Platypus venom paves way to possible diabetes treatment - BBC News
Australian researchers say platypus venom could pave the way for new type 2 diabetes treatments.

“The males of the extraordinary semi-aquatic mammal - one of the only kind to lay eggs - have venomous spurs on the heels of their hind feet. The poison is used to ward off adversaries. But scientists at the University of Adelaide have discovered it contains a hormone that could help treat diabetes. Known as GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1), it is also found in humans and other animals, where it promotes insulin release, lowering blood glucose levels. But it normally degrades very quickly. Not for the duck-billed bottom feeders though. Or for echidnas, also known as spiny anteaters - another iconic Australian species found to carry the unusual hormone. Both produce a long-lasting form of it, offering the tantalising prospect of creating something similar for human diabetes sufferers.”

A whole new side to Magnus

or how not to greet your mother in law.

A/N this is a bit naughty so discretion is advised. 

Alec came rushing through the door to the loft.

“Magnus!” he called and his boyfriend came out from the bedroom door way. As was his usual habit for the evening, he was dressed in a long deep blue satin robe and matching pyjama pants. The long V shaped opening of the robe gave a tantalising glimpse of smooth, caramel coloured chest right down to the waist band of the pyjama pants. Now that they had been together for a few months and Alec had moved in, Magnus was comfortable enough to go without his usual make up. It made him look very young and vulnerable which Alec loved but was probably why he never let anyone else see him like it.

He came up to Alec, drink in hand, and kissed him lightly. He stood back, frowning a little when he saw that he looked agitated.

“Is there something wrong, Alexander?”

“Yeah, you could say that. I got a message from my mother today. She has to come back here from Idris for a couple of days.” He told him.

Maryse Lightwood had been their strongest opponents when they had started their relationship. She had softened somewhat lately, realising that her son and Magnus Bane were serious about being together. But things were still slightly prickly with her.

“Well, that’s not so bad is it? Maryse has been a lot better about us lately. It will be good for you, Isabelle and Jace to see her.”

“Yeah, maybe, but that’s not all of the message. Because the Institutes holding the conference and it needs all the spare rooms for the visiting Clave members, she is going to be staying here. With us” Alec looked down at Magnus, his face was full of tension. Inwardly, Magnus was a little worried about the news himself but he didn’t want Alec to know it. This was his home now, and he wanted him to know that he was more than happy to have his family stay with them Even the formidable Maryse. He reached out a hand and ran it down Alec’ arm.

“That’s fine Alexander. Your mother is most welcome to stay”

“But, but, she’s…..she’s….my mother…….” He spluttered, his hand running through his thick hair. Magnus sighed, looking back at him. Only Maryse Lightwood could strike such fear in his strong Shadowhunter.

“I’m well aware of that, my love, but you’re looking at this the wrong way. It must be a positive sign if she has asked to stay with us. Relax, I’m sure it will be fine” Alec grabbed his boyfriend and pulled him close, nodding. Maybe he was right.

Maryse was due to arrive the next evening, so Magnus and Alec had spent the morning making sure the loft was clean and tidy. They had put clean sheets on the bed in the spare room and Magnus had even added a bunch of flowers in a vase, sitting it on the dresser. He had organised dinner for them as well, choosing to cook it himself wanting to show his mother in law he was more than capable of doing things without magic. If he had to.

When they were finished, Alec and Magnus stood back in the living room, surveying the room. There was nothing out of place, it all looked perfect. Alec grabbed Magnus around the waist, pulling him against his body.

“Thanks for this, Mags. I know my mother can be a bit……much” he said.

“No thanks necessary, my love. This is your home now too. Your mother is welcome anytime” He reached up and put his lips to his. It was a soft, gentle kiss to begin with but then somehow it escalated into something deeper. Magnus could sense Alec’ growing need and the longer they stood there, glued together, the worse it got. He felt fingers at the buttons of his shirt, as Alec, still joined to his mouth, was trying to get his shirt undone with shaking fingers. He gave a small cry when he felt his frustration get the better of him and get gripped either side of the material and yanked hard. Buttons flew off in all directions and Magnus could hear them hit the floorboards. He groaned in pleasure when he felt Alec’ large, strong hands touching his bare skin. Tingles ran through him as he moved them down towards the waistband of his pants.

