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5 Tips For The Perfect Summer Tan With Australis
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Australis Tanning products are the perfect start to your beauty routine. Australis introduces a new generation in tanning – Skin Finishing! We provide a Chocolate base mousse which is perfect for fair skin and a Purple base mousse for olive skin – choose the ideal base to suit your skin tone! The range also includes a unique micro-sponge mitt for your face and body!

1. Remove Unwanted Hair A Few Days Prior.

Nothing can ruin your fake tan more than regrowth or ingrown hairs so if you want to remove unwanted body hair, do it a few days before. Shaving can increase the skins sensitivity and doing it directly before can cause the tan to apply unevenly so one to two days before is best. If you’re someone who prefers waxing than stick with a two to three day gap as it can open up the pores meaning fake tan may seep into the skin, resulting in a blotchy and uneven finish.

2. Exfoliate At-least One Day Before Tanning.

Exfoliating is an essential step in fake tanning, but it has to be done right. For the best results exfoliate no less than one day before applying your fake tanner and avoid using oil-based, highly moisturising scrubs as these can leave a light film over the skin causing tanner to apply unevenly. Instead, use a small amount of water based body wash with an exfoliating glove (Like Australis No Glove, No Love Exfoliating Mitt) and work in small, circular motions.

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There are a few things in this world that never mix well: diets and French fries, happy hour and texting your ex, and until now, oil and self-tanner. Although oil usually breaks down DHA (the coloring agent in self-tanner), St. Tropez, the gold (er, bronze) standard of sunless tanning, has done the unthinkable by combining the two notoriously incompatible ingredients in a cutting-edge new body bronzer. With the latest technology, this elixir conditions skin, leaving it hydrated and supple, while delivering a healthy tan. Below we break down the breakthrough self-tanner. RENEE TRILIVAS

This refined dry oil—which took two years to perfect—sinks into skin without a trace of greasy residue. With a unique emulsification process that blends oil and water in a single phase, this self-tanner formula ensures an even distribution of DHA and hydrating oils for a uniform glow.

Packed with conditioning Brazilian nut oil, this advanced bronzing elixir quenches thirsty skin for up to a week. The paraben, sulphate, and phthalate-free solution is also loaded with protective antioxidants like vitamin A and E that shield skin from free radical damage.

Spiked with a trio of essential oils, this self-tanner leaves behind the fresh fragrance of neroli, lemongrass, and grapefruit.

With a 100-percent natural DHA, this lavish formula produces natural-looking color that lasts up to ten days. Plus, the formula is flecked with bronze pigments for an instant sheen that helps guide color application.

After exfoliating, buff this luxurious oil into skin with the St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt for lasting moisture and streak-free color.

Accentuate your tan by dabbing a shimmery highlighter onto your cheekbones, collarbone, and shoulders for a dewy, back-from-the-beach radiance.


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St. Tropez / Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil

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St. Tropez / Tan Applicator Mitt

I know I said I won’t be posting hauls right now, but I have a bunch of ones on my phone that are super old, and I thought I’d share them so yall don’t get bored of me.

Mini haul ft. My Lifting Purse

Pacsun: socks ~$12

Sephoria: nars contour blush -$42
Ysl touché éclat pen -$41
Too faced sweetheart blush -$30
St Tropez tanning mitt -$6
St Tropez tanning mousse -$42

Kohl’s: juicy couture perfume ~$95

Icing: glittery flask (a while back I saw a different haul w this and I LOVED it omg like I don’t even drink that much but I needed it) ~$12


Hugh Jackman has revealed he had problems concealing his almighty Wolverine on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The 45-year-old actor told Kiis FM that the special effects team prevented the movie from slipping into XXX-Men territory with the unlikely weapon on a green sock. The star explained that;

The producers came up to me and I was nude. I knew it was a butt shot and they said: “There’s a mirror in front of you and we might see something, you’ve got to put this bright green sock on” They said it’s like green screen, that means that if we see you dangling, you bend over or turn to the side we can wipe it out

Masterful use of the word dangling there, what a vivid mental picture you paint, Jackman!

