Supergirl gets something Zack Snyder doesn’t – Clark Kent is the real Superman

Kal-El’s mild-mannered alter-ego is key to understanding the character.

As Supergirl returns for second season, the central character risks being overshadowed by her own cousin, a certain Man of Steel. After being teased across the show’s first year he’s finally going to be more than just a caped silhouette or a red-and-blue blur, as Everybody Wants Some!!’s Tyler Hoechlin steps into the spandex for the first time.

It’s a bold move given that Warner Bros already has another Superman in its ranks, even more so given that Hoechlin’s take on the Kryptonian boy scout seems precision-tooled to avoid every single criticism laid at the feet of Henry Cavill and bulletproof DC director Zack Snyder. Hoechlin even reportedly auditioned for the part in Man of Steel, making his appearance in Supergirl a tantalising glimpse of what might have been.

Where Cavill’s Superman is all dour and glower, Hoechlin’s is light and breezy. The first time he appears he’s on the phone to his Daily Planet editor promising an article will be ready “lickety-split”, while later he takes the time out of a fight to say hi to a passing family not once, but twice across the episode. Perhaps in response to those frustrated by the wholesale destruction at the climax of both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, here his focus is primarily on saving lives and not beating up baddies. He even helps Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) rescue a passenger jet (in a knowing nod to the first Christopher Reeve movie), props up a collapsing skyscraper, and shields a family from lethal drones. Across the entire 42-minute episode he doesn’t throw a single punch – and he definitely doesn’t break anyone’s neck.

That’s partly a reflection of the lighthearted tone that Supergirl has adopted ever since it first aired in 2015, but it also stems from an understanding of a side of Superman that Snyder’s two films have never really grasped: Clark Kent. Man of Steel and BVS show more interest in Superman than his mild-mannered alter-ego – in fact we hardly ever see him out of the costume in the latter. Snyder has always seemed fascinated by the character’s Kryptonian background, focusing firmly on Superman the alien: as immigrant to earth, as religious allegory, as divine power beyond basic human comprehension. The fact that he spent his formative years on a small farm in Kansas was inconsequential, a backstory to skim past on the way to killing his dad and making him fight Batman.

By contrast, Supergirl gives Clark and Superman equal billing. Indeed, he spends the bulk of the series premiere actually using his investigative journalist skills to help solve the mystery of the week. There are plenty of references to his all-American upbringing, and perhaps even more crucially importantly, the show emphasises that Clark isn’t a disguise – he’s who Superman really is. When he bumps into someone, knocking a pile of papers to the floor, it isn’t part of a klutzy act as Supergirl assumes. “Uh, that was actually real,” Clark admits, that one brief moment giving the character as much humanity as Cavill and Snyder managed in almost five hours of film to date.

It’s a vision of Superman that recognises that his 30 years living on earth have done more to form his character than the six weeks he spent on Krypton as a baby. Instead of asking ‘What if an alien came to Earth?’ the show asks ‘What if the nicest guy in Kansas had superpowers?’ Can those boy scout virtues survive exposure to the wider world? Can that simple, cheery moral outlook face up to our rather murkier political climate? Is his fundamental optimism about humanity well founded? Rightly or wrongly, these aren’t the sort of questions Snyder’s films have so far shown much interest in answering, but they go to the core of Superman’s character.

Superman’s big-screen return in next year’s Justice League offers a chance to re-establish the character and his place within DC’s film universe. It remains to be seen if Snyder will find space among the plethora of other heroes to give Superman much development – let alone Clark Kent – but he could do a lot worse than look to Supergirl for inspiration.


Three, ‘Ta’s’, in THoB (and one in TBB)

When someone on the show says something repeatedly, even something seemingly trivial or minor, we must pay attention to a possible message.  The Woman says she knows what people like three times in ASiB and that’s how we know this is a very significant part of the story.  It stands to reason that she could have said that once but no, she says it three times.

