tanning heart

Happy Things to imagine Les Amis doing
  • Courfeyrac getting incredibly excited over pastries, ice cream, deserts and every sweet food available to him. Cheat days are his favourite days.
  • Enjolras watching his friends talk and laugh from a distance, a small smile on his face as he’s thinking about how much he loves them
  • Combeferre and Jehan watching a shooting star from the rooftop of one of their apartments. A lengthy and philosophical conversation follows about the universe
  • Gavroche mimicking little gestures and things that the older members say and do with a scary amount of accuracy of imitation. Everybody finds this alarming and adorable. 
  • Bossuet having an allergy to cats but somehow being a kitten magnet. He doesn’t mind the sneezes because he gets the best furry cuddles
  • Joly having a large collection of tea pots and and tea cups. He loves thrift shopping for new cups and the little gasp he makes on finding a new one is too cute.
  • Marius and Courfeyrac doing silly roommate things like having an impromptu movie night where they binge watch a series together and making inside jokes based off of things that happen around the house
  • Bahorel sunbathing with love heart shaped sunglasses on his eyes and getting ridiculously overjoyed when he’s left with a heart shape tan around his eyes. The puns that follow for the next few weeks are unbearable
  • Feuilly and Combeferre going to a book drive together and collectively losing their shit over the classics they find
  • Grantaire laughing wholeheartedly at his own joke. His laugh is loud and infectious, and soon all of his friends are laughing too. They don’t stop for 20 minutes and by the time the giggles have subsided the room feels light and free.