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Hidden Figures/Snowpiercer

via Octavia Spencer (Tanya/Dorothy Vaughn)

(Snowpiercer spoilers)

Title: I Brought You Here/Sit in the Back/Reinventing the Wheel

Set on the Snowpiercer in the arctic apocalypse. Curtis (Chris Evans) and his gang of tail-enders are living a shit life after years in the back of the train.

Part 1:

Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton) comes to feed the tail-end passengers their protein bars and to take some talent from the back. The Woman in Yellow brings all the children up front, and measures them. She takes Tanya’s older son, Leo (not without resistance). Tanya screams and cradles her infant son, Timmy.

Then Mason asks for a mathematician.

Katharine (Taraji P Henson) raises her hand. She’s going to get Leo back.

Katharine is brought to an office car a few cars ahead. She passes the prison car, the protein bar car, and the water car–where she sees her old friend Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae), who was taken by Mason several months before. They can only exchange a few words before they have to part.

Katharine is brought to a car with several offices, and sat down across from two men in clean white shirts and black ties. They call Wilford.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I brought you here,” says Wilford over the phone, “I understand you’re a mathematician, Katharine. You’re going to help me plan the next tail-section rebellion, which will ultimately fail and cause 74% of the tail-section passengers to die.”

Katharine thinks, I sent a man to the moon. Rocket science is not necessarily the same as statistics but I can be one hundred percent sure that I will kill Wilford.

“Okay,” she says.

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Restored Dreams (Curtis Everett x Reader)

Day One / Two / Three

Word Count (1,848)

AN: Remember this fic? Haven’t updated since August wow I’m trash

Tanya was nudged softly awake, her fingers curled into one another in her furry jacket. Her head had found itself resting against someone’s shoulder, and the little nudges made her slowly open her eyes and glance at whoever was bugging you, “If you don’t knock it off-”

With one last nudge across from them, Tanya snapped her head in the direction and was met with a sight she never in her life thought she would’ve seen. There, wrapped under a single blanket, was Curtis Everett relaxed with his hand laced into locks of hair, and you were rested comfortably against his chest. Tanya stifled a laugh, but her grin she just couldn’t hide. Sunlight was already penetrating the train car, so she loudly cleared her throat.

Curtis, being an easy sleeper, lowly opened his eyes, glaring at the light to look across at who made the noise. He had almost forgotten where he was and what he was doing, until he saw Tanya’s shit eating grin and when she motioned down at him. Curtis’ eyes followed down to your resting head against him. He wasn’t embarrassed at all, in fact it only solidified in everyone that you were off limits. End of story. He unlatched his fingers from your hair and lightly shook your shoulders, making your stir a bit and raise your head slightly, “Is it time?” your  voice asked and Curtis rubbed your shoulder, “Yeah. Time to get moving.”

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Hiiii, you may have noticed from my post yesterday that I hit 1k followers!!! that’s insane. 

Almost 7 months ago me and my friend decided to make a youtuber tumblr blog, she quit after a month though but we never expected to get so many followers I remember freaking out with her over 100 followers and even though she doesn’t share this blog with me any more I know that I never would have made this blog if it wasn’t for her so thank you magical-fluffy-unicorn :)

Now for the follow-forever :) I think you should follow all the wonderful people on the list, the blogs in bold are either people I’ve been following almost from the start or people who are my friends and are therefor very special to me :)


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and of course the reason I made this blog :) all my queens :)

Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Jim Chapman, Lohanthony, Alfie Deyes, Zoe Sugg, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Tanya Burr, Andrew Lowe, Marcus Butler

All these people are wonderful and honestly I have no idea what I would be doing if I hadn’t started watching YouTube :) I have met so many awesome people who share the same love for YouTubers a I do and that’s all because of these lovely people who decided one day to sit down, make a video and post it on YouTube :) THANK YOU!

Okay so I know this probably won’t happen since I’m SO far away but I really want to hit 2.5k for my birthday in the end of April and I’m at 2.2k (a bit over) and yeah I was wondering if you guys could help me out?

I need to follow more blogs that are not just with Tyler Oakley or Troye Sivan so if you post
Connor Franta
Marcus Butler
Pointlessblog/Alfie Deyes
Thatcherjoe/Joe Sugg
Zoella Sugg
Jim Chapman
Andrew Lowe
Tanya Burr
Shane Dawson
Joey Graceffa
Or other YouTubers reblog this and maybe I’ll follow you :)

I would absolutely love to be a Youtuber, not because of the money or the popularity, but simply to make people happy. Being able to make people happy is one of the only things I like about myself, and if I can share/give my happiness to other people in need of it then I think it’s completely worthwhile.

Do you ever

Just like try to think back to when you first started watching a YouTuber but you can’t remember because at one point you went and watched all their old videos and now you can’t remember which one you started with