tanya burr lips and nails review


Tanya Burr lip glosses review

Okay, so I’m a big fan of thetanyaburr, so was very excited to hear that she was collaborating with Eye Candy to release a lip and nail line. They have just come into store in superdrug and are available online too.

First things first I picked up Afternoon Tea along with a nail varnish (which I’ll review soon). Afternoon Tea is a pinky nude, but a bit too pink to be a complete nude. Its great for everyday colour for someone who wants to step away from nude. I also picked up the shade Chic, which zoella wore in a recent video. This is a dark nude, which is great for a summer no make up make up day. I think this may become my day to day go to colour.

The formula is smooth and thick, so it has a high amount of pigment for a lipgloss (think Rimmel Apocolips). It goes on quite easily, however I found that Afternoon Tea seemed to gather until I pushed it into my lips. I want to try a more colourful colour to see if its the same. For a lipgloss I find it quite long lasting, however it does dissolve over time and if you eat/drink. The smell is utterly gorgeous, almost like strawberries, which adds to the application. I find it can be slightly sticky when it comes to hair, but I can honestly live with that.

The applicator is really good, the product is on both sides. Its a flat applicator so you can just put it in-between your lips and move it back and forth. The handle is a reasonable size so you can easily use it.

I love the packaging, its compact enough to be put in a clutch. Yet it has a large amount of product and can be found in a big bag quickly.

They are priced at £6.99, compared to the rest of the high street options it is about the middle of the road. I will definitely be getting more and trying the different colours as they are some of my favourite lipgloss available.

Guess what I have on my lips?
It’s from the new lip gloss and nail polish line from Tanya Burr!
I’m a huge fan of Tanya Burr’s YouTube channel and her blog, so I just HAD to try something from her line.
I have on Picnic in the Park. Its a gorgeous pink that’s not too bright, but still adds that hint of hot pink color. The formula is amazing as well, long lasting, not sticky, and it smells like candy. Can it get better?
Tanya Burr Lips and Nails is available in select Superdrug stores in the UK, but for my fellow Americans, you can purchase them on feelunique.com
Go get you some!