okay so i’m doing this

similar songs by queer artists to replace pageant now that pwr bttm is cancelled:

(by similar i mean similar in tone, similar musically, similar lyrically, thematically similar, even similar in the way they make me feel)

silly - i love you (but i hate your friends), neon trees (bless this song. it’s not actually that similar to silly but it is the song that stopped me absently mindedly humming pwr pttm songs and then feeling crappy)

answer my text - stupid, brendan maclean (fun and heartbroken. tbh this list is brendan maclean heavy. i love brendan and this might be my favourite song ever. it’s definitely better than answer my text AND it gave me the idea to do this playlist)

lol - true trans soul rebel, against me! (big, anthemic, vulnerable)

won’t - sides, perfume genius (mournful and quirky but with more hope than won’t)

now now - nvr pass, she/her/hers (made. me. cry.)

sissy - sissy, aye nako (don’t let the name fool you, this song is pretty damn harsh but only in the kinda soothing way that burying yourself in dry sand is)

pageant - practically wasted, brendan maclean (brendan maclean’s music videos are always incredible but the one for practially wasted is  i n c r e d i b l e)

oh boy - songs i can’t listen to, neon trees (honestly such a jam)

new trick - grinding my teeth, TANKINI (slightly more rough around the edges but full of passion and pomp)

wash - blush, mr twin sister (is this one on here just because it’s great? short answer? yes)

kids table - my generation, spoonboy (resentful and catchy and i love it in songs wherethesingerspeaksingsreallyfastandtheydothisalot)

big beautiful day - winner, brendan maclean (just so extra and dramatic and the chords in the chorus… damn)

styrofoam - queen, perfume genius (this is quite a loose association, they just make me feel the same way)

(also go watch the incredibly nsfw video for house of air by brendan maclean but tw for coprophilia and just… so much sex)

anyway so this is pageant now. bye.

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any swimwear diy?

Sunny swimwear tutorials incoming! I only included feminine styles. Let me know if that wasn’t what you were looking for.

DIY Neoprene Bralette

DIY Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

DIY Pucker Butt Bikini Bottoms

DIY Retro Swimsuit Tutorial

DIY Bandeau Knotted Tankini

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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For @fevers-and-flus for her birthday! Love ya, sweets! 

Word Count: 2824

Summary: The one where Keith is an idiot and goes to the beach with the squad and boyfriend Lance despite not feeling well. 

Finals week had been tough for the core five, with each studying their asses off to ensure they passed their classes. Even Pidge had been stowed away in the library for extended hours at a time thanks to an advanced Science course threatening to kick her ass.

While everyone had spent daytime hours studying, Keith was forced to spend sleepless nights hovering over textbooks thanks to a part-time job that had no appreciation for the fact that he’s a Junior in college.

With the school year finally finished, Keith figures he maybe got around twenty hours of sleep during the past week, and he’d be lying if he said he isn’t beginning to feel the effects. There’s a dull ache clinging to his limbs and pushing into a deep throb along his back, and a headache has blossomed from his temples and spread around to thump against every inch of his forehead. His shoulders sag against the weight of exhaustion, and his throat is beginning to feel slightly scratchy, not enough to warrant too much concern at the moment but still enough to be a pest.  

Sleep is his remedy, and he could tell the others that he’s not going to go with them to the beach, but it’s tradition. The group goes every year after finals, and he’s not one to break tradition. Besides, Lance would fuss over him instead of going as well, so Keith knows that sucking it up will be in the best interest of everyone for now.

He’s just zipping up his beach bag when a sharp chill shoots up his spine. He shudders with a frown, and the tensed movement is enough to draw Lance’s attention from where he’s leaned against the wall thumbing away at his phone.

“You okay?” Lance asks as he pockets his phone and moves toward Keith. He places one gentle hand to Keith’s back, and Keith nods without meeting the brunet’s eyes.

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A very vulnerable post: I met this older cooler (more endowed) girl at summer camp (shoutout to Kathleen!) who accidentally invited me to her swim bday party so i excitedly put on my turquoise tankini, showed up, saw that she had invited boys as well, WHATTT NO, panicked, immediately jumped in the pool to hide bc i didn’t even have mosquito bites as boobs yet so i was afraid to get out of the pool & at one point i had to hide from a boy who was getting too close who was probably going for Kathleen & as i took a deep ass breath to make sure i could stay underwater for as long as i could i sucked in & swallowed a massive horse fly & the boy witnessed it & made a huge deal of it & they made me sit out like the boob-less baby i already was. I SWALLOW BEES NOW BECHES 😮🐝 *go see #eigthgrade

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evie headcanons?

I gotchu.

 - I’ve seen so many head canons and fics where EQ encourages Evie to having an eating disorder, like anorexia or bulimia, but I don’t see that happening. I think EQ would be more of a “no boy wants a girl made of skin and bones and vomit makes your breath smell!” so she pushes Evie to have a ‘perfect’ body with curves and glowing skin

 - because of that, Evie is into eating really healthy and working out with like running or yoga

 - super protective big sis to Carlos. Evie is really protective over any of her friends, but Carlos was the first person she befriended, so they’re like siblings

 - first person Carlos told about his crush on Jay and he’s super shaky and nervous like this is some huge secret. Evie’s like “hun, I’ve known that since the day we met, I always thought you just didn’t wanna talk about it”

 - really admires Lonnie and how she’s breaking down the stereotypes of women and is inspired by how Lonnie never lets her gender be a limit

 - always carries a nail file. Not just for manicures on the go but because they are a wonder, inconspicuous weapon that can take someone’s eyes out

 - hey, she’s pretty and feminine, but Evie is an Isle girl. On top of the nail file, she always hides a knife in her boot

 - oh yeah, science lab has access to all kind of acids and chemicals that she knows very well how to use

 - makes an attempt to stay in contact with EQ, who never hides her disappointment in Evie’s lack of a prince, but is proud in her daughter’s fabulous clothing line

 - Queen of Science Club

 - invests in smudge free lipstick because Mal always likes to jump and smooch her when Evie isn’t expecting it

 - flirty and gorgeous meant a lot of boys thought she was easy, but anyone who grabbed her ended up with broken toes and a bloody nose

 - just really loves high-waisted shorts

 - she and her friends don’t know how to swim, but Evie and Jay are the only ones who want to learn (and not just because tankinis are adorable)

 - it takes some time and awkward after-class talks, but eventually grows to respect Mr. Deley. They never have a good relationship, but he does apologize for threatening to have her expelled

 - goes out of her way to avoid Snow White for as long as humanly possible and when they do finally meet, the step-sisters are awkward and bumbling before just kind of bonding over how crazy EQ is

 - since she was the last to join the group (according to the books, Evie never left her castle until she was 16), she always feels like she doesn’t really belong with her friends and that makes her compensate in weird ways. She steals Jay’s t-shirts to use as pajamas and holds Carlos’ hand in between classes and plays with Mal’s hair whenever she can