoffs, “I have a bad habit of picking fuck boys over you, I have abandoned you at so many parties, I’m rude, and mean.”

“And you always come when I need you. You can tell the second I’m upset and try to fix it. You protect me from all the bitches at school who are jealous that Kai and Sehun are always around me. You can be a bitch sometimes, yes, but when it comes down to it, if I need you to drop what you’re doing and come rushing to me, you will. If I need an organ you would give me yours or find someone who matches me and make them do it.”

She busts out laughing at that, “I love you Joo.”

“I love you too Ji.” We sit there for a little longer, just enjoying each other’s presence, something we haven’t been able to do for a long time, when some guy comes over to us, setting my alarms off the moment he gives me a drunken smile.

“Hey there ladies, you look like you need someplace to crash, there are plenty of bedrooms upstairs. I could show you,” His drunken flirtation only annoys my little side.

“No thank you, we’re waiting for our friend,” I do my best to sound polite.

“Come on, I can show you a good time,” He purrs leaning on the stairs railing.

My tone is firmer this time, “We are waiting to go home with our friends, no thank you.”

He huffs, “This bitch is supposed to be easy, if you don’t wanna go, I’m at least taking her.” He reaches for Jihyo but I slap his hand away.

“Ya! You leave her alone!”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” He snaps.

Before I snap back with a bitchy response alarms begin screaming, not the ones in my head but actual police sirens. I don’t have time to fully understand what is going on when people start scrambling to leave or hide. The bastard who was hitting on us scatters as well. Jihyo is too out of it to even sit up fully as police officers begin flooding the mansion in their full gear. I just groan, not even caring enough at this point to get up until two officers stopped to help us up. That wakes Jihyo up, once she realizes we have been detached from each other she gets a little crazy.

“Where are you taking us?” She growls.

“The station until your parents can come get you,” The woman officer responds. We are placed in the back of a police car with some other girl before being driven away from the house.

“Joo,” Jihyo attempts at whispering, “My parents are out of town this week. Can you call yours?”

“Mine are off moving my sister.”

“What about your hot roommates? They can do it right? Call them!”


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if you're still doing the top 5 thing, top 5 taohun moments?

ofc !

sehun kissing tao’s cheek

and tao GASPING!!!

this ✨

djkd sehun trying to calm over excited tao down

holding hands backstage~~

tao being an entire prince and kissing sehun’s injured hand

wait taohun are too good;;

tao screwing the matching bracelet onto sehun himself

the entire period of time where tao was significantly taller than sehun dsjdjsd

sehun smelling tao’s jacket when it was passed to him n nuzzling at his neck

when they were sitting opposite ends of the stage and flirting

tao wiping sehun’s tears like an Actual hyung

tao kissing a plushie, pressing it to sehun’s face, making sehun kiss the plushie, pressing it to his own face


a whole sehun jumping into tao’s arms

(+ tao still using a taohun sticker on his luggage 


Classic Sesame Street, Visiting New Mexico, 1975. (x)

In the scene Maria confesses to Buffy that she’s worried about intruding in the community, or making a mistake. It must be easier for Buffy, because these are her people she says but Buffy explains that she’s a Cree Indian, from Canada and that there’s over 300 different kinds of Native Americans, all with their own languages and customs. They’re all visitors together. Buffy introduces Maria and Big Bird to her friends. Big Bird instantly makes friends with the kids.

Half Of You

“Is Mama okay?”

Tao looked down at the bright eyed little girl who looked up to him for answers. “Of course Mama is fine.” His daughter, at the tender age of five didn’t understand what check-ups were. In her mind going to the doctor was bad and meant you were sick.

“Then why did you say she wasn’t looking good?” The little girl hoped out of her seat and began walking around the waiting room worrying for her mother.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 17: Pick and Choose

Sorry they are not able to make it out of the house tonight but maybe tomorrow night! Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know how you feel about it!

“I’m fine, really,” I give them a big smile, only half lying but we can all hear my stomach gurgling.

“Little wolf I am so sorry,” Luhan squeezes my hand.

“Hyung, I told it’s fine, I’m fine! I’ve even bad things in the forest many times, I have a strong stomach.”

