Exhaustion. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Your feet were unwillingly trudging you up the stairway. Your eyelids were heavy and your body was cold. You wanted nothing more than for your warm winter coat to heat you up until you made it into Joe’s apartment. Today had been quite a hectic day that you just wanted to be over.

Your day started at seven a.m., waking up to your beeping alarm clock that only allowed you three hours of sleep. Yourself and Joe had stayed up until four a.m. watching movies that consisted of comedy. It was something that you were still struggling to get your head around, even though you’ve been in a relationship with Joe for almost a year now. Joe could function on as little sleep as possible, but working from his flat seemed quite fair since he could doze off into slumber whenever he wanted. Unfortunately for you, it wasn’t that easy.

With your college classes, your job and your social life, you were barley finding enough time to think, let alone sleep. Now, especially since Joe has now settled into a comfortable routine of watching movies late at night, you were struggling to find time to even doze off for two minutes without being disturbed by Joe nudging you as he laughed along to the punch lines, thinking you were watching the film too.

As you victoriously made it to the front door of Joe’s flat, you were instantly greeted with the wafting smell of chicken stir fry. Not only were you greeted by the smell of chicken stir fry, but you were welcomed with the loud chatter among Joe’s friends Oli, Josh and his room mate Caspar. As soon as you shut the door, you could feel the heat from the flat instantly send a warm shiver up your spine.

“Hey Y/N!” The boys beamed at you, their eyes never leaving the television screen. You watched Joe suddenly super pass you, almost like a lightening flash. “Hey babe, how was your day?” Joe asked you with a wide grin, his hands pulling your body towards his so he could kiss your lips lightly.

You hummed quietly to his question, not exactly answering it while you took off your warm coat. Your sore feet pulled you to the kitchen table and you allowed yourself to take a seat before watching as Joe placed a bowl of chicken stir fry in front of you. You instantly felt your stomach churn from the smell of the food. The food was well prepared and cooked to its best, but you were in no mood to be eating.

“A drink for my girl.” Joe grinned, setting a glass of soda beside your bowl. “So babe how was-” Joe started as he began to pull out the chair beside you before he was easily distracted by Caspar.

“Quick! Joe! You have to watch the game for a second! Oli and Josh are tied! Who do you think will win!?” Caspar screeched, immediately grabbing Joe’s attention as he excused himself and ran to the sofa to see the commotion between the football game being played on TV.

You sighed to yourself and your thoughts, your fork picking at the diced up chicken before you pushed the bowl away and stood up slowly. You really were grateful for the meal, but today you felt so tired that you barley had enough energy to take the fork to your lips.

“Quick Oli! Get it! Get it!” Joe cheered loudly as you winced at the pain it caused to your throbbing head. You managed to make your way down the stairs of the apartment without falling asleep. You entered Joe’s room and sat down on the edge of the bed while taking off your shoes. You physically felt heavy and stiff. You were running on little sleep and little energy.

You were moody, cold and you just honestly wanted a cuddle, especially after the day you’ve had. You sighed hearing footsteps follow soon after yours, the bedroom door know creaking open and half of Joe’s face peeping in.

Your head slowly lifted up towards him in a tired motion making him walk into the room fully as he spoke softly. “Is everything alright love? Have I done something wrong? You didn’t touch your meal..” He spoke, while your hands rested in your lap and your eyes started to droop.

“Mhmm..I’m just really exhausted Joe. I just want to sleep..” You explained, your finger tips now slipping under your t-shirt as you tiredly began to pull it up. “Wait..” Joe tsked you. Suddenly you felt your hands being pulled away from your shirt that was now in the mid way of being pulled over your head. You heard Joe chuckle as a small giggle passed your lips. “I must look ridiculous.” You laughed from underneath your shirt as it covered your face. The both of you laughed at how silly you looked before you felt Joe’s fingertips now pull your shirt off of your head.

You gazed up into Joe’s warm and inviting eyes as he gently pressed a kiss to your forehead, his hands now taking up one of his t-shirts. Silently he motioned you to lift your arms up as he tugged the shirt down over your head and allowed it to fall down past your hips. Lightly he pulled you to your feet, his cool finger tips now pressing into the waistbands of your jeans as he started to push them down to your ankles and taking them off for you.

You smiled at his sweet actions and watched as he pulled out a pair of his boxers from his bedside drawer and gently placed your feet into the leg holes as he pulled the boxers up to your waist and smiled wrapping his arms around your waist.

