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The Zodiac Signs As BBC Class Characters

Aries- Ram Singh
Taurus- Jackie MacLean
Gemini- Dorothea
Cancer- Varun Singh
Leo- Charlie Smith
Virgo- Tanya Adeola
Libra- April MacLean
Scorpio- Quill
Sagittarius- 12th Doctor
Capricorn- Corakinus
Aquarius- Huw MacLean
Pisces- Mattuesz Andrzejewski

Fugientibus-Part 8

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Characters: Y/n, Draco, OC Tanya

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Warnings: Fluffity fluff, underage drinking, smut, more fluff, then angst. 

Word Count: 1877

Summary: Y/n and Draco let loose for the first time, but the night takes a turn for the worse. 

A/N: Ok, eighth part!! Now…the pure fluff will end and there’s gon be more drama!! Hope u like it!!

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Fugientibus Masterlist

“You ready?”

Draco sighed, not looking forward to this, but doing it anyway, for you.

You both stepped into the garden, walking up the little path before knocking on the door.

The blaring music must’ve drowned out the sound of the doorbell, making you ring it a few more times, before you decided to just walk in.

As soon as the door opened, a few heads turned, recognizing a few as your co-workers. There were others people you’d never met before too.

“Y/n! Over here!”

You looked around, spotting Tanya waving you over with a smile.

You waved back, grabbing Draco’s hand and dragging him through the room and over to your friends.

“Hey, Tanya”.

“Hi. Who might you be?” she asked, turning to look at Draco.


“This is my boyfriend, Draco”.

“Draco? What kind of name is that?”

“One that your Muggle mouth isn’t even worthy of saying”.

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Youtuber Sleepover

“Hi guys!” Tanya greets us as the front door swings open, a huge smile on her face.

“Hey Tan!” I say, moving forward to hug her tightly, Joe waving from behind me.

“I’m so excited you’re here, Zoe and Alfie got her not long ago. Now the fun can begin!” She speaks a mile a minute as we walk into the Janya household, Martha coming running to say hello, Nala not far behind.

“Hello Alan!” Joe says to the black pug, crouching down to greet her.

“Her name is Nala, Joe!” Zoe’s voice carries from elsewhere in the house, causing us all to laugh.

“You guys are staying in the guest bedroom, Zoe and Alfie are taking the air mattress this time.” Jim says, walking up the stairs. “I’ll throw your bags up there.”

“Thanks Jim.” I smile as I hand him my overnight bag, and Joe shakes his head when Jim goes to grab his, but follows Jim up the stairs while Tanya and I head down into the kitchen.

“Hellllooo!” Alfie says in greeting, coming over to hug me tightly.

“Hey pretty lady!” Zoe squeezes in, hugging me as well. “Ready for another fun sleepover?”

“Always.” I smile at them as Tanya moves into the kitchen.

“Zoe made some of her delicious drinks, want one?” Always the hostess, Tanya brings one over before I can even reply.

“Thanks, Tan.” I take a sip of the drink just as I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

“Getting her drunk early then?” Joe says over my shoulder.

“Oh shush up you.” I retort, handing him the drink so he can also have a sip.

We begin to all talk, catching up on everything that has been happening in each of our lives, laughing and drinking as we do. It had been a few months since we had been able to all have a proper get together, so the excitement was high for tonight.

“Come on, game time!” Jim announces, standing up and wobbling just slightly.

“Might need to slow down there a bit, Jim.” Alfie laughs, taking another sip of his own drink.

“Nah mate, I’m good.” He winks and heads for the living room, Zoe and Tanya following close behind with the dogs.

“Want another drink?” Alfie asks Joe and I, holding up the pitcher of liquid that Zoe had already mixed.

“I think I’ll hold off for now, need to keep my mind sharp.” Joe says, tapping his forehead. Alfie looks at me, and I shake my head before he takes the pitcher and follows the path of the others.

“Having fun, love?” Joe asks, pulling me into a hug. I wrap my arms around him, breathing in his scent, smiling into his shoulder.

“Mhm. Always nice getting together with these nutters.” I feel his body shake against mine as he starts to laugh.

