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They’ve been seriously shaken; their confidence is shattered. But, yet, I’m sure they’ll recover from the blow someday. And then, I imagine they’ll try to pick us off separately.

“I came here at Carlisle’s request, as the others, to witness,” he said. “That is certainly no longer necessary, with regard to the child. We all see what she is.

"I stayed to witness something else. You.” He jabbed his finger toward the wary vampires. “Two of you I know—Makenna, Charles—and I can see that many of you others are also wanderers, roamers like myself. Answering to none. Think carefully on what I tell you now.

“These ancient ones did not come here for justice as they told you. We suspected as much, and now it has been proved. They came, misled, but with a valid excuse for their action. Witness now as they seek flimsy excuses to continue their true mission. Witness them struggle to find a justification for their true purpose—to destroy this family here.”He gestured toward Carlisle and Tanya.

“The Volturi come to erase what they perceive as the competition. Perhaps, like me, you look at this clan’s golden eyes and marvel. They are difficult to understand, it’s true. But the ancient ones look and see something besides their strange choice. They see power.

“I have witnessed the bonds within this family—I say family and not coven. These strange golden-eyed ones deny their very natures. But in return have they found something worth even more, perhaps, than mere gratification of desire? I’ve made a little study of them in my time here, and it seems to me that intrinsic to this intense family binding—that which makes them possible at all—is the peaceful character of this life of sacrifice. There is no aggression here like we all saw in the large southern clans that grew and diminished so quickly in their wild feuds. There is no thought for domination. And Aro knows this better than I do.”

- Garrett , Breaking Dawn

the-haven-of-the-ink-bunny-deac  asked:

Why is Rosalie said to be the most beautiful if the Denali sisters are even more beautiful than her??

For me, personally, I think there can be no “most beautiful” because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So I’m sure Emmett thinks Rosalie is the most beautiful in the world, but that Sasha the Denali mother would have said her daughters were more beautiful. 

SM has this habit of ‘competitive” descriptions, though, were X is the most beautiful, X is more beautiful than A, B, C.  Y is as beautiful as B. All vampires are beautiful, but Rosalie, Heidi (Volturi) and Tanya (Denali) are considered especially beautiful even for vampires. 

I think Rosalie tends to get the ‘top spot’ (if such a thing exists) because beauty is her “enhanced trait.” It’s the thing about her that was enhanced from her human life. She was (supposedly) the most beautiful girl in New York state, and certainly the most beautiful girl in Rochester. So that beauty was intensified in the transformation. Heidi’s a little different in that while she is also crazy beautiful, her trait/power is about attraction. Her physical appearance is part of it, but it’s also a supernatural lure. Tanya’s trait isn’t mentioned, just that she is also beautiful. 

And then you have Bella, as a new mother, think Renesmee is the most beautiful thing in the world, more beautiful than even Edward. But that just might be maternal pride.