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I’m happy that the main 3 serpent kids are all poc, just pls don’t villainise them RD writers

The Nats as the first thing that comes up when I type their names in the gif search

Ryan Zimmerman

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Bryce Harper

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Jayson Werth

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Anthony Rendon

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Max Scherzer

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Stephen Strasburg

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Trea Turner

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Daniel Murphy

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Tanner Roark

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Gio Gonzalez

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Jose Lobaton

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Joe Ross

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Matt Wieters

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Michael A. Taylor

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Sammy Solis

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Blake Treinen

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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1



You could see Charlie’s large sun hat before you saw her face once you landed in the airport. Though Harry had attempted to roll both yours and his suitcase in a chivalrous way, you had given him a look as if to say, “Really?” before lugging your own behind you as Harry led you and Savie through the airport.

“Charlie!” you called, waving your arm frantically as you attempted to catch her attention. She turned, her long, luxurious and silky hair swishing around her as a large smile overcame her face and she waved back, jogging to meet up with you. 

“Y/N!” she cried and nearly sprinted into your arms. “Oh it’s been so long! When Harry called I nearly thought he was joking saying you’d be visiting! It’s so good to see you!”

You and Savie had known Charlie since university. She’d been the Armenian girl down the hall whose grandmother always sent her nice treats. You’d gone with her on her first trip to her home country when her parents had asked if she wanted to spend the summer there. Her answer was yes, and that she wanted to bring friends. 

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Request 77.6 Imagine You’re a Fratboy Part  2

Request 77.6 Imagine You’re a Fratboy Part 1

Now that you have accepted your condition, you see what you were too oblivious to notice. Most of the weight your brothers have gained is concentrated in their stomachs.  Although Tanner has gained all over, his cheeks rounded, his hips and butt thickened. The stomach bug they passed around since college began had to be morning sickness.  You haven’t been nauseous or had weird cravings other than the stout. Although your sense of smell has become stronger, you know which brother is around the corner by their cologne or soap.

“Doc, I’ve been drinking beer, lots of beer.” You rub the swell which you’ve thought of as the beginning of a beer gut.

“The Frat brew?” He asks. You nod. “Don’t worry it’s good for you, enriched with vitamins and nutrients to increase fertility and encourage milk production.” He says with a snap of the latex glove.

“Who’s the father? I mean the other …” Or are you the mother? “Who did this to me?”

Tanner, reeking of leather and pine, walks in, sneering. “Since you’re such a whore, who knows?  ‘Give me that black dick; fuck me with your blue cock… Fuck me raw’.” Those are your words from your dreams.

“The ghosts of house sire the babies on you brothers. “ He writes your initials -60 with a date in March.

“How will I raise…” Paying for college was a stretch for your folks. You have a car older than you are; you only use to get to back to your hometown.

The doctor laughs. There are very important, wealthy families waiting on your offspring. In five months, you will deliver and be ready to go again in when rush starts next year.


“The next time will be shorter. The term decreases each successive breeding, to allowing you to produce more children for the families. Tanner is on his twelfth, he’s due any day.”

You thought that now that you’re knocked up you wouldn’t be nearly as horny.

But you crave touch.  The ghosts are more than willing to attempt to satisfy.  Tanner slut shames you every chance he gets. It doesn’t stop from you racing back from class, locking your bedroom door before dropping your pants and bending over your desk. Taking all comers until your hormonal daze clears enough for you to do homework.  Your shouts give Tanner more ammunition to call you a slut, even as he recovers from giving birth to a baby boy.  Your brothers follow Tanner’s example and call you gloryhole.

In addition to carrying the babies, you and your brother still have fraternity responsibilities. There are community service and fundraising activities.  Not to forget the parties. A frat of fat boys still manages to be party central. The booze flows, the food is bountiful and women feel safer in their house than other frats.

This weekend you have to do all three plus supporting Hank in the last game of the season. In the final quarter, the opposition fumbles a ball into Hank arms. He moved like a tank with a turbo charged booster. Any player that got close was propelled several feet by his hubcap sized hands. Crossing the goal line only he slowed a little, finally sitting on the base of the goalpost. Once on the bench he buried his face in the oxygen mask, indifferent to pats on the back. If you weren’t a member of your frat, you would have missed Hank’s quick rub of his belly.

The theme of tonight’s party is pirate’s treasure.  The oversized sweatshirt with treasure chests pockets disguises your baby weight gain. You feel confident enough to try to pull a girl. Hank who had to beat them off with a stick, wanting none of it, slips away to his room with his curvy, pretty girlfriend.

You don’t get too far with the sorority girl thanks the royal couple appearing in the barroom door.  When you turn back to answer her question, she’s gone.

“I thought you were hiding from me?” said the queen. She’s alone, the king having peeled off somewhere.

“Why are you here?” It doesn’t seem to be her scene.    Boots, shorts over leggings and her brown hair in a messy bun, she was sexy in a way the sorority girls couldn’t touch.  

“One of your bros invited my boyfriend.”

You get jealous. “Who?”

“Xav teaches his in lab.”


“We were disappointed when you were gone when we woke.“  Her pouty lipped smile is followed by a flutter in your gut. Your ears feel hot.

"What do you study?” It’s a lame cliché.

“Human sexuality.”  She teases resting her chin on your chest, batting her eyelashes. She may be striving for irony but it is effective.

All your blood drains to your prick.  Excitement tingles again.

