Climbed my first-ever 19,000+ ft. mountain. My knees hurt, I experienced mild altitude sickness, I have a huge and magnificent bruise on my ass from “skiing” down a scree slope, I might have cried a little bit on my toughest day. I also witnessed the most perfect sunset, spent six glorious days camping and backpacking in Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, challenged myself mentally and physically in ways I never have before, and made it to the summit of the roof of Africa. Worn out and in awe of this world and so damn happy.

Poaching Wars (2013) | In this clip: Anti-poaching guard Tumi Morema introduces his home + a puppy is cuddled and taken for a walk. While being cuddled. 🐾

If you haven’t seen Tom’s two-part documentary on the dark reality of elephant and rhino poaching in various African countries, it’s extremely worth seeking out. You can find it on Animal Planet Latin thru Sept. | also on daily motion and YouTube :)

🎬 Directed by: Ewen Thompson
🌍 Original airdate: Aug 2013 (ITV)
📋 Co-produced by Burning Bright and Hardy, Son & Baker


Hyena Cub by Sionnach Skye
Via Flickr:
Selous, Tanzania 2016


African Innovators:

Constantine Martin, Tanzania

Martin, a primary school leaver, who hails from Babati District in northern Tanzania has invented a simple and cost-effective machine that makes it easier to plant sesame seeds. The hand-pushed planting machine has been dubbed the ‘Coasta Planter’.

Sesame farming in Tanzania has traditionally been by hand, a tough, tedious and time consuming work where farmers dig individual holes a few centimetres deep for each seed, then go back and forth along their plots dropping seeds.  It also causes back pain.

He saw this gap and developed the technology now being adopted by many farmers.

Martin says: “Sesame is a drought-resistant crop and many farmers were encouraged to get into this kind of farming but the challenge was on how to plant the sesame seeds, which are very small.”


Lion Tattoo by Alesha Brown
Via Flickr:
Done at Peninsula Rose Tattoos.


DSCN2187 by David Bygott
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Hyena CU head Ngorongoro