Kyungsoo grumbles curses under his breath by the stove. He is still fuming with anger, which is why Chanyeol and Luhan are basically hiding behind me to hopefully avoid the youngers’ wrath. I notice that for some reason they find him more terrifying than some of the older boys. Kyungsoo, Minseok, and obviously Kris are the top dogs here. They seem to be able to insight fear into the others with a single look. But they are actually some of the few I find almost absolute comfort with.

“Who pissed Hyung off so early this morning?” Jongin yawns as he joins us in the kitchen. He is the only one that really worries me, his unpredictable personality keeps me on edge, along with the youngest, Sehun, but his mood swings seem to be less dramatic.

“Luhan cooked Insoo-ya breakfast,” Chanyeol explains, his large hand rubs circles on my back.

Jongin’s eyes go wide, “Really? Is she okay?” Him and the youngest wolf rush towards me, I jump back, falling off of my stool and into Chanyeol’s embrace.

“I’m fine,” I gulp standing on my own two feet and straighten my shoulders.

“Give it a few minutes, you will feel it,” Sehun grimaces.

“We are trying to avoid that,” Kyungsoo snaps, turning around with a slice of toast topped with a fried on a plate in his hand. “Here little wolf, eat this, be careful it’s hot.”

I accept the plate but hesitate returning to my seat with so many people hovering around it. Another joins our growing group, it’s Baekhyun, who just like Chanyeol, bounces into the room. He completely ignores his brothers and comes to me, though he is excited he learned his lesson and approaches me slowly. “Good morning little wolf, did you sleep well?”  

“Um, I slept well, I’m still not used to sleeping in a bed, so it’s strange, but nice.”

He nods, finally looking to his brothers who are standing less than a foot away. “There are way too many people,” He decides, grabbing my hand and pulling me around the island to stand near Kyungsoo.

I whisper a quiet thank you and slowly begin eating the food Kyungsoo so graciously made for me. They all watch me with small smiles, Kyungsoo strokes the top of my head, brushing my stray locks out of my face. I take this time to slyly look each of them over, taking in their black ripped jeans and sweatshirts. Than there is Kyungsoo who is wearing a nice gray sweater with a nice pair of jeans, I try to hide my smile behind my toast as I eye him up a bit more. So cute.

“Little wolf,” Minseok sing songs as he comes in, a small stack of clothes in his hands, “This is going to have to do. I found some of my older clothes from before I matured fully.”

“Those must be pretty old,” Baekhyun snickers.

The oldest pushes him out of the way and offers me a hand, “Come one little wolf, you are going to need to change.”

“She has a little left, give her a minute,” Kyungsoo swats the older’s hand away.

I shake my head and shove the last of it into my mouth, cheeks puffed out I take Minseok’s hand.

“Ya! Be careful!” Baekhyun cups my cheeks, “Spit it out! You could choke!”

I chew as fast as I can, trying to ignore the horrible faces I must be making, it only takes me a few seconds to swallow the massive bite and smile, “All done!”

“You seem to be in a rush,” Chanyeol chuckles.

“Luhan hyung is going to show me his car!”

“We are going into the city for the first time and you are excited about a car?” Baekhyun cocks his head with amusement.

“One step at a time,” I muse.

“Okay, lets get you ready than, come on before anyone else comes down for your attention.” Minseok pulls me past all his whining brothers and up the stairs. But there we find another, looking more stylish than his brothers, is Tao in leather pants and an interesting looking jacket with patches all over it. I find myself biting my lip at the sight of him, wow.

He beams at me, taking away a bit of his sexiness and replacing it with that cute smile, “Good morning little wolf!”

“Good morning Hyung, you look so handsome today,” I return his smile.

“How do I look?” Kris clears his throat at the top of the stairs.

I click my tongue, “Wow.” He fixes his tie that matches his all black suit that screams alpha.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” He confidently walks down the stairs, stopping next to me to place a soft kiss on my lips, stunning the two men around us. I enjoy the warmth that spreads through my body at the small intimate action, but the others obviously do not once the shock wears off and they suddenly snarl at their head alpha. Kris just chuckles, amused by their jealousy, “I will see you down stairs.”

