Laurent Lavender (France) - Moon Games

In his ongoing series of photos Moon Games, French photographer Laurent Lavender has subjects play with a rising moon, effectively tansforming it into a balloon, a painting, and even a scoop of ice cream. The dreamlike photos have been turned into a calendar and a (French-only) book of poetry as well as a few other objects. You can see more of his work over on Facebook.

© All images courtesy the artist

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mat-trix77  asked:

GOD DAMN IT! I already told you that you were the best Ryuko cosplayer, and now you've gone and made a tansforming Scissor Blade?! How is anyone meant to top that?! What's next? you make the red parts glow like you're absorbing life fibres? STOP MAKING MY WAIFU REAL!

hahah omg X’D thank you for the compliments!!! I’m retiring Senketsu, I actually sustained a lot of damages while wearing it to Anime North OTL.

My high heel broke off (my sis helped me jimmy it back on very loosely), scissor blade decapitation mode I broke the stopper, dented it when I FELL DOWN… False boob props top latex layer was rubbed raw by the end of the day (I’m so glad that wasn’t my real skin), velcro fasteners melted/ripped off while trying to get out of it, pantyhose ripped open, skirt teeth fell off, cracks on paint job on Senketsu eye)….

But, I’m super happy with how it turned out, I challenged myself with that cosplay in ways I never had. *-*;; I’m sure there are other cosplayers that will push their limits with Ryuko beyond what I tried to do, she’s a protagonist to idolize for sure!! <3