Something very silly prov wanted me to try drawing for him. I was telling him about my silly yoshi sona and how I feel super conflicted how much I LOOOOVE bowser but I didn’t feel motivated at all to try and make a bowser-sona. So instead I laughed at finding my old ass Yoshisona from 2009 and he’s like “Nah I’ll be bowser you can be my princess.” I said I don’t ever feel suited to be a princess - why can’t I just be mario instead then? He was like welp okay.

NOW I JUST… BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT ALL NIGHT….. And I even drew a little… and… hnng.. lmao… I just am so bad at drawing right now. This is so srappy and painful to post but I rather share SOMETHING over nothing. So I’m sucking it up, posting it cause I love you so much @provinite!

I had no idea what I wanted AJ Mario to look like - only joke I said is that I def need overalls and no shirt under to be extra HOT. So while drawing I def gave Fire-AJ Overall shorts (omfg I want overalls so bad like my fav aesthetic) and then to be extra cute for silly o’ me I gave her soft tan lines. Tan lines are so sexy and I just couldn’t resist since I’m trying to work on getting some right now. Figured Fire-AJ is working outside a lot doing… something… in super mario universe. Let’s say she’s like.. a gardener, I don’t know. Her major stock? Fire Flowers! So obv AJ has to have fire powers. /finger guns.

ARCTIC PROWSER! A troublesome long king on the mountain just over AJ’s home town. He likes to make lots of trouble so she comes over and cleans it up for him and scolds him. He wants to ask her out but he’s too shy yet so he’s just making a ruckus. (I googled fire flower and saw ice flower and just eee had to draw those too lol)

I debated trying her in other outfits/suits like tanuki and stuff but decided for now we’ll play it basic at Fire Flower theme. I’m like a waldo!!


I know it’s all the rage to draw the gems as squid kids lately but…

Imagine them in Super Mario 3D world setting… Pearl would be so confused.
Everyone else just going with it. Getting cat suits. Tanuki suits. Eating the giant mushrooms. Pearl would be so so confused.

mario facts

mario doesn’t actually need the tanuki suit to fly or turn into a statue, it just gives him the confidence he needs to pull these moves off.