Let me nerd out for a second.
You see that little green floating plant? The tiny one?
That’s called duckweed.

I haven’t had duckweed in my tank for almost 4 months. You know why? Bevause I got rid of it. I hate it. Because it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of, and makes it hard to do anything in the aquarium. Some people call it “fuck-you weed”. It was pretty, but I wanted it gone.
Every lone leaf could become its own plant, and spread exponentially. Like cells and mitosis. I spent weeks pulling out every single duckweed plant I saw in my tank, hoping it would never come back.
Eventually, I got rid of it, and didn’t see it for several months.

Then I set up my new tank! I didn’t use anything from my old tank.
It’s been up for about 2 months.
And then I see this. Just one. THIS. HOW DID IT GET THERE.

I think about work, if I bought anything from the tanks that had duckweed? Nope. If it was on any of my decorations? Nope. If there were any on my hands, and it somehow infested my tank? Unlikely. But with fuck-you weed, you never know.

So how does it show up now? After my tank being set up for months, with no signs? And no other duckweed plants?

I don’t know. I will never know.
screw you duckweed.