The Queens and their Knave

“Here.” Logan thrusts a bouquet of white roses to Justin’s chest. “Happy Valentine’s.”

Justin looks down at the bouquet then up to the blushing blond. “What…?”

“Happy Valentine’s, you dumb Brit, I love you.” Logan sighs then lifts up another bouquet, but with red roses. “Now if you will excuse me, I have to go to Windsor to Chaz." 

"But… What’s all this?” Justin asks, flinging the bouquet around as emphasis.

“Well, my dear White Queen. I’ve gotten really jealous of being outshone in the ‘romantic’ department by you. Therefore, I’m doing this.” Logan smirks.

Justin rolls his eyes then shakes his head. “What are we ever going to do to you? You know we love you all the same, you don’t have to do this.”

“Oh but I want to." 

"Okay, I give up.” Justin smiles at Logan. “Why didn’t you go there first, then?”

“I had to mentally and physically prepare myself, because the Windsors aren’t going to make me live this down.” Logan smiles ruefully then leans in to kiss Justin quickly. “See ya.” Logan walks away as some Hanovers watch. They turn to Justin and give him a thumbs up before they go back to their own business. 

Their prefect smiles and goes back into his room.

He phones Chaz.


“In coming." 


“Yes, control your house." 


“But he’ll want to surprise you in your room though, so do it quickly.”

“I see him now… Is that a bouquet of red roses?”

“Yeah… He got me white ones." 

"Why is he doing this?”

“Ask him. The more time you speak to me, the more torture will befall on our beloved. Please tame your beasts.” They chuckle. 

“Alright… I love you, happy Valentine’s day.”

“Love you too, Queen of Hearts.” Justin laughs. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”