I went to go ask that girl who had some butthurts over SHINee having a song titled Sherlock

why she had such serious butthurts over a song and decided to rant and rave and insult SHINee and most of Kpop because of one song


She had her ask disabled so I’m just gonna have to do it here and then tag her in it.

Excuse me, tanukitonakai?

Exactly why are you so butthurt over a Kpop band with a song that has the same name as a show you watch. It’s not exactly like BBC owns and came up with the concept of Sherlock, so there isn’t exactly a way to, yanno, steal the idea from them. Please stop being so butthurt and insulting because it’s unbecoming and it makes we who like Kpop laugh mercilessly at you.

Cheers via Sherlock

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Japan was crazy about axolotls 20 years ago. Their cute name for axolots= oopaloopas.

why is japan such a hipster

one day their robots will be all popular and japan’ll be like, ew robots are a mainstream thing now but we made them 20 years ago ew get them away from me

but o my god oopaloopa is the best name for axolotls



Hello, how old are you? ^o^
Also, some places that I recommend going are Namjatown in Ikebukuro, Donkihote in Akihabara, Odaiba, and the Ghibli Museum! :D Sorry for the long list ^^;; 
— tanukitonakai oh yeah how old do you guys think i am? @  u @ let’s see if you can guess~ namjatown sounds fun :O  i’ll try and go! no, thank you ^^ 

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Nooo xiao why T_T on another note, did you draw this? If so, I didn’t know you digital painted! And it looks nice!! XD

oh i finally figured out how to reply to replies on this new tumblr layout xD

no that’s not my art :P i tried to link it to the place where i found it but apparently that post is unavailable… i WISH i could draw like that! haha


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NOOOOO YOU’RE GETTING INTO HOMESTUCK all the friends I follow are either into pokemon, avatar, or homestuck but NOW THERE WILL BE MORE HOMESTUCK

AHAHAHAHAHHH don’t worry, I probably won’t be reblogging a lot of it (but I will hehe) BUT LIKE ONCE YOU ACTUALLY GET INTO IT IT’S KIND OF BEAUTIFUL YOU SHOULD READ IT even though idk if it’s really your type of thing SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT

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illogical reasoning

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how do you get people to give you their url? do you just ask them to make a new one so you can use it? i want yurilily and it’s taken but she hasn’t posted anything so idk…

if they don’t have their ask box enabled follow them and then in two days send them a fan mail and yeah, you just have to politely ask them for it and they’d change that url and make the one you want available. so you should def ask.

no reply from the sceptile person yet akjfh

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Hi, I originally made the post about Shinee and Sherlock, and I'm here to apologize for offending you. The post was made as a joke towards my friends who follow my blog, not anything intended to offend anyone. Until today I did not know that people could follow tags, allowing so many people to see what I wrote. Next time, I'll be more careful of what I tag in my posts. Thank you for your input.

I’m not offended. Confused, but not offended. Believe me, it takes a lot to offend me, and what you’ve done is like 9347590374 million miles away from offense XD

My whole deal with stuff like this is “why even bother taking time out of your life to rant about something you hate, then put it where people who like what you hate will see it.” It makes no sense, so I try to always ask about the person’s motives just so I know why they’ve wasted their own time instead of focusing on loving something

But don’t be afraid to tag stuff if it has “hate” in it. I often do myself, because trust me, no one badmouths SHINee quite like SHINee’s fans do. The tags of their respective members are full of “fuck you” and “you asshole” posts, and we’re all very quick to insult them. Just make sure people know it’s not serious :3

Have a good rest of your day, little thunder dragon