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When you see shit like this..

“ Usa and Mamo just knew each other for “ insert number here”weeks in the Manga. How can be in love with each other? They barely know each other!”

Maybe because their interactions with each other went from having a little flustered and suspicious tension to actually being cordial in manga when they start to understand each other missions for the Silver Crystal… They actually start to have convos with each other they didn’t end with someone crying or calling someone a jerk.Compared to the 90′s anime that could have been months and months of them acting like bitter enemies with little to no cordiality in the middle.. Then after the truth come out, it was like they are completely in love when two seconds ago that was at each other’s throats.. 

I still don’t understand why the 90′s anime went out it’s way to make Usa and Mamo dynamics in season 1 so antagonistic. Where in the Manga,they were never ever near that level at all. In the manga, he was sarcastic, suspicious and intrigued by her every time he bumped into her.( especially her talking to a cat) Not literally bullying a 14 year old girl like it was his first day of kindergarten. In the manga,she was flustered,suspicious and intrigued by him as well and trying to downplay this certain feelings she got when he’s around. Not throwing insults at him as way to defend herself because he just insulted her hair or grades…  Like how the hell they went to that extreme when it’s nowhere near the source material… 

  • * Dream Arc Confirmed for Sailor Moon Crystal*
  • Random Person: What are you most excited about?
  • The Fandom: OMG HELIOS!
  • The Fandom: THE AMAZON TRIO!
  • The Fandom: THE OUTERS FAMILY!
  • The Fandom: THE CORONATION!

Random thought before going to bed.

I don’t understand why people are under the notion that Rei Hino hated men in the manga.. Yeah she didn’t trust them which is understood with her dealing with her dad, Kaidou,and Jedeite but her hating them? Naw I just don’t see it. Just because you don’t trust guys cause your experience with them was very shitty doesn’t automatically mean you hate every last one of them. Some women do but some women don’t.

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[1/2] Can we just... talk about how, not only was that one kiss present in the 90s anime also (ep.22), but that the 90s anime went out of its way to portray it as purely romantic? Because, while I've argued before that in the manga that moment was *meant* to be questionable to an extent, since Mamoru was still in his "morally ambiguous phantom thief mode" (he sucks at pretending to be a bad guy, though), the 90s version deliberately switched the scenes around and changed the entire context.

[2/2] (Heck, the episode title was “Usagi’s first kiss”.) And in Act 6? Yeah, he kissed her again, and then… what? Brought her to his apartment? Well, where else he could’ve gone, dressed like Lupin, and with an unconscious girl in his arms? But look. He had this girl, who he clearly has a crush on, resting in his bed. And *all* he did was watch her until she woke up. Yeah, potential rapist all right. Yes, and THIS WAS ALL IN THE MANGA AS WELL. Takeuchi’s “life mission”, yeah… *headdesk*

That’s true.

Don’t forget the fact that Crystal actually took out her drinking the “juice” meaning that she really wasn’t impaired but people still want to bitch about it. 

I’m remember ranting about about act 6 when it come out because people wanted to bitch on that. Cause where else he could have went with her unconscious states without looking suspicious?

To the shrine but he’ll probably get roasted, froze or electrocuted before he even put her down probably to explain why.  That’s before they asked questions on why Usa was unconscious.

To the arcade but that would raise some serious questions from Motoki.

To her house but if Papa Ken was there, he would not made it out alive. Maybe if Mama open the door but it will still be a lot of questions.

To the hospital but taking her while she’s Sailor Moon would be very dangerous because she couldn’t de-transform there w/o people knowing her identity.

To the police stations but a mysterious masked man carrying an unconscious girl who looks to be only 14 to a the police? Yeah That is going to go very well….

Oh! He could have just left her there on the street for Zoi and the youma to find her.  Since Beryl made an appearance and was little pissed off about her defeating Zoi, that would make it even worse. Then people would be saying that he’s a heartless bastard that don’t give a shit about her. Would that be wonderful?

