all the animals i have tanned by myself!

winslow and big man the f.ox s.quirrels were both smashed roadkill. winslow was fresh and big man was questionable. rhodey the m.ink was fairly fresh roadkill, with a tiny bit of green belly on one side.

huron the red f.ox was roadkill that had been in 70° sun for some hours in the middle of the road. and eulaia the red c.oyote was a rotten, days-old hunter-dump of some sort (there was a gunshot wound and she was laying in a field during rainy spring weather).

i love saving questionable roadkill 👌

new additions to my pelt collection! i just finished tanning these k.ittens- they were euthanized at a shelter due to how sick they were, and i was lucky enough (and grateful) to be able to preserve them.

the left one is a male polydactyl (he has 24 toes! 2 extra ones on each front paw and a dew claw on each back paw!) and the right one is a female longhair black smoke!


the matted roadkill k.itten and my c.at, pepper (who is very small)! the k.itten had no identification at all and i was unable to find an owner after a long time of lots of searching. due to that and the shape he was in (very matted, dirty, etc) i was able to safely deduct that he was not a p.et.

he looks like pepper did before she started being fed and cared for by humans (the way i stretch pelts makes all them really fat LMAO).. he probably would have grown up to look like her even more. (long distant relatives?)


the last two of the batch of k.ittens that were euthanized at an animal shelter because they were sick. they will be loved and cared for forever now!

the black one looks like he had a severe skin condition on his paws- he unexpectedly lost quite a lot of fur there. it was very unusual! the little long hair k.itten had a gash on the back of his neck and was covered in fleas. he turned out perfect!


click pics for full size! i decided to share a bunch of detail pictures of eulaia with you all! (the rotten red coyote i found after she had been shot and dumped in a field for an unknown amount of days in rainy spring weather.)

she had an intense, rotten green belly (and smelled sour up until she was dry) so i am proud and pleased i was able to save this much of her! her slips (epidermal, not just hair loss, but skin loss, all due to the fact she was rotten) were at their worst on her back but she had a bunch on her stomach and shoulders as well as one on the base of her tail and inside her ears.

but! her face, paws, tail, and ears turned out perfect (which are my fav parts so 👌) and she’s technically mountable (not going to be mounted though).. so i definitely call this one a win! i am super happy she can be a proper part of my collection now.

a roadkill k.itten my dad picked me up up a while back. he was covered in mats, not n.eutered, had no identification, nor anyone looking for him (i did daily checks on c.raigslist, f.acebook, and a local shelter) so after a while i was able to work on him! and look at how cute and perfect he turned out!