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Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor Part 2

1) M1A1 Abrams. American third-gen MBT named after General Creighton Abrams. Highly mobile, the Abrams is designed for modern armored warfare and tank-to-tank combat. Notable features include the use of a powerful multifuel turbine engine, the adoption of sophisticated composite armor, and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment for crew safety. The M1 Abrams entered U.S. service in 1980, replacing the M60. The M1 remains the principal main battle tank of the United States Army and Marine Corps, and the armies of Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Iraq. The M1A1 upgrade began production in 1985 and continued to 1992, adding a pressurized NBC system, a rear bustle rack for improved stowage of supplies and crew belongings, redesigned blow-off panels and new M256 120 mm smoothbore cannon.

2 & 3) XM1 Abrams. American limited production prototype for the M! Abrams MBT. After the MBT-70 program was cancelled, as well as the iterative XM803, funds were reallocated to the XM815, renamed later XM1 Abrams. This new program reused most of the XM803 features but again, in a simpler and cheaper way. The need to eliminates the costliest technologies from the failed MBT-70 project, defined those used in the new tank. In June 1973, Chrysler and GM were awarded the contract to built prototypes of the new tank designated M1, handed over to the US Army for trials in February 1976. The first batch of M1s, before standardization, were still designated XM-1s, as Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) models.

4 & 5) M52A1. American 105mm SPG based off of the M41 Walker Bulldog light tank’s chassis. Development began in 1948 and was known as the T98 Howitzer Motor Carriage and entered service in 1951. Total production amounted to some 541 vehicles and the M52 saw extensive use during Vietnam and remains in service with some armies to this day. This M52A1 was donated by the Army in 1965

6) XM551 Sheridan. American prototype for the M551 Sheridan light tank. In the immediate post-World War II era, the US Army introduced the M41 Walker Bulldog into service to fill the role of a light tank. The lifespan of the M41 was fairly short; at 25 tons it was considered too heavy to be a true light tank, and had a rather short cruising range. With the appearence of the Pt-76 amphibious tank, the prototypes in development were scrapped and the XM551 begun. The XM551 would turn into the questionably useful M551 Sheridan and serve in Vietnam. This Sheridan was acquired by the museum from Army Material Command at Rock Island, Illinois in May 1971/

7) M4A3E8(76)w HVSS. American medium tank of WWII, the M4A3(76) HVSS upgraded the standard M4′s main gun to a more powerful 76mm cannon and Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension. This new suspension allowed for greater mobility as well as heavier armor. The vehicle was mass-produced beginning in late March 1945, with a total of 4542 the М4А3(76)W tanks with both suspension types manufactured.

8) M7B1 Priest. American SPG of WWII. Witnessing the events of the war, U.S. Army observers realized that they would need a self-propelled artillery vehicle with sufficient firepower to support armored operations. Lessons learned with half-tracks also showed that this vehicle would have to be armored and fully tracked. The result was the Priest, based off of the M3 Lee chassis, mounting an open superstructure and a 105mm gun. In addition to WWII, the Priest would fight in Korea with UN forces, and with Israel in the Six-Day War, War of Attrition and Yom Kippur War. The M7B1 variant uses the M4A3 Sherman chassis instead of the M3 Lee.

9 & 10) M41 Walker Bulldog. American postwar light tank that saw limited service in Korea and Vietnam. Designed to succeed the M24 Chaffee. While the Chaffee was a success, its main gun was not effective enough against well armored opponents. Although the primary mission of a light tank was scouting, the U.S. Army wanted one with more powerful armament. The M41 was the solution, thought it did not exactly fulfill the role of a light tank, and rather fit somewhere inbetween a medium and light tank. While the M41 was an agile and well armed vehicle, it was also noisy, fuel-hungry and heavy enough to cause problems with air transport. In 1952 work began on lighter designs (T71, T92), but those projects came to naught and were eventually abandoned.

Sad that Stars Above marked the end of The Lunar Chronicles? How about some fanfiction to cheer you up? I’ve got a variety to help you with your feels, both in one-shots and long fic. *May contain spoilers*

Need more post-canon?

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Thorne and Cress skydive for their two-year anniversary (Crush The Size of Jupiter, Part 1)

Thorne and Cress get married (The Blindfold)

Kai and Cinder get married (This Day Is What We Make It)

Kai plans a surprise for Cinder for their anniversary (Dreams)

The entire Rampion crew at a twenty year peace celebration (TLC Babies)

Thorne and Cress have marriage problems and you really like angst (This Is What I Think of Love)

Just want more fic taking place in the canon universe?

Thorne‘s POV while Cress was in the suspension tank (Suspension)

A (novel-length) alternate beginning to Winter (Of Rampions and Revolutions)

Carswell’s Guide to Deciding Whether to Date Cress (here)

The Rampion crew plays Seven Minutes In Heaven (7 MInutes In Heaven)

Slight twists on canon can make all the difference:

Cress uses her D-COMM chip to blackmail Thorne into getting her out of the satellite (Blackmail)

Everything is the same except Thorne is the Shell and Cress is the Captain (Damsel Thorne & Captain Cress)

Everything is the same except Cress and Thorne crash in a snowy region (The Cabin In The Woods)

Random drabbles based off tumblr prompts (written after Cress) (Let Me Count The Ways)

How about some AU’s?