So he took her to the only place that he knew that she would be safe and she could get some rest. He felt that him causing a media frenzy to get the Silver Crystal was the reason why they was in this mess and took full responsibility for it.  When he saw that she was unconscious because she used the moon stick to save everyone and clean up his shit, he felt like he owe her the truth and anything that she wanted to know. She needed to know that he was Tuxedo Mask since he knew that she was Sailor Moon. Everything need to be laid out on the table and this was his chance to do so without anyone coming in between their conversation. He wanted to open up to her and tell her why he was after the Silver Crystal. So he waited until she woke up to tell her. I don’t think she was out for that long. I say maybe 30 mins to a hour tops. I don’t see nothing wrong with him trying to protect the girl he’s falling for her after she used her power by taking her somewhere she would be safe until she wakes up which is his apartment.  Guess What? After she wakes up ,he tells her everything she wanted to know and shes leaves. Simple as that. Nothing else happened. 

Yeah Potential rapist my ass…

He’s not the one who kidnapped her,put her in another dress, and tried to forcibly kiss her even when she said no… 

*drops mic*

SMC & SM Classic Episode Correspondence Guide

So someone ask a couple days ago which Sailor Moon Crystal episodes correspond with Sailor Moon Classic episodes. I answered it on their post but I wanted to make my own post to it. It was kind of tricky but thanks to My knowledge, anime guides and Love&Justice podcast I was able to do it.. This is going by the episodes having the same or almost the same basic plot points in the episode. 

Dark Kingdom Arc- Sailor Moon Classic

SMC Act 1- Classic Ep 1

SMC A 2- Classic 8

SMC A 3- Classic 10

SMC A 4- Classic 22

SMC A 5- Classic 25

SMC A 6- Classic 19,32,33

SMC A 7- Classic 33

SMC A 8- Classic 34

SMC A 9 -Classic 35

SMC A 10- Classic 44

SMC A 11- Classic 36

SMC Acts 12-13- Classic 45-46

Black Moon Clan Arc- Sailor Moon R

SMC A 14- Classic 46, Sailor Moon R 60

SMC A 15- R 60

SMC A 16- R 71

SMC A 17- R 64

SMC A 18- R 72

SMC A 19- R 82

SMC A 20- R 83

SMC A 21- R 83,84

SMC A 22 - R 84

SMC A 23- R 85

SMC A 24-  R 86

SMC A 25- R 87

SMC A 26- R 88

Infinity Arc- Sailor Moon S

SMC A 27 parts 1 and 2 - S 90,92,112

SMC A 28-  S 107,111

SMC A 29- S 93,144,120

SMC A 30- S 122

SMC A 31- S 121

SMC A 32- S 123

SMC A 33- S 111,124

SMC A 34 -S 125  

SMC A 35- S 125

SMC A 36- S 125

SMC A 37- S 125

SMC A 38- S 125- 127(mostly 126) , Supers 128, Stars 167

So that’s it for now. I’ll probably do another one if we get Stars and Dream. 

I think I never said anything about this last year but a lot of people( on youtube comments of course) was mad at Crystal Usagi for running towards Mamo, making sure that he was ok after he got thrown down by Mistress 9 shield while trying to save Chibs… Saying that she care about Mamo than rescuing her own child….

Why is it every single time she wants to make sure her boo is ok, everyone thinks she doesn’t care two shits about everyone else??




Also the fact her running to him to make sure he was ok bough her closer to where Chibs was at?

What people wanted her to do?

1.Run to the barrier which she would have got her ass thrown down also.

2. Attack the barrier which her attack could bounced off.

3. Destroy the barrier with the attack but the attack could mistakenly hit chibs. 

4. Just leave Mamo on the grass and not care two shits on the possibly on him getting hurt with her saying “ Oh you’ll be alright. My daughter matters more than you.” 




So this photoset…. 

@smcempathy edged me on to do this photoset…. (I know @goldenharmony almost did something like this.)

I know me and countless others have made the comparison of Mari and Adrien to Usagi and Mamoru but damn it!  Adrien Agreste and Hotaru Tomoe could be best friends!

Isolated from others and is in need of a friend. ( Hotaru being picked on by her follow classmates for wearing long sleeves…) 

Father is distant but over protective because they are so into their “ work”( Altho Hotaru’s father makes body parts for her as apart of their  “family bonding”) Shady Dads with glasses… ( Yes I’m going with the” theory” that Garbiel is Hawk Moth.) 

