tanker boot

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"Can I boop your nose?" a big lug of a bear asked looking down at the other, dear lord this guy had to be like 12 feet tall!? He wore a green hoodie, black cargo pants, old human tanker boots, and a holster for a gun of some strange design. "I mean like you, don't seem real so can I boop your nose to check?" he asked again, at least being clear on reason. Say he looked a bit like a Mercenary, maybe he could be of some use, who knows for sure? [I just had a idea and went why not?]

“How about no.” Despite his threatening appearance and visible arms, the lizard didn’t stand down one bit. She placed her hands on her hips “First off, I don’t even know you, so why the hell do you think you’re already on physical contact terms with me. Second, what the hell do you mean ‘I don’t seem real?!’ I’m standing right in front of you!” She stomped her foot down where she stood, causing a few puffs of dust to rise from the ground. “See? One-hundred percent real.”


Jumper Boots

WW2 museum in NOLA showcasing WW2 garb from both the British and American armies. Much of today’s boots were inspired from military footwear. Brown pair, referred to as Jump boot was US standard issue, whereas the black pair, referred to as the Ammo boot, was used by British. You’ll notice the canvas strap around the ankle used to keep the pant leg close to the body. It wasn’t until 1943 that the USA made their boots with the leather buckle attached. These design influenced many of today’s boot makers including Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, and RRL. Note the radical amount of nails on the British outsole. First time I’ve said this and perhaps the last, but I think I prefer the American made shoe.