In THoB, John says, ‘Ta’, instead of, ‘thank you’, three times.  I have so far only seen it as having relevance as a mirroring of the inn keeper, Gary, who is a foil for John.  This man assumes that John and Sherlock are together and he not only does not deny this but also begins to immediately speak like him.  We don’t see this type of mirroring on the show, from John, like this with anyone.

So, I was thinking that Sherlock is a graduate chemist.  He has a periodic table on the wall in his bedroom.  Sherlock will use Stapleton’s lab to do some work later on in hounds and we’ve seen him do lab work in ASiP, TGG, ASiB, TRF.  Elements of the periodic table specifically being shown visually in TGG and THoB.

So…  Let’s say that, ‘Ta’, is an element on the periodic table.  Why, yes, it is, it’s called Tantalum.  And it is named after an unfortunate hero named Tantalus.  Now, Tantalus was punished for his wrong doings by being sentenced to forever stand in a lake of water under a fruit tree with a giant rock overhead.  If he gets thirsty and he bends down to drink water, the water recedes and he is unable to do so.  If he is hungry and he reaches up to the fruit on the tree, the branches, likewise, recede.  If he tries to escape the massive boulder will fall on him.

Tantalus’ story is where the word, ‘tantalise’, comes from.  ‘To torment with… the sight of something desired but out of reach.  To provoke, taunt, tempt, frustrate’,

(Couldn’t find the source of the first illustration.  Second image comes from here).

All this fruit imagery makes me think of one of my more obscure visual metas.  It’s about the stag night and the chair covered in grapes in the Baker Street foyer.  Also, this puts the various apples we see on the show in a whole new context: John’s apple in ASiP and Moriarty’s apple in TRF.

Anyway, let’s say that having John say, ‘ta’, in THoB is a meant to be a clue of some kind.  It stands to reason that in a show with as much chemistry as Sherlock this might be a chemical element.  And if so, it’s one named after a man who is in the exact same situation as John.

THoB is the one episode where John tells Sherlock to not pop his collar and try to look cool with his cheekbones and all that.  John is flat out saying, ‘please, don’t look this attractive, it’s torture’.  This is exactly the predicament faced by Tantalus.  

@becumsh has just pointed out that John has previously said, ‘ta’, one time near the end of TBB.  If we go with this idea that Ta = Tantalum = Tantalus then we can see that John was beginning to repress his desires for the first time in TBB (in contrast to lip-licking, ready-to-go John at Angelo’s).  This is how he stays strong dating Sarah despite Sherlock’s seeming reversal on his no-dating policy.  This is the episode where John is tied up and panting in front of raging fires before Sherlock saves him looking as debonair as James Bond.  

We can see at the beginning of THoB that John seems incredibly in control of his impulses as Sherlock falls apart with the desire for, ‘a smoke’.  Then we see that in fact John can’t even stay quiet about Sherlock putting up his coat collar any more.  He’s had enough of the sexual frustration: he’s trying so hard to keep it together and it seems almost as if Sherlock’s purposefully trying to sabotage this.  It seems almost as if Sherlock may have called the inn and tried to get a room with only one bed.  And later, at the lab, Sherlock will try to, ‘stimulate a response’, in John just to see if it’s possible.

All of this goes to the idea that John is trying incredibly hard to be a good platonic friend and Sherlock is doing everything to have him lose his calm.

Now, let’s think of the three things that Tantalus has to deal with, forever: food, drink and a rock.  We can see in TBB that John gets food with Sherlock and has to leave it behind as soon as he puts it to his lips.  We can see him trying to get some food to eat with Sarah and get kidnapped before his takeaway even comes.  We see him try to drink red wine and ditto, he gets interrupted,

In THoB John artfully dodges a question about Sherlock’s snoring with, ‘got any crisps?’.  And then we see him leave the pub with just a beer: he’s totally crispless.  He just have a drink that says, ‘me and that hot guy are just bros’, according to the drink code,

…and speaking of giant rocks overhead, 

THoB has plenty of this particular visual and it’s even got the source of his frustration, Sherlock, right on top of it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  If, ‘ta’, and tantalus really are a clue to us this would be another good explanation for Sherlock being atop this rock in this dramatic way.  I’ve always seen this as Sherlock’s, ‘Heathcliff’, moment and I think that fits with this post really well, actually.  In, ‘Wuthering Heights’, Catherine did nothing if not pine for her true love, someone with whom she was never going to be.