“Come into the bedroom” he breathed in Magnus’ ear.

“But what if ……..” he started to say but Alec cut him off with a kiss.

“Mum isn’t due here for at least a couple of hours and we’ll probably have to keep a lid on things while she’s here. I want something to get me through till then, don’t you?” he was smiling down at Magnus, eyes heavy lidded with desire, pulling him by the waistband of his pants towards the bedroom. Magnus had to admit he felt the same way and he could never resist Alexander when he looked like this.

The got into the room and their large bed, hands going everywhere, racing to get their remaining clothes off. Scrambling onto its surface, they were wrapped in each other’s arms and legs. Magnus rolled Alec over so he was underneath him. He loved the feel of his strong muscled body against his. He sat up and moved to straddle his lap and with a snap of his fingers, produced a container of lubricant.

Neither of them heard the front door open and close softly as Maryse entered the loft. She put her bag down gently and walked further into the living room. She hoped that either her son or Magnus were home seeing as she had decided to come early. At first, she didn’t think they were until she heard a noise from the other room. “Hello? Alec, Magnus is that you?” she called and started walking towards where the sound had come from.

Magnus and Alec froze in horror when they heard Maryse call out. Magnus flew off Alec, almost unmanning him in the process, and scrambled for his clothes.

“Be right there, Mother” Alec called out hoping to stall her. Magnus had just bent over to pick up Alec’ clothes for him from the floor, clutching his own to his chest.

“Well, this is a side to Magnus Bane I never thought I’d see. Hello Alec, as you can see, I decided to come early” Maryse stood on the living room opposite the doorway to their bedroom. Alec felt the colour drain from his face as he saw his mother. Magnus had frozen to the spot after straightening up quickly. His eyes were screwed up tight against the horrible thought of the formidable Maryse Lightwood seeing his bare backside. He slowly squinted a glance to Alec who was still in bed, and as white as a sheet. He saw his eyes dart from his mothers back to his and to his surprise, laughter started to bubble out of him. Magnus couldn’t help it and found himself joining him. Maryse was looking back at them, with her most ‘not impressed’ face, hands on hips. Alec saw her lips start to twitch and before they knew it, she was laughing along with them.

“and as I can see, you did the same thing. Come on boys, put some clothes on and make me a cup of tea” she said,and still laughing, she headed for the kitchen.

Maybe this visit wasn’t going to be as bad as they thought.

Dating Harry would include - 09

Midnight cuddles:

- Feeling His hand grabbing you by your waist to bring you closer to him
- His arm keeping you tight close to his chest
- Him smelling your hair with a satisfied sigh
- His lips brushing the edge of your ear, his breath tickling you
- His low and raspy voice asking if you’re asleep because he needs you
- Brushing the tip of his nose on your shoulder blade before biting you gently
- Him laughing slightly when you squeal and his slow kisses on your red skin
- Feeling his smile against the skin of your neck when he gets your total attention to his carresses
- His tongue sliding along your neck to kiss your jawline
- His lips nibbling your earlobe before bitting on it, a light moan escaping your mouth
- Him asking in a whisper if you gonna let him take care of his girl tonight
- Him kissing you tantalising slow, his tongue following the lines of your lips
- Taking your tongue between his lips, sucking sensually on it
- Him smiling  in your kiss when you try to bite his lower lip
- Feeling his palm passing on your collarbones, carressing the upper part of your breasts
- The back of his fingers teasing the side of your breast
- The fingertip of his index along your tummy to draw slow motions around your bellybutton
- His lips kissing the skin of your collarbone covered of goosebumps
- His smile in looking at your face when you feel his fingers falling to your core
- Him kissing your temple to shush you when you squeal and your hips jerks under his fingers
- His forehead resting on yours when he makes his body glides between your legs, his chest rubbing agaisnt yours
- His eyes tight closed when he makes his hard one grinding to your core
- His hand following the lenght of your leg to make you hold his waist
- The way your name escapes from his mouth in a moan
- Taking your chin in his fingers to kiss you deeply, his breath becoming heavier
- His hands running along your sides while he bites on your neck to mark you
- The feeling of his hair tickling your chest when he kiss the place between your breasts
- His burning breath on the skin of your tummy each times he’s about to kiss your body
- His mouth kissing hungrily a last timpe your bellybutton in looking up at your face his eyes full of desire
- His hair teasing your inner thighs before the feeling of his lips and tongue finally on you …