“Yeah, they are pretty crazy, aren’t they?” Joe places a kiss on the top of my head before he pulls back, his hands sliding down my arms until our fingers meet. “Come on, let’s go kick Zalfie and Janya’s asses at whatever game they’ve chosen!” He leads me into the living room, boasting about how great he’ll be to Alfie and Jim.

“Yes!” Joe throws his arms into the air before leaning over to kiss me on the cheek. “Way to go, babe!” He grins at me.

“Come on, that’s not fair!” Zoe pouts, and Alfie wraps an arm around her shoulder, pulling her into a side hug.

“Cheaters.” Jim says simply.

“You’re all just jealous.” I smirk, and Joe starts to laugh.

“I think we need more drinks!” Tanya announces, standing up abruptly, which causes the dogs to jump up and start running around, scaring Tanya so she stumbles back. We all laugh from our spots on the floor as a flustered Tanya attempts to walk around the yipping dogs.

The rest of the night is filled with more drinks and more attempts at games, until we all give up and simply lay on the floor talking and giggling.

“I think this one’s asleep.” Alfie says softly, rubbing a hand up and down Zoe’s back, who was curled up beside him.

“I think Jim and Tanya did a while ago.” Joe’s voice rumbles in my ear, and I shift my head a little on his chest, opening my eyes to look over at the two lumps that make Janya. “And Y/N is already half asleep.”

“M’not.” I mumble, my eyes closing once again. I feel Joe’s finger make circles along my hip, and I tighten the arm I have wrapped around his waist.

“Come on, love, let’s go up to bed.” Joe says, nudging me to sit up. With a groan, I do so. I use my foot to lightly tap Jim while Joe helps Alfie pick up Zoe. With a groggy look, Jim lifts his head and looks around. Realizing that we are all heading to bed, Jim pulls himself off the floor and begins to gather up Tanya.

“Night all.” Alfie says before heading up the stairs. We all say our separate good nights before splitting up into our own areas of the house. Not too long later, Joe and I are cuddled up in the guest bed, listening to the sounds of the house.

“I haven’t laughed that head in some time.” Joe’s voice is quiet in the room.

“I missed all of them. I hate that we’re always all so busy.

“It just makes nights like this so much better though.”

“Mhm…I’m glad we came.” I tilt my head up to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Me too.” He replies, smiling at me in the dim room. “Love you, Y/N.”

“Love you too, Joe.” I move my head back to his chest, closing my eyes, ready to fall into a blissful sleep, the nights laughter still echoing in my head.

Restored Dreams (Curtis Everett x Reader)

Day One / Two / Three

Word Count (1,848)

AN: Remember this fic? Haven’t updated since August wow I’m trash

Tanya was nudged softly awake, her fingers curled into one another in her furry jacket. Her head had found itself resting against someone’s shoulder, and the little nudges made her slowly open her eyes and glance at whoever was bugging you, “If you don’t knock it off-”

With one last nudge across from them, Tanya snapped her head in the direction and was met with a sight she never in her life thought she would’ve seen. There, wrapped under a single blanket, was Curtis Everett relaxed with his hand laced into locks of hair, and you were rested comfortably against his chest. Tanya stifled a laugh, but her grin she just couldn’t hide. Sunlight was already penetrating the train car, so she loudly cleared her throat.

Curtis, being an easy sleeper, lowly opened his eyes, glaring at the light to look across at who made the noise. He had almost forgotten where he was and what he was doing, until he saw Tanya’s shit eating grin and when she motioned down at him. Curtis’ eyes followed down to your resting head against him. He wasn’t embarrassed at all, in fact it only solidified in everyone that you were off limits. End of story. He unlatched his fingers from your hair and lightly shook your shoulders, making your stir a bit and raise your head slightly, “Is it time?” your  voice asked and Curtis rubbed your shoulder, “Yeah. Time to get moving.”

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I played an hour of farcry 4 and this is basically all you need to know about this game.


