Well I paid for you, you know”

Why was it always this one that came back to him? Why couldn’t it be something else…

He watched as Almadrin put his drink to his lips, heart pounding in fearful anticipation. He never expected it, never. The few seconds of calm before the poison took effect were deafening in their silence.

And then it started, he jerked, and coughed, choking. He’d seen this in his dreams so many times…it was etched into his memory.

But something was different this time. When Almadrin fell to the floor his hair wasn’t that warm, light brown color, but silver. The look in his eyes not one of rage, but of complete betrayal, and pain. It wasn’t Almadrin at all.


Finally he woke, the sheer unpleasantness of the dream seemed to have ripped him back to reality. He lay there, staring up at the ceiling, shivering and shaking. It had been so real, as if this new part had been the memory, instead of the dream.

He started a little when he felt something shift next to him, and it took him a moment to realize that he hadn’t been alone. Tanth was still asleep, and Saethy was a little glad. Part of him wanted to wake him, to be comforted. At the same time he wasn’t really sure he could bring himself to say why he’d done it, to bring up that nightmare. Instead he curled back up against him, and waited for morning.

uhhHHhh scribbling some ocs as prep for NaNo i….. guess;;;;;; aahahaha ????

if anyone else is doing NaNo you should tell me so we can spazz at each other and pep talk one another out of failure;;;;;;; :’)

umyeah the chick is Tanth, she’s an android who is curious but doesn’t really get these weird “emotion” thingamawatsits and has people after her for her tech, and the blondie is Caell he’s a weirdo who loves sneakily crashing parties and dressing nicely and screwing with people, and the angry one is Ammon and he dislikes people very much and androids even more and shoes more than either of those two things and he’s pissed that Caell went and saved his ass without even aSKING, UGH WHAT A JERK, but he sticks around anyway.

another wip……… afraid I’m not gonna finish this one. I found colors I liked and blocked them in before doing the inking, which tends to result in me getting lazy RE:anatomy………….I need to find a style where I can do these quicker so that I might actually FINISH SOME orz||||| so lame…….

oh, and these are OCs of mine.

EDIT: I actually finished it…. >link

All the SW/Quinn stuff I've been reading lately

Is really making me want to play my female SW, Tanth, so I think I shall do that.

Because she’s evil and finds fucking with people all sorts of fun, I will be applying her to the utter destruction of Malavai Quinn’s sanity.

I’ve only just got him as a companion and using every flirt option in the conversations really makes what she’s doing less ‘flirting’ and more ‘sexual harassment’.

I’m finding this way, way too much fun. /evil laughter

Dear Ivansec, a letter, a response, and a loose end

Continued from here.


Since I do not imagine you will be able to fully consider your chosen course of action until this is answered, I will tell you about your sister. During your apprenticeship, your father and I became concerned about some of your actions, and decided to have another child in the hope that one of you would not be a disappointment to us. As for our decision to conceal her from you, we did not want any of your… eccentricities to influence her, a decision that we still do not regret. I have only told you about her now as she is beyond our reach, and at this point even you could have a positive influence on her. In spite of everything, you are still Sith. I hope that answer will be acceptable to you, because I do not intend to explain again, when I have used perfectly clear language to communicate the relevant information.

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I’m gonna have to wait until tomorrow to play with Tanth, I think. I’m pretty tired, and I want to get some non-Ivan writing done since he took over earlier.

On a related note: If anyone’s characters need to filibuster anything, Ivan would be incredibly good at it. He’s quite adept at using lots of words to say basically nothing. And he’ll say it very dramatically, too.

Unrelated note: Ooh, I can add Force persuade to Tanth’s arsenal for the driving-Quinn-mad plan. Just a little bit though, enough to make him doubt his memory. /more evil laughter