Mothers are no where to be found. ( Adrien’s mom MIA while Hotaru’s died in a fire.)   

Assistant of the father who love the color red who is tutoring them before they attended school… ( Altho one assistant may not know what the father is up too while the other is knee deep.)

Their alter egos have powers of Destruction.

Chat Noir - Bad Luck/Power of Destruction  

Sailor Saturn- Senshi of Destruction and ReBirth

Have a cute girl that wears pink that is also a superhero, crushing (well for Chibs yeah sort of.. lol ) on them and will become their closest friend/ ally.  The girls both gave them something they made. (Lucky Charm bracelet from Mari and Holy Gail from Chibs although Hotaru didn’t accept it.) 

The whole fandom wants to adopt them. ( Thank goodness Hotaru does)

Altho Adrien is not a cyborg and doesn’t have an alien being inside of him….(As we know of…)   

Adrien doesn’t have people who supposed to be allies trying to kill him…. 

Hotaru doesn’t make puns for a living… 

Also the fact Keith Sliverman is the Voice of Professor Tomoe and Gabriel Agreste/ HawkMoth in the English dub versions of SM Classic/SMC and Ladybug…  

Boy, Boy, Boy.

I really need to quit doing this… 

  • Sailor Moon Fandom (United States): We need the old Sailor Moon anime to be licence again with new dubs in the States. The old dubs where terrible because they cut out so many things.
  • Viz Media : *Gets the licence from Toei to not only show the sub on hulu and redub the old anime with no cuts to be release on dvd but also Sailor Moon Crystal ending the 10 plus years Sailor Moon drought in the United States.*
  • Me and others: *throws hands in the air*

So this a Sailor Moon Fanfic drinking game using the different tropes that are used in fanfic over the years. If you have read SM fanfics you have seen these tropes in so many fanfics. 

This is a team effort between Me, blackmantagirl guardress moon-mirage and other people from my “crew”  lol 

Warning: Please drink responsibly. I don’t want no one to die of Liver or Alcohol poisoning. 

If don’t drink you can use water,juice or any other non Alcoholic beverage. 

Since this list is pretty long you can see the rest after the read more. 

Take one shot if

  • There’s a Sailor Sun, Earth or any senshi that is not canon.
  • An OC that supposed to be the lost sister of  a senshi.
  • Usagi somehow gets corrupted and turns evil.
  • One of the senshi is either drinking or taking drugs.
  • Mamoru turns to drinking if Usagi left him.
  • An AU with Rei being Mamoru’s sister.
  • Diamond or Sapphire being Mamoru’s Brother.
  • Whenever someone adds a male character to break up Haruka/Michiru’s established relationship to date one or both of them.
  • Pluto is made out to be a High manipulator of everything to get Mamoru to herself or to bring about crystal tokyo.
  • ‘Normalized’ shittenou names like joe, Nate, Zach, and Kyle.
  • An Silver Millennium Fic and the Starlights show up to make Seiya/Usagi happen.
  • An OC is the child of Black Lady and Diamond.
  • Beryl and Endymion have a child together.
  • Chibiusa has a sister that’s not Kousagi.
  • Chibiusa gets ret-conned out of a Crystal Tokyo-era fic just because that makes it easier for Usagi to get together with Diamond or whoever else.
  • Mamoru says something like ” how tight she is” if it’s a smut fanfic.
  • A villain from a previous season gets resurrected to team up with a villain.
  • The main villain of the fanfic is the wrong villain for the season/arc that person is writing about.
  • An OC senshi corresponds to something that isn’t even a celestial body (Sailor nimbus, sailor avalon, sailor athena etc)
  • The children of the other Sailor Senshi in Crystal Tokyo.
  • A new child for UsaMamo because the writer hates Chibi-Usa
  • Kenji being portrayed as over-protective
  • Queen Serenity being a tyrannical ruler

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sailor moon toonami commercial collection

 Motherfucking Nostalgia to the fullest.

The “ Lost Episodes” promo is the reason why R is my fave season. I remember them during a whole sunday marathon with those episodes. 

