The star draw is Ben Whishaw and, my, he oozes charisma and a beguiling erotic enticement as an effeminate and dangerous Dinoysus, the self-proclaimed God of wine, madness and ecstasy. Seductive and sensual, arrogant and manipulative, Ben’s complete ease with the power in his hands blends dangerously with his wickedly, playful spirit. It’s a tempting, tantalising performance.

“Sport and politics simply don’t mix.” That is the old reactionary chestnut.

It has been hauled out time and again – to try to stifle protests against the all-white South African Springboks rugby tour of Australia, the boycott of Israeli sporting tours, protests by women tennis players demanding respect, and to criticise St Kilda champion Nicky Winmar responding to racist taunts by pulling up his jumper and pointing to his black skin.

One positive that has come out of the furore surrounding the racist booing of Adam Goodes is that it has made the argument that sport is somehow separate from politics and the rest of our social existence appear absolutely ludicrous.

Sport has been central to the lives of hundreds of millions of people for centuries. It has provided relaxation, enjoyment and an escape from our humdrum experience of work on the factory or office floor.

It has provided an identity and a side to champion. It has delivered the occasional tantalising victory for millions who rarely had real victories in their lives.

Success in sports such as boxing, cycling or athletics has for generations offered one of the very few ways out of the bottom ranks of the working class.

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Things move fast in Japan, where novelty innovation is like a bullet train of awesomeness. Last month the famous square watermelons were topped by loaves of watermelon bread. Today they’ve both been bested by this tantalising watermelon cake. It’s called Suika Baumkuchen, which is a combination of Japanese and German that translates to mean “watermelon tree cake.” Suika means watermelon in Japanese and Baumkuchen is a type of German cake that’s cooked on a spit and resembles the rings of a tree when sliced. So a cake that looks like a watermelon and is prepared in the style of ring-shaped baumkuchen.

Suika Baumkuchen is made in Japan by online retailer Rakuten. The red melon flesh is a tasty mousse that’s flavored with real watermelon juice. The rind is made of rice flour cake that’s also melon-flavored. And don’t worry about avoiding the watermelon seeds. They’re chocolate chips, so you’ll actually be hoping for a slice containing lots of them:

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  • interviewer:What’s a childhood memory that stands out for you?
  • Sara:We grew up in a really beautiful city, Calgary, and it has four very distinct seasons, so my memories of childhood are having these wonderful idyllic winters we’re we went skiing and tobogganing, there was a lot of happy playful moments in the snow and now, as an adult, I think it’s obscene, as soon as it dips below zero. I’m like, ‘How did our parents stuff us into snowsuits and not murder us!?’ Our outdoor childhood also came in handy when we were teenagers because we did a lot of normal teenage behaviour because maybe it wasn’t as dangerous instead of being in a city and going to bars and clubs, there wasn’t this like tantalising opportunities to be bad, like we…
  • Tegan:Just stood in a field and drank.
  • Sara:Yeah, if you tripped and fell, you didn’t hit cement you mostly just hit a cow.
  • Tegan:You’re perpetuating untrue stereotypes.

‘Tantalise (Woh Woh Ee Yeh Yeh)’ - Jimmy The Hoover

Especially for those who didn’t want to click on the link on my last posting. I mean, after all, I’ve only to observe Kim Kardashian in a pink swimsuit, and my heart beats like a drum….

Chapter 1 of Curious Minds is now posted!

His dimples increased in size as the smug look on his face only grew. “Well, Little Miss No Name, would you look what we’ve got here,” he tantalised, folding his arms across his chest and standing in the entranceway so I couldn’t pass him. “Be honest with me. It was Louis, wasn’t it? He’s always had a thing for–”

“Don’t even think about finishing that,” I cut him off, holding my hand in front of me dismissively. “Look, as pleasant as this has been” - a complete and utter lie - “I’m tired and kinda hungry, so I’m gonna go now.” I tried to push past him, but he stood in my way to stop me from going anywhere. Growing more and more annoyed as the seconds went by, I muttered a curse under my breath and clenched my fists by my sides. “Can you please move out of my way?”

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Jimmy The Hoover - Tantalise - 1983

  • Tantalise
  • Jimmy The Hoover
  • Fuck Knows

Holy crap.  Or, if I was Peter Griffin, Holy Crip.  Every time I try to get on here to blog something deep and profound and earth-shaking, Tumblr dies on it’s ass so my amazing words of wisdom simply bugger off.  Or is it fuck off?  I can never remember the correct grammatical structure when it comes to the departure of something wise.  Did Einstein fuck off when he died?  

Anyway, focus, panda, focus.

Day five in Cairo (Saturday) and it’s time to go onto the Nile in a felucca sail boat thing.  Bobbing gently down the river, talking about such topics as “it’s hot isn’t it?” and “where has the sun gone?” and “wow, it’s quite a big stretch of water”.  Plus the obligatory fact that “this river flows north, you know”.  All life changing shit, I’m sure you’ll agree.

It was pretty cool, all in - it’s so quiet on the stretch of water that you can sit back, eyes closed, contemplate your virtual navel and ponder on life’s complexities.  