Minseok continues to glare at his brother as he descends the stairs until I shake his arm, “Hyung, I thought we were rushing!” He snaps out of his daze and continues to walk me up the stairs but stops a moment later when he notices Tao stepping with us.

“I want to come too,” Tao decides.

Minseok raises his brows at him, “Really?”

“Insoo wants me to come, right?” The younger grabs my other and stares up at me with face too cute to say no to.

“Of course, but it is just going to me going in to the bathroom to change and me coming out.”

“That’s fine, I just want to come.”

Minseok huffs but continues to pull me up the stairs with Tao in tow. He leads me to his bedroom, the smell of coffee is all over the place. His amazing scent pulls me dipper into the room, for a brief moment I consider jumping into his bed, debating briefly if I would get in trouble but I stop myself. I let him lead me to his bathroom, he flips on the light and hands me his clothes before closing the door. I pull on the too big sweatpants and sweatshirt, feeling like a child in their clothing yet again. Looking in the mirror I grimace at the sight of me. How can they look at me with such sweet eyes when I constantly look like this? I shake my head, not even taking the time to wonder why, it’s the bond, that is all. I wash my face quickly before deciding I need to put my hair up but I have no pony tails.

“Hyung?” I call peeking my head out of the bathroom, finding them only a yard away from the door just waiting. “Holy shit!” I slam the door in surprise.

“Did you just curse?” Tao muses.

“Yea! You guys gave me a fucking heart attack! I’m going to fucking curse!” I snap with my cheeks puffed and my arms crossed over my chest.

“She just cursed at us,” Minseok chokes out before laughing. I open the door once again to find both of them on the floor this time, dying of laughter.

“Ya! It’s not funny!”

“It’s hilarious! You are so cute and here you are cursing at us,” Tao rolls back and forth on the floor.

I stomp pass them out of Minseok’s room into the hall and down the stairs. Half way down I see Jongdae reaching the bottom, he stops and looks over his shoulder at me, “Good morning Soo. Where are you coming from?”

“Minseok hyung’s room, he let me borrow some clothes so we can go out.”

He nods as he scans me, “And why the long face?”

“They laughed at me,” I pout.

His brow furrows, “What? Why would they do that?”

“Because I cursed at them.”

“You what?” His lips quirk up into a smile.

“They scared me and I cursed and they started laughing.”

I watch his face contort as he tries not to laugh himself, “I’m sorry but that would be adorable, I would imagine I would be chuckling too.”

“It’s not funny,” I deadpan.

He does his best to keep himself together, “You are right, I’m sorry Soo, would you like to walk to the kitchen with me? We should just be waiting on Hyung and Tao.”

I nod, “Hey Hyung.”


“Catch!” I suddenly jump at him, half expecting him to miss me but thankfully he catches me without hesitation. His arms wrap around me holding me tightly against his solid body. I can’t help myself from wrapping my arms around his neck holding his just as tight when his scent reaches my brain.

“You smell delicious,” He hums.

“You smell like anew book.”

He is thrown off by my response but not enough to pull away, he chuckles, “A new book? That’s exciting.”

“I like new books. Namjoon hyung got me a few after we were free, the thought they were the most amazing things in the world.” I smile, “Your scent makes me think of when we were first freed, it makes me so happy.” I snuggle deeper into his embrace, enjoying his warmth and the old memories his scent reminds me off.

“Why is everyone else allowed to touch you today?” Tao grumbles at the top of the stairs.

“Because I’m not being an ass,” Jongdae snaps back, still not letting me go.

Minseok snickers, “Since when are you not an ass?”

“Ya,” Tao tugs on Jongdae’s arms that are wrapped around me, “We need to go, let her go.”

“You guys go a head, I’m enjoying a moment with my mate.”

“That would have been me if you wouldn’t have tagged along,” Minseok kicks Tao’s leg before stomping away towards the kitchen. When both of them are gone Jongdae takes one more deep breath before pulling away to look at my face.

He cups my cheeks, his thumbs stroke them gently, “So beautiful,” He hums.

