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2013.02.27. Transfurniture

Anyone who’s lived in a studio apartment understands the frustration of not having room for a table. Besides providing a proper place to eat, many times the table also serves as a center point for entertaining guests. This ingenious convertible furniture piece is perfect for compact spaces, instantly transforming from 3 person sofa to 6 person dining table. Simply unfold the top/back, remove the cushions, & expand their legs to create a comfortable space to eat, play a card game, or enjoy other group activities.

Designer: Julia Kononenko

Read more at http://www.yankodesign.com/2013/02/27/transfurniture/#HUrXrGpt7dKpKXiY.99

Bratz To Superheroes: Woman Tansforms Dolls And They Are Awesome!

Bratz To Superheroes: Woman Tansforms Dolls And They Are Awesome!

Things have gotten much better for women in the geek world in the last few decades, but it is still no doubt difficult to find toys geared to girls of lovely ladies of geekdom.  One woman had enough.  While searching for dolls for her daughter and having a hard time finding any, she came up with the ingenious idea to take new (but mainly used) dolls and turn them into geeky awesomeness!



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Transformers Fandom Asks: 2, 6, 7, 15, 19, 29, and 30 :3

Watch out..long post coming your way.

2. My first experience was watching it with my dad and grinning like a bunch ah kids high in candy

6. My favorite Auto of would have to be Hound (sorreh Jazz Baby..ah still love ya)

7. My fave deception would be: Blitzwing. I love his accents in TFA.

15. Fave transformers memory: seeing my dad grin like a maniac when Transformers came back out in 2007/08. And then hearing Optimus Primes true voice for the first time.

19. My favorite pairing would have to be: Drift and Perceptor (why does it have to be just one pairing though)

29. The crossover I want to see would have to be: Fast and Furious/Tansformers. (I mean just think about this for a secon..or an hour)

30. What I like about the fandom: is that it’s diverse in characters both cybertronian and human. As well as universally known by anyone and everyone. So yeah ah’m lovin it lots

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