I let your imagination doing the rest …

Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: Amuse-Bouche


‘You’re supposed to be my paddle.’ Will doesn’t mean to sound accusing, but since the shooting he’s existed in an almost permanent state of unease and his agitation is increasing. Hannibal’s talking again and then he stops, snaring Will’s reluctant gaze - his voice so gentle, so knowing. 'Did you really feel so bad because killing him felt so good?' 

Will wants to look away but he can’t; he doesn’t want to answer but he does. 

'I liked killing Hobbs.’ It’s barely a whisper - shaky, appalled. 

Hannibal shifts in his chair, leans in close, intimate. And still Will can’t look away. 


'Killing must feel good to God, too.’


The effect of his words on the trembling boy in the chair opposite. Hannibal wields each syllable with care, slicing with calculated precision through layer after layer of tiresome moral posturing, exposing ever more tantalising glimpses of the exquisite darkness of Will Graham’s consciousness.


The intricacies of that delicate mind, ripe for plucking. To be savoured, for Will possesses a rare intellect, too precious to be stripped and devoured all at once. Timing is everything and Hannibal finds himself relishing the challenge. The opportunity afforded by Will makes him feel…



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Boner Puns - Bucky Barnes x Reader

He doesn’t know when it started exactly, it was probably when you were in the middle of a mission and you had to get changed in the middle of it for a reason he can’t exactly recall. What he does remember is the curve of your waist and the lacy bra and knickers you’d been wearing. At the time it probably wasn’t, but in his memory, the moment was played out in slow motion.

That was the first time you’d given him a boner. And now whenever he saw you, you’d either do something that’d remind him of that one moment and give him another boner or you’d just do something that he found very tantalising and therefore, give him a boner.

One day you and the rest of the Avengers were all in the kitchen, it was ‘family night’ which is something that happened every once in a blue moon when everyone was over and free from doing a mission. You, Cap and Bruce were cooking a meal for everyone and Bucky was trying to help as best he could, though no one made him cook because they’d already learnt from a terrible food poisoning experience that he was most certainly not the best of cooks.

All you were doing was bending over to grab a bag of potatoes out from the fridge, but Bucky’s eyes suddenly became attached to your butt and there it was again, the stir in his pants, the oh-so-pleasurable tingle. He shuffled awkwardly in his seat, pulling down his shirt in hopes to hide it.

Bucky turned away from you, trying to calm himself before anyone saw. But as he turned, his eyes connected with Natasha’s, who was looking at him with a suspicious smirk marked on her lips. His eyes widened and he fell from his seat, thankfully recovering before making a big scene. “I’m going to the bathroom, “the words rushed out of his mouth and he was gone before anyone could even process what he’d just said.

He took care of his little problem and returned to the kitchen, the scenery had changed though. No longer were you all cooking, in fact, you weren’t even in the room anymore. But all the Avengers (Tony, Thor, Steve, Bruce, Nat and Clint) were stood in a line, staring at him wearing suppressed smiles.

“Um,” he was nervous, which wasn’t exactly a new thing to Bucky but it was something very unwelcome, “where’s Y/N?”

“She’s just one to get some more pasta,” Steve explained, “which was really nice of her. She’s so good of a cook, you know, I really hope she keeps it up, kind of like you do.”

The group proceeded to burst into giggles, though Steve sent Bucky an apologetic look, it didn’t stop him from laughing along with the rest of the group.