“I’m a complete mess still, I couldn’t even find a pony tail to get my hair somewhat under control,” I sigh resting my head against his chest. I jump when I feel him running his fingers through my hair but I don’t stop him. A moment later my hair is being pulled out of my face and into a nice bun on top of my head. I look up at him confused.

“I thought you might need one so I brought it just in case.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome,” He surprises me by leaning down a placing a soft kiss on my lips like Kris had done earlier. “Sorry but they were calling me,” He apologizes with no shame.

I bite my lip, “Well I guess thank you for answering.”

Red Opal (M)

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» tao x reader
» 2.1k
» anon asked: hihihi ♡ I love your writing so much (especially the smut ahaha). Can I please request a Tao smut? you can decide the plot and details c: Thank you, and I luv you :3
» warning: smut

“St— Tao! Stop staring at me like that!”

Your boyfriend, the strangely enticing boy who loved to stare at you, had a habit of watching you very closely in the mornings that he woke up first. Mostly he had to leave before you given his hectic schedule, so you never noticed this habit until you caught him one day and he thought nothing of it.

“Is there a problem?” Tao asks, raising an eyebrow at you. “Beautiful things catch my eye. When I see something beautiful I just have to stare at it to take in all its allure.”

You rolled your eyes, shoving his chest weakly and pulling a pillow over your face. “It’s rude to stare, idiot.”

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EXO react to you getting hurt because of beagle line hyjinks

Honestly this would happen

Sehun: *when he saw the beagle line and you sneaking around and laughing about some prank you were setting up for Suho, he didn’t think anything of it and left you to your own devices. But when he heard you shout and came rushing in to the kitchen to see you’d cut your finger, he got surprisingly angry at the guilty-looking beagle line. Even when you assured him you were fine and that it wasn’t even a deep cut, he nodded and helped you clean up your cut but stared down the three beagles the whole time*

Originally posted by exoturnback

Kai: *did not find it at all amusing when you fell back into the coffee table and bruised your leg. You and the beagle line had been playing video games very competitively, and when you lost you had sprung up from your seat in dramatic annoyance but Chanyeol had playfully pushed you causing you to lose your balance. After making sure you were okay, he gave Chanyeol a death stare and left the room with you in tow*

Tao: *you met him after practise, and since the boys were having a movie night you agreed to go to the dorm with them when they begged you to. Whilst walking to the dorm, you and Tao were too busy talking to notice Chen sneak up behind you and he stuck his leg out to trip you up. You stumbled forward but Tao caught your arm just in time, and you both turned around to see ChanBaekChen all laughing hysterically behind you. Even though you started laughing with them, Tao didn’t see the funny side, and gave them an annoyed look and started complaining that they could have hurt you*

D.O: *as he saw you running and sliding along the floor on fluffy socks with Baekhyun, he just stared knowingly. As expected, you slipped and landed on the floor and you and Baek erupted with laughter. He came out into the hall, saw you in a heap on the floor and Baek bent over laughing and he just stared for a while wondering why tf he lets you hang out with Baekhyun since something like this always happens. When you started wriggling on the floor like a turtle on its back you looked so pathetic he helped you up*

“Aish this was your own fault you know?”

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Chanyeol: *clingfilm in the doorway seemed like the perfect way to get back at Baekhyun for his little prank on Chanyeol last week, and when he asked you you were more than happy to help Chanyeol get revenge. As soon as the clingfilm was in place and you both were sure it was invisible, he ducked underneath to get out of the room, but you misjudged how low down it came and got a face full of plastic wrap when you followed him out, much to his amusement*

“At least we know it’s invisible now”

Chen: *although covering Kyungsoo’s entire room with sticky notes seemed like a good idea, and definitely looked cool, it wasn’t the such a good idea in hindsight. He got home with Sehun early and you and Chen looked at each other and panicked before sprinting from Kyungsoo’s room. In the process though, you tripped over a stray shoe and crashed into Chen, leaving you both in a giggling heap on the floor. When Kyungsoo and Sehun walked past to go to his room, they gave you two very confused stares - until Soo saw his room, and he came back into the hallway and yelled at you both*

