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Blackout // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: Domestic fluff, family fluff

Words: 2.6k

Relationship Status: Married

Warnings: Dan curses once

Summary: Dan, Phil, and their children are invited to Darcy’s birthday ball. When preparing to leave, Emily, Dan and Phil’s oldest child, throws a temper tantrum at Dan and refuses to speak to him for the rest of the night. Dan must find a way to get his daughter to forgive him.

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The Door to Narnia

Dan stops by an IKEA to pick up an old trunk and a stranger suddenly bursts out of a wardrobe exclaiming, “For Narnia!”

Genre: Producer!Dan, AU, Fluff, Actor!Phil

Warnings: none

A/N: Hello everyone! Today while writing my Hogwarts Phan AU I wanted to take a break. The product of this break was this oneshot, based on this text post.  Starring special guests Ian and Anthony from Smosh. I didn’t really edit much, this is just a fic dump. I’m sorry if it isn’t very good, but I do hope you like it! Please enjoy and I would really appreciate reblogs and reviews!

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REQUEST 41~ lazy leads to love A/n: I’m guessing you lot wanted to see this as when I replied to the request it got a lot of likes 😂👍🏼👍🏼 I woke up to multiple texts from my best friend Dan, ‘hey loser, want to come over this morning, NO BACKING OUT!!- d-slice x’ I smiled as I replied to it, ‘OK d-slice? I haven’t eaten yet so your gonna have to make me breakfast!!’ Within a few seconds my phone buzzed with his reply, 'ugh, fine lazy ass, but you have to buy pizza for lunch!!“ I laughed and rolled out of my cocoon of warmth. After changing, I grabbed my keys and headed over to Dan and Phils, Phil was up north with his family so I guess that’s why Dan wanted me over so desperately. I knocked on his door and heard swearing coming from inside, followed by the sound of pans crashing. The door swung open and a out of breath Dan was standing on the other side. “Hello, been exercising?” I giggled at his messy hobbit hair. “Really y/n, me doing exercise, that’s highly unlikely!” He huffed smiling. I followed him inside and went towards the kitchen. “Oh so that’s what you were cursing about!” I laughed seeing the mess that I was guessing was supposed to be my breakfast. “Oh yeah, about that, um, I kinda fucked up breakfast.” He said giving me puppy dog eyes. “And you want me to make it?” I said raising an eyebrow. He merely nodded. “Ok, but now you have to pay for lunch, deal?” “Deal!” He replied smiling at me. After making and then eating the amazing breakfast I cooked (not to brag), Dan suggested that we play Mario cart until we got hungry again. "Just to warn you, y/n, if this was an e-sports game, I would win in the world tournament!” He boasted, I rolled my eyes and laughed, “yeah, whatever you say Daniel, now put your money where your mouth is, let’s play!” I stated. following multiple tantrums from Dan complaining that I had cheated, or that he had an eyelash in his eye, which was total bullshit, I had won two races out of three. “Do you take back your first boast then mr howell?” I teased. He glared playfully at me before nudging my shoulder. I felt a rush of adrenaline through my body at his action, I guess I did have a small crush on him because who wouldn’t!?! But I just kept shaking it off as nothing. Dan broke my train of thought by saying he was going to order pizza and for me to pick a film to watch. I meekly laughed and nodded, feeling embarrassed by my recent behaviour. I chose a film and waited for Dan to return. “So they said it should be here in about 20 minutes, what film did you pick?” He asked, “Shaun of the dead.” He cocked his eyebrow and tilted his head, “I didn’t know we had that one?” “You didn’t but because I am amazing, your welcome by the way, I brought it with me.” I said smugly, “so humble, miss y/l/n, so what should we do now?” “Watch an episode of death note?” He nodded quickly and grinned, “you read my mind!” He quickly turned on an episode. Just as the episode finished the pizza we had ordered arrived. I put the film on and quickly dug into the delicious dough. “You’ve got sauce all over your chin y/n!” Dan said laughing. “Oh, yeah but I don’t have any on the rest of my face, unlike you!” He looked puzzled and I quickly grabbed a small amount of sauce and put it on his cheek. His eyes widen and his mouth hung open, “you didn’t, your in for it now!” He shouted laughing and grabbing a slice and smashing into the side of my face. “Hey, not fair!” I giggled wiping the mess from my face, “it’s not fair, but hilarious!” I gave him a small glare before averting my attention back to the film. It had gotten quite late and Dan suggested I stay over the night, he said because he didn’t want me to Travel home in the dark, but I knew it’s because he didn’t want to be alone in the apartment. We were currently sitting in his room browsing the Internet, when I was sent a link to a video of Dan playing piano. I watched it and became mesmerised by his talented skills. I turned to face Dan, “hey, can you play the piano for me?” I said, “huh, oh, um, why?” He replied drawing his attention away from his laptop, “because I want to see you play!” I said giving a cute look. “Ugh, fine!” He complained standing up and walking over. He started to play and I felt a wave of affection flow through me, his finger glided over the ivory keys so gracefully, creating a beautiful sound. He finished play and turned back to face me. “Happy now?” He said smiling. “Yeah, I guess, I thought it could have been better!” I jokingly mocked. “Oh really, how’s this for better!” He said standing up and striding over to the back and tackling me. He started to tickle me making me squeal. “Dan stop!!” I laughed. “Nope!” He said continuing his tickling. “Stop!!” I shouted laughing. He did, I opened my eyes and saw that he was hovering just above me. He was staring into my eyes and I was staring back into his handsome brown eyes. Dan’s eyes flicked down to me lips and back again. “I hope you don’t mind if I do this.” He said quietly, lowering his lips to mine, the contact sent fireworks though my body. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and melted into his kiss. He pulled away and blushed, “I like you y/n, like, really like you. I get if you don’t feel the same….” I cut him off with another kiss. “I like you too Dan!” He smiled and pulled me into a warm embrace. I wrapped my arms around his waist. This was definitely the best day ever.


