My「トラとクロヒョウ 2」Tiger and Black Panther Illustration Book, Secret Base aokaga doujinshi & aokaga Tiger & Black Panther postcard set by the very talented @tanktrunk  arrived today!!! ❤

I really love the bookmark and the extra postcard with Kagami coming into his apartment and seeing the mess the GOM have made! XDD The sticker is very cute, too and the beautiful art cards are stunning!

Thank you to @tanktrunk for creating such beautiful illustrations!

anonymous asked:

Nicefandom-san, is the One Piece fandom welcoming? Be honest... I don't want to upset anyone I follow if I send them asks or leave comment on their posts... Do you have blogs you can recommend to0?

Hey, anon!! First of all, I’m sorry for being late! I already explained from yesterdar, but today I had too much homework. And well, I can finally answer your question ;)

About the One Piece Fandom, I feel they’re so welcome. I have found many beautiful and friendly people here. I like how some blogs interact with the rest of the fandom or discuss their opinions, theories or ideas some times. That’s what I can say about this fandom ^^

Now to recommend some blogs, I already did this like two or three times before. But I’ll do a new one and with more a lot blogs and I want to have a list complete! 

Something I want to say before is that I’m so picky about the blogs I follow, like if they create content and I like it, tag the spoilers (not always, tbh but I get mad when I get spoiled), don’t post art without credit and permission of the author or don’t tag Sanji as a Vinsmoke (I’m serious). So all these blogs I’m not following them for any reason, lol.

Since the list is gonna be long, it’s below the cut!

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Thank you everyone for bringing me all the way to 3000 followers! Not bad for 10 months of blogging. I’ve had a lot of fun on tumblr, and I felt like I’ve been overdue to make something to show a little appreciation to the blogs that I follow who have helped make my dash so enjoyable. So thank you to everyone I follow, and to all the artists and graphics makes and other bloggers who I don’t follow but whose work I still always love seeing! Thank you everyone for making the One Piece fandom here such a warm and incredible one!


aceuuu | arsmentae | artsycrapfromsai | beecharts | bonyonyo | bukibukibaby5 | captain-mais | clairedraws | dapbuns | deadlylimits | deer-head-xiris | dereshis | eecks | fflightningxiii | fleette | flock-o-fennecs | lorabird | milkmanner | mugibaras | paaprikaa | pastamachine | prinzart | rabiscosetal | robinsketchblog | rooster-kun | rspixart | sabaodypark | skullrat | spongeping | stitchfruit | stripesandteeth | tanktrunk | teeething | that-one-apple | trecomics | trelldraws | tutugui |♕ undeadseanbean ♕| violariku | vvisti | wan-pis | wanpisscomics | whisklash | yongi

Graphics Makers & More:

akagamis | anna-hiwatari | azumaneh | baltigo | chizuyus | dressrosas | fervorzealotsandtoys | frozenchameleon | fujitora | furanky | greatsenpai | kikokus | marincolosseo | oen-peice | onenakamapiece | onepiecezombie | sanjl | seikens | seisfleur | shiroyoh | strawhatcaps | tsrawhats | usoapp | we-are-nakama | weissofthecorax | what-the-fuck-is-one-piece | winterlanterns | wolf49 | zorosama

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yesanymorebrightideasgenius’         Awesome Blogs Rec List

Hi! So I wanted to do something nice for the amazing artists and writers whose art I really enjoy and now that I have 155 followers, Holy cow, where did you all come from?! Did you get lost? I thought why not combine the two ideas and tell a bunch of people about these awesomely talented people!

Talented Writers

aerle  aevvium  anjellesblog  anna-hiwatari  auspizien  authenticaussie  baratiepromise  blackbarbooks  caelumxiv  corazosan  dark-impluse  eudaimonarisornae  fanfics-by-rainripple  fowo  gagakuma  heartpiratesanji  imperialmint  inviting-nonsenseworld  kellermarie  kikokus  kumiko-sama-chan  kyuunonana  lockdaisy  lunarshores  maikusakabe  mah-blackberreh  marimoliciousness  moku-suneku  mustangisinflames  myladyday  nauticaas  nezkovsou  one-piece21  op-scenarios  orangelies  phoenix0725  riotoftime  sabolus  shaetil  silverdragonfly-ff  syblatortue  tokyosketch  trelldraws  turtlefriedrice  undanewneon  vergina-spva  xiggymatsu  xpiester333x