Baekhyun: *the beagles were jumping on the beds in Chanbaek’s room, and Baekhyun pulled you up onto his bed with him. Whilst jumping though, you hit your head on the ceiling and fell down on the bed, cry-laughing. He leaned down to make sure you were okay and once you assured him you were, just about, he blew you lots of kisses and was adorable af - meanwhile the other  beagles barely noticed anything had happened*

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Lay: *was not amused when you fell on the sidewalk and scraped your knee because of Baekhyun’s ingenious idea to trip you up. You, Lay and a few others had gone out on a bubble tea mission (Sehun leading the pack ofc). You and Baek were laughing about something, which annoyed jealous Lay anyway. Then when you went flying to the floor and he saw Baekhyun’s leg sticking out, he spoke sharply to him and helped you up. If you didn’t already have ripped jeans, you do now since you cut a hole in them at both knees and pricks of blood spread across them and needless to say, Lay didn’t let you hang out with Baek for a long time afterwards*

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Suho: *he leaves the room for 5 minutes and comes rushing back when he hears you crying out. In an intense dance off with the Chensing machine you had turned your ankle at a funny angle, and even though it wasn’t Chen’s fault, Suho still stared at him angrily. Your ankle wasn’t twisted, and the pain soon went but he still insisted on taking you out of the room and away from the sheepish looking beagle line for your own safety*

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Kris: *was sitting on the couch stewing in annoyance since you and Chanyeol were having a “fight”, aka a bunch of weak slaps at each other’s arms. Feeling very jealous he looked down at his phone to ignore you but then he heard a smack and looked up to see you covering your face and Chanyeol looking worried asf. Kris got very scared when he saw blood around your nose, and jumped up to take you to the bathroom to clean it up, pushing off Chanyeol as he tried to comfort you and apologise*

Luhan: *being very competitive himself, he found it amusing when Chanyeol challenged you to a parkour competition. He smirked when you both ran to the stairs to see who could slide down the banister the fastest. With Chen timing on his phone, Chanyeol slid down the railing on that sweet-ass booty and after he landed at the bottom, you followed his lead - maybe with a bit too much enthusiasm. When you reached the bottom you went flying onto the floor, and Luhan ran down the stairs to see if you were okay. Once you sprung up from the floor laughing everyone else started laughing too, and it was decided that you won the parkour competition*

“My God, why are you so awkward?”

Xiumin: *somehow the beagle line had coaxed you into hiding behind Kai’s bedroom door with them with silly string ready to attack him with when he entered. However, none of you anticipated Kai completely freaking out and lashing out. When he walked into the room and turned the lights on and received not only four jumpscares but also a face-full of plastic string he jumped back and flailed his arms around - one of his hands smacking across your face. It didn’t hurt much, and Kai apologised hundreds of times afterwards, but honestly Xiumin just laughed with you and the others when you told them what had happened*

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Dating Tao would include

- every morning when u wake up, Tao won’t even kiss u until you’ve brushed your teeth, he don’t play that fictional good morning kiss lmao

- feeding him breakfast but then having to rub his belly for like 30 minutes after because he thought that he could eat 5 pancakes

- him dragging you to the mall, like you’re the one standing off to the side holding like 4 bags on each arm like Tao can we go please but he doesn’t even hear you, he’s in the other aisle trying to find his size in some sneakers

- he the type to take you to buy lingerie but then get all blushy when you come out in it, looking away like omg ur half naked in front of everyone what, he didn’t think it through

- having a group chat that consists of you, him, and Sehun. But you don’t go on it because every time you do they just start roasting you for no reason

- him giving you little kisses behind your ear while he brushed your hair back, playing with it while he just laid with you, telling you he loves you every 5 minutes

- the type to buy matching rings or watches for you both, he gets mad whenever u don’t wear it like how will ppl know u r my gf /:< and ur like Tao,….literally no one can know

- when he has to leave really early in the mornings he doesn’t want to wake you so he just tucks you in, makes sure you’re warm, and leaves you a letter and kisses you on the cheek (◕‿◕✿)

- he has this little weak spot behind his ear and you reach so you can bite at it whenever you’re feeling needy, but Tao probably already knows because he’s in tune to your body so well already

- secret dinners together at restaurants, using the menus to create a fort around your faces and Tao probably tries to pick off ur plate but u let him because he’s the love of ur life

- his dog liking you more than him probably, and he doesn’t get mad he kind of nods like “yeah, I like more than me too”

- his mom always asking for you whenever she calls Tao, always tells him to tell you that she loves you, probably doesn’t even say it to Tao and he’s like mom…wth

- dealing with him blasting his music in the car, he probably rolls the windows down while he’s going 90 mph and when you guys get to your destination he’s like woah, what happened to ur hair?