We see John fail to get information from Mortimer because Frankland gives him away: he’s investigating for Sherlock.  But, in the not too subtle subtext John is trying to get in Mortimer’s pants and is on the verge of a breakthrough when Frankland basically outs him as going out with Sherlock.  Sherlock’s influence, even via Frankland, manages to cock-block him that night.  They’re drinking white wine which shows things were not getting romantic, anyway.  When she leaves she suggests he go drink with Frankland who, ‘likes’, him, according to her,

Then quite fantastically we cut to,

Sherlock, on the rock.  Again.  In case we didn’t get that John struck out with Mortimer because of Sherlock we literally cut to him, the reason for John’s failure to score with a woman, yet again.  But, bonus: he’s on the giant rock above Tantalus’ head.  

After solving the case, John finally gets to eat: breakfast, he gets to break his fast.  Even though Sherlock brings two coffees of straightness, one for him and one for himself, another Sherlock, Billy, brings him a plate of food including sausage,

I guess we can see this as a bit of progress for Tantalus, he gets to eat but Sherlock will only give him a coffee, again.  Reinforcing their de facto contract to keep things platonic, despite how much it causes them to suffer.


Things move fast in Japan, where novelty innovation is like a bullet train of awesomeness. Last month the famous square watermelons were topped by loaves of watermelon bread. Today they’ve both been bested by this tantalising watermelon cake. It’s called Suika Baumkuchen, which is a combination of Japanese and German that translates to mean “watermelon tree cake.” Suika means watermelon in Japanese and Baumkuchen is a type of German cake that’s cooked on a spit and resembles the rings of a tree when sliced. So a cake that looks like a watermelon and is prepared in the style of ring-shaped baumkuchen.

Suika Baumkuchen is made in Japan by online retailer Rakuten. The red melon flesh is a tasty mousse that’s flavored with real watermelon juice. The rind is made of rice flour cake that’s also melon-flavored. And don’t worry about avoiding the watermelon seeds. They’re chocolate chips, so you’ll actually be hoping for a slice containing lots of them:

[via RocketNews24]

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Echo

She falls in love with a man almost twice her age, the ring on his finger ignored and the picture in his wallet forgotten about. Her tears fall freely when the wife finds out and she vows that it is all her fault, that she will never love again. Each word that leaves trembling lips becomes a constant apology, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But the tantalising temptation of revenge sparks in the back of her skull, and soon she is seen on the arm of another man, then another, and then another, echoing the same misfortune she once found herself spiralling into whilst pocketing gifts and credit card numbers. The zeros in her bank account begin to rise.

Platypus venom paves way to possible diabetes treatment - BBC News
Australian researchers say platypus venom could pave the way for new type 2 diabetes treatments.

“The males of the extraordinary semi-aquatic mammal - one of the only kind to lay eggs - have venomous spurs on the heels of their hind feet. The poison is used to ward off adversaries. But scientists at the University of Adelaide have discovered it contains a hormone that could help treat diabetes. Known as GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1), it is also found in humans and other animals, where it promotes insulin release, lowering blood glucose levels. But it normally degrades very quickly. Not for the duck-billed bottom feeders though. Or for echidnas, also known as spiny anteaters - another iconic Australian species found to carry the unusual hormone. Both produce a long-lasting form of it, offering the tantalising prospect of creating something similar for human diabetes sufferers.”

