Unguja - Tanzania

Unguja is the largest island in Zanzibar. Inland, the island is quite hilly, while on the coast, its famous beaches are characterised by white sandy beaches and clear blue water. The historic city, Stone Town, sits on the islands western coast. 

The beaches offer a wide range of activities, including snorkeling, beach volley ball, beach soccer, kite surfing, kayaking, or just relaxing in a hammock, drinking cocktails. 

Serengeti National Park - Tanzania 

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania sits right by the countries border with Kenya, joining up with Kenyas Maasai Mara National Park. This is one of the most important tourism circuits in Africa. First established in the 1920′s, the area was declared a national park in 1951, and covers 14,750 square kilometres of land. Over 500 different species of bird can be found here, and Africas 3 main big cat species, the Lion, the leopard, and the cheetah, are also abundant.  

The Serengeti is most famous for the annual migration. Over 1,000,000 wildebeest, 200,000 zebra, and 300,000 gazelle migrate across the land in search of better grazing. These animals must make it past many dangerous predators, such as crocodiles and other carnivores.