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why do you still tag people after the five tags? i have understood that only the first five tags appear

top 5 tags can let your post appears on the website page, but it’s still showed on the mobile app when you are tagging more than 5 tags.

Signs when taking off a bandaid🙊

Aries: rips it off slowly and painfully

Taurus: Takes it off and stares at it

Gemini: falls off because they keep picking at it

Cancer: takes band aid off and throws it in the garbage and cleans wound while crying

Leo: takes it off and whines because it hurt for the next 20 minutes

Virgo: takes 10 minutes to rip it off

Libra: soaks band aid in olive oil so when they take it off if doesn’t hurt

Scorpio: rips it off fast and painless

Sagittarius: forgets that they had a band aid and wonders what it’s doing with its life

Capricorn: takes 3 deep breathes and goes for it

Aquarius:watches fall off in the pool and doesn’t pick it up

Pisces: takes it off normally then ices their really small scratch

My fav OTP'S for the signs and why

Aries + Gemini: fuck buddies af

Taurus + Scorpio: stubborn & jelly lovers

Gemini + Sagittarius: the adventurous ones

Cancer + Pisces: the loving pair

Leo + Libra: the outgoing stylish ones

Virgo + Capricorn: intense cute couple

Libra + Aries: bold and strong couple

Scorpio + Cancer: comfortable & cutesy

Sagittarius + Aquarius: go getters

Capricorn + Taurus: practical and chill

Aquarius + Leo: caring and spicy

Pisces + Virgo: friendly and unpredictable