I got tagged by tanskalainenviikinki

Thank you! It’s nice to be tagged~ ;w;

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1. Do you like dancing?
Yes and not. Depends very much what is the situation. At clubs I like to dance and I would love to know how to dance some hip hop or something else. And then sometimes I don’t like to dance and I just sit down and watch others dancing.

2. What place you’d like to visit before you die?
Oh so many! America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan again…<3

3. Was the last book you read good?
It was “Not before sundown” (Ennen päivänlaskua ei voi) and YES it was AWESOME<3 I loveloveloveloved it!! Everybody should read it!

4. Tea or coffee?
Don’t do this to me! Aaah! It depends too! Mornings I like to start with tea, just when I have woken up. And then at 9 o'clock I like to drink one coffee. At afternoon coffee too and at evening tea again. Then it depends too what I’m eating… I love both!<3

5. Do you like the color of your eyes, and if you had chance to change it, what color eyes would you like to have?
I have gray eyes, they are very nice~ But I would love to have hazel eyes~

6. Do you use twitter?
Sadly I don’t… 8< I have an account but it’s just not my place.

7. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? And if you do, why do you like it?
Hmmmm… I just bought this one very casual grey dress, and I have used it very much! It very comfy and it has a nice cut too! Also I have one club dress with pink and black lace, it’s very nice too and I like how my shoulders looks with it~

8. Whats your favorite kind of chocolate?
Dark. I love dark chocolate with milk<3

9. Are you scared of the dentist?
Well not scared anymore, I was before. But I don’t like to go.

10. Latest album you bought?
MIKA - Life in Cartoon Motion
I don’t buy much albums or CD’s, ‘cause I don’t have place where to put them. But I still love that MIKA’s album, still one of my favorites ever<3

Too lazy to tag anybody, sorry!
You are all so nice! You can send me ask and I can then ask something from you~ :3