tanning in the sun

anonymous asked:

I'm really glad you made that post because I'm the exact way. I'm Native American but I look white too. I burn when I stay in the sun too long and my mom tans. Most of my family on her side has dark skin. When I saw your post I really related to it. It made me happy to see that someone was like me. Ps the only reason I'm on anon is because I get nervous talking to people and this way is easier for me to thank you!

No problem nonnie! I know the pain and with the amount of shit I get every week from that post from multiple people like @**** so when people tend to come to me on their own account, unless they have something really profound to share or something that I say that I feel EVERYONE needs to know, it will normally just stay between me and you. (And even then you can ask me to take it down). I never want to deflect hate I’m getting to a smaller target that these assholes would have an easier time ripping into. 

I’ll take a hit for you guys any day.

steve isnt ‘glowing with patriotism’ hes just so pale hes practically reflective