tanya's sm memes

anonymous asked:

meme's are so 2007 and yours are so 2000 and please stop they're horrible

Wow Anon! Actually Memes have been here since 1976 and turn popular in the early 90’s so they are way older than 2007 dear. Also I do them because I love to do them. Also because I want to contribute something to this fandom because I can’t do amazing graphics or artwork. As first I was kind of scared of doing them because I thought my ideas would have been already done but I got over that fear and said “fuck it”. I don’t make them from anybody approval especially someone who is hiding under anon.  So if you don’t like them that’s fine but you think because you come to my inbox and criticized them is going to stop me from doing them? Oh Hell naw! So thank you anon for this message. You thought I was making alot of memes now. Just wait until I start back liveblogging and getting more screen caps. You have not seen nothing yet.  So you have a nice night. :-)