I went to go ask that girl who had some butthurts over SHINee having a song titled Sherlock

why she had such serious butthurts over a song and decided to rant and rave and insult SHINee and most of Kpop because of one song


She had her ask disabled so I’m just gonna have to do it here and then tag her in it.

Excuse me, tanukitonakai?

Exactly why are you so butthurt over a Kpop band with a song that has the same name as a show you watch. It’s not exactly like BBC owns and came up with the concept of Sherlock, so there isn’t exactly a way to, yanno, steal the idea from them. Please stop being so butthurt and insulting because it’s unbecoming and it makes we who like Kpop laugh mercilessly at you.

Cheers via Sherlock