Senshi/Shitennou age differences

I have been wanting to this for a while since it’s always talk about Usagi and Mamo age difference…. The senshi and Mamoru ages are all from the start of the manga while the shitennou ages come from the materials collection. 

Usagi ( 14) Mamoru (16)= 2 years ( I think Sere/Endy age gap was the same.) 

Ami (14) Zoisite (16 or 17)=2 to 3 years

Rei (13 when she appeared in act 3 but 14 in Casablanca Memories ) Jadeite ( 18)= 4 or 5 years

Makoto (14) Nephite (19)= 5 years  

Minako ( 13 in Code Name Sailor V but 14 around the time she appeared in act 8)  Kunzite ( 25 or 26)=12 years….

Yeah people

Usagi and Mamo age gap is the smallest and have the least lawful implications but receives the most flack in the fandom…….

Carry on… 

But what the hell Naoko was thinking with Mina and Kunzite…

Unless the senshi was older in SliMill than they were in present day..

I think that’s why they stayed concept into Crystal made them canon… 


So what happen to the Senshi  during  the finale battle of each season/arc during the 90′s, manga and hopefully Crystal.  This is just a brief run down. I know I probably forgotten something. 

Classic/Dark Kingdom 

Anime- Gets killed individually by DD girls which leaves USa alone to face Beryl.. Comes back as ghost to give Usa energy to defeat  Metallia

Manga- Gives energy to Usa to help revive her so she can defeat Metallia to become unconscious and dies. Same for Crystal. 

R/Black Moon

Anime- Actively participates in the battle along with Mamoru which they gives Usa energy. ( Almost the same set-up in the R movie)

Manga- Eventually everyone falls into the Death Phantom’s lair. At the end of the Act Sailor Moon blasts Death Phantom which they are still conscious. They go on a mission to find Sailor Moon with Chibi Moon. They aren’t seen again until after Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon destroy Death Phantom.
(not unconscious) (thanks guardress

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So I rewatched this infamous scene in R movie again because it remain me so much of what Usagi did in today’s episode of Crystal..

Trolling the shit out of her husband… It don’t matter what version it is. 

Mamo: Usa,What the hell are you doing? Don’t do it!

Usa: *smiles* Saving everyone! Relax! Don’t Worry! Everything will be fine! We’ll go to the Crown after this because I’m hungry and I need to play that new Sailor V game.. Let me take business!

Usa: *Does the thing and ends up dying*

Mamo: Damn it Usa! So this is how it feels…. 

She always going to give him this biggest smile when she knows she’s about to do something that she made not make it out but everyone else will. 

He’s always going to say “ Don’t do it or What are doing?” knowing that she’s about to do something that’s about to get her killed.

She’s just giving him a taste of his own medicine..

Doesn’t feel well does it? 

My babies everyone.

Are they wonderful??

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do you agree with the whole theory of Usagi's love being too one-sided?

Being a Usa/Mamo shipper, I do not see her love being one-sided.


I do understand where this theory comes from which it depends on what version of SM we are talking about.  Compared to the Manga, Crystal and PSGM, the 90′s anime is the weakest to covey Mamo’s feelings toward Usagi. Sometimes it does comes off as being one sided especially if you go from first season where they couldn’t stand each other until they find out what they were to each other.. You go from “ You are such a jerk!!” Stop being so mean about my hair and grades!from  33 episodes to “ Oh My love! Lets be together because it’s destiny.Let’s forget you are dating my best friend although you are really not into.”  It was really no time for them to be like “ Well You are not that bad at all. Let’s be friends and see what that takes us.”which only happen in part of the painting episode and episode 34. I also felt like after the second season, the writers didn’t care anymore about developing their relationship even more. In later seasons they made their relationship felt more of a burden or obligation unless it’s plot driven episodes. It was like Well We know that they are going get married, have a kid, and rule the world so really don’t have develop them anymore. So in the meantime, we going to have their daughter troll them for laughs, let Usagi act jealous if someone get close to him,let her also feel like she’s not good enough for him and being told by everyone who suppose to be her friends,let him be perfect boyfriend cutout with really no insecurities where every female character ( even maybe a trans character) falls over him, even let her ask him in the last episode dose he love her. That’s all we have to do for three more seasons. Nothing else.” It’s like their relationship went stagnant instead of continue growing like it did in the Manga and hopefully Crystal. 