How about fate?  Failed O’ Levels lead to certain A’ Levels but, bearing in mind I ended up running businesses, actually PASSING my entrance exams into a grammar school was the wrong path - going to a school obsessed on the classics wasn’t the best grounding for management  consultancy.

Anyway, O’s and A’s aside… how about relationships?  

OK, well if I’d joined the RAF like I wanted (but had shit A’ Levels so didn’t) then I wouldn’t have met the mother of the girls… so it was good that I didn’t join.

And with the relationship drifting into a kind of nothingness after so long together (but three awesome little chicks), I ended up in a new relationship with the Pixie - a brilliant time that introduced me to so many new experiences and ideas but, ultimately, soured.

So I hated the world: hid away and blogged bitterly (oh yeah, it was bitter) but, over time, you grow out of it and you accept that you have no control over the morals / ethics / attitude of others.  

So that’s what happens when you sit on a felucca on the Nile.

And so to day six (Sunday) - a day when my brain recovered from wondering about relationships and fate and a day when I could go see some potential customers, talk about psychology, have a bit of a laugh and a joke, and wondering about the impact of the elections on ex-pats and people looking to set up businesses in the Middle East.  At the moment, neither party sounds particularly friendly to the outsider.  I will wait-and-see but am also considering the options of work in the Gulf or USA.  UK work… hmmmm I miss my girls in UK, but not sure if I really miss the UK.  Austerity, Eurovision and miserable cynical Brits (oh my).  Fuck.  That.

Day seven (today) - more meetings - one with a company that wants to represent my business in Egypt (which may free me up to travel more) and one with an MBA Business School looking for Associate Teachers.  Preparing for the MBA bunch has meant working on slides and content and practice and practice and practice.  I kinda realise after these meetings that I’m pretty good at what I do - I might be all high yellow and a big dreamer but, if you only aim for Wolverhampton, well you’ll get there… but who the fuck wants to get to Wolverhampton?

I wanna aim SO high… so even if I fail, I fall down much higher than others.  Aim for the moon, land amongst the stars, blah blah blah.

It’ll be nice some day to have someone who wants to dream too - quiddity does beckon but it’s gonna be a while off!

Oh, and just cos my average swear-count has dropped lately… fuckitty-bollocks-arse-wank.

There, topped up rather nicely.

The Hero

A princess. A lieutenant. A storm. A hero.
Will honour or love rule the day?
(Lieutenant Duckling fic slightly inspired by While You Were Sleeping).

Also on AO3 and FF.NET
My contribution for AU week! Hope you like it!

She’d dreamed of the sea as a child. She could see it from her bedroom, the tempting blue vista that spread out in the distance as a tantalising promise of adventure on distant shores.

Yet this water was grey, not blue. The rippled ocean surface, churning and frothing like a mad bull, tossing and turning…

And she was sinking.

Heavy skirts dragging her down.

Drowning. Drowning…


Blue again now. Was it the sea? The sky?

No. A pair of fair eyes, crossed with concern.


And everything was black.


“Do you remember the first time we met?”

“Of course,” Killian replied, “It was my first time at court.”

A frown crossed Emma’s face. “Well, that would make such an occasion memorable…” she mumbled. Her fingers dug into the smooth wood of the gunwale.

The Jewel of the Realm was the newly christened flagship of her father’s navy. The paint was still fresh, the sails as white as clouds. A ship to be proud of, for sure.

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A Tale of Darkness and Light

Liverpool’s Mad Hatter Brewing Company have caused quite a stir amongst the UK’s beer geek collective in the two and a half years since Gaz Matthews and Sue Starling (cool super hero alter ego name, that) started up their micro/craft brewery. Live yeast cultures and the finest possible ingredients are turned into a simply staggering array of super small batch wonders that take their inspiration from both sides of the pond, and after my very first beer from them I knew I’d stumbled upon something very special. As an introduction I thought I’d share a couple of their takes on variants of the cornerstone style of the craft beer movement.

Hare of Darkness (8.0% abv) is quite simply everything you could want in a black IPA. Bold flavours of a pine dusted grapefruit and freshly mown grass salad garnished with finely grated citrus zest washed down with a rich double espresso mocha tantalise my taste buds. There’s a good kick of bitter coffee grounds and hop spice on the long, dry finish, while the soft carbonation and medium body give it a luxurious smoothness. A fine beer indeed, and amongst my favourite UK brewed BIPA’s.

Follow the White Rabbit (5.7% abv) is a white IPA where wheat and barley malt, Sorachi Ace and Citra hops, and Belgian yeast all get together for super fun times. And fucks alive, it’s a thing of beauty! There’s huge flavours of lemon sherbert and those fizzy pineapple things from Haribo Sour Mix up front, add a splash of grapefruit juice and sprinkling of hamster bedding, serve ‘em all on a wheat cracker and that’s exactly kinda sorta precisely what this tastes like. Medium carb, a bright and breezy body, and a lovely tart and zingy finish all add up to one mouthwateringly delicious ale. 

If you’re lucky enough to have access to this charming brewery’s wares I honestly can’t recommend them enough, sure there’ll be beers you don’t get along with, but that’s gonna happen with every experimentally minded brewery. So maybe look for the styles you know you enjoy at first and I guarantee you’ll become a firm fan, and from there there’s a whole rabbit hole full of wonders to explore. Cheers!