fentonthermos  asked:

talk to me about pkmn slang/cusses/linguistics. my favorite is "mukshit"

I waited to answer this one until I got some good ones!

  • “A rollout” is something/someone that just keeps getting better (”That show is a rollout!”) 
  • “For Arceus’ sake” “Arceus damned” “Oh my Arceus” etc.
  • “Oh my Arse” Is the equivalent of “Oh my gosh”, but ironically sounds worse to our ears
  • “Poke”: slang for pokemon, (which even we use.)
  • “B button”: Term for stopping a pokemon that won’t evolve. The origins of this phrase are debated on.
    “My Snover just really doesn’t want to evolve, went all B Button on me.”
  • “Holy Karp”


  • “Pulling tales”: Kantonian phrase, means you’re pushing the wrong buttons and are going to end up hurt, like pulling a ninetales’ tail and getting cursed.
  • To “Ditto” someone (Self explanatory.)
  • “Taurshit” -S


  • “Tankshit” -S
  • “Pommer”: a thief, named after mischievous aipoms. Related: To Pom something.
  • “Tiller”: A rather raunchy word to call someone. To get an idea of what it means, it has to do with Octillery’s pokedex entry: “Its instinct is to bury itself in holes. It often steals the nesting holes of others to sleep in them.”


  • “Ralted”: When someone is suffering from overwhelming empathy or concern
  • “Hone”: What Hoenn sounds like in some accents. An endearing name for the region.



  • “Basculin”: Someone who is overly aggressive.
  • “Garbo”: A rude word, coming from Garbodor. Worse than calling someone trash is calling them a heaping dumpster monster.
  • “Batty”: Varies a bit from our definition. If someone is “batty”, it means they’re a very lovey-dovey and excessively affectionate person. Someone who gives petnames might be called batty. 


  • “Klefto”: Someone who never lets go of an object they found. Named after Klefki.


  • Someone who’s a “Mimikyuu” pretends to like things or be something just to be popular.
  • “Yun”: someone who’s invasive, and aggressively so. From Yungoose.