This post become longer than I expected so the rest is under read more

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Yes, I critique things that I love but don’t bash it by only pointing out the negative things that I didn’t like. I also point out the positive things that I liked. You need that balance and some people in a fandom don’t understand. I look at the post in that tag and say to myself “ Is it anything that you liked??? anything?? Everything is shit to you? It is one thing that you can pull out of it that you liked? ”  That’s what driving some of the fandom nuts. Post after post saying the following things:

It’s shit.

CGI is shit.

The story is shit.

The animation is shit.

The background music is shit.

The opening and closing theme is shit.

The character design is shit.

The backgrounds is shit.

The expressions is shit.

The whole thing is shit.  

No one in the fandom should like because it’s shit.

The animators are shit. 

That’s is what getting on everyone nerves.You are not giving one explanation why you feel like it’s shit at all. You are just saying that it’s shit. We are not saying “ oh you can’t critique the things you love.” but if you are only pulling negative things and not pulling anything positive you are not critiquing. You are bashing.  Learn the difference. 


You know what?

I don’t blame Usagi for wanting to knock some heads off when it comes to Mamo.. 

“Got Damn! Every time I go against one of you, you take my got damn boyfriend. Even my own freaking daughter.”  

They always prance him in front her like “ Muhahahah Serenity He’s mine now. What you are going to do about it?”

Then Usagi says “ I’m about to open a can of  Sliver Crystal whoopass on you. . That’s what I’m about to do. “

Heads will roll. 

So I was thinking about Act 12 and how the senshi reacted to the Shitennou being killed right in front of them.  I really don’t like their reactions to it because it all the same. Here’s what I think each girl should have reacted.

Mina- Fall on her knees while crying and saying his name.She says “I finally got you back only to lose you again.” You can really tell that she’s shaking as she says it.  I think it would have affected her the most since she tried so hard to get him back. 

Mako- Finds the closest rock wall and pound her fist into it a multiple times while putting her forehead down on the rock as she tries to hold back the tears.She says “ Damn it! They can’t be gone. They just can’t be. You owe me a sparing match Nephrite. I was going to kick you ass again.” She pounds her fist again to the wall. 

Ami-  She starts typing madly in her computer to scan the area looking for any signs of them. She keeps scanning the area  with her googles and it keeps on coming out negative. She throws the computer to ground which is very uncharacteristic for her. She says “ stupid computer. They are not dead. We just healed them. How can you not find them?” She starts to cry and say Zoisite’s name. 

Rei- Stands tall but you clearly see that she’s shaking like a leaf. You can also see heat coming from her. She’s trying not cry but the tears are falling like a waterfall. She’s saying" Jadeite You Baka. How could you be dead. I don’t supposed to cry over you. Go to hell you baka. “ We all know she’s doesn’t want him to go to hell tho. 

Rei,Mako, and Ami all go to Mina who they can clearly tell took it the hardest. They all give her words of encouragement and told her that now they have to make sure their princess is safe.They have to defeat Metallia so the Shitennou deaths would not be in vain.  Also in honor of the Shitennou they have to make sure their prince will be released from the evil that’s inside of him. They all hugged each other, dried up their tears ,and started to look for their princess. 

So while I didn’t have a problem with them crying, I really wish each girl was different. You could have really showed their personalities which would have really made them stand out. 

