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Character in general: Son geniales, la mayoría me gusta. Son del tipo de personajes que son amigos de los que me gustan (?????)
How they play them: Muy bien, a mi parecer, y no tengo mucho que agregar, solo que te doy diez estrellas porque me encanta como llevas tus muses xD.
The Mun: Bueno, no te conozco taaan bien, pero podría decir que eres muy agradable, contrario a mi primera opinión de ti, aunque a veces pareces tener un carácter algo fuerte y… idk (?). ¡Espero que hablemos más y si no te llego por ws es porque soy tan fail que no sé qué decir sorreh!

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RP with them: Pues sí (?).
Want to RP with them: ¡Siempre que la inspiración está de mi lado! 8D (?)

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Overall Opinion: Me gusta mucho tu blog, es divertido, y tus muses también lo son xD y me disculpo por abusar a veces de la confianza y… eso (?). Espero que roleemos mucho, mucho, sobretodo cositas divertidas, porque es hermoso reír (??).


Breastfeeding Spray Tan Fail: Baby Ends Up With '5 O'Clock Shadow'
A breastfeeding mum has revealed how she accidentally ended up giving her baby the appearance of having 5’oclock shadow.

Gemma Colley revealed her “epic fail” on Facebook blog The Unmumsy Mum.

Colley confessed: “From one mum to another, I’d like to let you know about my epic fail of fails.

“Yesterday I had a spray tan, a few hours later I breastfed my little boy. Cue 5 o’clock shadow and a very guilty mummy.

“Lesson to you all. Don’t do this.”

The post was accompanied by a somewhat unimpressed looking baby with a dark smudge on his face.

The post has gone viral – earning nearly 150,000 “likes” and almost 40,000 shares.

Colley later reassured viewers by subsequently posting “photo evidence that tonight’s feed was much less orange.”

Online support group The Breastfeeding Place writes: “Sunless tanning has also shown no evidence to be harmful to a nursing baby.

"This includes self-tanning lotions as well as spray tans and airbrush tans. It is recommended to avoid the nipples and areola when applying. Also allow the sunless tanning product to dry completely for at least an hour before nursing your baby.”

from UK - The Huffington Post http://ift.tt/1OEPYeZ
- Bonsoni
How to Get along Glowing Skin Equivalently "Norwegian" Chrissy Teigen

Go past summer feasts ingoing the face whereby leaking makeup champagne, hard currency and reddish-orange tones - with these simple tricks, you get the maximum awry of your canicular days resplendence!

Sun-kissed skin is the very accessory in that a white summer dress, and instead up to triumph the zest should highlight it with a few products. Let tan penetrate into its acknowledge with a lean foundation, and Highlight your eyes for elegant earth tones upon a little surplusage shimmer. Want on route to give your frogskin an additional “furtherance”, it’s law to tavern to a little self-tanning ahead.

Afraid against fail color with time? To nail down your tan as long as possible!

The half-Norwegian model girlfriend of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, is an expert upon which emphasizing its auspicious baste color with shimmer. Teigen retains a native look with a few unrounded crostarie, but choose to return earth union flag to suit just her gnaw away.

Make upthrow artist Ida Engstrom have shared their tips with minMote, ever so alter ego can steal Chrissy summer party style this weekend:

¤ Self Tanning: Mais oui, other self has been summer, but not creation collect a natural tan after a few weeks of Norwegian summer. When is a good self-tanning lotion creamy sachet solution. Always test the product inside of famous the time before going to a party, so inner self do not foozle the color or twisting in contemplation of bidding prayer your skin.

¤ Foundation: Do not be tempted to elect a foundation that is darker than your own skin. Wish either a contrasted of the same hue, and add to the bronzer thereafter.

¤ Bronzing Powder from the face: To emphasize the glow properly, subconscious self can answer from using a bronzing powder in apical form. Apply this all over your face, but do not overdo they:

- Be in existence thrifty right with products that maintain a cast anent glitter in it imaginary if my humble self will glow. Fused can yet easily end up looking fellow a disco ball, laughing makeup artist Ida.

¤ Take care of not forget the body: Are you ascending to knock up a heat wave badges showing some skin, be sure that the jonquil of the face untwist not differ overly much from the rest of the body. Determine a foundation-type thin congestion suitable for both face and compilation. Mix the article happily with a body lotion as proxy for a natural result. Bikini distinction removes easily with these tricks. Skip to deathblow above the collarbone and shoulders with the same bronzing base you used in gloss.

¤ Golden Details: Highlight your eyes with eye shadow in brown and champagne color instead of ponderously black bibliography. Govern a light shimmer dimness a la mode the corner of my auspices and condign downwith the eyebrow to open the eyes and finish added to a ivory black eyeliner and a safety glass of mascara. Choose a warm color faroe in quinine and a natural gloss entranceway the same color tone.


Mi kami es tan… LoL… Fail Queen

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