- trying to fix ur hair in the bathroom and then Tao sneaks in like “hey ;-)” and starts feeling you up and pressing you against the mirror and u push him back like not today, not now, I’m hideous

- him trying to teach you some martial arts just in case you ever need it, but you probably end up nailing him in the crotch with some nunchucks

- Tao trying to take a selfie with you literally like every half hour and you’re like Tao we look the same, wyd

- pet names left and right, one day you’re his honey bunny and the next day you’re his angel but here for it

- smacking your hand on his butt whenever he pulls an attitude with you, which is like a lot cause he always got one

- playing soft sad songs that come up on your playlist and you’re jamming but then you turn around and see Tao staring out the window wit a single tear running down his cheek

- “you ever…you ever think about how we’re all gonna die one day?”

- then you can’t handle emo Tao and put on some bops and tao’s mood did a 180 and he’s striking poses on ya bed

- wanting to hold his hand but he gets sweaty so easy and when you poke fun he won’t hold ya hand for like 15 mins but then he gives in because he loves u

- you love him too so you don’t even care that his hand sweat gets all over u

- Tao the type to see like, one rumor about himself online and call you like what! Is! This! Slander! And you’re like Tao, chill lmao

- watches videos of his own self and asks you what you think

- you’re tired of him, but you play along like, you’re like OMG who is that God of a man!!???? & he play blushes like Y/n stop it!!!!

- sometimes you catch him staring at you and he doesn’t can realize you’ve caught his ass until you’re like, hello Tao?

- “what? You had something on your face.”

- complains he always hungry n then when you try an feed him he act like he not

- doesn’t look it but is the type to eat all of your leftovers

- does this super cute thing that melts your heart, whenever he’s gone from you he’ll always take the time to find you an adorable postcard and write you a small little letter and send it to you, you collect them and look at them when you really miss him

- not giving him any wine past 8 because then he turns into drunk aunt and tries to challenge the neighbor to an arm wrestling match and you gotta shove him back inside like sorry!!! Excuse us!

- sometimes when you get sick he worries a lot, and drops everything so that he could feed you soup and assure you that you still look cute with snot crusted on your nose

- smelling like him usually because he is so goddamn extra with the cologne but you ain’t complaining cause he smells good

- when it’s cold he gives you his jackets and you’re like oh my thank u boo, but then he puts it on you and it weighs more than you and you’re struggling to stand up and when Tao looks at you you look up at him like a little ball of coat like help

- tao’s cold wandering night hands when you’re trying to sleep because you’re both cold but no one wants to get up to turn on the heater so tao’s like, hey I know another way we can keep warm

- making him lil treats that he bugs you about, like he leaves recipes around for you with smiley faces like can u please make me these

- Tao mocking you whenever you yell at him for doing some shit and when you catch him he just smiles at you like him n Chen just didn’t stick their tongues out at you

- your guys’ first date was skating together and you still don’t know why he chose it because he held onto the bar the entire time while you tried to help him up countless times from the floor

- he tried to be cute and romantic and pull you on top of him but you guys just bumped foreheads and you both had a bright ass red bump lmao

- swaddling him like a baby before bed and laughing at him try and get out while you take videos and he yells at you

- Tao trying to send you sexy pictures but you look closely and Sehun in the background grabbing his own ass in the mirror, kyungsoo lookin like the grudge sitting in the corner, why he send u this

- Christmas pictures with the puppy that Tao sets as his wallpaper lock screen frames it sends 8 copies to his mom

- letting him know how much he means to you and he he’s all sentimental because he loves you so much he didn’t think it was possible and everyday even if y'all annoy eachother there can be literally nothing that can separate you both because y'all are so heart eyes and it makes everyone else sick