Coffee Shop (The Lunar Cafe)

Modern AU told in the POV’s of Kai and Thorne (Unexpected)

Fake dating (1-800-CAPTAIN)

Best friends or more? (Once Upon the Internet)

The guys as Men In Black spies (MiB - TLC)

Actress and her bodyguard (A Girl of Lights and Lies)

Beach volleyball gone wrong (Sweat and Sand)

Disability & chronic pain rehab clinic (Rehab Romance)

Kidnapped / detectives (on hiatus) (Taken)

Not-your-typical haunted house (Crush the Size of Jupiter, Part 2)

Full summaries provided in the links. Most of these are available on A03 as well, though some are still in need of being transferred.

The Pz 87-140 Leopard 2A4CHL is the Chilean version of the Leopard 2A4, entered service the army of that country in 2007. The improvement in electronics, sighting and information systems, which brought him the opportunity of networking to the level of the tank 2A6. In addition, the tank has a new suspension and installed smoothbore gun L55. Remote weapon station located above the hatches of the driver and commander is equipped with a machine gun MG3 7.62-mm automatic grenade launcher HK GMG (caliber 40х53 mm). Leopard 2A4CHL has improved armor of the roof and side of the turret and can be integrated into a single information network.

Imagine there being an AU for The Lunar Chronicles where Channary is queen and Cinder/Selene grew up a “normal” royal life in Artemisia because Levana did not envy anyone for the throne. Lunars and Earthens are indifferent to each other, everyone staying on their respective planet. There is no letumosis, shells are not being treated differently than the Lunars who are capable of using glamour and there are no wolf soldiers. Let’s see how our main characters would be doing

Cinder (or rather, Selene) would be loved by the people of Luna, Channary is actually very soft to her daughter, Selene and Winter have always been friends who could rely on each other and most importantly she did not spend her entire childhood unconscious in a suspension tank and was not turned into a cyborg afterwards – but Selene and Kai would have only met briefly during political meetings when they were younger, Selene would not know how interested in mechanics she actually is, she would have never met Peony or Iko or her other friends (and like Thorne expressed it: “She wouldn’t be the cuddly cyborg” who we love so much!)

Kai would have still been adored by entire Earth but all the leadership responsibilities are not given to him since his father is managing everything while Kai is being cared for – but like mentioned above he would not be able to develop romantic feelings for Selene and eventually marries a random girl from the Eastern Commonwealth just to please publicity. Also Kai changed many things to the better throughout the series – proving what a great and careful Emperor he is while in that universe he is mostly just there so girls (and boys) from anywhere could geek over him.

Scarlet would have lived with her grand-meré for quite some years. After Michelle’s death (which probably takes place way later than in the series) Scarlet took over the farm – but she would have never met Wolf, never married anyone or got children because she never got any chance to meet Wolf.

Wolf would just be Ze’ev, a boy in the outer mining sectors of Luna. Living with his parents and Ren, no surgeries that try to reduce him to something animalish were done to him and he was not forced to get used to constant violence at such a young age – but his life would have been pretty plain and hopeless. Working in the mines is basically the only opportunity he has and obviously he does not even know his Alpha Female is somewhere on Earth.

Cress would have grown up with two loving parents in the big and bright city of Artemisia. Given the occupation of her parents she presumably would have gotten a decent job in sciences/medicine – but she would have never discovered her amazing computer skills / interest in engineering. And most importantly: Cress would have never gotten the chance to visit bunch of new places. Living on Luna, Artemisia is the only interest place to see and when you grew up there it certainly lost its spark a bit.

Thorne would probably wander from one prison to another – as soon as he is a free man there is yet another trial on another continent going on against him. Certainly Thorne would not mind his position as one of Earth’s most famous criminals; in fact he enjoys the attention – but he would have never gotten any chance to meet his friends or to fly a spaceship again. The chance of learning that life is more than having fun for a short time and then being locked away again for years.

Winter would have grown up with a caring and loving family that fully supported her choice to never use her gift. Plus she not only had Jacin as her best friend but also Selene whom she could approach with things she could not talk about with Jacin – but the Lunar sickness would eventually control over her and there is no possible way to cure it since Garan did not Lunar test probands for his chip.

Jacin would have been able to fulfill his childhood dream to become a doctor. Though working your own way up in that career is hard, Jacin loves that challenge and probably does very well because he just loves his job and longs to see Winter again – but as soon as Jacin got a job in Artemisia he learns that the Lunar sickness eventually was stronger than Winter and possibly drove her into suicide. After that Jacin cannot go on normally anymore, feeling like he failed on saving Winter.