Sun, Sea and Friends in Santorini - Joe Sugg Imagine

Hi! So this is a joe imagine that I wrote and to be honest I am a little insecure of it and I would really like some feedback to know if I should continue on with it! Thank you xx


You had just finished packing away your toiletries and clothes into your rather large suitcase. Your hair was pulled up in a high ponytail and you were dressed in your airport trackies and your comfortable white t-shirt and of course you were sporting your favourite trainers. Today was finally the day that you’ve been anticipating for so long! Today was finally the day you were heading off to sunny Santorini in Greece with your best friend Tanya Burr! You honestly couldn’t wait to head out of the rainy, cold, autumn city of London and head straight to the sunny land of Santorini where you’ll be able to put your worries of work behind you, and focus on building yourself a tan, having a dip in the pool, heading to amazing, golden sand beaches and overall spending some time with your best friend and her fiancé.

Actually, it wasn’t just yourself, Tanya and Jim that we’re going to Santorini. Originally it was, just the three of you heading off for a relaxing two week vacation, but Tanya recently told you that her friend and also fellow youtuber Zoe, also know as Zoella and her boyfriend Alfie needed a much well deserved break that has been long over due, and the news then spread to one of Tanya, Jims, Zoe and Alfie’s other close friends, Marcus and Niomi. Honestly, you didn’t mind one bit, although knowing that you were the only single girl there, it did make you feel like a black cloud amongst white ones. You were a rather shy girl. You never had much confidence in yourself, although you had a great sense of humour which every one of your friends really admired and enjoyed. You always managed to crack a corny joke that would make anybody laugh, but when it comes to meeting new people, you get rather timid and quiet. Overall though, you were very excited to meet Tanyas friends and you would hopefully make friends with over the next two weeks.

Your flight was at six in the evening, but unfortunately, due to the other couples having meetings and last minute packing, they would be taking another flight over to Santorini so it was just yourself, Tanya and Jim. You rolled your suitcases out of your apartment and locked up the entire place before you made your way outside of the apartment building with your two suitcases and your carry on satchel.

“"Y/N!” You heard a loud squeal which made you turn around instantly to see Tanya racing towards you, dropping both of her own suitcases and enveloping you in a large warm hug. “Tan!” You beamed hugging her back just as tight and you watched Jim over her shoulder as he groaned at Tanya for dropping her suitcases and bent down to pick them both up. “I can’t believe after all the waiting and marking days off on the calendar, we’re finally heading on holiday!” Tanya smiled brightly while pulling back. You both jumped up and down excitedly, allowing the excitement to overtake you for now. You knew that when you would meet the rest of Tanyas friends, you would definitely turn back into your shy self.

“Neither can I! And you’ve been here before! I’ve never even travelled as far as Greece, this is such a new and exciting experience..I’m so excited Tan! There’s going to be so many things to do! Beaches, swimming, ice scream, sun bathing, relaxing!” You babbled whilst Tanya nodded her head quickly in full agreement with you. “Trust me Y/N, your going to absolutely love it..I can feel it..” Tanya winked laughing her adorable laugh. “Oi! You can both have a wonderful chat on the plane over there! But if we stand here all day, we’re not going to have the opportunity of having that chat!” Jim chuckled shaking his head and began packing the suitcases in the boot of the taxi. “Oh hush!” Tanya giggled while leading you both into the taxi to continue the conversation. Yourself and Tanya sat in the back and began making plans and having a general catch up while poor Jim was left listening to the taxi driver tell his whole life story.


You arrived at the airport and in good time. You all checked in your suitcases and you were currently sitting down in the waiting area whilst Tanya and Jim went to grab some coffees for themselves. You scrolled though your Twitter accounts and even managed to message your mum who texted you ‘Have a great time and a safe flight over, we will miss you and remember no boys! Xxx’ You rolled your eyes playfully and laughed to yourself knowing your mum was always one for joking. Maybe while you were over in Santorini, you might make friends with a cute boy. You shook your head at your thoughts and sank back against your chair. This holiday was for relaxing, making new friends and overall just enjoying yourself and letting go of the stress and worries you have on your shoulders.

Time passed and it was now ten to six and you were sitting in the plane beside Tanya who’s telling you every detail of what you would be doing in Santorini, for example, like heading to the beach, going for evening meals, heading to an amazing spa and shopping! You couldn’t wait! It all sounded so exciting and you just couldn’t believe that you were actually heading off on holiday, it all felt so surreal.