“Hey Bucky, do you want a stiff drink to go with your meal?” Tony asked, raising his own glass of bourbon, doing nothing to hide his wide grin. Bucky pouted, looking very unamused at their joking, he sent a glare at Nat who was obviously the one that told them about the incident, he was just grateful that they only knew of this one time and not the many, many, other times held got an accidental boner because of you.

“Guys, enough with the joking.”  Clint said, holding up both his hands, managing to calm everyone down into a heavy silence. “Bucky obviously has feelings towards her, and we all think that you should tell her the truth, straight up.” Once again everyone exploded into laughter, and it was at this point you decided to walk in, quite confused by the set up in the kitchen. Everyone was facing Bucky, laughing loudly. Steve was grabbing onto Bruce’s left boob and Nat was leaning against Clint even though even he was struggling to stand up because the laughter was overcoming him.

“D-Did I miss something?” You asked, all of them turning to face you which was a very scary sight at first. Though Bucky looked at you with fear rather than amusement like all the others, who were just staring at you with mere amusement.

Surprises - Cullen x Trevelyan Smut (NSFW)

Ask and ye shall recieve!! Thank you so so much for requesting guys <3 <3 

Ellandra grins conspiratorially to herself as she hears the chamber door open, then Cullen’s groans as he ascends the staircase, mumbling about his pain under his breath. She bites down on her lip to stop the silly grin from spreading across her lips, she always loved him grumbly, she found it endearing.

A smirk curls up on her lips as he rounds the corner, stopping dead as he sees her, naked save for his cloak and strewn wantonly across the bed. “Makers breath.” He swears, reaching up to run a hand through his unruly hair. She chuckles low in her throat, standing fluidly to glide across the floor to him.

The cloak parts as she walks, giving a tantalising view of her breasts, peaked nipples rubbing across the flesh with each step. She hears him groan deep in his throat when she takes another step, the crimson material shifting and falling to reveal her already damp curls. Her hand curves up and over his jerkin, reaching up to twine into his hair as she leans up on her toes, rubbing herself against him. “I’ve been waiting for you.” she whispers, dragging her teeth down his throat when she lowers herself.

He groans, amber eyes rolling back into his head at the sensation, goosebumps rising against his flesh as she smirks wickedly, licking her lips as she pushes herself against him further. “I’ve been thinking about you all day…” She confesses, taking his hand and slowly pulling the glove from each finger as she speaks, before sliding it slowly off his hand. “I almost had to start without you.” She whispers, lowering his hand to touch her.

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Hamilton Characters As Things Cutthroat-Angel Has Said

Hamilton: “I’m sorry that I’m so tantalising”
Burr: “I’m literally so bad at life”
Lafayette: “problems. SOLVING THEM”
Laurens: “I’m a lot more gay for you”
HERCULES MULLIGAN: “shit, I’m right in the fuck zone”
Eliza: “Time is how we perceive change. If things aren’t changing, then time is a meaningless device”
And Peggy: “I’m over thinking things again”
Maria: “isn’t your child motivation enough?!?”
Washington: “I’m trying to maintain my dignity over here”
Madison: “it always feels like something bad is going to happen. even though I know that the chances are small, the though is still in the back of my mind”
Jefferson: “what’s another good quote of mine?”
King George: “what if the entire state of Texas just ceased to exist? wouldn’t that be neat?”
Charles Lee: “I’m just a weenie”
Phillip: “I’m dyin”

these are all things that @cutthroat-angel has said in the past 8 months

Discworld Meta - Havelock Vetinari

[I’m sleepy and still obsessed with Discworld, so have some rambly thoughts on why Vetinari is such a great character that I wrote the other day - spoilers for the whole series up to Unseen Academicals, but no spoilers for The Shepherd’s Crown]

I think that one of the reasons that Vetinari is my favourite Discworld character is that he’s an incredibly tantalising creation. And no, I do not have a crush on Havelock Vetinari. What I mean is…well.