He continued to craft the rich tapestry about his ‘Jackman’ by laughing about how;

It’s very hard to hide! I don’t know what to tell you, it’s really hard to hide that thing!

Clearly, there is no need for false modesty when you’re the quintessential embodiment of Wolverine!

The actor also let slip that he was totally down with baring his buff buttocks to the world, in fact, it was all his idea. Jackman told the radio crew that when producers asked him if Wolverine was more likely to wear boxers or briefs to bed he had other ideas.

I was like, Wolverine’s in bed with a woman, he gets out in the morning and he’s not wearing boxers or briefs - commando

If any of you guys at home are fancy imitating Wolverine’s now infamous butt, the good humored actor also handed out some top tips on achieving the look. It’s time to dig out the tanning mitts because;

That is my butt with a lot of fake tan on it

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about Wolverine’s downstairs department in one bite sized chunk. Nom nom nom.

Do you think Hugh Jackman has gone in for the overshare, or is he the funniest actor in the X-Men franchise?

Introducing Australis Rapid Tan

This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Australis Cosmetics.

I’m extremely diligent about sun protection (I rarely step outside without sunscreen) but I’m also someone who dreads the task of fake tanning. It can be a long, tedious task of showering, exfoliating, applying the product, waiting for it to dry and then rinsing. For this reason, I usually go tan free and am often met with remarks such as “OMG you’re so pale!” and “do you ever go out in the sun?” All that changed recently when I decided to forget about my many fake tan horror stories and give the new Australis range a go.

Australis Rapid Tan Mousse

There are hundreds of different tanning formulas on the market; mousse, cream, spray, gradual, wash off tan, instant… Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it’s generally suggested that mousse is the best way to go. It’s easier to apply than creams, not as messy as sprays and it’s much more lightweight. Australis Rapid Tan is an instant tanning mousse and one that’s easy to apply as well as fast drying. The tan is fast drying so you can still go about your day before rinsing it off, in which case the tan continues to develop for 6 hours so you get a natural looking finish. Gone are the days of stinky fake tan and here are products that have scents that smell good enough to eat. Unlike other tanners which often smell of strong chemicals, Australis has a subtle linger of chocolate which remains prominent on the skin even after washing off excess product. The product comes in two shades, a chocolate mousse for those with a lighter skintone and a purple mousse for those with a dark, or olive toned complexion. Simply apply the fake tan and leave for either 1 hour (for a subtle, light tan) 2 hours (for a sunkissed glow) or 3 hours (for a gorgeous deep bronze) and then wash off. Both shades have a cool-neutral base so there’s no need to worry about looking orange; instead you’re left with a nice summer complexion.

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Fake it ‘til you make it.

We here at The Sephora Glossy love the sunkissed look of tans, but not as much as we hate the threats of skin cancer, sun spots, and premature wrinkles. That’s why we’ve mastered the delicate art of applying self-tanner. Below, a list of some of our favorite products, broken down by format—so you can find your new favorite, too. BECKY PEDERSON

Vita Liberata Rapid Tan Mousse + Tanning Mitt
A foaming mousse that leaves a glow in as little as one hour, plus a reusable, washable, extra-soft flock mitt designed for applying a flawless, even tan.
Apply in circular motions, starting on the top of your body. Leave elbows, knees, hands, and feet for last, using only the mousse that’s leftover from your full-body application.

Kate Somerville 360° Tanning Towelettes
A towelette soaked with a paraben-free self-tanning formula that provides a quick, streak-free application.
Let the formula dry on your body for five minutes before getting dressed, lest you accidentally stain your clothes.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Gradual Self-Tanning Face Water
A gentle, lightweight formula that gradually leaves a soft, natural glow on your visage.
Use a flat cotton round, as opposed to using a cotton ball, for an even application.

Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover
An exfoliating sponge that wipes away unwanted stains, even after the color has set.
Swipe using light strokes on your knees, feet, and elbows, but steer clear of more sensitive areas like your face, neck, and chest—this product exfoliates, so it works best on areas with thicker skin.