Iko’s life would have been not positive at all. It could be very likely that her personality chip eventually got destroyed because nobody wants an Android with a glitch.

So yeah, probs to you Levana for being such a great villain and fucking everyone’s childhood up.

Thorne had wished over and over to be able to see Cress while he was blind. Once he’d gotten his sight back, he’d caught himself staring at her and then quickly looking away when someone noticed him stealing moments in which he could just observe her.

Now he could stare at her all he wanted.

This was not the scenario he’d imagined.

Still, he studied her. Even beneath the glass and surrounded by what he could only describe as goop, she was so beautiful.

I loved the idea Thorne hovering over Cress’s suspension tank while she was unconscious after his attack - unable to reach her, but still trying to get as close as possible to his “brave, stupid girl”. ^.^

So, if you like this pic and especially the pararaph below, you have to read Suspension by lovelunarchron. It perfectly covers Thorne’s thoughts and feelings for Cress while he waits for her to wake up. For everyone who needed more Thorne PoV from “Winter”, it’s a must-read.

cinder is immortal
  • cinder: *survives deadly fire when she was only three*
  • cinder: *is kept in suspension tank for 8 years*
  • cinder: *gets immense cyborg surgery*
  • cinder: *gets shipped off to new beijing*
  • cinder: *doesn't die when she is injected with the plague*
  • cinder: *learns she is lunar*
  • cinder: *learns she can save the world because she is a lost princess*
  • cinder: *tries to kill the evil queen levana*
  • cinder: *trips down stairs revealing she is lunar and a cyborg to the whole world*
  • cinder: *escapes prison*
  • cinder: *controls wolf men to save her friends*
  • cinder: *escapes from the police*
  • cinder: *crashes intergalactic wedding*
  • cinder: *kidnaps the emperor of biggest country in the world*
  • cinder: *falls in love with the emperor*
  • cinder: *crashes levana's coronation*
  • cinder: *makes video telling lunars to start a protest rally war thing*
  • cinder: *kills the galaxy's most powerful woman*
  • cinder: *gets stabbed in the heart*
  • cinder: *lives*
  • cinder: *becomes lunar queen*
  • cinder: *marries the emperor*
  • cinder: *becomes empress*
  • me: cinder is definitely immortal
Jaune is smart

Not just quick-thinking under pressure or a good leader smart. Really damn smart. Brilliant smart. Remember, Jaune forged his own records. Granted, Ozpin might have known about this anyway, but if we assume the records were at least technically correct if no cross-checking was done, it’s still quite a feat. It’s easier to do if the records are hard-copy, but if it relies on any electronic system (which is a fair assumption given that Remnant is at parity to somewhat ahead of us technologically), then it’s quite difficult. Personally, I like this theory because it gives Jaune’s character even more depth- he could have gone onto some other field that he no doubt would have excelled at, but instead faked his records and joined a combat school. And why is he so awkward? Because he’s a nerd.

  •  Ozpin states in Volume 2 that students must pass rigorous entrance exams. Jaune forged his transcripts, but no one said anything about the exams. He likely passed those purely by guesswork but the transcripts had to be faked because he’d never attended a battle school prior to Beacon.
  • Not to mention, he ends up doing Cardin’s homework (long story). Why would Cardin risk giving him his homework if Jaune had beef with him and could have written a bunch of seemingly correct answers that would have tanked his grade into suspension? And more to the point, if Jaune cheated his way into the Beacon entrance exams due to lack of combat skill AND lack of smarts, why would he trust Jaune with his homework in the first place? Maybe Jaune’s more studious than he seems on camera…

  • about jaune labeling his shoes  he has “left” and “right” . Miles once said that Jaune was worried that something may happen to him that makes him confuse left and right, such as a concussion.

“She sang one of her slow Italian favorites”

Second Era Italian Soundtrack for Cress x Thorne

1. Piccola Stella Senza Cielo - Ligabue
2. Penso Positivo - Jovanotti
3. Dove Ho Visto Te - Jovanotti
4. Eccoti - Max Pezzali
5. Ti Ho Voluto Bene Veramente - Marco Mengoni
6. Tu Mi Porti Su - Giorgia
7. Mia - Moda’
8. Baciami Ancora - Jovanotti
9. Volevo Te - Giusy Ferreri
10. Sappi Amore Mio - Biagio Antonacci
11. Con Te Partiro’ - Andrea Bocelli

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The signs as random objects from The Lunar Chronicles
  • Aries: Cinder's former cyborg-foot
  • Taurus: suspension tank
  • Gemini: The Rampion
  • Cancer: Cress' satellite
  • Leo: the gun Scarlet shot Wolf with
  • Virgo: Peony's ID chip
  • Libra: Thorne's bandana
  • Scorpio: tomatoes
  • Sagittarius: Nainsi
  • Capricorn: sour apple petites
  • Aquarius: letumosis antidote
  • Pisces: Scarlet's hoodie