tannor logan

Training || Jared && Tannor.

Jared changed into something that would be easy to move around in. He hoped that Tannor wouldn’t be useless at this whole thing. He had a strange feeling that she wouldn’t be though. He slammed his bedroom door behind him and wondered down the corridors of Kingston, not caring if he was late. He was doing her a favour after all, he didn’t have to help her. He was just looking forward to blowing off some steam. The gym was always the perfect place for him to do that. As he made his way into the gym, he saw Tannor there and a faint smile reached his lips. He wasn’t in a good mood, not even close. He had to try be patient though. She wasn’t the worst person he could be helping. “Where do you want to start first?” He asked, his tone blank.


It’s like a game to them. They’re so madly in love, but they’re too scared to hold onto it. They’re too scared that the other won’t follow behind. So they fight…and they yell…and they break each other. But, they don’t just keep it to themselves. Oh no, they spread the pain. They pull innocent lovers into their paths of destruction and they break them. What’s the use in feeling pain when no one else feels it too? In the end they find they’re way back to each other and they pain is gone. They hold each other and they wait until the next time…

Dear Prudence [ Tannor & Luke ]
The sun is up, the sky is blue
It's beautiful and so are you
Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?

Nervously the brunette male shuffled on his feet. Luke wasn’t sure why he was so nervous. It was just Tannor after all, and that should’ve been enough to put him at ease. Except, for the fact that it was Tannor Logan that made him so nervous. They were about to embark on a new element in their friendship. New territory, so to say. Sure, they had fooled around a little, and had some fun, but there hadn’t ever been something so… proper… like a date to happen between them. They were friends, and they had seen each other at their worsts. They knew each other’s faults, without sugar coating it, and they never made things too serious. That’s what Luke had liked most about their dynamics.

Now, however, it felt different in some way. Maybe it was something, Trina had said was sticking closely with him. His ex, for lack of a better term, mentioned that Tannor would be glad with the opportunity to be with him, and even though he knew what a bad idea that was… Something about the idea was caught up in his head. In the past Luke had given it little thought, just vague what-ifs, and hypothetical scenarios that always lead to the realization that it would only turn out to be a disaster. He wasn’t good at being in a relationship, and neither was she, so there was no way they would make it.

Sighing softly to himself, he tried the best he could to shove a brightly wrapped Christmas gift into the pockets of his slacks as he approached the gym. The box didn’t fit in his pocket, and hung out as he walked; like a lame beacon showing how stupid he was. It was a stupid gift, and he probably gave her way too many things with sunflowers, but he was bad at the gift giving thing, and figured it was better than nothing. Since they had parted ways some time before, he decided to meet her at the place where the ball was being held. Straightening his tie a little, Luke raised his hand, running it through his hair, and taking once last deep breath. He steadied himself before leaning against the wall, trying to look as calm as possible as he waited for his date.