“Show me and Adair where you live.” Xav whispers. He’s come up behind you stealth as a panther.

The flutter becomes insistent. As much as you want to be touched by a human you are embarrassed by your growing belly.  Remembering how fit the three of your bodies had been that incredible night. In three weeks they haven’t changed. You have a pooch, fine a baby bump. “No, it’s not a good time.”

Tanner takes center stage, dressed in a billowy pirate shirt and pantaloons to hide his new baby surprisingly burgeoning bump,  and shouts, “Form a team and start a hunt for my err, the pirate’s booty.”

Xav chooses that moment to whisper, “Too bad, I was going to let you top me.”  You and your playmates steal away to your room upstairs in the scramble others joining the scavengers.

You convince them to leave on as much clothing as possible.  That does not stop three of you from climaxing multiple times.

“Don’t be a stranger.” Adair says, as you escort her and Xav to door. Xav gives you a wink and they leave.

You pump your fists.  A light goes on in the dark library. Hank is sitting in a recliner. You flush red.

“No judgment here.” He says waving you to join him.

“Don’t tell Tanner.” You beg taking a seat on the couch.

“Not a word.”

“I thought you were in for the night.” Now that all sixty brothers had conceived the lottery system has been put away until next year’s rush.

“Tan thought it would be funny to put one of the clues outside my bedroom window. Kinda killed the mood.”

“Prick.” Since Hank has taken you under his wing you feel comfortable saying this.

“You wanna know why he hates you.”

You nod.

“Tanner’s a legacy.” He reads your expression, pats his tummy. “Not one of these. But his dad is an alumnus and holds the record for the most offspring seventeen. Tanner’s trying to break his old man’s record.”

“I don’t see what that has to do with me.” You feel the flutter, and rub your belly.

“Oh you just started to feel it move.” Hank volunteers before going on. “He hates you because the way you’re going at it the ghosts are going to keep you popping out babies.”

Uncomfortable, you change topic. “That run was amazing.”

“I just didn’t want them to hurt my babies.” Tears run down his big usually jovial face.

You hadn’t known Hank was carrying twins. You can guess why. “Don’t worry I won’t tell Tanner.”

“No worries. What I could use is some help down to the infirmary.”  He reaches out for your hand and you pull the big man out the chair.  The walk down the hall takes a while; every few feet Hank squats and puffs like a train.

“Unlike you I’m not a screamer.” He jokes. Leaning against the wall, he loosens his sweat pants, kicking them off as he trudges forward gripping his abdomen. You turn to pick them up.

Leave them.” He barks. His sweatshirt hits the floor next. You’re grateful that the infirmary has its own wing. Picturing what your brothers would make of you holding up the huge naked, hairy, big bellied man sporting a huge hard-on.

Dr. Geoff answers the door, quickly. “When did the contractions start?”

“During the game,” Hank admits.

“Help me get him into the bed.” Dr. Geoff asks as you turn to leave.

Between you, the bony doctor and with a little assistance from the patient you manage to get Hank on the bed.

“You should have come down earlier.”

“Doc, there was a party going on.”

You pipe up, “He could barely walk two steps without someone passing him a beer or to congratulating him on the touchdown.”

Dr. Jeff hands you four sensors to attach to Hank’s stomach.

“Has your water broken yet?”

“Not yet.” He said.

‘’The contraction didn’t get too close until the last hour”

Geoff starts to breakdown the bed placing Hanks legs in stirrups and lower center folded down. He drapes a sheet over Hank’s lower half.  He pulled a harpoon looking needle from a drawer. He motioned for you to bring over a basin. You arrive beside the doctor just in time to see Doctor slide the needle up Hank’s butthole. Fluid gushes out in to the basin.

Doc stands up. “With twins coming, I’m going need your help.” The two of you gather equipment; or rather you hold things as he put them in your arms, finally giving you a sterile gown. “Scrub up behind the screen.”

The doctor hands you a beer and carries two more for Hank.  You hear a squirt of liquid, when you walk around the screen. Hank’s un-selfconsciously jacking off.  

“He finds it helps with labor pain.”  He points at the monitor to steady patterns and another more frantic and erratic.

“Please say I can push!” Hank whimpers.

“No.” Dr. Geoff goes back to the stool pulling a lamp down. He asks you if you want to see the head. Despite some uneasiness you look at your friend’s hairy undercarriage.  As ignorant as you are you know your friend is nowhere near ready to push.  You hand him the lotion again. You notice his pecs have become engorged. The Doc runs a wand over hands Hank’s stomach, you see two blobs on the screen.  He looks at you. “You want to find out if it’s a girl or a boy.”

“What does it matter?” He rubs cold jell on your belly. He tells you it’s a boy.

After few more rounds of contractions and Hank rubbing a few out, Dr. Geoff announces. “It’s show time.”

Hank pants, pushing hard. Doc places your hand under the emerging head. Hank strains halfway off the cot to push the shoulder through his asshole. You catch the slippery baby girl.  The doc cuts the cord. You clear the baby’s mouth and put her to Hank’s nipple as the doctor directs. She’s so tiny it’s hard to believe she’s his but for the greedy way she latches on to nurse.  You place the cup of the pump on the other nipple. Hank’s face turns red as fire as he begins to pant. You remember that he’s only half way through because he’s having twins. A burly boy soon joins his sister. You are terrified because soon you’ll be pushing a baby out your ass. Just in case you didn’t get it; you feel a quaver in your belly.