Dating Harry would include - 09

Midnight cuddles:

- Feeling His hand grabbing you by your waist to bring you closer to him
- His arm keeping you tight close to his chest
- Him smelling your hair with a satisfied sigh
- His lips brushing the edge of your ear, his breath tickling you
- His low and raspy voice asking if you’re asleep because he needs you
- Brushing the tip of his nose on your shoulder blade before biting you gently
- Him laughing slightly when you squeal and his slow kisses on your red skin
- Feeling his smile against the skin of your neck when he gets your total attention to his carresses
- His tongue sliding along your neck to kiss your jawline
- His lips nibbling your earlobe before bitting on it, a light moan escaping your mouth
- Him asking in a whisper if you gonna let him take care of his girl tonight
- Him kissing you tantalising slow, his tongue following the lines of your lips
- Taking your tongue between his lips, sucking sensually on it
- Him smiling  in your kiss when you try to bite his lower lip
- Feeling his palm passing on your collarbones, carressing the upper part of your breasts
- The back of his fingers teasing the side of your breast
- The fingertip of his index along your tummy to draw slow motions around your bellybutton
- His lips kissing the skin of your collarbone covered of goosebumps
- His smile in looking at your face when you feel his fingers falling to your core
- Him kissing your temple to shush you when you squeal and your hips jerks under his fingers
- His forehead resting on yours when he makes his body glides between your legs, his chest rubbing agaisnt yours
- His eyes tight closed when he makes his hard one grinding to your core
- His hand following the lenght of your leg to make you hold his waist
- The way your name escapes from his mouth in a moan
- Taking your chin in his fingers to kiss you deeply, his breath becoming heavier
- His hands running along your sides while he bites on your neck to mark you
- The feeling of his hair tickling your chest when he kiss the place between your breasts
- His burning breath on the skin of your tummy each times he’s about to kiss your body
- His mouth kissing hungrily a last timpe your bellybutton in looking up at your face his eyes full of desire
- His hair teasing your inner thighs before the feeling of his lips and tongue finally on you …

I let your imagination doing the rest …

I know for a fact Luke would always steal your lip balm when you weren’t looking and you’d know as soon as you turned around bc his lips would be glossy and a pretty pink colour and you’d just roll your eyes with amusement before kissing his tantalising glossed lips  

Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt

The long-lost ship of British polar explorer Sir John Franklin, HMS Terror, has been found in pristine condition at the bottom of an Arctic bay, researchers have said, in a discovery that challenges the accepted history behind one of polar exploration’s deepest mysteries.

HMS Terror and Franklin’s flagship, HMS Erebus, were abandoned in heavy sea ice far to the north of the eventual wreck site in 1848, during the Royal Navy explorer’s doomed attempt to complete the Northwest Passage.

All 129 men on the Franklin expedition died, in the worst disaster to hit Britain’s Royal Navy in its long history of polar exploration. Search parties continued to look for the ships for 11 years after they disappeared, but found no trace, and the fate of the missing men remained an enigma that tantalised generations of historians, archaeologists and adventurers. Read more.

Rey & Luke’s Costumes in Episode VIII, or the Hair Awakens!

If you listen to one Star Wars podcast, make it Now This Is Podcasting! It’s highly entertaining, and it’s a particularly exciting listen because the people running it (the Making Star Wars team) essentially have the keys to the kingdom in terms of spoilers for the future films. They spoiled the whole plot of Episode VII well in advance, and are now starting to leak tantalising bits of information from VIII. On the latest NTIP (start around 23 minutes in), we have our first descriptions of what Rey and Luke will look like in Episode VIII and there is every reason to believe they are accurate.

While some people might construe the descriptions below as spoiler-y, I don’t think they warrant a cut (I have, however, tagged this with the usual spoiler tags). With that said, read on if you want to learn what Rey and Luke will look like in VIII!

The Rey costume is pretty much the same as what she’s wearing at the end of The Force Awakens, just without the vest. The shirt she has on underneath is like a white tunic, sort of a feminine version of the classic Luke Skywalker shirt from A New Hope. She still has her gun. Her hair is wild and flowing (i.e. she wears it loose).

