Zimbabwean Style Blogger @diaryofsmurfdinkie wearing Tanya Nefertari downtown Harare

Photocred : @zashcraft

Bomber jacket : @tanyanefertari

Jeans : Mbare Flea Market

Shoes & Top : Copacabana Flea Market

Location : Cameron Street Harare Zimbabwe


Tisu Ngoda Dzacho x †Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† Unisex Horus Bomber Jacket

 Tisu Ngoda Dzacho is a Zimbabwe based lifestyle brand on a mission to share the hidden gems of Zimbabwean creative talent with the world. Working closely with @tanyanefertari, a Zimbabwean surface print & design label inspired by the abstract African roots of Art Deco, we’re proud to bring you the first of our fashion collaborations. 

 “The Eye of Horus is an ancient symbol of protection, royal power and good health.”

Shop: http://STORE.tnd.co.zw

Instagram: @tisungodadzacho