“Passengers please put on your seat belts and get yourselves comfortable as we are now heading off to your destination. There will be air hostesses walking up and down the aisles and they’ll answer your questions or get you food and drink. We hope you enjoy your flight with us today.” The pilot announced over the planes intercom, the engine roaring to life. You relaxed back against the chair and gazed out the window momentarily and watched soar off into the sunset to your holiday destination.


Yourself, Tanya and Jim have arrived in Santorini and wow, this place was absolutely amazing! There were beautiful exotic flowers everywhere, the sun was beaming down on you and there wasn’t a cloud in the beautiful bright blue sky. You were currently sat in a cab, driving to your holiday home. Tanya was taking many pictures with her professional camera and you laughed at her excitement. You couldn’t believe that you were actually here! Never, not even in your wildest dreams would you have ever imagined you’d actually be on holiday in such a beautiful country.

You arrived to your holiday home and gasped, your jaw dropping at the sight before you. There was a beautiful white house with two large double wood doors. Yourself and Tanya squealed with excitement and you both raced inside before you both jumped and screamed in shock. “SURPRISE!” shrieked six people popping some party confetti. “You guys are here!? What!? How!? Oh my gosh!” Tanya gasped whilst wrapping her arms around all of the six people immediately. You tilted your head in confusion knowing you only thought it was two couples going to be here with you. You smiled shyly and shoved your hands into your pockets whilst watching the sight before you take place. “Let me introduce you to Y/N” Tanya smiled making all of them line up. “This is Zoe and Zoe this is Y/N” a petite brunette with blonde highlights and shortish hair smiled at you whilst shaking your hand. “It’s so nice to meet you! Tanya never shuts up about you!” She giggled whilst looking at you. “This is Alfie..” Tanya nodded to a tall guy with jet black hair slicked back. “Hey I’m Alfie..Its nice to meet you..” He grinned shaking your hand. “This is Marcus and Niomi..” You smiled at the couple who both shook your hand. Marcus was rather tall and was sporting glasses and Niomi was if average height. She had beautiful long hair. You instantly felt insecure, you were going to be living and be surrounded by three beautiful girls whilst you were wearing a no make up look today unlike the rest of the girls. You looked down at yourself and shuffled along to the next person. “And this is..Joe?” Tanya seemed surprised herself. “Hi I’m..Joe..Its really nice to meet you..” A soft voice spoke out, you looked up to the stranger and felt your breath catch in your throat.

Floor Advice

“Don’t have too much fun!” Alfie calls out while he, Jim, and Joe slip their shoes and jackets on.

“This is the only time we can have any real fun though!” I tease back.

“Oi! If you’re rude, I won’t buy your favourite ice cream.” Joe replies.

“Yes you will.” I smile innocently over at him, while he sighs and nods.

“Let’s go, before they change their minds and decide to join us!” Jim ushers the other two boys out of the door, while Zoe, Tanya, and I giggle to ourselves.

“What dorks.” Zoe comments, heading into the kitchen to make some drinks.

“But they’re our dorks.” Tanya reminds her while we follow Zoe.

“Hmm, almost” She winks over at me, and I blush.

“What are you talking about?” I sit on the floor when Nala runs over, and I start cuddling her.

“Your crush on my brother.” Zoe replies simply, handing items from the fridge to Tanya.

“Oh yes, let’s talk about that!” Tanya grins over at me, and I roll my eyes as they giggle.

“Why do you think I have a crush on Joe?”

“Because you clearly do.” They both say in unison.

“Great reasoning.”

“Well, you’re always staring at him.” Zoe starts to tick of her fingers. “You two constantly find ways to touch each other, and not in that way, but a cute flirty way. And you two do flirt with each other. And you do stuff for each other, like all the time.”

“That’s just what best friends do.” I shrug.

“No, that’s what couples do. It’s what Zoe and Alfie do. It’s what Jim and I do. And love, its what you and Joe do because you like him.” Tanya offers me a soft smile, and I blush as I think about what they said.

“So…what if I maybe do like him?” I mumble, and they both squeal before sitting on the floor to hug me.

“The first step is admitting it. Which you did.” Zoe reaches up to the counter, grabbing our drinks and passing them out. “Next step, is telling him.”

“What?! No!” I reply, eyes wide. “I can’t tell him. It’ll make things weird.”

“No it won’t.” Tanya shakes her head, sipping her drink. “Because he’ll admit he likes you too, and you can both live happily ever after.”