Awesome Artists

941206  aevvium  amorphousursa-art  anjellesblog  baratiepromise  churriart  collapsedshimai  codenamezimbabwe-art  corazosan  corazzon  darksahia  deer-head-xiris  dinkyicarus  enkosic  eroticpastry  exzireart  first-mate-zoro  flaggermousseart  gaetshang  gagakuma  ichi-ni-santoryu  itsidio  kaladis-artist  kuravix  kyuunonana  kyyhky  maarchen  mah-blackberreh  maridoodles  marimoliciousness  maritimesarcophagus myopicbloom  nez–art  nezkovsou  okama-llama  owo99  penguinsbiteart  planarshifting  purpurart  rspixart   sabolus  shipwrightkaku  stripesandteeth  syblatortue  tanktrunk  tashiggles  the-shitty-restaurant  thezombiedogz  trashyscarface  trecomics  trelldraws  violaland  vvisti  whiskeypeak  yamatoe  yamineftis  yampopo  yuushishio


I am so so SO happy you don’t understand. True, to some people it may not be much, but holy crap this is so huge to me. Let’s ignore the fact that this is a few weeks late shall we?

Seriously. 500 followers. That’s frikken huge c’mon.

I’m really glad that this blog has grown so big in such a short amount of time when literally all I did was post a few screenshots here and there. It’s super duper awesome and I’m just basking in the glory of it, honestly I love it. (≧ڡ≦*)

I also really REALLY love the op fandom. I’ve talked about it before but it is such a nice, kind and sweet community which accepts everyone and their ideas, theories and headcanons. That’s why I’m gonna do a follow forever.

I want people to see and follow these amazing people who’ve helped shape the op community to what it is today, and to give back to them a little of what we’ve taken. This is kinda why I did a manga colouring as well, it’s sort of a little crappy gift of thanks to the people who I mention in the ff, the people who I don’t mention but I follow and the people who follow me too. It’s also my second colouring ever please go easy on me (⌒_⌒;)

Okay so onto the follow forever! It’s very simple, op art blogs are in bold, op ask blogs are in italics, miscellaneous op blogs will be in normal font and finally friends* will be shown with an asterisk*.

1 - D

@5star-usopp @amaitsumi @aokijisbike @ask-bby-cora @ask-doctors-chop-n-law @ask-the-strawhats @askluffyaboutzoro @askonepieceeater @askroronoa @askzoroaboutluffy @booonnie-d @borntofindtheonepiece* @calgaras @chopper-hero @ciqq @concasser @crocodilely @doffys-hairy-legs @dokucchi @dont-ask-for-bread* @dreamingxsweetly

E - K

@ecstaticasusual @elyonblackstar @enkosic @episode221 @everything-onepiece @ezaria-umiko-art @first-mate-zoro @flaggermousseart @fuckyeahzoroandsanji @go-go-go-karu @gottaloveonepiece @graphgvido2nd @grandline-s @hazelisque @heart-pirate-law @iamastrawhat* @imaginexonepiece @itsamemarshallbanana* @jeantorikoma @kaizokuz @kaman-ke-el @kaoinpieces @kikokus @kingmeruem @kuravix

L - N

@lawluffy @lawlunatic* @lawlutrash @lawsheart @loofays @ludentis @luffy-law-love @luffydraws @luffylicious @luffys-hat @lynolch @malfunctioningkitten* @maplebars @melofrio @mingofriend @missallsundays @morcorap @mugiiwara-ya @mugiwaratrash @nightmare-luffy @nnnmax @now-we-are-brothers

O - S

@ofeara @okama-kenpo @one-piece-of-a-blog @one-piece-of-fandom @one-piece-of-trash @opetrafalgar @perona-s @pikaole @pinkyaros @poneglyphs @porche-chan @portgas-dee-ace @raykit @razephyr @regenassart @rej11 @rocinanteheart @rspixart @ruffeh @sanzen-sekaii* @shi-shishi-sonson @shiroyoh @sinonart @smileorillfeedyoubread* @snajey @spade-d-ace @spookypiecemangacaps @strawhatpiratesgifs @surgeon-of-mugiwara-ya

T - Z

@tanktrunk @the-shitty-restaurant @thelaststrawhat @tokyosketch @trafalgarscan @traffya @trashalgar-law @trelldraws @tsukiharu @unlimitedcruise @we-are-nakama @yaoi-is-ruining-my-life @yun-zl @yuushishio @zorobae @zoroforallyourzoroneeds @zoroism @zorosama @zorosmile

Welp, that’s all of them to my knowledge! I’m really sorry if I’ve missed anyone out, in the future if I get to do another follow forever then hopefully I’ll be able to include you then!