Among Giants- ‘The World is Not My Friend’

(New song brah, check it out!) 6/27/2013 @ Uncle Lou’s in Orlando, FL


7 Alasan Anak Harus Main di Luar, Bukan Main Gadget

1. Penurunan perkembangan otak

Pada lima tahun pertama hidupnya, otak anak berkembang sangat pesat. Studi menunjukkan bahwa terlalu banyak gadget akan memengaruhi fungsi otak dan menyebabkan anak menjadi kurang perhatian terhadap lingkungan sekitar.

2. Radiasi

Penelitian yang dilakukan Universitas Leeds di Nottingham dan Universitas Manchester and Institute of Cancer Research di London, Inggris, menyatakan bahwa syaraf anak masih berkembang dan tengkorak tipis membuat anak rentan terserang radiasi dari ponsel. Penggunaan telepon genggam di dekat kepala anak dikhawatirkan akan menghancurkan sel otak balita.

3. Mengurangi kemampuan interaksi sosial

Dalam sebuah artikel yang diterbitkan di The New York Times, penulis buku iBrain:Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind dan Direktur Longevity Center di Universitas California, Dr Gary Small mengatakan anak-anak yang menghabiskan terlalu banyak waktu dengan teknologi, akan mengurangi interaksi dan mengganggu keterampilan komunikasi.

4. Tempramental

Coba sesekali perhatikan perilaku anak yang berinteraksi dengan gadget berjam-jam lamanya. Apakah anak Anda menjadi agresif? Tantrum adalah bentuk paling umum dari agresivitas di kalangan balita. Sikap agresif dan tantrum merupakan akibat dari paparan gadget. Saat mereka tumbuh dewasa, anak-anak yang kecanduan game lebih mungkin untuk tidak mematuhi orang tuanya.

5. Obesitas

Anak-anak yang mengandalkan waktu bermain mereka di depan layar gadget daripada di taman bermain, tidak dapat membakar kalori di tubuhnya. Satu dari tiga anak Amerika mengalami obesitas yang dapat menyebabkan komplikasi penyakit seperti diabetes, serangan jantung, dan stroke.

6. Merusak penglihatan

Kontak yang terlalu lama di layar komputer dapat merusak mata. Para ahli mengatakan, penglihatan yang baik diperoleh jika menatap benda dari jarak yang bervariasi. Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa anak-anak yang kecanduan bermain game komputer lebih mungkin mengalami gangguan pada mata mereka.