Luke’s costume is like Count Dooku meets Luke from Return of the Jedi. He almost looks like a “homeless man”, and seems kind of haggard. It’s a darker outfit than we saw him in at the end of The Force Awakens.

They both look as if they have been wherever they are for a little while, and wherever they have been “does not have dry cleaning”.

That’s it for the costume info! This makes me really excited, and I love that Rey will literally be wearing her hair down. As much as I love the buns, I’m excited to see her with a fresh look.

The Future For Rey

Disney has released the script of The Force Awakens to the Writers Guild of America for awards consideration, revealing more background about the film and some tantalising clues about Episode 8.

While much of the latest plot focused on Kylo Ren’s internal battle between good and evil, the screenplay shows he wasn’t the only one struggling. “In fact,” says Phillip Martinez for iDigitalTimes, “the script even goes even further to show that it is Rey, not Ren, that has a harder fight with the dark side.”

During the key battle with Rey in The Force Awakens, the script emphasises that Ren feared for his life, noting that Rey nearly killed him before she realised she was standing “on a greater edge than even the cliff — the edge of the dark side”. This leads Martinez to conclude: “It seems like Episode 8 will be dealing with Rey’s fight with the dark side.”

Found Here.

Boner Puns - Bucky Barnes x Reader

He doesn’t know when it started exactly, it was probably when you were in the middle of a mission and you had to get changed in the middle of it for a reason he can’t exactly recall. What he does remember is the curve of your waist and the lacy bra and knickers you’d been wearing. At the time it probably wasn’t, but in his memory, the moment was played out in slow motion.

That was the first time you’d given him a boner. And now whenever he saw you, you’d either do something that’d remind him of that one moment and give him another boner or you’d just do something that he found very tantalising and therefore, give him a boner.

One day you and the rest of the Avengers were all in the kitchen, it was ‘family night’ which is something that happened every once in a blue moon when everyone was over and free from doing a mission. You, Cap and Bruce were cooking a meal for everyone and Bucky was trying to help as best he could, though no one made him cook because they’d already learnt from a terrible food poisoning experience that he was most certainly not the best of cooks.

All you were doing was bending over to grab a bag of potatoes out from the fridge, but Bucky’s eyes suddenly became attached to your butt and there it was again, the stir in his pants, the oh-so-pleasurable tingle. He shuffled awkwardly in his seat, pulling down his shirt in hopes to hide it.

Bucky turned away from you, trying to calm himself before anyone saw. But as he turned, his eyes connected with Natasha’s, who was looking at him with a suspicious smirk marked on her lips. His eyes widened and he fell from his seat, thankfully recovering before making a big scene. “I’m going to the bathroom, “the words rushed out of his mouth and he was gone before anyone could even process what he’d just said.

He took care of his little problem and returned to the kitchen, the scenery had changed though. No longer were you all cooking, in fact, you weren’t even in the room anymore. But all the Avengers (Tony, Thor, Steve, Bruce, Nat and Clint) were stood in a line, staring at him wearing suppressed smiles.

“Um,” he was nervous, which wasn’t exactly a new thing to Bucky but it was something very unwelcome, “where’s Y/N?”

“She’s just one to get some more pasta,” Steve explained, “which was really nice of her. She’s so good of a cook, you know, I really hope she keeps it up, kind of like you do.”

The group proceeded to burst into giggles, though Steve sent Bucky an apologetic look, it didn’t stop him from laughing along with the rest of the group.

“Hey Bucky, do you want a stiff drink to go with your meal?” Tony asked, raising his own glass of bourbon, doing nothing to hide his wide grin. Bucky pouted, looking very unamused at their joking, he sent a glare at Nat who was obviously the one that told them about the incident, he was just grateful that they only knew of this one time and not the many, many, other times held got an accidental boner because of you.

