tanya mar

So I was thinking about Act 12 and how the senshi reacted to the Shitennou being killed right in front of them.  I really don’t like their reactions to it because it all the same. Here’s what I think each girl should have reacted.

Mina- Fall on her knees while crying and saying his name.She says “I finally got you back only to lose you again.” You can really tell that she’s shaking as she says it.  I think it would have affected her the most since she tried so hard to get him back. 

Mako- Finds the closest rock wall and pound her fist into it a multiple times while putting her forehead down on the rock as she tries to hold back the tears.She says “ Damn it! They can’t be gone. They just can’t be. You owe me a sparing match Nephrite. I was going to kick you ass again.” She pounds her fist again to the wall. 

Ami-  She starts typing madly in her computer to scan the area looking for any signs of them. She keeps scanning the area  with her googles and it keeps on coming out negative. She throws the computer to ground which is very uncharacteristic for her. She says “ stupid computer. They are not dead. We just healed them. How can you not find them?” She starts to cry and say Zoisite’s name. 

Rei- Stands tall but you clearly see that she’s shaking like a leaf. You can also see heat coming from her. She’s trying not cry but the tears are falling like a waterfall. She’s saying" Jadeite You Baka. How could you be dead. I don’t supposed to cry over you. Go to hell you baka. “ We all know she’s doesn’t want him to go to hell tho. 

Rei,Mako, and Ami all go to Mina who they can clearly tell took it the hardest. They all give her words of encouragement and told her that now they have to make sure their princess is safe.They have to defeat Metallia so the Shitennou deaths would not be in vain.  Also in honor of the Shitennou they have to make sure their prince will be released from the evil that’s inside of him. They all hugged each other, dried up their tears ,and started to look for their princess. 

So while I didn’t have a problem with them crying, I really wish each girl was different. You could have really showed their personalities which would have really made them stand out.