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Holy crap.  Or, if I was Peter Griffin, Holy Crip.  Every time I try to get on here to blog something deep and profound and earth-shaking, Tumblr dies on it’s ass so my amazing words of wisdom simply bugger off.  Or is it fuck off?  I can never remember the correct grammatical structure when it comes to the departure of something wise.  Did Einstein fuck off when he died?  

Anyway, focus, panda, focus.

Day five in Cairo (Saturday) and it’s time to go onto the Nile in a felucca sail boat thing.  Bobbing gently down the river, talking about such topics as “it’s hot isn’t it?” and “where has the sun gone?” and “wow, it’s quite a big stretch of water”.  Plus the obligatory fact that “this river flows north, you know”.  All life changing shit, I’m sure you’ll agree.

It was pretty cool, all in - it’s so quiet on the stretch of water that you can sit back, eyes closed, contemplate your virtual navel and ponder on life’s complexities.  

How about fate?  Failed O’ Levels lead to certain A’ Levels but, bearing in mind I ended up running businesses, actually PASSING my entrance exams into a grammar school was the wrong path - going to a school obsessed on the classics wasn’t the best grounding for management  consultancy.

Anyway, O’s and A’s aside… how about relationships?  

OK, well if I’d joined the RAF like I wanted (but had shit A’ Levels so didn’t) then I wouldn’t have met the mother of the girls… so it was good that I didn’t join.

And with the relationship drifting into a kind of nothingness after so long together (but three awesome little chicks), I ended up in a new relationship with the Pixie - a brilliant time that introduced me to so many new experiences and ideas but, ultimately, soured.

So I hated the world: hid away and blogged bitterly (oh yeah, it was bitter) but, over time, you grow out of it and you accept that you have no control over the morals / ethics / attitude of others.  

So that’s what happens when you sit on a felucca on the Nile.

And so to day six (Sunday) - a day when my brain recovered from wondering about relationships and fate and a day when I could go see some potential customers, talk about psychology, have a bit of a laugh and a joke, and wondering about the impact of the elections on ex-pats and people looking to set up businesses in the Middle East.  At the moment, neither party sounds particularly friendly to the outsider.  I will wait-and-see but am also considering the options of work in the Gulf or USA.  UK work… hmmmm I miss my girls in UK, but not sure if I really miss the UK.  Austerity, Eurovision and miserable cynical Brits (oh my).  Fuck.  That.

Day seven (today) - more meetings - one with a company that wants to represent my business in Egypt (which may free me up to travel more) and one with an MBA Business School looking for Associate Teachers.  Preparing for the MBA bunch has meant working on slides and content and practice and practice and practice.  I kinda realise after these meetings that I’m pretty good at what I do - I might be all high yellow and a big dreamer but, if you only aim for Wolverhampton, well you’ll get there… but who the fuck wants to get to Wolverhampton?

I wanna aim SO high… so even if I fail, I fall down much higher than others.  Aim for the moon, land amongst the stars, blah blah blah.

It’ll be nice some day to have someone who wants to dream too - quiddity does beckon but it’s gonna be a while off!

Oh, and just cos my average swear-count has dropped lately… fuckitty-bollocks-arse-wank.

There, topped up rather nicely.

Hot water activity on icy moon’s seafloor

ESA - Cassini Insider’s logo.

11 March 2015

Tiny grains of rock detected by the international Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn point to hydrothermal activity on the seafloor of its icy moon Enceladus.

The finding adds to the tantalising possibility that the moon could contain environments suitable for living organisms.

Hydrothermal activity on Enceladus
Understanding the interior structure of 500 km-diameter Enceladus has been a top priority of the Cassini mission since plumes of ice and water vapour were discovered jetting from fractures at the moon’s south pole in 2005.

Ice particles in the plumes were found to be rich in sodium salt, implying that the water has been in contact with rock, and subsequent measurements of the moon’s gravitational field revealed a 10 km deep subsurface ocean at the south pole, below a 30–40 km thick ice crust.

Now, following an extensive, four-year study of data from the spacecraft, combined with computer simulations and laboratory experiments, scientists have been able to gain deeper insights into the chemical reactions taking place on the floor at the base of Enceladus’s ocean.

Using Cassini’s Cosmic Dust Analyser, scientists have discovered a population of tiny dust grains, just 2–8 nm in radius, in orbit around Saturn. They are rich in silicon, marking them out from the water-ice particles that dominate in the planet’s environment, including in its famous ring system.

Enceladus plumes
They believe that these silicon-rich grains originate on the seafloor of Enceladus, where hydrothermal processes are at work. On the seafloor, hot water at a temperature of at least 90 degrees Celsius dissolves minerals from the moon’s rocky interior. The origin of this energy is not well understood, but likely includes a combination of tidal heating as Enceladus orbits Saturn, radioactive decay in the core and chemical reactions.

As the hot water travels upward, it comes into contact with cooler water, causing the minerals to condense out and form nano-grains of ‘silica’ floating in the water.