“Guys, enough with the joking.”  Clint said, holding up both his hands, managing to calm everyone down into a heavy silence. “Bucky obviously has feelings towards her, and we all think that you should tell her the truth, straight up.” Once again everyone exploded into laughter, and it was at this point you decided to walk in, quite confused by the set up in the kitchen. Everyone was facing Bucky, laughing loudly. Steve was grabbing onto Bruce’s left boob and Nat was leaning against Clint even though even he was struggling to stand up because the laughter was overcoming him.

“D-Did I miss something?” You asked, all of them turning to face you which was a very scary sight at first. Though Bucky looked at you with fear rather than amusement like all the others, who were just staring at you with mere amusement.

  • Tantalise
  • Jimmy The Hoover
  • Fuck Knows

Holy crap.  Or, if I was Peter Griffin, Holy Crip.  Every time I try to get on here to blog something deep and profound and earth-shaking, Tumblr dies on it’s ass so my amazing words of wisdom simply bugger off.  Or is it fuck off?  I can never remember the correct grammatical structure when it comes to the departure of something wise.  Did Einstein fuck off when he died?  

Anyway, focus, panda, focus.

External image

Day five in Cairo (Saturday) and it’s time to go onto the Nile in a felucca sail boat thing.  Bobbing gently down the river, talking about such topics as “it’s hot isn’t it?” and “where has the sun gone?” and “wow, it’s quite a big stretch of water”.  Plus the obligatory fact that “this river flows north, you know”.  All life changing shit, I’m sure you’ll agree.

It was pretty cool, all in - it’s so quiet on the stretch of water that you can sit back, eyes closed, contemplate your virtual navel and ponder on life’s complexities.  

How about fate?  Failed O’ Levels lead to certain A’ Levels but, bearing in mind I ended up running businesses, actually PASSING my entrance exams into a grammar school was the wrong path - going to a school obsessed on the classics wasn’t the best grounding for management  consultancy.

Anyway, O’s and A’s aside… how about relationships?  

OK, well if I’d joined the RAF like I wanted (but had shit A’ Levels so didn’t) then I wouldn’t have met the mother of the girls… so it was good that I didn’t join.

And with the relationship drifting into a kind of nothingness after so long together (but three awesome little chicks), I ended up in a new relationship with the Pixie - a brilliant time that introduced me to so many new experiences and ideas but, ultimately, soured.

So I hated the world: hid away and blogged bitterly (oh yeah, it was bitter) but, over time, you grow out of it and you accept that you have no control over the morals / ethics / attitude of others.  

So that’s what happens when you sit on a felucca on the Nile.

And so to day six (Sunday) - a day when my brain recovered from wondering about relationships and fate and a day when I could go see some potential customers, talk about psychology, have a bit of a laugh and a joke, and wondering about the impact of the elections on ex-pats and people looking to set up businesses in the Middle East.  At the moment, neither party sounds particularly friendly to the outsider.  I will wait-and-see but am also considering the options of work in the Gulf or USA.  UK work… hmmmm I miss my girls in UK, but not sure if I really miss the UK.  Austerity, Eurovision and miserable cynical Brits (oh my).  Fuck.  That.

Day seven (today) - more meetings - one with a company that wants to represent my business in Egypt (which may free me up to travel more) and one with an MBA Business School looking for Associate Teachers.  Preparing for the MBA bunch has meant working on slides and content and practice and practice and practice.  I kinda realise after these meetings that I’m pretty good at what I do - I might be all high yellow and a big dreamer but, if you only aim for Wolverhampton, well you’ll get there… but who the fuck wants to get to Wolverhampton?

I wanna aim SO high… so even if I fail, I fall down much higher than others.  Aim for the moon, land amongst the stars, blah blah blah.

It’ll be nice some day to have someone who wants to dream too - quiddity does beckon but it’s gonna be a while off!

Oh, and just cos my average swear-count has dropped lately… fuckitty-bollocks-arse-wank.

There, topped up rather nicely.