Youtubers & Their Signs
  • Aries:Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg
  • Taurus:Joey Graceffa, Louise Pentland, Finn & Jack Harries
  • Gemini:Dan Howell, Tanya Burr
  • Cancer:Shane Dawson, Mark Fischbach
  • Leo:GloZell, Bunny Meyer
  • Virgo:Joe Sugg, Connor Franta, Alfie Deyes, Anthony Padilla, Mamrie Hart
  • Libra:Grace Helbig, Lilly Singh, Jesse Wellens
  • Scorpio:Jenna Marbles, Emma Blackery, Colleen Ballinger, Felix Kjellberg, Hannah Hart
  • Sagittarius:Ian Hecox, Marcus Butler
  • Capricorn:King Russell, Jim Chapman
  • Aquarius:Phil Lester, Oli White
  • Pisces:Jeana Smith, Justine Ezarik

here’s to the people who never fail to make us smile. the people who never fail to make us laugh and feel loved. the people who can make us immediately happy. the people who brighten our days with just a click of a button. here’s the people who are like our second family. 

I just realized something

One day there will be no more Amazingphil
Tyler Oakley
Connor Franta
Troye Sivan
Tanya Burr
Jim Chapman
Hannah Hart
Grace Helbig
Mamrie Hart

There will be a goodbye video

There will be no more videos

There will be no more colabs

There will be no more gaming

So appreciate the videos they give us
Cause one day, they won’t happen again.


New Video: Ultimate Leg Waxing & Makeup Challenge (w/ Tanya Burr)

This was so painful… But was potentially my funniest collab to date! help it hurt less by clicking reblog x