A summary of the Break Up Arc.
  • Mamoru: I don't love you anymore.* one way ticket to the angst train*
  • Usagi: WHY HE DOESN'T LOVE ME ANYMORE?? I'll win him back!! I'll be stronger for him. *plots for 16 episodes like Scarlet O'hara*
  • Chibiusa: It's your fault you got dumped. He's my Mamo-Chan!*Says it as many times as she says she wants to go home.*
  • Senshi: Well he got his reasons. We got more pressing issues to do.
  • Luna: Stop crying over him and worry about Chibiusa.Where did she come from? Who are her parents? Why do they want her?
  • Mamoru: I'm going to ride with this girl on my bike and make Usako hate me. That should work. I'm also going to crush up a rose in her face after I saved her and then ride off into the night while crying.
  • Usagi: MAMO-CHAN!!!!
  • Senshi: He still got his reasons.
  • Usagi: *sees the dream* That's why he's acting like that. I wanna be with you. I don't care if I die.
  • Mamoru: We still can't be together. Oh fuck it! Usako forgive me?
  • Senshi: Well It looks like everything worked out between you two! We are the bestest friends you can ever have! Go get him!
  • Usagi: MAMO-CHAN!
  • Mamoru: Usako! *kisses and the end of the arc*
  • King Endymion: Well that worked!
The Pros and Cons of SM Crystal: My Opioion

I did this last night on an ask but I realized I forgot a couple things and made some grammar errors. 


Closer to the manga- It’s the closest you ever going to get to the original source material . Yes they left some stuff out but when you are adapting a 40 to 60 page arc in 20 to 24 mins things will even if it smaller moments that everyone wants to see. 

Usagi character development. I wanted to hug her most of the time not slap her. Yeah She had her moments that she needed to get it together but she realized it and did. It just took her time to but when she did she was on it. She had the strength to get back on her feet when she was knocked down by using the love this is in her heart and the strength she gets from her love ones.. She’s a true example of true brave and strength. 


Mako ( act 5) , Mina (act 8 Sailor V days)  and Ami ( act 16) backstories-  Very  much needed since we really didn’t get to much development with them. Episode 5 with Mako’s backstory arguably one of the best episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. 

The Friendships - The friendship between the Senshi was very strong. That’s a sisterhood that had each other backs through it all. Yes, She did give a shit about her friends because she save them a lot during both arcs.

Miracle Romance - Praise Dance YES MY BABIES!! Their relationship was handled really well. I felt those two fall in lover with each before the truth come out and only that being a bonus.I know some people felt that since the focus  was them ,the girls character development suffered a lot which  would be true but they didn’t received that much in the manga either. If we only had a little filler..

Chibiusa- This pink adorable sweet cinnamon roll is to pure for yall asses.I was always loved her but in this version she was amazing. You actually felt for her and you was rooting for her. When she finally turned into ChibiMoon and her Mom gave her the Cutie Moon Rod, I was so proud of her.Her journey was long to get that point and she grew every step of the way. 

The villains- Beryl and the Shitennou being badasses. Evil Endy being evil but sexy as hell. (unf Dark Seduction)  The A sisters not giving a shit.  Diamond being a creepy asshole not getting his ass redeemed. His brother being semi- cool to going crazy. Wiseman still being the most underrated villain in the SM universe. Black Lady being the flawless badass that don’t give a shit about her kissing her future daddy but trying to get back at her future mom.

NQS, KE, and Pluto being flawless badasses to the max - They got shafted in the 90′s anime which I do know why since it was being written while the same time.. It was good to see them having their rightful importance.That’s how you help your past self in protecting the love of your life by helping him untapping his power. That’s how you help your past self transform and save her friends. That’s how you help the only person you consider your friend finally come back to her senses and awaken her true power. 

The transformations- I loved them. They had this out of world feeling to them which to me is perfect for SM. Mars is still the best transformation hands down because the music( her theme tho)  and the camera angles is the reason why.

The music- I can’t believe I forgot about this last night.  The music for Crystal was absolutely amazing.  When you have pieces like” The Legend of the Moon”, “Quite Sorrow” ( angst!!) “A Determine Heart” “ Black Lady Theme” “Final Battle” “Sailor Mars theme” and others playing during the course of the series, you can’t forget about the music. 

The backgrounds, details and colors- I  can make wallpapers for days out of the beautiful backgrounds .The colors of Crystal are so full of life.  I want NQS stationary because of the details.I love the fact that you can actually read ( well If I knew Japanese) the words on things rather it’s her letter or if Ami was writing math problems on the broad. Everything was so detailed to the smallest thing. 


1:1 ratio - This is the biggest flaw for Crystal to me. You had 26 episodes to work with which could have been all Dark Kingdom.It was an episode order you could have had filler without being barged down with it.  