To avoid growing too large, these silica grains must spend a few months to several years at most rising from the seafloor to the surface of the ocean, before being incorporated into larger ice grains in the vents that connect the ocean to the surface of Enceladus. After being ejected into space via the moon’s geysers, the ice grains erode, liberating the tiny rocky inclusions subsequently detected by Cassini.

“It’s very exciting that we can use these tiny grains of rock, spewed into space by geysers, to tell us about conditions on – and beneath – the ocean floor of an icy moon,” says Sean Hsu, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder and lead author on the paper published today in the journal Nature.

On Earth, grains of silica are found in sand and the mineral quartz. The most common way to form small silica grains is through hydrothermal activity involving a specific range of conditions. In particular, such grains form when slightly alkaline water with modest salt content and super-saturated with silica undergoes a big drop in temperature.

Image above: This illustration depicts potential origins of methane found in the plume of gas and ice particles that sprays from Enceladus, based on research by scientists working with the Cassini Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer. Image Credit: NASA/JPL.

“We methodically searched for alternative explanations for the nanosilica grains, but every new result pointed to a single, most likely origin,” says Frank Postberg, a Cassini Cosmic Dust Analyser scientist at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, and a co-author on the paper.

Hsu and Postberg worked closely with colleagues at the University of Tokyo who performed the detailed laboratory experiments that validated the hydrothermal activity hypothesis.

Furthermore, Cassini’s gravity measurements suggest that the rocky core of Enceladus is quite porous, which would allow water from the ocean to percolate into the interior. This would provide a huge surface area where rock and water could interact.

“In fact, it’s possible much of this interesting hot-water chemistry occurs deep inside the moon’s core, not just at the seafloor,” says Hsu.

In another paper, published in Geophysical Research Letters last month, Cassini scientists also reported on the abundance of methane spewing into the atmosphere of Enceladus. The methane could also be produced by hydrothermal processes at the rock-water boundary at the bottom of Enceladus’s ocean, and/or by the melting of a type of methane-rich ice, before subsequently percolating to the surface.

“This moon has all the ingredients – water, heat, and minerals – to support habitability in the outer Solar System, confirming the astrobiological potential of Enceladus,” adds Nicolas Altobelli, ESA’s Cassini project scientist.

“Enceladus may even represent a very common habitat in the Galaxy: icy moons around giant gas planets, located well beyond the ‘habitable zone’ of a star, but still able to maintain liquid water below their icy surface.”

Notes for Editors:

“Ongoing hydrothermal activities within Enceladus,” by H-W. Hsu et al., is published in the 12 March issue of Nature.

“Possible evidence for a methane source in Enceladus’ ocean,” by A. Bouquet et al., is published in the 26 February 2015 issue of the Geophysical Research Letters.

The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency, and ASI, the Italian space agency. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington DC.

The Cassini Cosmic Dust Analyser was provided by the German Aerospace Center; the instrument team is lead by Ralf Srama and is based at the University of Stuttgart in Germany.

Related links:

At Saturn and Titan: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Science/Cassini-Huygens

Cassini-Huygens in depth: http://sci.esa.int/huygens

NASA JPL Cassini site: http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/

Italian Space Agency: http://www.asi.it/en

Images, Text, Credits: ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.

Best regards, Orbiter.ch
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Imagine Dragons’ sophomore album Smoke + Mirrors has been out for just a month, yet the Las Vegas-based band has already announced a world tour and begun promotion in earnest. Stopping by Sydney for an exclusive one-night-only show, the Grammy award winners offered a tantalising glimpse of what to expect for its upcoming Australian shows in September. The venue at The Star may be minuscule compared to the arenas the band will soon play, but a small but devoted crowd provided great company for this too short evening. The setlist offered a good mix of tracks between the band’s first album Night Visions and its current full-length effort. Singer Dan Reynolds, drummer Daniel Platzman, guitarist Wayne “Wing” Sermon, bassist Ben McKee and touring multi-instrumentalist Ryan Walker clearly opted more for an organic sound for the stage than the overproduced arrangements custom-made for radio. Latest single Shots proved to be a pleasant opener that excelled in its lower pitch compared to the studio version. The title track off the current album was a rare dull moment, as the standing-room-only crowd politely played along. Fortunately, fun sing-alongs came aplenty during Demons, the sparkly It Comes Back to You and On Top of the World (with a catchy chant worthy of arenas and stadiums). The live version of I’m So Sorry was a furious hard-rock head-banger, marking a big deviation from the saccharine studio original and recalling Tame Impala (whose music played over the sound system before the concert). Platzman’s drum solo afterwards thankfully didn’t run too long, perfectly setting up the carnival-atmosphere of Rocks. At this point, there was no return as the crowd couldn’t keep their feet still and stop smiling. Reynolds’ stage movements were a mix of charmingly comical and convincing for a frontman. During a rendition of It’s Time early in the set, he swayed his hips like a groovier, relaxed version of Ian Curtis and beat his thigh and chest to the beat, occasionally slapping an imaginary booty. He programmed the ominous opening keyboard sample and menacingly pointed a gun to his head with his fingers during the heavy Gold (on which Sermon’s solos reached their first peak during the night). Whenever he raised his arms, the slightest sight of his belly elicited giggles from female fans, with whom he kept good eye contact. Banter in between songs highlighted a genuine affection for the island continent, as Reynolds had funny anecdotes such as failed attempts to pick up Aussie chicks on the Vegas strip. He challenged the crowd to shut their eyes and learn the chorus hook to the joyous penultimate song I Bet My Life. Of course, people peeked but it didn’t matter as the audience vigorously sang along anyway, prompting Reynolds to hop around like an overexcited bunny. And what song other than Radioactive could finish the night on a powerful note? The closing percussion breakdown and guitar/drum duel had the band banging the numerous drums on stage and wailing away for dear life, before the crowd erupted with much-deserved applause. The challenge now is whether Imagine Dragons can recreate the same connection in bigger halls later in the year. 