“You know, I always say this but you never seem to do it. You should wear my clothes more often.” He whispered cheekily while pressing his forehead against yours. You felt your cheeks lightly glow pink from his words as a small smile grew on your lips.

“I’ll take your words into consideration..” You whispered, seeing Joe return the smile as he softly pressed a delicate kiss to your lips. Slowly Joe started to scoot you back against his bed as you fell back against the mattress and sighed in content at the comforting and plush feeling beneath you.

“How about you and I take a good ol’ rest?” Joe asked you quietly, his own hands now tugging his shirt over his head, leaving him in just his tracksuit bottoms. “I could really go for a cuddle too..” You whispered tiredly making Joe smile as he turned off the bedroom lights and took out his phone, sending a text to Caspar, telling him to bring the competitive football video game to Oli’s flat.

Upstairs you could hear the small groans from the unhappy boys making you giggle as you started to pat the space beside you. Joe happily tucked himself under the duvets and opened his arms wide for you. Quickly, you snuggled up against Joe’s bare chest and breathed out a quiet and happy sigh.

“You don’t know long I’ve waited just to sleep..” You explained, closing your heavy eyes while Joe pulled the warm blankets over you both and intertwined your legs together with his. “I really have no idea how I managed not to fall asleep in work. I went to the bathroom and I was so close to falling asleep while washing my hands..” You whispered, earning a quiet chuckle from Joe as your head nestled against the crook of his neck.

“You’re that sleep deprived?” Joe questioned, a playful smile on his lips as you lightly hit your hand against his chest. “As a matter of fact I am..I’m running on three hours of sleep since you decided that it would be great to watch movies until four in the morning..” You answered, tsking your boyfriend as he tightened his arms around you and molded your body against his so you could snuggle deeper against his chest if that was even possible.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Joe pouted, his head now sinking back against the pillows while you kept your head relaxed against the crook of his neck. “Because Joe…Even though its four in the morning and we should be sleeping..I love spending time with you and listening to you laugh at the super cheesy punch lines.” You grinned, lightly pressing a gentle kiss to the skin of Joe’s neck making him hum quietly.

“I like getting to do these types of things with you..I guess the sleep I haven’t had is just now catching up on me.” You nodded, allowing the darkness of the room wrap around you both. You could feel the gentle beating of Joe’s heart pressing to your hand that was rested on his chest. Your breathing matching in sync with his as you both rested into the warm mattress and allowed time to slow down.

“I love you so much Joe..I love you so much that I’d stay up until four a.m watching movies with you.” You whispered smiling, your smile continuing to grow as Joe slowly started to rub the small of your back with his warm hands and cuddle you into his body.

“And I love you more..I’ll love you more than you will ever know Ms. L/N. I love you so incredibly much. More than words can ever say and more than any love poem could express.” Joe whispered in your ear smoothly, his hands rubbing gentle circles on your skin while pressing a soft kiss to your temple.

You couldn’t help but feel your heart flutter at Joe’s words as your stomach started to grow fuzzy.

“No..I love you more…” You whispered, your mouth now opening wide as you started to yawn and allowed your pleading eyes to close shut and that’s when you allowed your dreams to overtake you as your body fell into a peaceful and deep slumber.

|Third Person’s Point Of View|

Joe parted his lips to declare how he loved Y/N more than she could ever love him but when he heard the quiet and gentle snore that left her lips, he couldn’t help but smile.

‘How did I get so lucky?’ He asked himself, as he softly scooted into her warmth and made sure that Y/N had plenty of blankets to cuddle into and keep her warm. Ever so lightly, Joe pushed his lips against her forehead and grinned in admiration as he watched his girlfriend sleep. He was fascinated by the way she would curl up into a small ball in his arms and slowly fall into sleep with parted lips. He loved to watch her rest and see the smile that would play on her lips from time to time. He also loved to just see the peaceful look on her face as she allowed her dreams to over take her. Dreams that Joe hoped he was in.

“I love you more Y/N..I love you more and I always will.” Joe whispered with a wide and happy grin as he slowly pressed a kiss to the tip of her nose making Y/N wiggle it around in her sleep. Joe chuckled at her cuteness before he nuzzled down beside her and held her close as he allowed himself to relax.

As Joe’s eyes grew heavier with slumber, Joe took one last glance at his sweet Y/N and smiled.

“I love you most of all.”


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