Rei. Ami ,Mako, and Mina’s character development- They didn’t get as much which in the manga they didn’t either. If we had a little filler( not as much as the 90′s anime but almost like PGSM) they could have gotten a lot more character development. Which is still the reason why the 1:1 rato to me is the major weakness for Crystal. ( not the animation)

Episode 12 - I don’t know what the hell they was thinking. Venus not killing Beryl, Beryl necklace getting stabbed which she died like she was Voldemort in Deathly Hallows part 2, Shitennou getting redeemed only to have a anvil dropped on them by Metailla, the girls not grieving in character ( I wrote a post that). Honestly Usagi suicide was the best part of that episode. It was the only part that made sense. That’s honestly the worse episode of Crystal to me..

How the whole Senshi/ Shitennou was handled- See if you had all 26 episodes dealing with DK, you could have a 4 part episode dealing with SliMil. It could have included S/S, Endy/Sere, Beryl’s backstory, the beginning of the unrest of the Earth Kingdom to the fall of both Earth and Moon kingdoms.As being a person who only ships half S/S ( M/K and R/J) I need some convincing to ship A/Z and M/ N. With them not having the time to develop a backstory with S/S I really don’t ship A/Z and M/N at all.

Diamond not getting killed by Miracle Romance-Guys yall don’t know how long I wanted for that and  for it not happen.… I’m still crushed. Damn it. Yeah I understand the change but I wanted that so badly!

The scheduling- If we do get the rest of the arcs , I really hope it be once a week instead of bi monthly. I think that’s one thing that killed it was waiting two to three weeks for the next episode instead of a week. That’s why the flow the series felt disjointed because it wasn’t shown every week. Also the fact the fandom had two weeks to pick everything part like it was a chicken bone before the next episode dropped.  It also maybe the reason the viewing dropped because you can easy forget about a show if it’s not coming on every week. 

The animation-To me it wasn’t at bad as people claim to be. When they was on it, everything look amazing. When  they was off, you can tell it big time. The main problem was the consistency because the animation wasn’t  consistent from episode to episode.  If you had two episodes that looked good or two episodes that look bad it wouldn’t be a problem. With crystal you had one episode that looked good and then the next two weeks it looked bad. I fault toei on this to fullest because they need to up the budget and get more people working on it..

Part of the fandom- I’m putting this last for a reason. I think part of the fandom was to relentless with the criticism of Crystal. I understand that for some Crystal was not what they wanted and want more for SM but for some they are happy with crystal. They don’t care about the animation faults but that don’t mean they’re not aware of it.  The constant going for the jugular without letting up for nothing got so tiresome that it wasn’t exciting anymore. The fun of Crystal was being sucked out slowly but surely. It seem like everything was done with malicious intent instead of having fun with an animation error like PMMM fandom does.  Instead of being “ Whats going to happen next in Crystal?” it become” What the fandom is going to pick to pieces next?”  It got to the point that I prayed that for one episode they everyone would chill. That was for one episode the fandom would be a peace. We didn’t even get that for episode 25 which everyone consider the best of the series beside episode 5. You had people complain about having nothing to complain about. We most def didn’t get that for episode 26 which you think we would since it’s the last episode of Crystal for right now. Crystal future in the air as of right now. Instead of being sad about the idea of not coming back I was relieved and glad that it was over. Lord the rants I wrote during the course of this year. My goodness. I think I can do a tell all book with just my rants alone.  I have drunk so much damn tea that I should be tried of tea for real.

One last thing

Would I recommend Crystal to someone who want to get into Sailor Moon?

Thee answer is yes. I would recommend Crystal along with the Manga for some one who want to get into Sailor Moon. The simple reason is time and you would get the main premise of Sailor Moon. If you don’t like it you wouldn’t lose that much time over it because it would not take you that long to knock out 26 episodes in this day and age of binge watching. I’m not saying not watch the 90′s anime but it can become daunting  to watch 200 episodes with somethings become very repetitive.. I started my rewatching of the 90′s anime probably in 2012 and still not finish with the series yet. To me the 90′s anime now is something that if you liked Crystal, you thirst for more Sailor Moon, and want to see what people grew up on it something that you should most def watch. 

So that’s really all!