Setlist: Shots, It’s Time, Gold, Smoke and Mirrors, Summer, Demons, I’m So Sorry, It Comes Back to You, On Top of the World, Rocks, I Bet My Life, Radioactive 

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Thomas and Charles Blake #5

Seeking solace

There was something in it, Thomas thought. He followed the fading smoke of their cigarettes, tangling in suggestion, glancing around the familiar room which had taken on altogether new shades in light of this newest tryst. It promised no brighter future, nothing other than an assurance that he could, in some ways, be wanted mutually by a man whom he would see the next day. By a man no more frightened of his sins than Thomas at his most defiant, most headstrong.

Beside him, Charles snuffed his cigarette into his ashtray, looking at Thomas with a charming smile (god help him, what Thomas felt for smiles such as that) and a bid goodnight. Laying down, he turned, leaving the expanse of his pale back visible and tantalising - yet intending to remain untouched through the night.

There was something in it, Thomas thought, even if not all he wanted.

Avarice- ˈav(ə)rɪs


extreme greed for wealth or material gain.


King Brutus Williamson IV has always been a flirt.

Flirted with enemies, wealth, riches, fame, and now he has flirted with death. Now, nobody saw that coming this fast. It was a simple trip to a brothel with his righthand men and son. A tantalising dance move from a particular foreign dancer grabbed his attention, and he was lured to have a special time with her behind the blood red curtains. A gulp from the bitter tasting wine served in a grail styled golden cup embellished with rubies.

The next morning, King Brutus could not move without collapsing or heaving for air.

He had been poisoned by the mysterious dancer.

Nobody has been able to trace her down, not even the owner of the brothel.

The King of Graceland has been poisoned, and is laying on his deathbed. According to the rules of the small country, it is compulsory for a chosen group of people to set out and find an antidote hidden in the deepest parts of the forests of Graceland. Three Royal family members (including the two crowned princes) and three commoners.

Amongst the chosen ones are - a small town girl from a simple family, a reserved Prince that never says much, a cocky Prince that prides himself of being the next heir, a desperate royal distant cousin that is itching to be married to one of the crowned princes, a simple baker boy, and a professional hunter.

It is a matter of life and death, the King needs to be saved and his sons need to prove they are worthy of the positions handed over to them.

A cocktail of love, deception, rivalry and betrayal wrapped in a bow. There is nobody to be trusted on the journey because at the end, everybody wants to rule the world, well at least their world.

Character List-

Harry Styles- Crown Prince Harry.

Lily Collins- Karma Waterhouse.

Avan Jogia- Crown Prince Casper.

Barbara Palvin- Luna Wanderlust.

Niall Horan- Niall Horan.

Liam Payne- Hunterman Liam Payne.

Gerrard Butler- King Brutus Williamson.

Marion Cortillard- Queen Rachael Williamson.

Taylor Schilling- Layla Harmony.


Warning- Mature Content, Cuss Language, Dark themed, and explicit. Read if comfortable.

Do not steal or plagiarise my work. Plagiarism is punishable by law. I take all my stories serious because I know how hard it gets for me to publish them out, so please, don’t steal. The celebrities have no affiliation with the characters they have been chosen to visually represent. This is an alternate universe. All the celebrities are just playing roles here. Note, this is pure fiction and out of imagination, does not mean I support everything portrayed here. Places, terms and many things here are fictional, pure fiction, anything related to real life places or artwork will be stated, and reference.

Feel free to follow me on twitter @cherie_writes.

Thank you for reading, I hope you truly enjoy it x.

All rights reserved to cheriewrites ©2015.

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Trailer- http://youtu.be/KmVEd6cWIFw

9:10pm- Paralysed

By the constant ache that tantalises me all day.
Craving you.
In the most innocent way possible.
But selfishly I guess.
Your eyes are such a vast portal.
Getting lost in them is my favourite past time.
They bring such instant peace.
I need you.
I don’t like to need.
But breaking the rules is necessary.
I need you.