“This isn’t some fairy tale story, Tan.”

“But it is my brother, and I can tell he likes you too, Y/N.” Zoe assures me, practically bouncing in her spot on the floor.

“You’re more eager for this than I am I think.” I can’t help but laugh, watching Zoe grin and continue to bounce. Nala, thinking it’s a game, starts jumping excitedly as well.

“I just want you two to finally be a couple so you can be happy, and cute, and I can tease you both like you tease Alfie and I.”

“Oooh! I know!” Tanya flaps her one hand, jumping slightly when Nala starts barking.

“Quiet, Nala!” Zoe scolds her softly.

“Let’s play truth or dare tonight!” Tanya continues once the dog is calmed down.

“Yes!” Zoe agrees enthusiastically.

“No!” I disagree, groaning slightly.

“Oh come on! You get to kiss Joe!” My cheeks turn red at Tanya’s words as I briefly think about that.

“I’m not getting out of this, am I?” I grumble, sipping at my drink.

“Nope!” Both girls start giggling again. They then turn to each other and start planning on how to make it work.

When the boys finally arrive home from the shops, they find us all sprawled out on the kitchen floor, talking and giggling.

“We leave for half an hour, and this happens?” Alfie smiles softly down at Zoe, and I can see the love between them.

“Always said Tan was a lightweight.” Jim shakes his head as he looks over at his wife, who beams back at him.

I turn my gaze to the final body, Joe. He’s watching me, a soft smile on his lips, and I feel my heart skip a beat. Maybe tonight is the right time to tell him.

He lifts up the bag in his hand, “I got your favourite ice cream.”

“Awe, you do love me!” I tell him, reaching out for the bag, noticing the slight redness in his cheeks at my words.

Yup. Tonight is definitely the right night to tell him.

Part 2

red-thread-hunter  asked:

Starts jabbing Tanya in the head with her finger, till the girl turns around, to which a pamphlet about Cthulu was pushed in her face. "Excuse me Lass, but do ye have a moment to hear about our Dark Lord and Destroyer, Cthulu?"

Tears that pamphlet in half and tosses it aside. “What in the blazing hells do you take me for? A fool? There is no such thing as those lovecraftian creatures! Do you have any idea? Any idea at all how foolishly you are to think such creatures exist?!?” Tanya was not amused at the very least. She is really losing her respect for the girl to stoop so low as to worship some false god.

“Mind explaining why you let that monster flicker around your chest like that? Besides only I can do that to you and even then I would use that to torture Kazuma’s libido for my amusement. Because boredom.”

Tanya shook her head at her. But she knew it can’t be helped. Masochist things happen.

The Fall fic: Sharp

Title: Sharp
Fandom: The Fall
Pairing: Reed/Stella, though mostly a reflection on Reed
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Tanya, we raised you better than this.

You take her hand. Take a cigarette, watch as she deftly lights it for you.

“Reed,” you say, trying the name out on your tongue. It tastes like smoke, like fire, and you decide you like it.

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Implicit Challenge

Part 11 of A+ Secrets

Summary: Thanksgiving Day comes with a few realizations.

Word Count: 2181

Warnings: Kinda implied smut?

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

“We just wanted to let you know that we love you,” your mom said into the phone.

“Some of us do, anyway!” your brother Bronson shouted, making you laugh. What were little brothers for anyway?

“I love some of you too,” you shot back. You could hear the rolling laughter from your family. For a second, you felt a twinge of jealousy that they were all together and you were halfway across the country. But then you buried that feeling, remembering that if you were there, they would be coddling and suffocating you. You’d get enough of that when the semester was over.

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Best Laid Plans - Part 1 (New fic)

Hi all! I had an anon request that I write an Officer Lunchbox story with online matchmaking, but since plusxonexforever already wrote something like that (totally recommend it, read it, it’s fantastic), I decided to take this prompt on a different route. Especial thanks to my friend baileychabot, who read this monster over for me and spared you from a gross mistake on my part. By the way, the penis jokes? Totally her fault too, so you can take it up with her.

That said, this story turned out a lot bigger than I initially planned, so it’s going to be posted in three parts. Here’s the first one. Let me know what you think.

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