Again thank you all so much and I hope everyone will keep on enjoying One Piece to the fullest!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Hi! I always forget how much time goes into making a follow forever and well this one is a bit late. Happy belated holidays everyone! ༝﹡˖˟ ⸜₍⁽ˊ꒳ˋ⁾₎⸝ ༝﹡˖˟ I would like to thank everyone for following me, liking my edits, tagging me in stuff and talking to me. Seriously thank you so much! ♥

Here are some of the lovely people I follow! They’re a big inspiration to me and always make my dash look beautiful!

A - K
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Hi guys! I’ve been meaning to make this follow forever since I hit 4k back in 2016 and now I’m nearing 4.5k (and slowly reaching 5k my next milestone!) so this is long over due! I also wanted to take the time to wish you all the very best for the New Year!

It has been a little over 5 years since I started this blog and I never even imagined I would gain this many followers and mutuals. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for making my time here on tumblr more enjoyable and for your continued support and encouragement! You guys are the best!! ♥

I may not be a big talker, but I appreciate every last one of you; especially my followers who’ve lifted my spirits with words of encouragement with each new graphic I make- believe me I read all your tags and messages! And to my mutuals/people I follow who’ve made my dash bright with colour and inspirational creations! I love you all ♫♬ ♥

My side blogs: @anjistuff & @fyaokaga

Amazing Blogs I Follow:

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@aizawashoutta, @amuriita, @animemangapng, @aokagamonth, @artbooksnat, @ayaarin, @ayanime, @bertholdts, @burgergami, @cardcaptorchronicles, @coffeetasty, @crossroad–demon, @dailykiseki, @dailyknbgifs, @escarletes, @fairytailwitch, @firebyfire, @fuckyeahaokaga, @fudayk, @furihata, @furuha, @fyaokaga, @fyeahkurokonobasuke, @fyeahsportsanime, @fykurobas, @gareeki, @genosus, @giiornos, @grifith

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Forgive me for missing anyone and/or for any misspelled urls! I adore you all

Honorable Mentions:
My biggest fans who are always unknowingly competing for the #1 spot ^.~

@muzmuzme, @kawaiinohime, and @kurrrrrokocchi


Hi everyone! I hit 2k about 2/3 months ago (was too lazy to make one) and since pretty much everyone made one recently, why not make one too? First of all, thank you to all my followers that like and reblog my stuff! And thank you to all these amazing talented people that fill my dash with beautiful edits/art or just hilarious personal posts. To my mutuals: I love you all even though we don’t really talk (i’m really shy!). Also apologizing in advance for the people that I forgot! Well I hope you all have a great new year! (*˙︶˙*)☆*°

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What a great way to start 2016!! I’ve never even made a follow forever before; so I decided to finally make one now I’ve reached a huge milestone and hit 3k followers! I still can’t believe I have this many wonderful and amazing blogs following me~ I love you all!

Thank you to everyone who follows me. You guys mean everything to me especially for all those who’ve continued to support me by liking/reblogging my crappy graphics.

And most of all it is ALL of you who continue to motivate me to improve my edits especially when I read your tags or receive messages! (っ◕‿◕)っ ♫♬ ♥

Amazing blogs I follow:

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@-jenjam | @amuriita | @anime-music-fan | @aominae | @atsushhi @bertholdts | @bexara | @bokuaka-s | @bubblemilktease  @burgergami | @captainmatsuoka | @cardcaptorchronicles  @chrysama | @cloudxstrife | @coffeetasty | @crossroad–demon  @daikiaomines | @dandelion02sky | @escarletes | @fairytailwitch  @firebyfire | @furihata | @furihata@fyeahkurokonobasuke  @fyeahsportsanime | @fyeahyonedakou | @fykurobas | @galauptodate  @gareeki | @garnetyuna

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