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And with this, concludes the madness! I have succeeded in recreating all the dons featured in ep 6. And somehow my Sukiyaki Don ended up being my most popular post so .. huh. Just saying, but there are recipes that eclipse that you know haha. I expected the ox tongue to be tough, chewy, rubbery.. but whether it be from the marinade or the magical marriage of the grill, it was incredible. And so simple! And low maintenance! The only annoying thing about it was tracking it down.. I should grill more often! It imparts a tantalising smokiness and culls down the cooking time dramatically! Andddd, I get to yell out FIREEE! FLAME ON! Or quite simply, Burn, baby i, in varying degress of maniacal states. digression aside in favour of another digression. I absolutely abhor any recipes that use more than 2 eggs, I know it’s insanity, so many tempting desserts that I’d love to conquer have sadly not met this requirement but it feels odd to have a massive percentage of eggs in a carton used in a single slew. So to make the kinshi tamago (the shredded egg garnish, this yellow garnish puzzled me for a longggg time, I always assumed it was ginger!) I used 1 egg, and pinches of the other ingredients.     

Yukihira Souma’s Gyutan Don Recipe 

50g ox tongue (I shrugged off my aversion buying frozen meat, and it can be purchased at Lucky Mart in Anegawa if you live in Sydney!), 1 tblsp soy sauce, ½ tblsp sake, 1 tblsp sesame oil, pepper, spring onion, daikon, extra soy sauce, rice bowl 

Kinshi tamago: 1 egg, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp sake, pinch of corn starch and salt 

Marinate ox tongue in 1 tblsp soy sauce, ½ tblsp sake, ½ tblsp sesame oil for approximately 30 minutes.

To make kinshi tamago, mix egg with all ingredients. Strain several times for maximum smoothness. Heat oiled pan on medium high and before it gets too hot, pour a thin layer of egg in the pan. Turn off heat and cover for 1-2 minutes. You should be able to lift the egg without it breaking, transfer to a paper towel to cool. Once cool, roll and  julienne finely. (I realy dropped the ball on this one.. but you need it really fine! Any used kinshi tamago can be stored in a freezer for 4 weeks)

Liberally oil the grill. It will stick. And you will cry. Grill ox tongue for 1 minute each side.

To serve, arrange ox tongue over bowl of rice, strategically place grated daikon on top in a casual disarray, sprinkle with chopped green onions and kinshi tamago garnish. I found that the marinade rendered the soy sauce on the side obsolete but the don is your oyster.


anonymous asked:

hey may i ask what made you feel that way about trc?

of course!! uhhh, this got longer than intended, and also this sounds really aggressive, i’m sorry, i needed to rant. but. here you go. this is full of trk spoilers btw. 

actual problems with the series:

  • the ~~feminism~~ or lack thereof tbh “aren’t feminists supposed to have big muscles?” get stuffed dick gansey please shove a camaro up ur ass
  • orla!! blue resents her. the whole ~~gansey found blue’s calves far more tantalising than orla’s cubic metres of skin blah blah blah~~ or whatever and also that look he exchanges with adam when she’s in that orange bikini like….get out you gross white boys let her do her thing i guarantee she’ll look better than u while doing it you dicks
  • less of a big deal, i suppose, but blue is compared to a table and helen is compared to a computer whereas the boys are like….magic forests and dreamers and kings yikes
  • everyone is white!! i am sick to death of white people in books jfc can i be represented in popular ya lit, like, once? i know fandom likes to fancast them as poc, and that is wonderful, but they were written as a bunch of white people and that makes me very :/
  • it’s racist as hell. all of that stuff about orla’s nose, ugh, go away.
  • more racism: henry cheng!! ugh!! i can’t believe the boys being racist little shits got turned into a cutesy pynch scene i mean i like pynch but…..ew
  • “He did a vaguely offensive version of Henry’s voice”
  • also the whole “why do u insult urself?” “i do it before other people can” you know what? i did that when i was eleven?? when i hated myself for not being white??? i loathed myself i loathed my skin and you know what, including that was not fucking necessary why did you feel the need to include that hmm 
  • in summary: uggghhh fuck off why did you include racism 
  • fucking white authors i cannot 
  • some posts about racism in trc which are better phrased than this: one, two
  • it’s just really problematic and gross and i’m sick of pretending it’s not 

things i personally don’t like:

  • the writing is kind of patronising rip the storyline is good but i don’t like the writing. the only book i genuinely enjoyed, pace and character wise, is the dream thieves
  • imo kavinsky was the only decent antagonist in the series
  • the raven king was…..really weak ngl 
  • why were there 500000 new antagonists in trk
  • gansey!! kill off gansey!!! please!!!! he was dead for all of five pages
  • maybe glendower was the friends we made along the way :) :) :) :) :) 

in summary, trk was just too racist and gross, as well as just plain boring, for me to keep ignoring all the shitty stuff. and so i am officially Over these books. i’m still going to reblog pretty edits and i will always love some of the characters but…..yeah.

I know for a fact Luke would always steal your lip balm when you weren’t looking and you’d know as soon as you turned around bc his lips would be glossy and a pretty pink colour and you’d just roll your eyes with amusement before kissing his tantalising glossed lips  

Why Sherlock's hair is so short in last few setlock days

In my view it’s because Cumberbatch is playing Sherlock’s twin brother Sherrinford who has slightly shorter hair as well as an obvious London accent based on the trailer. I think Sherrinford takes Sherlock’s place at the end of episode 3 and probably has Sherlock locked up. We’ll be left a tantalising clue to make us wonder if Sherlock really is Sherlock at the end of the series


Tiny One shot

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

Warning smut

“Hi there this is Magnus, and how can I make you scream today? I think by your silence you are letting me decide so….

Let’s start with those sweet lips of yours; my fingers will lightly trace their delicate line before pushing gently into your hot waiting mouth for you to suck at, at taste of things to cum little one.

My lips will brush against your neck and over your throat going back to that little hollow under your ears, that when I nibble and suck at you squirm as warm feelings rush to your loins. I will slowly undo the buttons of your blouse, letting my long fingers drift over your now naked breasts, following them with my hot mouth hungrily devouring your pert hardened nipples. I can hear your breathing; you so want me don’t you?

Taking my time I will let my lips and tongue wander down over your tightening stomach, taking small bites as I go to make you squeal with pleasure. Your jeans will be opened with slow tantalising care that will leave you pulling at my hair to relieve your frustration and your now wet panties will follow them just as slowly as I pull them down by my teeth. Back your hands will go to my head as you pull me forward to your hot wet pussy straining to get my tongue to lap at you like a cat with cream. But I will make you suffer and beg by using small movements on your clit with my hot tongue and then long soft strokes from bottom to top. And when you finally scream my name and beg for release I will eat you with a hunger you have never known, until you yell your pleasure to the whole world as your body falls into oblivion. Oh but I haven’t finished there my pet, for then I will raise up release my manhood now hardened and eager. And this devil will pin you to the wall with my lust and wanting, pounding at you without mercy till I spill my seed into your oh so tight cunt and you yell my name yet again.”

“OK Mrs Murphy, glad to be of service, don’t forget we take all credit cards on the Magnus sex line. Thank you for calling and feel free to call again the next time your husband, falls asleep!”

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She had been working quite a lot with little vacation time and her friend and boss urged her to take a vacation and she would do so to appease her. Though she had nothing to do on said vacation. What was a cat to do? Walking about town one day, Annalise came upon an ad for help at a nearby farm. Cats liked farms…and she had never been to one. The thought was tantalising.

With her thoughts settled she made way for the farm. It wasn’t a long trip and the drive was scenic to the beautiful farmland. “Goodness it’s pretty..” Stepping from her car, she was a bit out of place with her sun dress. “This will be lovely I’m sure..~”

her chest unfolded, a puzzle
(made no more logical by the time of its solving) / orchids, and lily-petals tumbling from nowhere, and everywhere, and trembling against
the frantic, fevered beating of her heart / soft, naked - the muscle, wet - a wicked, unforgivable red - a scarlet, tantalising / and a taste of it undid
you, as if
you had never been
at all.