7. Kurang minat bermain di alam terbuka

Gadget ‘membunuh’ perkembangan anak. Beberapa orang tua tidak menyadari bahwa anak mereka terasing dari alam, tumbuhan, hewan, danau, dan langit. Balita harus mampu melempar bola, melompat, berlari, dan bernyanyi. Intinya, anak harus aktif bergerak untuk merangsang perkembangan saraf motorik.

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Dear Pak Mentri,
Perkenalkan Pak, saya salah satu pengguna setia microblog Tumblr yang kemarin hendak bapak blokir itu.

Wah, terus terang pak, saya galau pas Bapak bilang kalau tumblr harus diblock kaya vimeo karna banyak porno pornoannya. Lah, sumpah pak, selama saya pakai tumblr saya ndak pernah loh upload atau minimal reblog gambar anuan. Kalau yang inbok sama ngechat godain ngajak anuan ya banyak pak, lah wong saya menyadari kalau mamah muda selalu lebih menggoda, nggih to pak?

Kalau benar jadi di block pak, duh…itu bisa menyebabkan terganggunya kesejahteraan keluarga keluarga Indonesia loh pak. Pasalnya, para mamah mamah muda (seperti saya) bisa menyalurkan uneg uneg dan kegundahannya di Tumblr. Kan bagus pak, jadi semacam prosa, puisi, atau quotes bijak. Daripada kami curhat ke lawan jenis nanti rentan terjadi perselingkuhan. Atau kalau dipendam sendiri, terus kami jadi suka marah marah, suami tidak betah di rumah, bisa nyari selimut tetangga nanti pak. Kacau toh?

Wes pak, bener keputusan Bapak ndak jadi nutup tumblr. Demi kemaslahatan bersama loh ini pak.

Saya sebenarnya ya ndukung ndukung saja soal rencana Bapak menutup beberapa aplikasi yang notabene nya banyak mengandung pornografi. Tapi mbok ya jangan gebyah uyah, alias disamaratakan. Mbok akun yang anuan anuan itu saja diblokir pak.

Nganu pak, satu lagi. Saya pikir pikir, kok pemerintah sering mengeluarkan kebijakan (yang ndak bijaksana bijaksana amat) terus di revisi sendiri. Lah kesannya malah seperti gegana (gelisah galau merana), labil, dan alay.

Gini loh pak, saya ibaratkan saja pemerintah itu orang tua dan rakyat itu anak anaknya. Orang tua ya pasti berusaha memberikan proteksi, kesejahteraan, pokoknya yang terbaik untuk anak anaknya. Leres to pak?

Kalau pada suatu hari, orang tua mendapati anaknya nonton bokep, ya pasti khawatir, panik. Takut masa depan si anak menjadi suram karna teracuni porno pornoan itu.

Terus orang tua nanya nanya darimana si anak tahu film esek esek begitu, anak jawab dari teman mainnya di rumah. Sebagai antisipasi (atau hukuman?) si anak ndak boleh lagi main ke luar rumah. Selamanya!

Ya pasti, kebijakan itu dirasa ndak adil buat anaknya to. Wong yang ngajarin satu kok ndak boleh main sama semuanya. Ngambeklah si anak. Tantrum, alias mengamuk. Sepanjang hari si anak merengek rengek memohon diperbolehkan keluar rumah.

Entah karna ndak tega atau karna menyadari tindakannya salah, orang tua akhirnya mengijinkan si anak main keluar rumah lagi.

Happy ending? Ya sementara pak. Tapi menurut ilmu parenting pak, ini akan menyebabkan si anak merasa orang tuanya labil, mudah diintervensi.

Kelak bila ada kebijakan yang tak menguntungkan si anak, maka si anak akan menggunakan cara yang sama, tantrum dan sebagainya.

Bukannya saya ndak bersyukur tumblr batal ditutup. Saya mah bersyukur banget pak. Maturnuwun sanged.

Tapi mbok ya lain kali kalau mengeluarkan kebijakan ya yang bijaksana, yang kuat dasarnya hingga tak terbantahkan lagi.

Akhir kata pak, semoga Tuhan memberkati langkah bapak untuk memperbaiki akhlak anak anak bangsa.


Mahmud Abas
(Mamah muda anak baru satu)